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A loud boom bellowed outward, sand blown upward as there was a scene just a few hours since the sun rose and in this scorning heat, Raa had came across some trouble in the form of a large dune worm, its size rather unsettling to humans. It was about twenty feet long but the worm was bulky in size as its dirt brown skin showed that it must been really deep in under the sands, maybe even below the desert. Standing before it was Raa, the golden slime mummy had just avoided getting snatched up as the dune worm opened up its mouth, revealing its many rows of teeth, saliva driping from the exposed orifice. "Silly dirt snake thingy, Raa isn't food." Raa called out, smiling despite the fact her hips was shuddering from such a close call. The worm only managed to consume some of her slime but not enough to really affect her.
She laid down her vase as the bandages around her breasts and hip unfurl and even more coming out of her core, making her look like she was ready to fight and it helped as the worm took another lunge only for Raa to ooze to the side and stab one of her bandages into the worm as it passed. A screech of pain emitted from the worm as it slid along the sand, a deep gash just a little below a bulge in its body, mainly where it stomach was. For anyone to watch, it would be strange to see that Raa had just sliced into the worm despite its leather like armor with just a simple cloth bandage. But for Raa, this was her greatest weapon and defense as the bandages that she had control over was nothing normal in this time. The bandages infused with magic and having small runes along each strand. It was like Raa could make her bandages become razor sharp at a drop of a hat, as long as she is paying attention that is and they was extremely durable, not even the sharpest blade could slice through.
The fight would seem to go on for a bit, sand being kicked into the air and the sounds of the worm in pain soon followed and just as it seemed like Raa would easily fend off her attacker, a sudden lunge from the wounded worm changed everything around. Like that, the fight seemed to be over with a loud gulp soon to follow. Raa had been consumed! Luckily for her, the worm had just swallowed her and not focused on chewing on her, which could damage her core... if it wasn't for the teeth to be dull. The soft, rounded part of its body where its stomach was seemed to pulsate once its meal arrived. Inside, Raa was being massaged by the rough flesh that lined the stomach and through it all, she could feel some objects being pushed against her, the bones of some of the worm's most recent vitcims. All seemed lost as the dune worm would ready itself to burrow back underground to enjoy the mummy slime but all a sudden, the rounded belly became a pin cushion, Raa's many bandages piercing through like they was a hot knife through some butter. The worm didn't even get a chance to let out a pained screech before the bandages twisted around then with one swipe, the worm was sliced in half. A gush of blood went everywhere as both ends of the worm thrashed about in its dying moments only to stop a minute later. With the movement gone from its body, Raa would slowly emerge out of the worm, not wanting to come out when there was blood flowing out everywhere as she didn't want to taste it at all.
"Hmm, why was Raa so worried again if she could have just let that happen at first then do that?" She asked herself, soon shrugging. She was likely to forget what just happened as she went to pick up her vase and move along without a care.
Hours soon past since the encounter with the worm, the sun still high in the sky, looming over the slime but it was like she didn't even care at all about the heat at all. At this point Raa wasn't even sure where she was going. In fact, she would need water or something in a few weeks if she continued on like this. She may need help at this point as the desert was starting to look the same everywhere she looked. And just as she begun to worry, she could see a small glint in the distance. Perhaps hope? Maybe it was someone. With whatever was causing the glint, it would take time to get to and the closer she got, the more she could see it was a object of some sort.
Oozing to the object as her body didn't pick up any sand, she finally got to the item and seeing it was a curved lamp. Her eye flared with a sort of light and could see what no normal human could see. A magical aura emitting from the lamp, meaning it was magical. But what she wouldn't understand that it belonged to a genie, nor knew what they was. With a minor shrug, she would use a bandage to pick up the lamp by its handle and dropped it right into her vase."Raa take. Raa sure who owns it is dead." She answered, peering down into her vase when she heard a small clang noise. She was just about to go on with her way when she could hear a voice shouting out just a few yards away. "Gah, where is it?! Stupid desert and its stupid sun crows!!" Tilting her head towards the source of the voice, Raa would then spot something soaring above her. A flock of red and black tipped feathered birds cawed loudly as if they was laughing at the girl they just messed with, circling around the area before heading off north
Raa remembered these birds from back in her own time, knowing that some could be used as messagers and often formed 'mail flocks' with other messager crows. Perhaps they was heading towards a town, a water source. Whatever it was, Raa began to follow only to stop, remembering someone else was close by and went towards them. Raa would soon come across a person in a dark brown mantle and hood, digging aroundin the sand and unaware of the slime mummy that was approaching. "Damn it... Why me of all things to pick on in the desert." The girl asked, digging through more of the sands as if her life depended on it. But she would suddenly stop clawing through the sand at the sound of sand moving around behind her like someone was digging too. Slowly, the girl turned her head and saw some sort of golden slime ass wobbling about just a bit from where she was. Confused, the girl looked over at a different angle and it saw the slime was moving the sand around with her hands and her bandages. "What in the...?" The girl pondered out loud. "Raa thinks that the person has bad luck." Raa answered out at the girl's statement before. "Woah woah, what is going on here?" When Raa went to look at the covered up person, she saw they was in a fighting stance like they was going to attack her. "What are you doing you monster, are you taking pity on me? I will beat you down and make you into a Resturken style smootie!" With a quick thrust of her arm, the girl threw a fist right at Raa's back, aimming for her core.
Raa could have defended herself but decided not to as that fist dug into her slimy body only for it to be taken out right away as the girl falls backwards, her hood falling off of her head as she held her now red hand. "Hotttt!!" The girl cried, letting her blue hair flow, in a quite big pony tail, her body lightly tanned and her blue eyes looking up at the grinning Raa with a growl. "You ain't a fire slime, now why are you so hot like she just took a lava bath?" She exaggerates while Raa smiles and closes her eye. "Raa been out in hot sun for hours. Raa's slime really, really hot but not like lava but can soak up heat easily." She answered. The genie girl looked just as confused at that, wondering if that was all then thinking. "Wait, if you ain't a fire slime and can survive in this hot sun, what sort of slime are you? You wouldn't happen to be one of those treasure slimes, are you?" The girl asked before shaking her head. "No, those are just too rare. One would be worth more alive than what treasure they have collected Then again, you are golden and shiny to pass as one..." Raa would just seem confused at hearing that breed of slime, wondering if she was made from such a slime. Or was she just a special one that could control those bandages of hers.
"Raa harmless unless attacked again." Raa spoke, extending a hand to help the girl up and to offer peace. "Huh? Hmm, you seem too friendly for just a random slime." The girl said before reaching up with her other hand only to pull it away when she touched Raa's hand. "Yow!! You are too hot to have a handshake with. But uh, thanks." The genie rose to her feet once more. Her head was the only thing exposed in the light aside from her hands and as far as Raa could tell, the girl seemed to be hiding quite a body behind the thick clothing. "Why wear that? Sun too hot to be dressed for the cold." Raa giggled, her body jiggling about from her giggles. "That is what I thought too but the sun can kill faster than a heat stroke. Or something." The genie girl answered as she put the hood back over her. "Err, anywho, I need to find my lamp. Thanks for helping me look for it anyway." She said, smiling then went back to looking around, huffing. Hearing the girl was looking for a lamp made Raa think back to the one she shoved into her vase a few minutes ago.
Then again, there could be more lamps out here buried so she would just go back to helping the girl for a while, traveling around the area behind her. "So you wanna help me huh?" The girl asked when she noticed Raa following her as Raa nodded at the question. "Man, you are a strange slime girl." She mumbled before she led the search for the vase. Minutes soon turned into a hour in a matter of time before the two knew it, like the heat didn't effect both of them as much, showing the girl wasn't exactly human but Raa didn't pay no mind to it. The search for the vase continued as the sun was just a hour or two before setting. "Ah, this ain't good at all... We only have a while until it gets dark and cold and I still haven't found my lamp. Well, guess its time to whip out the trump card." She groaned, pulling up the sleeves of the mantle along her arms and revealing the golden bracelets then holding her arms out. Raa would begin to see what looked like chains forming between both arms, linking together before the chain seemed to be going towards her as the genie girl watched, wondering why it was going to Raa until she saw that ghostly chain go into Raa's vase. "You had it?!" The girl screamed out, surprised. "Let me see that vase!" She scrambled, grabbing Raa's vase out from the slime mummy's hands only to drop it. Just like Raa, the vase was just as hot. "Damn it, can't touch you or your vase but why is my lamp inside that vase of yours?"
Raa blinked for a moment before she cutely smiled, sticking out her tongue as it dripped with hot slime and shrugged. "Raa dunno. Raa found pretty lamp, thought it was just a treasure and put it into vase where it could be safe with Raa's other treasures." The cute and dim witted slime answered, making the girl sigh out. "Well, at least it is safe. When can I get it out?" Now that question stumped Raa, making her hold a slimy finger up to a cheek. "Uhhh..." The genie's hopes was starting to break as she didn't like this. "Oh please, don't say what I think you are gonna..." "Raa can't." Raa said as the genie girl groaned. "Are you kidding me? Jeez, my luck should be so bad that I should have been eaten alive by a dune worm than... wait a moment, this means..." The girl's face went pale for a moment before she realized. "You are my new master?!" This statement made Raa tilt her head. How could a lamp make a girl have to be her pet? "But Raa doesn't have any treats for the nice funny lady, Raa cannot be a master." The girl just continued to groan, wanting to slam her head into a wall or a rock now. "Oh my great genie god, tell me you ain't dense."
"Raa sin't dense, Raa has a soft squishy body." The slime answered happily and cutely. The girl just wanted to die right now before she muttered to herself. "Relax, this dumb slime is my last owner. Just get though with what she wants and I can be free from this life." With a deep sigh, the girl calmed down despite the fact that if Raa made any more stupid comments that she will punch her. "Well, if I am to grant your wishes, I might as well introduce myself." She was just about to remove her mantle to show off and 'greet' her new master but decided against it and cleared her throat. "O Master, my name is Lara, Genie of the Lamp in which you poessess in your... Vase. Um, and what is your name?"
A moment of slience fell, Raa just smiling at the girl and caused Lara to sigh. "...Your name, come on now. I have to do this." The golden slime girl blinked before smiling. "But you know Raa's name. Are you, as you said, dense...?" Lara seemed to smile in a innocent sense but mentally, she was screaming in sheer anger. Either she had to get rid of this slime or endure this cruel fate bestowed by the deities. "R-r-right... Raa... A-as holder of of my lamp, you are entitled to three wishes. The only rules is you can't wish for more wishes and time travel or whatever, I forget the list of things I can't grant. But! Just wish for anything else and I shall grant it~" Raa however seemed like she didn't even understand all of this, holding a gooey hand to her goo driping chin, pondering on what Lara meant. "Wish? What is a wish? Is it a type of fish?"
Oh this, this is going to be hell for sure. The genie girl slamming her left hand over her face. "J-just... why me?" She mumbled, seeming to curse every known deity in the world under her breath before she looks up at Raa and casts a glare. "A wish is something that you want, you know, to hope for something and get it." She explains. It seemed to be a poor explaination but she hoped Raa would get it and make a damn wish already. However, Raa was too focused with playing with her large goopy breasts, massaging them up and down to stir the liquids that was still within each transparent orb before she looks over at the setting sun. "Raa thinks we shouldn't stay. Raa senses monsters stirring." Of course Lara is ignored but Raa was right, one of the many bracelets on Lara's right arm seemed to shine through the thick brown cloth that covered her form. "D-damn, magical beasts. Alright you, come on." Lara goes to reach out to Raa's arm, grabbing it and ignoring the pain of the heat that Raa had in her body as she begins to pull them towards a large dune. Raa didn't know exactly what was going on until both her and Lara was on top of the dune. A city in the distance with many lanterns being lit in the moments before it was dusk.
"Wish us there, if we don't hurry, we will get caught by whatever is stirring." Lara commanded only to feel Raa's somewhat hot body push into her back, almost like Raa was wanting the girl to give her a ride or something. "If Miss Lara has magic, why doesn't she take us there with her powers?" "Because you have to wish for it damn it! I would be glad to use my magic without bounds if I wasn't caught up in this damned curse!!" Lara shouted out in response. Raa seemed to back off, sensing the girl was getting hostile. "Now make the wish or else we will-" Just before she could finish, the sand below them would explode out from underneath them and caused the two to be launched out from each other.
Raa fell down, rolling down the dune in which she was dragged up on, her form defaulting to a blob like state until she was done rolling before reassuming her form, breasts jiggling and bouncing about. She could hear a loud cry of help from Lara coming from the very top along with the shadow of something moving in on the genie. Raa's vase plopped into the sand behind her but she ignored it for now, oozing up as fast as she can to the top of the sandy hill only to find...!
-To be Continued.
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Welp, it took a little time but I finished this bit. Luckily this was halfway done before I even considered getting a gallery.

Also, I forgot there was some vore already in this story so taking this set of stories out of the non-vore section and just placing them out until I can figure out where they should go. Maybe a mixed section.

But in any case, this time we find Raa coming across the genie girl from the end of the last chapter and now bound by odd circumstances, Lara the Genie is forced to stick with the derpy Raa and her antics. But just as things get good, a surprise attack by a unknown monster closes this part of the story. Stick around folks, I am sure you all will like where I will be going. c:

Oh also, if anyone wonders about the thumbnail art, I did not draw it. I am just merely using the sketch of her that I commissioned a wonderful artist for a year ago. Sure I still need to get it colored but I do have other art. I'll be sure to upload the pic for all to see in a bit. Maybe also set up a bio too.

...Also, sorry about the sudden thing with Raa slicing up the worm. Tried not to go into full detail around it. :U

-Edit: Oh my god, why? I thought I spell checked everything and saved it. I'll go and fix up the story in a bit. Stupid Google documents. >:U

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