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A Birb Appears [Comm] By Rayen

Uploaded: 10 months ago

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Tags: Belly cum digestion Cum Transformation Digestion F/M Harpy Harpy Pred Human Human Prey Internal View Marpy sploosh Unbirth Unwilling Prey vaginal vore X-ray Edit

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Commissioner wished to remain anonymous.

I enjoyed this one. For uh... reasons. :V

The guy served a good cause. Just look how satisfied the birb looks. :V

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Posted by Sergit 10 months ago

That harpy had the time of her life.

This first act was the start of the Unbirb revolution.


Posted by Layab547 10 months ago

"Unbirb revolution"


Damnit, why do I like that pun so much?!


Posted by Sergit 10 months ago

Hehehe~ because it fits the scene well X3

and because Unbirb needs to be an actual word.


Posted by DanzoLegend 10 months ago

the unbirth movement is rather large


Posted by Royal_Starlord 10 months ago

Half expected for the guy to turn into an egg. :3


Posted by Rayen 10 months ago

Egg, puddle. Either is fine. :V


Posted by Royal_Starlord 10 months ago

Egg shaped dildos~♥


Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 10 months ago

There's no greater pleasure than pleasing a birb.. probably


Posted by Rayen 10 months ago

Indeed! Everyone should do it at least once. :V


Posted by DestinyLust 10 months ago

Woooow, I love this~! The sploosh is so perfect!
I've read a lot of writing where the pred manages to cover themselves in femcum, but I haven't yet seen art that truly captures the lewdness of a whole person's worth of juices~


Posted by RavenXeo 10 months ago

her sitting in a lake is super sexy<3

Shes so thick and pretty~


Posted by Thagrahn 10 months ago

Great, birb is happy, but now someone needs to clean birb.

Nomination for Cultist for job of Birb Washer.


Posted by Rayen 10 months ago

I agree with this idea. :V


Posted by CrazedCultist 10 months ago

No. Never.


Posted by LunaraMoth 10 months ago

Can a moff appear next? owo


Posted by Rayen 10 months ago

Does moff even do splooshy stuff? :V

I dunno if I've ever seen such a thing. :V


Posted by nbe21 10 months ago

Sploosh tag is best tag.


Posted by MolenarVincaros 10 months ago

short pleasure then left as a puddle by UB, or eternally part of the pred via other means of melting, these are important questions.

regardless, love the piece here~


Posted by DanzoLegend 10 months ago

human constantly rolled 1's on everything. what did he think would happen.


Posted by Xinless 10 months ago

Nice! ^w^ bbb


Posted by Razgriz 10 months ago

big boobied birb.


Posted by SirThumpsyernuts 10 months ago

I feel that this is an honorable way to go out. After all, pleasing a birb is the highest of honors. :B


Posted by Pixel 10 months ago

So, what you're saying is lakes are actually ancient harpy feeding grounds? Harpies are mother nature's back up plan, in case of drought!


Posted by mthekiller362 10 months ago

Very amusing.


Posted by Jahan 10 months ago

Oh, this is fantastic!
Aside from my, ah, love of folks being turned into nothing but an orgasm and a sticky mess (such *decadence*!), I also just adore the poses and facial expressions-she looks so utterly satisfied! And he looks so adorable, the way he's blushing before she starts smushing him in.


Posted by 1010reddragon 10 months ago

Poor guy, what if he just wanted to be friends with the birb? Now he's just a birb puddle.


Posted by four_fleets 10 months ago

I'd like to think there's a tiny egg left inside.


Posted by lordamaterasu03 10 months ago

I have no questions for this


Posted by WPBcrazy 10 months ago

me next, probably? owo


Posted by nnickerson100 10 months ago

now that looks like fun. also dunno why i didnt comment sooner stupid brain


Posted by Daru 10 months ago

She looks so cute when she's satisfied.


Posted by Halcyon 9 months ago

Love this one! Especially the look on the prey's face in the second panel~ x3


Posted by vore2412 9 months ago

The unbirb revolution is real! Better watch the skies or you'll be next~ -looks down all the time-