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 Before anyone realized what was happening, Alisa Seleznyov ran to the brontosaurus' pen.
 Without waiting to reach Bronty, Alisa to start to undress, pulling at the collar of her striped shirt, Alisa pulled it over her head and tossed it to the side as she ran, revealing the smooth curve of her back to the watching crowd.
 Professor Seleznyov watched annoyed as his daughter made a scene. Alisa! Get back here now! Stop this foolishness, now isn't the time for you to play with Bronty!
 The journalists' cameras flashed, capturing every moment. Professor Seleznyov could see the headlines now Respected scientist's daughter makes a mockery of historic brontosaurus conference. Each second that Alisa didn't respond to him was only making him more annoyed.
 But Alisa had her own plan in mind. Fumbling a bit, she finally managed to undo the button on her shorts keeping them up. With her shorts no longer firm around her waist Alisa pushed them down over her pudgy young thighs past her knobby little knees and down around her ankles, before finally stepping out of them one pant leg at a time leaving her clad in nothing but her shoes, socks and a pair of pink and white striped panties with a little pink bow on the front and some lacy white trim.
 The young girl stood nearly naked in the brontosaurus pen. Alisa! You can't be in there! Get out now! her father cried out getting angrier by the second.
 Alisa's only response was to take off her panties. Slowly pushing the off of her, Alisa revealed her bare heart shaped butt first, then, as the waistband sank even lower, the slightest hint of the curve of her lower lips. Soon the waistband had reached Alisas knees, revealing the slender expanse of her young tender thighs to the watching crowd.
 The flash of cameras was ubiquitous by now. Documenting Alisa's impromptu dinosaur strip show completely for the future. Alisa, pushed her panties down over her knees, and stepped out of them, before bending down to take off her shoes and socks.
 Professor Seleznyov felt his face redden with embarrassment as his daughter undressed in front of his friends and colleagues, not to mention the cameras of the journalists. This was completely unacceptable, Alisa wasn't just being a bother now, she was a complete embarrassment!
 Fiddling with the Velcro straps of her shoes, Alisa had bent down just enough, that her plump young pussy came into full view between her legs. Her lower lips were puffy, not yet mature, and clearly visible to anyone looking. Alisa's clitoris was hidden behind its little hood, but everything else about the young girl's most private parts were on view. Alisa's head dipped between her legs, allowing her to see the watching crowd behind her as she pulled her shoes off her tiny feet. She paid the crowd absolutely no mind as first one shoe than the other came off, her little butt bouncing a bit as she stumbled around on one leg at a time trying to remove the shoes.
 After her shoes, Alisa's socks came off with nearly no difficulty, the limber little girl bent almost double as she removed them, her privates no longer private as the journalists captured them on film. Her tiny young nipples easily visible as she looked between her legs at the crowd.
 Finally, Alisas prepubescent body was laid completely bare to both Bronty and the watching collection of paleontologists, biologists, nutritionists, and even journalists. From her freckled face to her tiny toes Alisa was completely naked. The whole thing was shocking. It had happened so fast that besides Alisa's father Professor Seleznyov, the other scientists didn't quite catch what had happened at first.
 What are you doing Alisa! You can't just take your clothes off in public! I've taught you better than that! Professor Seleznyov shouted to his daughter, upset at her behavior.
 Alisa looked at her father through her legs in surprise. But daddy, of course I have to be naked, Bronty can't eat me if I'm wearing clothes! the young girl stated as she stood back up, her blonde hair settling about her head nicely now that she was right side up.
 The room fell quiet as everyone but Alisa digested what the little girl had just revealed. She wanted Bronty to eat her? Everyone knew Brontosaurs were vegetarians!
 "I know why you won't eat, Bronty." Alisa said consolingly, "In your place, I'd be fed up with bananas too. Everyone wants some meat from time to time! Alisa petted Bronty's head as she spoke, clearly empathizing with the creature despite their incredible differences. Since they won't give you any meat, Bronty... Please eat me?" Alisa pleaded.
 As soon as he recovered, Professor Seleznyov rushed to the guardrail separating Bronty's enclosure from the rest of the world. The professor was incredibly upset, both at Alisa's foolishness, and from the embarrassment her naked state was bringing him. "Alisa, Brontosaurs are vegetarians, they don't eat meat. he's not going to eat you even if you want him to. Stop this nonsense, you're interfering with the conference and bothering all the scientists." the professor called out upset at his daughter's antics.
 Before Alisa's father managed to reach the guardrail, something unbelievable happened. Something which made Alisa famous. Perking his head up Bronty turned towards Alisa and licked her, its long flat tongue dragging over her entire body from her legs to her young pussy, up her flat chest, all the way to her face. Alisa giggled as the scientists and journalists all stared in awe.
 "Maybe," Professor Yakata spoke up "Brontosaurs do eat meat? After all, no one else has seen a real one before."
 Bronty sniffed at Alisa as he looked her over. The giant lizard's hear was bigger than she was, his nostrils bigger than Alisa's immature nipples. Alisa giggled slightly as the beast's breath tickled against her bare skin. Bronty's teeth were huge, flat, and made for mashing leaves and shoots. But even though it didn't seem to be designed for it, Bronty was sniffing the naked young girl over with undisguised interest.
 Professor Seleznyov stared at the scene in front of him, despite what he had said earlier, despite his irritation with Alisa, his embarrassment at her decision to stroll around completely naked in front of countless cameras... Bronty was showing more energy now than he had in over a month. Maybe there actually was something to his Daughter's idea? "If that's the case," he responded to Professor Yakata tentatively, "and they do eat meat... It would be an amazing scientific discovery."
 Bronty opened his mouth wide in front of Alisa, an open acceptance of her invitation to be his next meal. Don't worry Bronty! Alisa called out overjoyed that Bronty was going to eat her instead of continuing to waste away. Alisa rushed forward with the kind of enthusiasm only a four year old can really muster.
 Alisa placed both hands on the rim of Bronty's teeth, though flat, each tooth was longer than her own hands. At any time, vegetarian or not, Bronty could chomp down on the young girl rendering her into meat definitively, but the massive lizard refrained.
 Pushing down as she jumped up, Alisa clambered into the dinosaur's mouth, first her head, then her chest, leaving her lower half dangling out of Bronty's mouth for a few seconds as journalists took pictures of her naked rear end and innocently displayed privates while everyone else watched.
 He doesn't seem to be resisting the thought of eating her, Professor Nikolayev stated, watching Alisa wriggle her pert little but and pussy, as she squirmed the last few feet into Bronty's mouth. Your daughter could actually be right bout this Professor Seleznyov... he continued. But Alisa's daughter didn't respond, staring in shock as Bronty wrapped his tongue around the professor's daughter.
 The slimy pink appendage wrapped around Alisa's entire torso, thoroughly tasting the young girl as it coiled around her.
 "There you go," Dr. Petrov chimed in as Bronty's tongue shifted, letting go of Alisa's torso only to shove itself between her legs, resting in the nexus where they met, directly against the four year old's immature pussy. "I think your daughter's just provided definitive proof that Brontosaurs do eat meat."
 Alisa giggled as the tip of Bronty's tongue pierced her privates, entering the depths for the first time. Alisa squirmed as the pink tip flicked inside of her, causing a feeling of warmth to spread throughout her young body. Alisa proved quite a sight for the scientists as she wriggled on the tip of Bronty's dextrous tongue.
 Alisa had never felt something like this before. With each flick of Bronty's tongue Alisa drew closer to... something. She wasn't sure what it was, but it felt good already. She wanted it. Suddenly, with a flick of his tongue and a long slurp, Alisa disappeared into Bronty's mouth completely.
 "It just goes to show," Alisa's father responded as Bronty snapped his jaws shut behind his daughter's dainty feet "that Alisa could figure out the solution to the problem that we scientists couldn't solve. We knew that Brontosaurs were vegetarians, so we didn't even consider other options."
 Bronty's tongue felt incredible to the young girl as it rubbed against her sensitive inner walls. Alisa could feel the tongue curling inside of her as it pushed her supple body into its owner's throat. 'Bronty must have been really hungry.' Alisa thought to herself as Bronty's throat grabbed hold of her head and shoulders. Bronty's throat was soft and squishy as it surrounded the young girl; engulfing her in much the same way that her untouched cunny had engulfed his tongue. 'It's so nice and warm,' Alisa realized, 'like Bronty's hugging me all over!'
 Alisa wasn't afraid, quite the contrary, she was happy to feed Bronty. She had felt so sad that Bronty hadn't ever had the opportunity to eat meat before. But, now? Now Alisa knew that she was going to be the first meat Bronty had ever eaten, and she'd be part of Bronty forever now.
 He's definitely eaten her. Professor Seleznyov admitted. I guess Alisa was right after all, Bronty did just need some meat.
 Bronty's throat squeezed around the young girl he had just swallowed, pulling her towards his stomach and away from his tongue. Alisa moaned a bit in frustration as Bronty's tongue withdrew from her special place, leaving her empty and unfulfilled. She tried to reach down herself to finish what Bronty had started, but with his throat squeezing so hard against her body, Alisa could barely move enough to breathe, much less play with her prepubescent pussy. Despite her frustration Alisa giggled as Bronty ate her. His soft throat was hugging her all over her body from her dainty young nipples to the the tips of her toes, no part escaped his grasp. And even though her hands were pressed tight against her thighs by Bronty's embrace, the feeling of his throat muscles against her young pussy was more than enough to maintain her excitement as she slipped towards Bronty's belly.
 Alisa's form was clearly visible as a bulge in Bronty's throat as he swallowed her, it looked to some degree like a snake that had just swallowed a meal as the young girl progressed towards the dinosaur's stomach. Her form was visible, but blurred, an outline against the Brontosaur's scaly skin.
 "Since Alisa didn't come in with any preconceptions, her undimmed child's view could see what we adults failed to see!" Professor Yakata enthused as Alisa finally slid down out of view into Bronty's stomach.
 Suddenly with a big splash, Alisa fell into Bronty's belly. She fell beneath all the way to her neck below the acid line of Bronty's stomach, her entire body save her head save her head completely submerged in what felt like a cup of soda to her young mind. The acid fizzled against her young form, bubbling against her nipples, her fingers, even her privates as it tried to dissolve her for absorption into Bronty's body. Alisa squirmed at the sensation of the acid against her skin. The acid felt strong at first, it bit into her skin, hurting her a bit as her body adjusted. But soon, like a hot bath, it came to be more and more pleasant the longer she stayed inside. Soon it was almost like she was swimming in fizzy lemonade.
 The tickling sensation against her nipples and nethers was more than enough to remind Alisa of her frustration. Slowly, because the discovery was new to her and she didn't want to scare the feeling away, Alisa's fingers drifted towards her pussy. Alisa was incredibly happy she had removed her clothes now, not just because they'd be ruined by Bronty's stomach juices. No, now that Alisa's fingers were rubbing and pinching her privates, drawing her closer and closer to something she'd never felt before, Alisa was happy because if she hadn't removed her clothes, Bronty's tongue would have never pushed inside of her and she'd have never realized just how nice it felt!
 We only see it now that Alisa showed us the solution. Professor Seleznyov answered, proud of his daughter. Once Bronty swallowed her it became obvious, but until them we were all convinced that Brontosaurs were vegetarians.
 Alisa's skin felt funny. The bubbles prickled against the nubs on her chest tickling them. She'd never felt this way before. The acid bubbled against her pussy, tingling against her inner walls all the way to her untouched cervix as Alisa spread her lower lips as far open as she could. Her young fingers had hooked inside her extremely tight inner walls stretching them open as she enjoyed the feeling of Bronty's juices bubbling against the most sensitive parts of her body.
 She was close, she could feel it. Just a bit more, and she'd reach it. Slowly, so as not to let her fingers slip out of her body as they massaged her from the inside, Alisa moved her thumb, unconsciously seeking the thing that would push her over the edge. Alisa's whole body shivered as she found it, her clitoris, still hidden below the dainty pink hood that concealed it from view. Alisa pushed back the hood with her thumb, trembling as the acid hit it, just as strong as when Alisa had first felt it, but still pleasurable even with that.
 Dimly, in the back of her mind, Alisa could feel her pussy coming apart beneath her fingers as the Acid ate it from within, but she didn't care. Chunks of her body had started floating around her, Toes, pieces of leg, even parts of her pussy, but Alisa paid them no mind. Her fingers were working her clit, racing to reach the place she knew was there even if she'd never been before, racing towards orgasm. Alisa's left hand drifted away from her pussy, up to her nipples to pich and flick them against her fingers just like she was doing to her clit. But as soon as she tried to do so, Alisa's right nipple detached between her fingers, weakened enough by the acid to come completely free at the slightest touch. Alisa's mind blanked as the acid rushed in to fill the space left by her former nipple. The tingling feeling of Bronty's stomach juices was incredible and with each new second she felt closer than ever to what she sought.
 Looking down at her hand, Alisa realized she was still holding onto her nipple. 'I woder what I taste like?' she thought to herself as she raised her fingers to her mouth, setting the soaked nipple on her tongue.
 I cannot believe that we missed such an obvious solution. Professor Yakata opined as the crowd watched Bronty settle down; his long neck curling about his body as he relaxed and prepared for sleep after a hearty meal. If the brontosaurus won't eat vegetables, why not give it something new to eat, like meat? It seems so obvious!
 Alisa's eyes widened in pleasure as she tasted her own flesh. It fizzed against her tongue pleasantly from being soaked in Bronty's juices, and her meat was so tender she barely even had to chew it. As her nipple dissolved in her mouth, Alisa realized that she was the best thing she'd ever tasted. The four year old grinned happily, glad that she had given Bronty such a tasty meal.
 There's no sense in dwelling on past theories that have now been proven wrong. Dr. Petrov chimed in. Your daughter Alisa has made an amazing discovery! We should all honor her for discovering it!
 Alisa's culinary adventures didn't stop her from continuing to play with her clit however, and now, even though Bronty's stomach juices were melting her, even though they were breaking her special place apart piece by piece, even though she couldn't feel her toes anymore, she felt closer than ever to her goal.
 Then, it happened. Bronty's tummy acid finally ate through the last of Alisa's clit. As her precious button came away in her hand, a wave of seemingly endless pleasure coursed through her causing her to shudder and shake as she rode out her first, and last ever orgasm.
 As the feelings of pleasure left her body, Alisa realized just how sleepy she felt. She couldn't feel several of her fingers anymore, and the acid had melted her feet down to the bones. Her eyes had finally adjusted to the dark in Bronty's tummy and she could see pieces of food drifting about around her. After a few seconds she giggled, she used to be that food! Playfully she batted at one of the pieces, the left lip of her pussy... She wasn't a girl anymore, Alisa realized. She was meat now.
 Yes, you're absolutely right Dr. Petrov. Professor Yakata agreed. But, since Alisa's unavailable, we'll just have to honor her father who raised her so well to figure out this great mystery!
 It was nice and warm and bubbly in Bronty's belly.... Alisa's eyes closed as she relaxed... She slowly spread her arms and legs wide, giving herself completely to her friend... It was so nice, and warm inside... and fizzy... Alisa laid back, slowly sinking beneath the surface of the fizzy pool, and fell asleep, hoping Bronty enjoyed her....
 As Alisa passed into unconsciousness, she smiled one final time. Her last breath escaping her lips in a trail of bubbles leading to the surface of the acid as it started to dissolve the last pristine part of her, Alisa's adorable face.
 Outside of Bronty, the mood was celebratory. Not only had Professor Seleznyov's daughter saved her friend Bronty from starving to death, she had also just discovered and proven something amazing, Brontosaurs were omnivores, not just vegetarians.
 With Alisa unavailable, the praise now fell solely on her father's shoulders, but despite the honor, Professor Seleznyov couldn't accept it. Nonsense. I failed just the same as the rest of you. I scolded Alisa for foolishness when she ran out to feed Bronty. This discovery is Alisa's alone, and I'm proud of her for making it!
  Over the course of less than an hour Alisa had gone from young girl to delicious meal. Alisa was gone now, her body was slowly passing into Bronty's gizzard where it would be ground up for easier digestion, then passed back into his stomach for another round until she was completely digested.
 The journalists rejoiced at having captured the entire historic event on film. From Alisa's rush to Bronty's aid, to her impromptu strip show, to her brave climb into Bronty's mouth, all the way through her trip to her friend's stomach. It was all on film and video capture now for all the world to see.
 The scientists honored Alisa for her sacrifice, and wondered just what to feed Bronty next. Finally, they decided that once a week Cosmo zoo would hold a show, showing the footage of Alisa's discovery and asking for young girls to volunteer to be fed to Bronty. One lucky volunteer would be selected each week for the rest of the children and their parents to watch as they followed in Alisa's footsteps.
 But that was all in the future. Today, was a great day for Bronty. No matter how many children he ate, he'd always remember his first. The soft feeling of Alisa's body against his tongue, the sweet and salty opening between her little legs, and the pleasing way that his friend squirmed all the way down as he swallowed her. There would never be another exactly like her. Dimly, in the back of his mind, Bronty hoped they'd feed him more girls soon. Her meat was delicious.
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Alisa Seleznyov feeds herself to a Brontosaurus. A completely different story with a similar concept and characters to my first attempt.

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Posted by FoShiznit 5 years ago Report

I dig the premise of these last two, although as a matter of personal preference I can't really get into it with a character that young. I won't tell an artist how to practice their craft (you explore what you want to explore), but if you like rewriting this story anyway you could probably get a larger audience if in at least one of them you were to double the prey's age.


Posted by FoShiznit 5 years ago Report

The only reasons I even bring it up is that the writing is so good and the story checks so many other boxes for me (willing, exhibitionism, sacrifice, research setting, accepting bystanders/family) that it seems a shame I can't fully enjoy it.


Posted by TheVisitorBlack 5 years ago Report

This was part of a trade. The character as written originally is that age. I really have no intention of rewriting it. If you want other stories in the same vein of willing participants, my Mass Effect Stories and Hotaru's Greatest Gift and Amy Pond: Naughty Nurse Snuff-O-Gram are probably your speed. They aren't research settings, and they're cannibalism rather than soft vore like this. But they check all those other bases.


Posted by ViperBits 5 years ago Report

I love the attention to private parts in this, really digging that part! ^^