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I am a fallen, but I love an angel. I love Celty, who is so pure and naive. Her purity has cracks in it, though, little imperfections which my debauchery soaks through, marks her like dark streaks through white marble. I love the Celty whose purity is stained around the edges with my color.
I love the cherubs, too. They are adorable, so similar to us and yet so innocent to sex. They are virgins, all of them, who have never fathomed the depravity of intercourse. But especially Lin, who so desperately wants to bring happiness to both our species. Her straightforward smile is perfect, too perfect for me. She is too willing to enter my sex, too eager to stimulate me from the inside, too loving and considerate for someone like me, with my secrets and my taboos. I cannot stain her, my color washes off leaving her pure and whole. That's why I had to give her to Celty. They belong together, they deserve each other in a way I deserve neither. I have to keep them apart so I can keep my secrets.
Like how much I enjoy eating the cherubs.
Breeding cherubs give off a pheromone. Their zygote slime emits a powerful hormone, a scent that attracts other cherubs, encourages them to burst and mix their genes into the proto-fetal slurry. It tastes like au jus with honey mixed with sex, sweet and savory with a hint of sultry all at once. Nak and Urj were too shy to tell me, but Lin realized, my love canal smells a little bit like cherub breeding grounds. That's why so many of them were stimulated to sexplosive ecstasy in my snatch.
So in a way, it's thanks to Lin that I figured out how to lure them into my mouth.
But I also have to give credit to a male cherub, I don't know his name. I only know his flavor. I met him on one of my "special diplomatic excursions" to just outside a cherub capital. But let me back up a little.
It didn't take long for word to spread, that a visit from Lilith was an open invitation to a cherub orgy in my vagina. Or my hotbox, as some of them call it. I think the mere concept of a dedicated organ where babies are meant to be formed turns some of them on. The turnout has been astonishing. I've barely slipped my flightsuit off and they're already lined up for action, an entire species of little phallic treats for my hungry sex. I always pick a tall one first, lift him up gently in my hand, rub him around the outside of my nether lips, teasing for all to see. When he's suitably inebriated with my scent, I press him gently against my slit, letting him feel it out and press his own way in while I arch my back off the ground and make noises of satisfaction. I can shout as loud as I want, so I do, as I feel his face, his arms and shoulders, his delectable little torso and curious little flat crotch enter me centimeter by centimeter. And after the first one gradually makes his way in, I pick up the second one, whoever volunteers, and thrust her in immediately. For a few moments, I savor the sensation of two squirming, overstimulated, horny little creatures writhing around together inside of me. Then I squeeze, and squeeze, and release, and squeeze again. Usually that's enough to set them off, so that the two cherubs explode into a single little squirt of cum.
At first I thought I needed a male and a female, but it turns out that with cherub reproduction that doesn't really matter. They're all basically female, on a chromosomal level, with hormones determining which ones grow breasts. So it's kind of a personality thing, kind of a role in society thing, which ones look male or female to us. To me, it means all the more variety. I can start with a mixed pair, or two males, or two busty little females. Whichever combination presents itself, usually because romantic couples show up disproportionally to my little sex festivals. But as soon as the first pair has set it off, the party really starts, as more cherubs clamor to add themselves to the pool. I used to take them all individually, counting how many my pussy had swallowed whole at a time, but eventually I gave up and let the cherubs handle it. I spread my nether lips wide and let them pile in, one after the other. Occasionally I'll give the line a little nudge, or more of a scooping shove, if I feel the need for more inside me. But for the most part they just come, and become cum, and I cum with them. Even loving Celty as I do, I'm not sure sex with just the two of us will ever be the same. Not now that I've had thousands of little people give lives to reproduce in me.
It was on one such occasion that I became curious whether the cherub reproductive slime tasted as good as it smelled. So I slipped my fingers down to my pussy and scooped up a generous dollop of the gooey white mess that was oozing out of me, and brought it to my proper lips. I was enthralled. The incomparable flavor of cherub sex flooded my senses, tinged with a hint of my own fluids that only served to remind me where these little creatures were exploding. As I rolled to my stomach and lay with my mouth agape at the myriad sensations, I spotted him. A smallish male cherub, inching closer to my open maw.
"Jus' tasting," I assured him with a malicious grin. A tiny bit of cherub-cum splattered towards him from my open mouth. But contrary to my expectations, he didn't back away nervously. He moved forward.
"Can I -- do you want a-- f-fresher, taste?"
I only moaned in pleasure, closing my eyes and spreading my mouth open wider, letting my tongue lay loose over my lower front teeth. (Meanwhile, I bucked my hips, lifting a half-engorged cherub off the ground.) The curious cherub must have figured out that was a yes, because he crawled right onto my tongue and under my pearly whites.
It was glorious. I shut my mouth, lifting my tongue to press the adventurous boy against the roof of my mouth, slathering him in saliva and leftover cherub slime. He stiffened, then rolled with my tongue, flipping over to grab and hug it. I knew right then I was keeping him, that he wasn't ever getting out of my mouth and he didn't expect to. I pressed him to the roof of my mouth again and swallowed, draining the fluid around him. He bucked and kicked, but his squeals were those of pleasure, not fear. Then suddenly he popped, like a flavor-filled bonbon that oozed sensuality into my mouth, filling me with a massive wad of syrup. It was unlike anything I had experienced before.
I almost swallowed his oozing lifeslime right then and there, but I had an idea, so I restrained myself. As patiently as I could manage, I lay my head back down and spread my mouth wide open again, letting the bonbon cherub's cum-puddle ooze over my teeth and its aroma waft through the open air. And sure enough, they came. Just a few, shy little cherubs, one at a time, unable to resist the scent of sex. I gestured to them, unable to speak properly with my mouth wide open, but gesturing where they would go. A couple of them backed away. But a couple others nodded, came closer. I let one crawl right in where the first one had gone, let her curl up under my tongue until I scooped her up against my teeth and rolled her around. When I was fairly certain she was facing backwards, I pressed her against my palette with my tongue and opened my mouth slightly. Then I swallowed, just a little, giving her a firsthand view of her predecessor's nutritious reproductive slurry vanishing down my throat. That was all it took for her to burst, so forcefully that a few droplets of cherub-cum escaped to rain down around us.
Again I resisted the urge to swallow my bounty, and I opened wide for the cherubs to see. (The few who weren't still preoccupied with my other end, at least. Absent-mindedly, I squelched another couple of the little unknowing sex-fiends into my pussy.) Only one more cherub stepped forward, a medium-sized one whose gender I couldn't positively identify, even nude. She had breasts, but uncharacteristically small ones for a cherub, and her features and hairstyle were androgynous enough to give doubt. Not that it mattered. She, or he, looked delicious. And enthusiastic.
I closed my mouth, but slowly reached my hand forward to grab her. She stayed steady and let me pinch her gently around the torso. Being careful not to squash any of the cherubs still going crazy around my snatch, I rolled onto my back and lifted her up. Slowly, I spread my mouth wide, still holding the zygote slime from the previous cherub in my mouth where she could see it. I held her directly above it, watching her eyes stare with fear and anticipation. I closed my eyes and waited. She wriggled a little in my hands. I opened my eyes once more and looked her in the face, raising my eyebrows as if to ask once more if she was sure she wanted this. She nodded. I closed my eyes again and let go.
My aim was true, so the delectable little androgynous cherub landed right on my tongue. As I closed my lips, ever so slowly, I felt her writhing towards the back of my mouth, rubbing herself all over and tossing in the sex-fluids of the late cherub before her. This time, I couldn't resist any more. I swallowed, forcefully. I reveled in the sensation of this cherub tumbling past my uvula, sliding down my throat amid a puddle of flavor. She kept wriggling all the way down, so I felt the moment she hit my stomach. There, she thrashed even wilder for a few minutes, a sensation I traced with a hand on my belly on the outside. I moaned loudly in pleasure, something I think the majority of cherubs obliviously credited to the main event. (My pussy WAS positively overflowing with cherub juices at this point, but it was so overstimulated as to be desensitized.)
As the thrashing in my belly continued, I began to wonder if perhaps I had done a horrible thing, and the poor helpless little one in my belly was overcome with pure terror. Perhaps I could still force myself to bring her back up. But then, abruptly, the thrashing collapsed into a familiar pop, and faintly, I felt a warm ooze sloshing down the walls of my stomach. So she had burst with pleasure after all. And now my body would do as she no doubt envisioned, and absorb her nutrients, merging her and the other two into myself.
As I served the cherubs as their temple, a few of them served me, unconditionally. They fed themselves to my depravity, and I returned the favor.
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a follow up to an unpopular story of mine from a different perspective.

recap: lesbian space explorers lilith and celty found a planet of micros who reproduce by exploding into cum. lilith has made a habit of unbirthing them, except one named lin who she passed to celty

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