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The blue-haired boy looked up with a slight twitch in his right azure eye. It was a love hotel. Why of all places did Prof. Bitch invite him here for their meeting? He began to cringe as some guys standing around looked at him. Perhaps this was due to his more effeminate appearance. He tried to ignore them as he walked through the front door. This student's name was Nagisa Shiota. He was part a prep school junior high. Sadly, his grades were low. Thus, he was shipped off to class 3E.
It was a class of failures, to put it bluntly. The building was cut off from the rest of the school. They were bullied by the other students and administration. Many were practically disowned by their parents. That wasn't the strange part though. That was is their otherworldly teacher. Kuro-Sensei was his name. A yellow alien-like creature that resembled an octopus, or squid with many tentacles. He was apparently responsible for destroying most of the moon.
To make a long story short, other than their classwork, they were being trained to assassinate their own teacher. All set up by the government and Koro-Sensei himself. It was easier said than done. Due to his intense speed and reflexes (even able to travel around the world with ease, just to get snacks from other countries) it was almost impossible to hit him. To make it worse, only these liquid filled bullets/pellets were able to hurt him. Over time, the government sent other teachers. Nagisa was meeting one of them today.
Her name was Irina Jelavic, but everyone refereed to her by her nicknames, either Prof. Bitch, or Bitch-Sensei. She was rather bitchy, especially when she first arrived to the classroom. On the surface, she was their foreign language teacher. In reality, se was an assassin hired by the government to help take out Kuro-Sensei. As well as help train the class do so. Nagisa wasn't one to dwell on the thought, but she was quite hot. Long blonde hair, pretty blue eyes, an enormous bust and curvy figure in general. Many students joked and fantasized about fucking Bitch-Sensei while she was out of the room. She used her good looks in her job, seducing powerful men before taking the kill. She tried the same thing against Kuro-Sensei, but it utterly failed.
Nagisa was surprised when Prof. Bitch spoke to him in private. Saying to come meet her at this hotel after school. It was about a new strategy to assassinate Kuro-Sensei. Why couldn't she tell him there and then? Why a love hotel of all things? Being as quick and discrete as possible, he walked up to the front desk. He tried not to make direct eye contact with the clerk. Nagisa was expecting to be thrown out due to his age anyway. He handed him the card Bitch-Sensei gave him. " you're the kid..." The man said as he turned around. The bald headed man then gave Nagisa a room key. "She's up on the 3rd floor, room 312." Nagisa took the key, and responded briefly. "Th-thanks..." At that he went off. The trip was rather boring, it was a normal hotel on the inside, despite the Vegas-like neon lighting at the front of the building. There was the occasional sounds of a woman moaning. Nagisa never actually saw or heard people having sex beyond porn and movies. His face turned a bit red, but was able to ignore it.
One elevator trip, and a minute of walking later, he finally was outside room 312. Using the room key, the student opened the door. Closing the door behind him, he saw the room was dimly lit. It seemed small, only the size of a bedroom. There was also a closed bathroom door. Walking in quietly, he looked around for any sign of his teacher. She wasn't too hard to find. In fact, she was laying in on a large heart-shaped bed. It was the only love-related thing in this hotel room. The rest was basic furniture, and an old analog tv. No doubt most of the channels being porn.
His eyes went back to her sleeping teacher. It seemed both still wore their school uniform, granted hers was more of an outfit she wore to teach. A white button-up top with a black undershirt and bra. A white mini-skirt held up by a simple black belt. One other piece of clothing Nagisa could now see was her white panties as her legs were spread open while she napped. He stood there, unsure if he wanted to wake her, or just watch a bit longer.
It was then that her legs crossed as she sudden sprang awake. "You made it...good..." She said in a stern voice. He felt a bit intimidated, and simply nodded. " said you had a new plan to assassinate Koro-Sensei?..." He spoke a bit hesitantly, worried she may have noticed him looking up her skirt. She nodded, and reached for her chest. Her entire hand reached into her cleavage. A seductive smile on her face as she looked into his eyes.
Nagisa blushed a bit, eyeing her large breast as the bounced. It was then that he realized what was going on. Prof. Bitch was using her seduction on him! Sadly, he found out a bit too late. From her cleavage she pulled a small gun. It was almost toy-like. Black, but round in shape with some type of silver lens on its tip. Almost like a ray-gun in science fiction. She fired it at him abruptly. The weapon was fast, there was no time to dodge, especially in his flustered state. Bitch-Sensei trapped him utterly. Was this her plan all along?
There was no pain, but there was a warm sensation around him. He blacked out, but could feel he was on something soft once he awoke. Opening his eyes, he saw red fabric. Was he now laying on the bed, dying? Nagisa reached for his chest, checking for a hole. Despite being shot point-blank, there was no sign of a bullet hole, nor burn mark. He then looked up, a shocked expression came upon his face. Bitch-Sensei was there, but she was now a giant! It was like he was a mere bug compared to her.
She looked down at him, a sly smile still on her face. "It worked! Had a hard time finding you for a minute..." She began to say, but Nagisa quickly interrupted. "What is this!? What's going on!? How?..." He was panicked, even looking for an escape route. She cooed at his frantic reaction. "Sorry about this, I needed a good test subject...nothing better than an assassin to test it on..." After her words, she held up the gun. "This is a shrink ray. Billions of Yen went into its development, in hopes it could be used to combat Koro-Sensei..." She explained in an informative tone. Perhaps she was use to it from being a teacher up to this point.
"I see..." Nagisa said, still frightened. "You can change me back though...right?..." He asked Bitch-Sensei nervously. "But of course..." Irina quickly responded. "I will soon...just let me observe you longer to finalize this test result..." Nagisa nodded in response, still very unsure about this. He tried to think of how it could be applied. It was fast, but was it fast enough to hit Kuro-Sensei? He pictured random objects being shrank as he dodged each blast. The same large toothed smile on his face. Not even losing his scholar hat in the process.
Perhaps it could be used to help hide assassins? Possible, yes, but would shrunken weapons be as effective, even if aimed at vitals points? Nagisa was use to thinking like an assassin at this point. It was almost second nature. His train of thought was quickly stopped though upon seeing a shadow cast over him. It was Prof. Bitch's hand, reaching to grab him. He tried to jump and dodge, but she was too fast.
He was now in his teacher's grasp. It was tight, hard to breath, but not tight enough to be painful. "Now...before I turn you back...I need a bit of payback..." Her eyes became much more devious. "What?...what are you talking about?..." He knew that she didn't exactly like any of the students. But Nagisa acted more polite than most, so why him? "You know I don't like being called Bitch-Sensei...but you are one of my better students soo...." Her tone was a lot more teasing now. Her other slender hand reached for her blouse, popping the buttons off.
Her large breast popped out, her cleavage on full display. "I'll give you a reward...or maybe we can call this extra credit...but first...I need to make sure you can't escape..." At that, she opened her maw. Before he even had time to protest, he was tossed into her mouth, like a piece of candy. Irina had to admit, he tasted pretty good, but wasn't into the idea of being a cannibal. However, it was fun to swish the young student around her mouth. It was a delicate process, no use hurting her "candy", after all.
Inside her Prof. Bitch's mouth, Nagisa was struggling. He had to admit, her warm, moist, tongue and mouth felt great. His face turned red, noticing his own erection start to form. He then gasped in pleasure, as her tongue moved over his crotch. Though his school uniform was blocking it from touching him directly, it still felt great. He moaned to himself. He was at the mercy of the sadistic Prof. Bitch, and would be her little treat for as long as she wanted him to be. He just preyed she wouldn't swallow him up into her belly.
Hums could be heard as she began to undress. Sliding off both shirts, and starting to undo her bra. Opening the palm of her hand, she spit her student back into her hand. He gasped for air, as light returned to his eyes. Nagisa's face turned beat red upon seeing her gigantic breast bouncing only a foot from his face. Playfully, she began to sway them side to side. "Wha...what are you doing?..." He asked, his face fully flushed.
She made a soft playful laugh before responding. "Well my tasty little student...I'm going to give you a special treat...for testing, of course..." At that, Irina undid her bra, letting to fall to the ground. Her large, succulent breast were now fully exposed. Even the most simple suggestion of movement caused them to jiggle and sway. "Do you like them?..." She liked her lips slowly waiting for an answer. "Ye...yes..." He confessed to her. "Let me take off those pesky clothes then..." As his clothes were stripped off, Nagisa had a surreal feeling, in disbelief this was actually happening.
Personality wise, she wasn't his favorite person. But it would be a lie to say he didn't sometimes think of her body while masturbating. So losing his virginity to her wouldn't be the worst thing. As his clothes came off, his erection shown clearly, even at his tiny size. " you are happy to see me for once, then?..." She teased him before bringing him close to her mouth once more. He was curious what it would feel like to be in her mouth again, this time in the nude. He'd get to know part of that feeling as her tongue rubbed against his cock.
Nagisa's hard member throbbed upon its touch. Nagisa was hoping he could feel his cock sucked for real, when back to normal. This pleasure was short lived though as Bitch-Sensei suddenly dropped him. He screamed, thinking he was about to get killed or injured. Soon though, he felt the softness of her skin. She had dropped him on her soft breast. He literally bounced from one boob to the other. Without even thinking about it, Nagisa began nuzzling against her breast. "Hmhm...what a dirty boy you are..." She said as she grabbed both of her breast.
She began to play with them. They jiggled under his feet. He didn't stand a chance fighting it, and fell between her big, plush, soft breast. "I have you now..." She said with a soft but sadist tone as she pressed her breast together. Nagisa struggled to escape, feeling Bitch-Sensei's breast press against his chest. Soon the dim light of the room went black. His entire body was engulfed between her breast. Irina had to be careful. She didn't want to squish or suffocate the poor child. It was fun feeling his struggle though.
Nagisa was actually starting to enjoy it. Feeling his body pressed between her soft breast from all sides. He reached for his cock, and start rubbing it slowly. He felt a bit disappointed though as he felt her thumb and index finger lift him from her cleavage. Her face was visible again, and his face now beat red. It happened so quickly, that he was still holding on to his cock. "My my my..." She enjoyed seeing it, but still though it would be fun to punish her student.
Without saying another word, she moved him to her breast again. This time his face was pressed against her left nipple. It was fully erect, and at his tiny size, the tips were almost the size of his head. He hesitated at first, but soon began to lick at her nipple. Even with the tiny size of his tongue, it felt pretty good to her. "I think I have a fun idea my little perv..." Irina cooed while sliding the tiny boy's body up slightly. His member was now pressed against the tip of her nipple. He then realized something he could do. His cock was able to easily slide between the opening of her nipple. At that, Nagisa began to nipple fuck his teacher.
It was an odd, but thrilling sensation for both involved. "Yes...fuck my nipple, boy..." she moaned as she pressed him against her breast. Her boobs were pressed against his face and body once again. This time he had somewhere to put his cock. A tiny moan came, muffled by his teacher's body. He began to cum inside her breast. She moaned a bit, feeling his warm seed inside her nipple. "This is fun kid...but Ms. Jelavic needs a bit more in there..." At that, Nagisa's cock was pulled from her nipple. Instead, she pushed on the back of his head, pressing it against her nipple.
The tip opened up, and to his surprised, began to suck him in. The struggles felt great, as she began to reach into her panties. Within just a few seconds, he was sucked into one of her milk ducts. It was small, and cramped, even at his size. He would have screamed for help, but knew it would just be a waste of air. Once his feet slid in completely, she lifted her breast, licking at her nipple. "Mmmmm...maybe Ms. Bitch can turn you into a nice sip of milk..." She wasn't sure if that was even possible, but it was fun to think about.
Her fun was then interrupted though by the sound of her cellphone. "Crap..." She said in annoyance, but quickly reached for it, on the table next to the bed. "Hello..." The voice of Karasuma came from the other end. "What do you mean they refuse to hear my plan?..." There was suppose to be a meeting, speaking of the project for the shrink ray. "Too impracticable and likely not to work?...but..."
It wasn't that she disagreed. However, it was annoying that so much time and money went into building this thing. "Yes...I'll return it when I get to the office tomorrow..." At that, she hung up the phone, and grabbed a large bottle of vodka. Without even bothering with the shot-glass, she took a straight shot from the bottle. "Another one of those nights..." She sighed, forgetting there was a young boy stuck inside her breast. That was until it tingled once more from his struggles. "Oh" She said, with a small hiccup. She had been drinking for at least ten minutes at this point, and the bottle was half gone.
It took a bit of effort, but she was able to push him out. "You're in luck kid...the government needs this back by tomorrow so...I guess I'll fix you now..." Nagisa was gasping for air at that point. It was a wonder he didn't suffocate in there. He looked up, feeling relieved, even with the ray gun pointed at him once more. He was zapped with it once again, and he saw himself start to grow. Sadly, it was only for a few short seconds. "What gives..." He looked around, things weren't as big as they were a few seconds ago, but he could tell that he was only about a few inches tall, no more than seven.
"Huh?..." He heard Prof. Bitch say as she hit the bottom of the ray. "I guess that's one concern they had...the growing feature working...and being fixed in time..." Nagisa's eyes widened in fear and anger after her words. "What do you mean!? I'm stuck like this!?..." In a rare moment, Nagisa lost his temper. Irina's eyes then stared down at him like daggers. "Smart enough to understand, yet dumb enough to call me a bitch wonder you're in that class!"
She reached to take another big swig of her vodka, while the other swiftly grabbed him. In reflex, Nagisa reached for his pistol and fired, aimed at her eye. It was tiny, and only had the Kuro-Sensei-killing fluid pellets in it. If aimed right, it could at least poke her eye, and allow his escape. The experienced assassin swiftly moved her head to the side. "That's're now going to be my little toy!" Her angry voice echoed across the room as she squeezed him tighter. Gulping down more booze, she suddenly burst into laughter, followed by a large, but sinister smile. "I know just what to do with you..."
At that, the teacher brought her shrunken student right to her already moist pussy. She got horny when drunk, and did enjoy their little session earlier. His face rubbed against the lips of her pussy, occasionally his head was shoved inside. He struggled to gasp for air before being plunged in. He didn't even have time to enjoy it, but the teacher did. Before he was shoved fully into her pussy though, she popped his head out. " pussy is too good for you..." Nagisa hoped this meant she was going to stop, but had other fears too; mainly her hungry lips.
If only Nagisa had an idea of what she actually planned. Irina laid down on her back, her legs in the air, fully spread. She bent up further, allowing her ass to also spread. Her panties were fully pulled off at this point, and both her pussy and puckered asshole was fully revealed. "Time to put bad students, like you, where they belong..." His arms and legs were squeezed tightly, and his was body tired from the previous ordeals. Thus he was powerless as her asshole got closer and closer.
He held his breath, feeling her head start to slid up her ass. Moans already erupted from her mouth. The art of seduction, in assassination, required her to get a liking for anal once in a while. "You're going to be my little butt-plug..." She spoke, even if he couldn't hear. He panicked, crying at this point as his arms were pushed into her hungry hole. The walls were too slippery for his hands to get a grip, but he had to admit one thing. As his member was pushed into her ass, it felt great, even at his small size.
When he jerked off to Prof. Bitch, it was often wanting to fuck her round ass. And now, he was being pushed into it, no, being slid in and out. His head never left her tight hole, but he felt the rest of his body slip in and out of her. Nagima was now Bitch-Sensei's personal dildo. No, she was Ms. Bitch now. This was far beyond a student-teacher relationship. He started to moan, along with his teacher. It may have been gross, but it felt amazing.
A sudden shock came when he flipped around. It seemed Ms. Jelavic changed positions. He didn't know it at the time, but he was about to see his last bit of light for a long time. His eyes opened, and deep breaths were taken. It was then he saw the greatest sight he possibly could from his teacher. Her nice round ass. Her soft flesh jiggled as she shook it from side to side. Each cheek was round, plump, yet firm. You could bounce a coin off Ms. Bitch's ass. She was now on her knees, bent over. "I thought you might like to see the place you're staying for the night..."
Her words didn't register with his brain. He was hypnotized by her big white ass. "It seems you're a good toy now...but please struggle some for your teacher, okay?..." Nagima then shook his head, trying to get back to his senses. It was too late though. He was already about to be crammed back into her ass. This time though, he got to feel his body be sandwiched between her two soft asscheeks. In her own arousal, she wiggled her ass and clenched her cheeks around him.
It felt even better than being pressed between her breast. He began stroking his cock again. He knew that it wouldn't last much longer though, as he felt his legs slide into her hole. Two of her fingers pushed on his shoulders. He didn't struggle anymore, he accepted it. Being a toy for Ms. Bitch's ass was far better fate than being an assassin anyway. Even if he enjoyed Kuro-Sensei's class. He moved his body, like his teacher commanded. Her moans were high pitched, as she got more greedy. Before he knew it, everything went dark. He was fully shoved into her ass, and felt himself sinking deeper.
Irina began to climax, feeling her student go deeper into her ass than any cock or dildo had before. "'re nothing but a toy for my ass now!" Her screaming moan came as her juices soaked the bed. In her drunken state, she breathed heavily as she fell on the pillow, and drifted off to sleep. Nagisa still crammed deep in her rectum, but still very much alive. He began to cum too. He did off and on until he fully passed out. Wanting to coat Ms. Bitch's ass with as much cum as possible. What a good toy he was.
It was morning, Irina yawn and stretched as she woke up. "Huh?..." She felt a wiggle inside her ass, and the memories came flooding back. Her ass jiggled as she walked towards the bathroom. "Still alive in there?...good..." She gave her ass a nice hard spank in satisfaction. She wiggled her ass, trying to stir him awake. "Wake up! We have more studying to do!" It wasn't like his size would ever be restored. He was better off living his life as her personal sex toy. Especially when her round ass needed to be filled.
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