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The School Assignment - 1 By JackNoName -- Report

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Thanks to D3adZ3d for pre-reading this chapter.

It has been a while but I am back with a new story. It plays in the universe I call ''A Voress World''. If you like this story you might like the other stories I have written in this world.

A male student gets grouped with a girl known throughout the school as ‘’The Beast’’ for this semester. She is a voress, a rare kind of woman who is often twice as tall (or taller) then any regular person and are allowed to eat humans, which they do by the dozens. You can imagine the terror he must feel being saddled up with a woman of that caliber but what he didn't anticipate was that their relationship develop in strange ways...

Please leave a comment of what you think, positive AND negative feedback always pushes me to write more, better and faster so it would be a huge encouragement for me to write the next chapters.


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Posted by Chaos 2 years ago Report

I can't wait to see more of Jake and Sandra. What does their future hold? Romance? Friendship? Or a quick meal?


Posted by JackNoName 2 years ago Report

All of the above? Or maybe something completely different? There's much to come!


Posted by shortprey20 2 years ago Report

I always love your stories, the voress mother one is easily one of my favorites but im thinking this might surpass it! Keep up the good work!


Posted by JackNoName 2 years ago Report

Thank you for the kind words :) anything you liked in particular?


Posted by Neznamy 2 years ago Report

This was good. When I'm done with work today I'll review the next one for you.


Posted by JackNoName 2 years ago Report

Thanks :) send it by pm ;)


Posted by EvangelineSkypaw 1 year ago Report

....I-I don't know how to feel...

I really don't. Like, I love the relationship he has with his girlfriend, and the way the larger girl's personality shifted into something resembling kindness for a bit was relieving...

It's just... I kinda feel the same as the main character about those two girls... They seemed kinda cute, and...

...I want to keep reading, but I don't know if I should. >w<


Posted by JackNoName 1 year ago Report

I am sorry for my late comment, but thank you for your kind words. What you say is exactly the kind of response I am looking for from my readers.

Let me know if you do decide to continue, I am still working on the 4th chapter and it won't be too much longer for its release. ^^


Posted by EvangelineSkypaw 1 year ago Report

Please tell me his girlfriend doesn't get eaten. ;w;