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A Birb Appears [Comm] By Rayen

Uploaded: 1 year ago

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Tags: Belly Cum Digestion Cum Transformation Digestion F/M Harpy Harpy Pred Human Human Prey Internal View Kay Marpy sploosh Unbirth Unwilling Prey vaginal vore X-ray Edit

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Commissioner wished to remain anonymous.

I enjoyed this one. For uh... reasons. :V

The guy served a good cause. Just look how satisfied the birb looks. :V

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Posted by Sergit 1 year ago

That harpy had the time of her life.

This first act was the start of the Unbirb revolution.


Posted by Layab547 1 year ago

"Unbirb revolution"


Damnit, why do I like that pun so much?!


Posted by Sergit 1 year ago

Hehehe~ because it fits the scene well X3

and because Unbirb needs to be an actual word.


Posted by DanzoLegend 1 year ago

the unbirth movement is rather large


Posted by Royal_Starlord 1 year ago

Half expected for the guy to turn into an egg. :3


Posted by Rayen 1 year ago

Egg, puddle. Either is fine. :V


Posted by Royal_Starlord 1 year ago

Egg shaped dildos~♥


Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 1 year ago

There's no greater pleasure than pleasing a birb.. probably


Posted by Rayen 1 year ago

Indeed! Everyone should do it at least once. :V


Posted by DestinyLust 1 year ago

Woooow, I love this~! The sploosh is so perfect!
I've read a lot of writing where the pred manages to cover themselves in femcum, but I haven't yet seen art that truly captures the lewdness of a whole person's worth of juices~


Posted by RavenXeo 1 year ago

her sitting in a lake is super sexy<3

Shes so thick and pretty~


Posted by Thagrahn 1 year ago

Great, birb is happy, but now someone needs to clean birb.

Nomination for Cultist for job of Birb Washer.


Posted by Rayen 1 year ago

I agree with this idea. :V


Posted by CrazedCultist 1 year ago

No. Never.


Posted by LunaraMoth 1 year ago

Can a moff appear next? owo


Posted by Rayen 1 year ago

Does moff even do splooshy stuff? :V

I dunno if I've ever seen such a thing. :V


Posted by nbe21 1 year ago

Sploosh tag is best tag.


Posted by MolenarVincaros 1 year ago

short pleasure then left as a puddle by UB, or eternally part of the pred via other means of melting, these are important questions.

regardless, love the piece here~


Posted by DanzoLegend 1 year ago

human constantly rolled 1's on everything. what did he think would happen.


Posted by Xinless 1 year ago

Nice! ^w^ bbb


Posted by Razgriz 1 year ago

big boobied birb.


Posted by SirThumpsyernuts 1 year ago

I feel that this is an honorable way to go out. After all, pleasing a birb is the highest of honors. :B


Posted by Pixel 1 year ago

So, what you're saying is lakes are actually ancient harpy feeding grounds? Harpies are mother nature's back up plan, in case of drought!


Posted by mthekiller362 1 year ago

Very amusing.


Posted by Jahan 1 year ago

Oh, this is fantastic!
Aside from my, ah, love of folks being turned into nothing but an orgasm and a sticky mess (such *decadence*!), I also just adore the poses and facial expressions-she looks so utterly satisfied! And he looks so adorable, the way he's blushing before she starts smushing him in.


Posted by 1010reddragon 1 year ago

Poor guy, what if he just wanted to be friends with the birb? Now he's just a birb puddle.


Posted by four_fleets 1 year ago

I'd like to think there's a tiny egg left inside.


Posted by lordamaterasu03 1 year ago

I have no questions for this


Posted by WPBcrazy 1 year ago

me next, probably? owo


Posted by nnickerson100 1 year ago

now that looks like fun. also dunno why i didnt comment sooner stupid brain


Posted by Daru 1 year ago

She looks so cute when she's satisfied.


Posted by Halcyon 1 year ago

Love this one! Especially the look on the prey's face in the second panel~ x3


Posted by vore2412 1 year ago

The unbirb revolution is real! Better watch the skies or you'll be next~ -looks down all the time-