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With a Little Help From my Friends
by Oishi1
 "I still don't see how this can be legal. It doesn't even sound like a real thing." April said. Still unable to shed her doubts even while we were already on our way to the restaurant.
 "The restaurant's been around for a couple of years and the police haven't shut it down. Besides, the guys actually volunteer for it," I said craning my neck around my car seat. April still looked unsure.
 "that's something I don't get too," April said, "Why would anybody in their right mind want to be eaten?"
 "It's complicated," I said, unsure how to really answer. I didn't know why they wanted it. I was just glad they did, "Most of them probably can't explain it any more than I can explain why I want to eat them. We just do," I knew April would be the difficult one.She was always more timid and used to routine, but I wouldn't dream of trying this without her. Friends are friends, you know?
 "You don't have to get it to enjoy it," Virginia said. She had her right hand on the wheel and was texting with her left. Her phone had gone off every ten seconds since we'd headed out. Virginia had been easier to convince because she was always more adventurous, but we had to work it into her schedule. I didn't mind as long as both of my best friends were with me.
 "Yeah April, just have fun with the new experience," I said.
 April let out a little groan, "But," she trailed off.
 "If you don't want to do it you don't have to," I said hoping she still would.
 "I know I'd never hear the end of it from Virginia if I came all this way just to watch," April said, "Besides, I know how much you want this, and I don't want to ruin it for you,"
 "Yeah, Amy. We know you'd do the same for us," Virginia said. She'd sent three texts in the time it took her to speak. I don't know how she does it.
 "You better believe it," I said, genuinely touched. I have the best friends ever.
 The parking lot wasn't all that crowded, but then again it was a weeknight. I also realized more than half the patrons probably didn't bring their cars since there'd be nobody to drive them back. That thought made it more real for me. I was actually here! I'd imagined doing this since I was little, but until I stumbled upon an online ad for Forbidden Dish, I had no idea it was actually possible.
 The bouncer gave our ids a nod of approval and we were inside before we knew it. The front dining area had the look and feel of an upscale restaurant, but the waitstaff and many of the customers were severely underdressed. I don't know what I was expecting, but many of the people barely had clothes at all. I know my face was red, but I tried to calm myself. We were dressed nice, but not dirty.
 "Hi, Welcome to Forbidden Dish," The hostess said. Her name badge said Rachel, "First time?"
  I nodded."Is it true?" I tried hard to still my shivering body enough to actually ask the question I'd been building up to since I saw the ad online, "Can I really actually swallow a tiny man? Or is it just a web prank?
 "See for yourself," Rachel said as she pointed to the tables behind us. There were only a couple of occupied tables. A few young women sitting around and talking excitedly. Men and women were milling around the bar or in between tables, but what really caught my attention was what the girls at the tables were doing. They had bowls in front of them with tiny men couched inside.As they were talking I saw a young blonde pick up one of the tiny men, bring him to her mouth, swallow him, and continue her conversation like nothing out of the ordinary had happened. My heart skipped a beat. A warm tingle ran through me. I think I made a noise before I could stop myself because April and Virginia were staring at me funny.
 "Sorry," I said, "I lost myself there for a bit,"
 Rachel seemed used to it and didn't really react. "You'll need these" She said as she handed us each a blue wrist band, "Anybody with a blue band is interested in swallowing someone, anyone with a red band wants to be swallowed, and anybody with a green band is a member of staff. You may order from the menu, or ask around. Have fun, and if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask your waitress or myself.
 We sat down at the nearest empty table and tried to form a plan of attack.
 "We should go talk to the guys at the bar," Virginia said already getting up.
 "Wait!" April yelled gripping Virginia's arm like a vice, "What do we say?" I could tell that, for her at least, the idea of talking to the guys was more frightening than the thought of swallowing one.
 "It's easy, just walk up to them and say, "You look good enough to eat,"" Virginia said in the sultriest voice she could muster. I laughed, "Even if you bomb they won't be around tomorrow, so what harm can it do,"
 Virginia really seemed to be getting into this. I was thrilled. It was kind of scary letting them into this personal and private side of myself. I hadn't even known there was a name for it a few months ago. I really don't know what I would do if they would've refused to come.
 "If you say so," April said.
 "Don't worry, we'll be here to help you," I said. April smiled.
 "I know," she said, "I'm just nervous. I hope I don't ruin this for you,"
 "By being here you've already made it better," I said, "Like, at least a million times better even," She smiled, but before she could say anything Virginia cut in.
 "We better get moving," Virginia said, "If we don't hurry all the good ones will be taken,"
   "Right, but before we go we need to set a couple of ground rules," I said, "First, none of us start until all of us have a guy, second, don't ask any personal questions. I think that will make this easier, no names, no family questions, k?" They both nodded. Before we could get up a young girl in a ridiculously short skirt and midriff baring shirt came up to our table. She had a green wristband on and a nameplate that said Lindsay.
 "Hi, I'm Lindsay and I'll be your server today," She said with a warm smile, "Will you need menus?"
 "I think we want to look around first," I said.
 While we were talking to her a nervous looking young man tapped on her shoulder.
 "Um, excuse me, would you, um, that is," He managed to stammer out. Lindsay smiled and pulled him toward her.
 "Do you want little old me to gobble you up?" she asked leaning in so that her mouth dominated his vision and her body was pressed against his.
 "Y-yeah," He gasped as he stared at her mouth, transfixed.
 "Ok, just go sit at that table over there like a good boy and I'll bring you your papers after I've taken care of these ladies," she gently directed him to the table then turned back to us, "If you want to walk around feel free. If you see someone you like, let me or one of the other servers know and we'll get you the paperwork you need. If that's everything I have something I have to go take care of," We nodded, and she went to get the papers for her other customer.
 "Wow," I said
 "I know," virginia replied, "This should be easy,"
 We got up and made our way confidently to the bar. I pointed out three well dressed men in their twenties. As one of them waved the bartender over I saw the red band on his wrist. The other two had one as well.
 "Not the band I'm used to looking for," Virginia said. We laughed and made our way over to the three men, but before we could get there three bimbos snagged them. One of them sneered at me as they walked over to the shrink booth line.
 We all three cursed under our breath and looked around for new prey, but every time we spotted a guy another woman would swoop in like a hawk and snatch him up.
 "We need to split up so we can cover more ground" Virginia said.
 "But, you said," April whimpered.
 "It's the only way," Virginia said, and with that she was gone. I shrugged.
 "Who knows. Maybe if she gets lucky whoever she finds will have a couple of friends," I said, but I wasn't counting on it. I can get my own man thank you very much.
 We walked around for a bit, but every man we saw had at least one woman all over him. It was like someone had chummed the water and the sharks were out to play. The supply was dwindling and I was really losing hope.
 "Let's just go sit at the bar, maybe have a few drinks," I said. I was starting to worry that this trip would turn out to be a wash. April and I found empty stools and sat down making sure to leave stools open between us, but hadn't ordered anything yet. I was kind of hoping not to fill up on anything before I got my first tiny. We relaxed and stopped looking. It was really a nice place. I had been so caught up with looking for my first tiny that I hadn't paid attention to my surroundings.
 "This seat taken?" A voice from behind me broke my reverie. It was pleasant and relaxed. Nothing like the rushed snip I'd been hearing all day. It appears all I had to do was quit walking around in desperation and my prey would come right to me. I tuned to see what I had lured in. He had tousled sandy blonde hair, a golden tan, and smelled like coconut. I gestured to the stool in a noncommittal way. He smiled and sat down. He was wearing a blue shirt with coconut shell buttons and a subtle green palm frond pattern, shorts, sandals, and most importantly a red band on his right arm.
 I pretended not to register his presence as he leaned against the bar taking up as much space as possible. Inside I was thrilled, but I tried not to let any of my excitement bubble to the surface.
 "Hi I'm," He started, but I put my hand up to his mouth.
 "Shh," I said, "If you want to do this there will be no names, k?" He nodded, "Good boy," I smiled. I knew now that I was in complete control.
 I looked over to see if April saw what was going on, but she was busy. A Smallish man with glasses had approached her and they were both finally working up the nerve to talk to each other. Looks like she didn't need help at all. She's a big girl and can take care of herself. I focused on my future treat.
 "So, you really want me to swallow you whole?" I asked. It sounded too good to be true.
 "Oh yeah, I've wanted this since I was a kid. I've imagined it many times. Do you really want to swallow me? Anybody I've told about this has reacted with horror. I still can't believe this is real," He said.
 "Tell me about it. I thought it was a joke, but I had to check it out," I sobered up a bit,"Just so you know, this isn't going to be like your fantasies. If we do this you won't come back. You'll go in here," I put my fingers to my lips, "And down here," I drew my finger down my throat and to my belly. I lingered and rubbed it. I saw something in his eyes that I never thought I'd see when describing my fantasy. Unbridled desire. The only other person I'd told about this was less than thrilled. I decided to play it up for my newfound audience,"You will be trapped. I will not let you out no matter what,"
 "yeah," He managed, then realized he'd been staring and shook his head, "Sorry,"
 "Don't worry about it," I said, "Now that I know that you're serious I have one more question for you,"
 "What's that?" he asked.
 "Did you bring any friends?" I asked.
 "What?" He looked confused.
 "I don't know if my friend found anybody yet, and we can't go until we hall have our own little treat,"
 "Sorry. I came stag," He said, "But I'm not in a hurry. I'm willing to wait until she has found someone,"
 Just then Virginia showed up looking defeated. She slumped in a nearby stool. When she saw that April and I both had guys her jaw dropped.
 "No freaking way!" She waved her hand in agitation, "I don't suppose one of you has a friend?" She asked.
 "Actually," April's new man said, "I came here with a friend. I can call him and see if he's still looking," He dialed then waited for a while.
 "Hey man, I, um, I got a girl over here who wants someone for her friend. Yeah. Oh definitely. Come on man, would I lie to you? Ten. Nine point five at the lowest. Seriously. Only thing is they don't want to know our names. Really? Great then! We're by the bar,"
 Shortly after that a tall broad man in a nice suit with a bluetooth headset hooked up to his ear rounded the corner and looked us up and down. He looked like he'd walked right out of a GQ magazine and walked like he was in a hurry.
 "So," He said, "Which one is mine?"
 "I believe you have that backwards little man," Virginia said pointing at his chest. She was a good head and a half shorter than him. He could easily swing her over his shoulders without straining, but she was right. He was hers. The man smiled appreciatively and reached out to grab her. She feinted backward and he came up empty handed, "You'll do," she said and the six of us made our way to our table.
 I waved Lindsay over. She came with three stacks of paper and placed one in front of each guy.
 "Read these carefully boys," Lindsay said, "It will be the most important thing you sign in your life,"
 "How's your friend?" I asked.
 "Oh," She seemed confused, then looked like she remembered we saw her leave with the other customer, "Nope, don't feel him anymore," She rubbed her belly. All three guys stared while trying to pretend not to. No matter, they were ours now, "Anyway, call me over when you're ready and I'll show you what to do,"
 I grinned at Virginia and April. All three men were buried in their paperwork and we tried to be quiet so they could read. I read over my guy's shoulder for a while, but there was just so much text. April was reading over her guy's shoulder too, but this seemed to make him nervous, and after a while he just began flipping through pages, signing and initialing. Virginia's man kept taking calls on his bluetooth while absently signing the pages.
 "Can you believe him?" Virginia asked, "Why would anybody wear one of those to a restaurant?" She'd just barely finished talking when her phone buzzed and she texted a reply. In what I'm sure felt like less time to the guys than to me, they were done and we called Lindsay over. She took the papers and looked them over.
 "Right this way then," she said. She swayed her way to the shrinking booth line, or rather where it would be if the place wasn't so sparsely populated.
 "Just go in one at a time. The operator will do the rest," She smiled at us, "Have fun," With that, she was gone.
 Virginia and her man were first in line. .
 "Um, sir, you can't wear," The operator started as she reached for his bluetooth. He brushed past her with indifference.
 "Sir, you really," The man held up his hand in the signal to hold on a minute.
 "Hello? Yes. Oh no I haven't forgotten. Dinner with your mom tomorrow. I wouldn't miss it for the world. It's all I'm thinking about. You too sweetie. See you there," He looked up at us, "Ex-girlfriend. Guess I should have told her it was over, but this seemed easier. Go ahead by the way," He said as he waved the operator on. She signaled for him to remove the headset, took it from him, closed the door, sighed heavily, then pushed the button and with a flash he was reduced to a pile of clothes on the floor. Virginia Dug him out and with little care or concern for his wellbeing she lifted him and looked him over.
 "Ok, your turn," She told me pushing my guy and me forward.I could feel her tiny guy wiggling between my back and her palm. She realized what she did and pulled him back.
 "Sorry," She said to me. We saw the operator move the clothes into a box beside the booth, "What do you do with the clothes?"
 "We sort through them," The Operator said, "Some things go back to families that the customer requested be notified of their choice, the rest is either donated or divvied up by management,"
 My guy stepped forward, "So, all the clothes are going into that box?" The operator nodded, "Here, I'll save you the trouble," He grinned and unbuttoned his shirt, then he tossed it into the box. He stepped out of his sandals and chucked them in as well. He slid off his shorts and boxers and walked into the booth as if he were just stepping into the shower. I noticed he didn't have tan lines anywhere on his ripped body. What? Don't I have a right to inspect my food? Virginia was getting an eye full, but April and her guy looked uncomfortable. Despite the fact that he wasn't as tall as bluetooth guy (or at least as tall as he was) he managed to somehow take up more space and look like he belonged where he was.
 "Ok, Last chance to change your mind. Are you sure you want to do this?" The operator asked. He feigned thoughtfulness by tapping his foot on the floor and scratching his chin.
 "Let's do this!" He said, and the button was pushed. When the flash cleared he was an inch and a half tall and wobbling, but he didn't fall. I gently lifted him raising him to my face. I had to keep reminding myself to wait to put him in my mouth until my friends were ready. Now that he was in my hand the urges were almost overwhelming.
 We all stared at April's guy.
 "Oh yea, I guess it's my turn," He said and slowly walked into the booth, and the operator shut the door behind him.
 "Would you like to push the button?" The operator asked April.Lucky.
 "Me? Really?" April asked. She looked excited, but unsure, "What if I mess it up?"
 "It's easy, just push that red button over there when I say," The operator started.
 "This one?" April asked and accidentally poked it too hard pointing to it. There was a flash accompanied by a cry from the booth. April winced and sorted through the clothes.
 "Sorrysorrysorry!" she kept saying as she pulled the tiny man from the pile. He still looked out of it. We tipped the operator and made our way back to our table. We set the guys down on the tablecloth to let them get their bearings while we decided who went first.
 "Wait a minute. Aren't we getting a private room?" Virginia's guy asked.
 "Eww no! I didn't come here for you to ogle my goods, I came to hang out with my girlfriends," Virginia said, "I think I'll go first. If I have to wait for you slowpokes to start I'll be here all day. Get the camera ready," I pulled a digital camera from my purse while April held Virginia's phone. She did a few poses with him dangling over her mouth and a few licking him.
 "Ok, be sure to get this," Virginia said as she lowered him into her mouth.
 "Wait, What? We're doing this now?" He said. Virginia didn't answer him, she just pulled his protesting form into her mouth with her tongue and closed her lips behind him. I put the shutter speed as high as I could and set up multi shot. April set the phone to video. Virginia gave a tight lipped smile, counted to three on her fingers, and gulped. I watched the bulge go down her throat. It was over way quicker than I would've liked. I hoped my friends didn't notice me shifting in my chair. My guy sure did, but he looked about as excited as I was. I could see it in his, well let's just say his eyes. April's little guy was watching Virginia closely, completely enraptured. April still looked worried, but she continued to film.
 "Well?" I asked trying to slide quietly in my seat to relieve the tension without being seen.
 "Not bad," She said. She may as well have been talking about a snack mix or candy, "I liked the way he felt moving in my mouth, and I can still feel him now," She patted her belly, "Eh, I'd do it again, but I don't see what the big deal is. Give me the camera so you can try,"
 "I wonder what it's like for him," April said before we could trade the camera. Virginia shrugged.
 "Probably pretty horrible," Virginia said as she picked up the menu and began to flip through it, "I think I'll order some chicken wings, anybody else want anything?"
 "I won't eat anything until I get home, besides you that is sweetie," I said to my tiny man.
 "My friend always said he wanted to be the only thing in the stomach of the woman who ate him," April's tiny man said.
 "What's that to me. He doesn't decide what I do or don't eat any more than the chicken wings will," Virginia said brushing off the tiny man's comment, "Besides, by the time I get them he'll be dead anyway,"
 April's tiny gulped quietly. He looked frightened. I didn't really care.I was about to do what I came here for. I grabbed my little guy and held him up. He looked as excited as I was.
 "Ready?" I asked. He nodded. Good, I'm not sure I would stop even if he changed his mind. April and Virginia readied their cameras as I moved the tiny man toward my mouth. I ran my tongue up his obliques and down his abs.He tasted salty with a hint of sweetness.
 "Did you rub down with flavored massage oil?" He nodded, but was too breathless to speak. Oh hello. He looked fit to burst.
  I brought my tongue to his manhood which was still very much excited and toyed with it for a while. My breathing was heavy. My lips and cheeks felt hot. I drew him into my mouth without even thinking.
 It was like a dream come true to feel him on all fours in my mouth trying to keep his balance. I shifted my tongue and felt him fall to the side. I could feel him trying to scramble up on top of my tongue to right himself. I shifted him to the right this time. He was fast. Each time I knocked him over he pulled himself back up.
 "Slow down a bit," He called out, "I'm getting kind of dizzy,"
 I giggled and tossed him around a bit more. The fact that it annoyed him excited me. His complaints went unheeded. It's good that my friends couldn't hear him. My lips were closed tightly and muffled the sound.
 "Mmm," I moaned. I began to toss him around with wild abandon. I closed my eyes and savored the flavor. The rest of the world was dead to me. I felt so powerful knowing that all his struggling was useless against the power of my tongue. Without thinking I tilted my head back and swallowed.
 It took me a few seconds to realize what I had done. I was too caught up in the moment. I felt a tight lump move down my throat. It hurt slightly like drinking milk to fast or swallowing a big lump of food, but then again that's what he was right? I could still feel him wiggle as he continued helplessly down my esophagus.
 "Amy! You didn't tell us you were ready!" Virginia said, "I barely got a few shots in. They're probably all blurry,"
 "Don't worry," April said, "I got it,"
 "Sorry," I said sheepishly, "I was kind of in another place,"
 They were still talking to me, but at that time I started to feel a fluttering in my stomach. Like butterflies from riding down a hill too fast, only lighter. That's him. He's fighting for all he's worth and all that effort does it give me a mild tickle. His life is completely in my hands now. The feeling sent a tingling sensation from by stomach through my extremities. I think Lindsay came by and Virginia ordered her wings, but I'm not sure. I was struggling to keep my hands on the table.
 Virginia was staring at April expectantly. April looked down at her tiny man. She went to grab him and he shrank away from her hand.
 "No!" he yelled. Her hand jerked back as if she was burned.
 "What's wrong?" she asked. Virginia rolled her eyes.
 "I change my mind. I don't think I can handle this. I know it's always been my fantasy, but I can't do it. I'm sorry," He looked frightened, ashamed, and near tears. Shockingly, I realized that the pleasure of the fluttering inside me was heightened by the horrified look of the tiny man before me. I had to fight with every fiber of my being to stop myself from swallowing him right in front of my friends. I did not feel sorry for him. If anything I felt annoyance at his sudden will to live and the fact that it would ruin April's night.
 April looked crushed. She was finally getting into this and he had to go and chicken out.
 "Don't worry April, we'll find you another guy," I said.
 "It's ok," April said. She looked sadder than I would've thought about her man changing his mind. It's no big deal. Let's go home,"
 Lindsay came by to drop off Virginia's Wings.
 "Um, this one changed his mind," April said holding the shivering man gently in her palm.
 "Ok, I'll take care of that for you," Lindsay said as she quickly grabbed him and turned to leave.
 Virginia and I were trying to comfort April. With everything going on I'd forgotten about my meal and was startled when I felt a few strong flutters. They were sporadic and desperate and there was more time between them now.
 "Wait!" the tiny man said, "I change my mind!" Lindsay kept walking.
 "Hold on a minute," Virginia said. Lindsay came back to the table.
 "If it means that much to you I'll do it," The tiny man said. He had regained a bit of his composure, "I can't imagine anyone I'd rather have do it than you, and I'd kick myself going home knowing that I'd hurt you,"
 "Are you sure?" April asked, "I understand why you are scared. I wouldn't blame you for wanting to live. If you really mean it I'll do it,"
 The tiny man thought about it for a while. He looked back and forth between April and Lindsay.
 "I'll do it," He said finally sounding resolute. Lindsay handed him back to April.
 "Thank you," April said. Lindsay smiled.
 "No problem. Enjoy," She left and checked on another table, and I took Virginia's phone from April only to trade it for my camera.
 April looked unsure of what to do, but she seemed much happier than earlier.
 "I'm going to bring you up to my mouth. You have to climb in yourself when you are ready ok?" She asked. He nodded. It took a while, there were several false starts on both of their parts, but eventually he was in her mouth and she was staring at us wide eyed trying to figure out how to proceed.
 "You have to build up saliva to make him go down," I said, "Or drink some water. If you try to dry swallow him it won't work,"
 She toyed with him for a while before grabbing a glass of water from the table and taking a few sips. A shocked look formed on her face. I don't know what he was doing, but whatever it was she was unprepared for it.
 April closed her eyes and downed the glass. She opened her mouth to show us it was empty then smiled sheepishly as we cheered.
 "I really can feel him moving!" she whispered in awe, "Can you still feel yours?"
 "I haven't felt mine for a while now," Virginia said as she polished off the last few of her wings.
 I realized that I didn't feel any movement now either.
 "I think mine's finished too," I said, "It was fun while it lasted,"
 "I have to admit, I kind of like it," April said blushing.
 "It's alright," Virginia said, "Ready to get out of here?" We paid the tab and headed home. I was anxious to get back. I had things to take care of. I waited until Virginia dropped me off and I was alone in my own room.
 That night I laid in bed staring at the ceiling thinking about what I'd finally done. Even though I couldn't feel him and he was long dead, I knew my tiny guy was still in there somewhere. It was a comforting thought to fall asleep to.
 Oh I had such wonderful dreams that night.
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