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"Your name..." A voice echoes softly. "Your name shall be... Raa." The voice chuckles and the feeling of being patted on the head comes afterward. "Raa, I know of the task you must do for me after I am laid to rest. Make me a promise..." Silence soon follows before the voice resumes. "If you fail in your task, I will not judge you from the afterlife. No matter what anyone says or does to you, I want you to explore the world outside of the tomb that you will be sealed into along with my remains. Find a purpose outside of what you was made to do and follow it. Whether it's to fight for what could be a dead kingdom that will soon come after I leave this world or you find friends that you will love and trust, protect them from the dangers and the darkness of the world." A figure of a man could be seen with his back turned. Although the figure was darkened and unable to be made out, a smile could be see from the side of his face as he slowly turns around. "This world and its time will see you as a monster but I am sure there will be a time when you can be accepted. Just remember these words and..." The man begins to walk forward, passing by before vanishing into dust. "Be free...!"
Raa's would suddenly open her eye, looking worried for a moment before she looks about. Golden slime dripped onto the floor from her arms as she looked around. Being all slime and yet have such a beautiful color and glow in the dim room she was in, one could consider her as one-of-a-kind in terms of looks. The slime girl casted her dim red eye along the room before she looked down to her body and soon poked at some of the bandages that poorly covered her exposed breasts as both orbs was rather large for being a slime that barely had access to water. The two slimy and yet firm breasts contained a good bit of water as could be seen from the outside as Raa tightens her bandages around her breasts without even using her hands, using her will to control the bandages like they was a part of her being Along with her breasts, bandages draped along her left hip and along her lower belly. Past her hips was just a golden puddle of her slime. Her hands only had three fingers on each hand but this was merely due to her wanting to save the water that she was storing before they would lift up and rub at her head which looked young with her right side eye being completely covered up by a bunch of bandages and rather neatly like she was hiding something behind the layer of cloth. Her long slime hair also helped to cover up the covered up eye too as behind it dripped down to her rear, a tad large and curvy.
After checking over herself, the slime mummy paid more attention to the room around her, her uncovered eye lighting up and so was something inside of her, a floating sphere, her core. The light helped her see better in the room she was in and that was the chamber of a long dead king. The room gloomy and dusty from the long time that it was put through, dried bits of golden slime could be seen just along the edges of the room. In the center was a stone coffin decorated with many treasures and trinkets along with an encryption along all the sides, forming what seemed to be a kingdom crest. All but the bottom of the coffin had their crests covered up by long dried slime as if Raa has been put up against it many a time. All around the coffin of the remains was many urns, all but a few knocked over and had bits of dried slime of many colors as if there was more slimes put into the room only these seemed to be failed creations and there seemed to be one urn, a vase, lavished in gold and rubies along all of its sides. This vase was Raa's and it was special like her.
Raa soon approached one of the last urns that was still standing up right, picking it up and undoing the sealed top. With that, a small gush of purple slime oozed out before Raa slowly tipped the urn towards her, letting the slime come out of the vase and into her mouth. She was drinking one of the many failed creations made before her as her body absorbs the slime and adds it to her own. Even a small core flowed out of the urn and into Raa for her to absorb into her own core. Although she knew better than to do this, she had to as the slimes, dead before they could live, was her alternative to water. Downing the last of the purple slime, her breasts slowly expanded outward, filled with some of the purple slime that soon took in the water already contained inside. This would make the water last much longer for her in the form of this now purple like water. "...Raa sorry again." She answered out, looking to the coffin and getting close. "Raa is doing bad things like drinking her sisters that didn't come to life when the King honored them by allowing them to be sealed with him and Raa. B-but Raa..." She stops, looking sad and bowing her head. "Raa has no more water... Raa can live without water for a long time, more if she stays in her vase but Raa wants to stay out and be near the King... Raa just wished she could hear his voice again... Raa wished he would wake up and pat Raa's head... But Raa knows it won't happen..." She leaned her head down on the coffin lid. "Raa... Raa likes her name. Raa wants to live and stay here but... King, what should Raa do?" She asked, waiting for an answer.
But things wasn't as they seemed, the room turning darker and now looked like it had been looted. The door that sealed the room busted wide open and all the treasure in the room stolen, ransacked, defiled. The only thing that remained in the room was Raa's vase and the coffin which had been opened by force, revealing the skeleton of king from an ancient past for all to see. Outside the room was a small trail of blood before Raa could come oozing along back into the room. Raa's only thought was to the back when she was talking aloud, thinking back to it as she looked into the coffin. It was hard for a slime to cry and she didn't want to further defile the remains before she spoke softly to the remains inside. "Raa... failed. Meanies came in while Raa was in her vase, tried to steal her but they got all the treasures and worse... They got into the king's coffin... R-Raa isn't a good guardian. The best she could do was harm one of the meanies and not get their icky blood inside here." She said to herself, listening out as she heard a man screaming down the ways from the room, dying as they seemed to step into a trap a moment ago. "Tomb has traps but they won't catch all the evil meanies. But now, Raa wonders what she should do, Raa messed up, doesn't belong to be in here for letting this happen. King would be angry and-" She said, about to keep on until she heard a voice. The voice was that of the long dead king. "Be free... Remember the promise..." Hearing this, Raa looked around excitedly and even into the coffin. "M-mr King?! R-Raa is sorry! Please, keep talking! Raa doesn't know what to do...!" She shouts in a panic, lightly sobbing. Unable to produce tears, her slimy body would wobble from her attempts to cry only to be hushed when she felt a soft pat on her head, looking up then around. "P... Promise? Free? How can Raa be able to go when she did wrong?" She asked only to feel herself being patted on the head again, recognizing it was the pattern that the king did to her when he was alive. "Is King a ghost, trying to guide Raa? ...Raa missed being patted but Raa knows what she must do now. Thanks Mr King for forgiving Raa." She said aloud, calming herself then looking up, seeing a small blue orb bouncing around. Was it here this whole time or did it travel from the heavens just to comfort her? Raa wouldn't understand any of this but she felt better. "Go Raa... Be free and do what you wish. Your time with me has come to an end. I do not wish for you to worry over my bones forever, especially since if you stay, you will die." The orb spoke out to her as she nodded and went to her vase, picking up it up and holding it close to her. She watched the orb as she came back to it, smiling happily and tries to pat it in the same way the king used to pat her. One pat, two pat then four loving pats at different angles. A chuckle comes from the soul before it would begin to fade, leaving Raa and returning to its rest.
An hour later, Raa would emerge out of the tomb entrance which had also been busted open as she oozed out onto the sandy terrain and into a gust of wind, the first time she felt in a very long time. Looking over the tomb entrance, she would see it was heavily damaged from all the people trying to get in, the rough sandstorms that weakened down the bricks and the hot sun and cold nights that took its toll on the ruins. However long she was in there for, it had be a long time as the world she was used to was gone, filled with nothing but the sight of sand that seemed to go on forever and ever but one thing was sure. The air felt different than back then. Instead of being filled with sadness and hate, this air felt unbound and free like this was a brand new world. She soon would begin to take her leave, following a trail of footsteps that led out into the vast desert that awaited her. She just knew there had to be a purpose out here now and she couldn't wait to find out as the ruins of the tomb was fading from view as she didn't look back at all. The ghost of the king waving her off from the top of the ruins. "Good luck Raa. Many great things await you, And who knows, maybe we'll meet again." The King said as his form vanished once more as Raa disappeared from the area under the veil of the night.
Raa had became free and the weight was lifted.
Among the sands of the cold night in the vast desert laid a lamp and a woman, huddled close to a fire before her as she was concealed under a mantle to keep herself warm as much as possible. "What a night to have magic but you can't use it. Stupid curse but soon I can be rid of it and have my freedom. I just have to find someone, anyone and then, I can live the life I want where I don't gotta obey someone and grant dumb wishes." She mutters, holding her hands out to the fire and revealing golden bands along her forearms.
The woman was a genie with a wish of her own to no longer serve anyone else and be free to what she wanted. But as the sun and moon sets, she was on the course with a encounter she couldn't avoid. Destiny had something planned for her and what maybe Raa's first friend in one thousand years. But it wasn't just that simple after the two encounter. This was the beginning.
A adventure draws near for the two.
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Another story I made a few months ago. All in promotion of my character Raa, I decided to make a story series based around her and around her world. At first, I didn't know if I should make this into a vore related story or at least make the next few chapters of it going for vore but I think what I will do is make a little spin off vore series with Raa (along with some other slime girls. ;3) which would do justice.

I do have a chapter 2 halfway written out but I stopped as I got stumped for a name for the genie girl at the end of this story and abandoned it for a while. Now that I am sorta in a good spot, I can use a name generator to do solve my little name problem.

Also, a random thought but maybe I should make Raa be apart of the Shantae universe. If that would be the case... maybe possible crossover plus with vore? x3

Enough babbling, I hope you enjoyed this though. :D

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Posted by Sergit 6 years ago Report

Hii! Lovely story, MinunChaos! Raa is a cutie, and it was so touching to see her mourning the loss of her king, and how he kindly wanted her to be free. I look forward to read the next chapters as you release them.

I would also advise to make it so that the universe/world of your story is yours and yours alone.

As cool as Shantae is, putting her in this story like that would (in my opinion)risk making the story less unique.

The crossovers can happen in non-canon just fine! I know this story will come along just fine. You are pretty good at writing, so best of luck with this project of yours! I'll be paying attention to it! :3


Posted by MinunChaos73 6 years ago Report

Aww, thank you so much. You don't know how I feel right now. ; w; But yush, I will work my hardest on the next chapter and all. ^^

Well, that was the main thought anyway, I was just saying Raa could fit in with that franchise to say the least. *Raa tries to do those dances only to fail*

But thanks once more. <3