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Slime Nel with a Vengeance By Rayen -- Report

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With every person Slime Nel absorbs, another Slime Nel is born.

Today's lucky winner is Kiarrah! :V

And yeah, I'm just using these as ways to try out slightly different styles of slime and stuff. :V

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Posted by Sergit 5 years ago Report

Wow rayen, you are on fire today! Or perhaps it's better to say you are in slime. :3


Posted by BloodKnight 5 years ago Report

Soon were going to need more volunteers for this just 1 isn't enough for these many nels


Posted by player1 5 years ago Report

......and you say this isn't nightmare fuel.My nope-o-meter just broke.


Posted by Rayen 5 years ago Report

There's no nopes in this picture. Only love. :V


Posted by player1 5 years ago Report

We clearly have different philosophies.


Posted by CrazedCultist 5 years ago Report



Posted by Firstfate 5 years ago Report

(snort) xD


Posted by RavenXeo 5 years ago Report

speaking of slime and 'stuff'.
Looks like Nel is going exploring<3


Posted by DanzoLegend 5 years ago Report

Slime Nel is just malzahar now o__O


Posted by Thagrahn 5 years ago Report

Can a slime Nel be distracted with anoth slime?


Posted by Rayen 5 years ago Report

I feel like a slime would last a much shorter time against her compared to a solid person. :V


Posted by mthekiller362 5 years ago Report

Is there nothing that can stop her...them...IT?


Posted by Rayen 5 years ago Report

Nothing can stop Nel in any of her forms. :V


Posted by UnaDemous 5 years ago Report

The Slime horde grows in numbers X-D

really good pics , its always interesting working with the semi-translucent slime textures in coloring and drawing


Posted by KinoTheCat 5 years ago Report

Just converting cuties into more goop~ x3


Posted by PowerPigeon 5 years ago Report

Oh my god, Kiarrah's tits are out. I've been waiting 11 months to see those! :'D


Posted by Znonymous 5 years ago Report

These are awsome.


Posted by Miyu5 5 years ago Report

looking good


Posted by 10293we 5 years ago Report

can i join them?


Posted by JiklokEmisaryOfSteel 5 years ago Report

Hmmm... further investigation is not required... I don't need these eyes to see that a horde is upon us. The only issue being I have no known means of containing it... Steel solves many a thing but beings of plasma nature it has a hard time with... The only plan I can thin of involves contacting powers on a cosmic level. Something I have not done in a long time.

May steel line thy path


Posted by SiberMan 5 years ago Report

Not a bad end to get.


Posted by luckyp3616 5 years ago Report

I'm probably crazy, but I think I would enjoy being a Slime Nel for the rest of eternity. Nobody expects the Slime Nel inquisition!

The world would be much cuter and sexier if we had 7 billion Slime Nels replace the entire human species... <3