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004 c with story By DarkDesire -- Report

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Credit to Jace on Furaffinity for this scene I modify. Here the original work :

Brawn imagine another great stroy for Kenya, our favorite lioness. I let you discover it here.

Kenya the lioness looked at her bank balance. The red numbers where blasting from the screen. It had been months since she had any sort of paycheck and her balance had been red the last week. To make things worse the rent was due tomorrow. She needs money quickly.

She shivers while thinking about what had happened to a friend of hers. The wolfess hadnt paid her rent for months. Suddenly one day she had disappeared without reason.
After a few days kenya had found her again. In the shop display of the local butchers. Cooked to perfection with a apple in her mouth. She was for sale for the exact amount she had owed.

The lioness looked at the pamflet in her paws. The quickes way to make money. But at a risk.
It was the advertisement for a tournament. Anthro furs would fight against huge feral beasts till the dead. Winner would get thousands of dollars. Many times the loser would end up as a squirming bulge in one of the many predators. But it at least gave her a fighting chance rather then finding herself as a roast in a oven.

She graps her spear and walks out of her house maybe for the last time. Quickly so goes for the tournament grounds.

Kenta walked toward the arena and the cheers could be hear from far away. It got louder the closer she got and it made the lioness very nervous. But she walked on and signed up to be a contestant.

The games had already started but she was lucky. A tigress hadnt shown up for a unkown reason leaving a empty spot. So kenya could take her place instaid. The draw back was that she didnt know what kind of creature she would fight. Reluctantly she walked toward the arena and could see that the previous fight was still very much going on.

A huge anaconda was slithering on the arena flour. A lioness looking a lot like Kenya was dodging his strikes and attacks why trying to stab the snake with her long sword. It was clear it had been going on for a while now. Both of them looked tired and and small cuts and bruises over there whole body.

Suddenly the lioness tripped from exhaustion and the snake took the advantage and striked.
He curled his coils around her legs. The cold blooded giant opens his mouth in front of the lioness. She gets a good long look at the gaping maw before the snake shoves her head straight into his thoat.

The would arena went silent and the hard swallows could be heard clearly as the proud lioness was pulled toward her doom. When her squirming legs and wiggeling ass where the only part outside the snake stopped his swallowing. Teasingly it started to lick her sex with its tongue. He clearly was enjoying the taste.
The lioness started to squirm harder and a moan could be heard. But the snake had another evil idea.

Slowly his tailtip tickled over her exposed tailhole. Teasing slowly he pushed its tail into her hole. The lioness grasped and kicked with her legs while she was being abused.

This continoued for a few minutes. The snake pushing its tail in his meal while licking her sex. But hunger got to much for the snake and he pushed on his tail harder while swallowing hard. Quickly the wiggeling legs and ass disappear before the tail is slurped up like a noodle.

All that is left of the powerfull feline is a squirming and kicking bulge.

The stuffed snake is led away leaving a empty arena. Kenya is signaled to step into the arena still shocked by what she just witnessed.

Kenya steppes into the empty arena still a bit shocked from what she just has seen. She cant stop thinking about the fate of the other lioness. The lioness moves a claw between her legs for just a moment and feels her pussy being soaking wet. Did she just enjoy it?

After a few more times rubbing between her legs she snaps out of it and readies her spear for the monster. But its no where to be seen. Beside a small pond in the middle of the arena its all empty.

Being very carefull she walks toward the water. Its perfectly silent. Two small shapes stick out of the water. Unable to see what they are she walkes closer to the edge. It seem the small things are eyes.

Suddenly the world seems to explode with sound and movement. The small eyes are connected to a huge croc that has been waiting just for her. As a age old reflex the lioness tries to jump away by turning her back and ass toward it but the big lizard is quicker.
In shock she feels the large mouth of the creature close around her ass. At that moment kenya makes herself ready to be torn in two. But it doesnt happen. The lizard instaid takes the lioness ass in his mouth and keeps it pinned.

His long tongue pushes into her sex drawn there by the smell of her arousal.

The beast seemed to find the taste and smell quite interesting and keeps licking over her pussy with long wet strokes. As the long tongue explores further she feels it touch her tailhole briefly. A shiver goes though her whole body and Kenya tries to wiggle away while wondering why it feels so extremely wonderfull. The large beast is greatly enjoying himself to. Softly he chews on her ass a bit while still licking. Not hard enough to break the skin but showing the lioness that she only is a meal and nothing else.

This all continous for some minutes. The reptile licking and probing her sex while the lioness squirm in terror and arousal. Suddenly the thick tongue pushes 8 inches into her already stretched pussy. The sensation of the warm tonque deep inside her send Kenya over the edge. With a loud roar she climaxes. Twitching and squirming the orgasm almost lasts a minuit before the lioness goes limp in the monsters mouth.

The crocodile licks over her ass a few more times to see if there is any fight left in his prey. When he notices there wont be more fun he flips his head up in a mightly throw. The lioness is flipped straight up into the air. She wakes up from the afterglow for just a moment to see the gaping maw below her. The river monster had opened its mouth fully to catch his most recent meal.

Unable to stop herself falling she hits the back of the throat with speed head first. A wet slurp can be heard in the whole arena and the audience cheers loudly.

Just Kenya her outstretched legs, ass and tail remain outside the croc. The bare ass is dripping with drool and her own juices. To make things worse the whole arena can see her still gaping pussy twitching slightly in the cold air.

The reptile keeps her there for a moment and licks over her sex one last time. A loud groan could be heard from his stomach. The beast is hungry and a unwilling lioness is going to be nothing else then gator food.

The crocodile lifts his head again and swallows hard. A large bulge can be seen traveling though his throat as Kenya is swallowed whole and alive. It all ends with her tail being slurped up like a noodle.

Finaly the squirming bulge moves though the predators body and ends up in the stomach. Inside Kenya kicks and squirms for her life. Being tightly curled up she can move much. She feels a lot of movement when the croc slides back in the water to digest its newest meal.

The unlucky lioness kick a few last times before passing out from the lack of air.

And so it ends for the lioness Kenya. Nothing but a full stomach for a predator. Soon to be forgotten.

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Posted by xionzappa 5 years ago Report That looks extremely familiar.


Posted by Eka 5 years ago Report

It does look very familiar. Any suggestion or input,  DarkDesire ?


Posted by DarkDesire 5 years ago Report

Yes, I ask to Jace on furaffinity to use his art as model to do this one. I often use a model for my drawing, but always ask before to the author to get their approval. Is it a problem ?


Posted by xionzappa 5 years ago Report

Then you should probably credit it in the description, but that's just me.


Posted by Eka 5 years ago Report

The credited you decided upon is "Inspired" by Jace? Are you sure you didn't forgot the put down you uses it for the sketch and trace on it entirely?


Posted by DarkDesire 5 years ago Report

I know what I do. But if "inspired" don't fell well, give me another word.


Posted by Eka 5 years ago Report

What do you mean by "Give you another word"? Did you not know what you did?


Posted by DarkDesire 5 years ago Report

I didn't use a layer, not trace directly on it, never calk it. I look it and draw my own version. So in my language I say I was "inspired". If I make a copy to 100 %, why upload it, someone ever did it. If you didn't like this piece because you think it's a copy, tell me and I delete it. But I always use a source, a model for every picture you see here, like most artists.


Posted by Eka 5 years ago Report

The problem isn't how you did it. The problem is that you didn't give credit at all and wait till someone caught you before you do anything and giving us the feeling that asking you to put credit on it is an "inconvenient" or something.
Can you at least confirm that it was merely an oversight, and you don't plan on doing this uncredited "inspiration" regularly?


Posted by DarkDesire 5 years ago Report

I modify the description, do you prefer like this ?
Like I say, I always use a reference, it's could be a screen shot from a porn movie or other, so there is always a copyright somewhere. I don't remeber of all my source and never need on toher site to mentionned it. I only mentionned other artists, that's all.


Posted by DarkDesire 5 years ago Report

Yes because I like a lot the position but want a lioness and a crocodile, but I draw without trace this one.