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Slurp! - Mini Animation By CakeInferno -- Report

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Views: 21,698

File size: 42.34 MiB

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Resolution: 640x360

Comments: 18

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Since I can upload decently sized gifs, here's the bonus animation from the Zoe artpack! C:

To support my silly work, including the new, upcoming Halloween animation have a look at my Patreon! Higher res versions of this gif are available there as well!

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 5 years ago Report

I could watch this forever


Posted by Cantbearitanymore123 4 years ago Report



Posted by dfni234k3h 5 years ago Report

OMG LOOOOOOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Also I have to say this........ BOOBIES!!


Posted by MirceaKitsune 5 years ago Report

Amazing, detailed, realistic... everything else that can be said!


Posted by Tril 5 years ago Report

*Peaks at your Patreon* H-Holy shit! That is a much bigger number than when I first peaked at it!

Congrats! <3


Posted by x9comega 5 years ago Report

I love your work. However, watching this, something nags at me x_X. I don't know if it's meant ot be drool, but there appears to be a hair on the left side of her tongue. Left from the viewers perspective, not hers.


Posted by Saftkeur 5 years ago Report

Ooh, this looks just great, I love it!


Posted by Straxacore 5 years ago Report

^_^ I know who she is licking.


Posted by Softpony 5 years ago Report

Gawd yes <3


Posted by Rhysion 5 years ago Report

I hadn't noticed that she had those markings on her arms before. Quite a fun little lick though!~


Posted by thisaccountcontains 5 years ago Report

How much would I have to contribute a month to get access to animations early? Love your stuff and would love to have it a bit earlier, but I'm a starving student.


Posted by reptilemk5 5 years ago Report

*got eaten*
wonderful job, as always


Posted by ublover1 5 years ago Report

damn amazing!!!! keep doing an amazing job!!


Posted by TakenBack 5 years ago Report

Yay you know how tongue physics work while in 1st person view!


Posted by Kitsouille 5 years ago Report

Aaaaaahh how did I not see your new schlurp schlurp animation earlier?!? Your work is wonderfluff as always. Your modeling, textures and animation are incredible. I especially love your mouths and tongues and throats and uvulas and how you're slowly but surely converting me into a furry lover with Zoe and the others xD

Thank you for your godly works Cake, and schlurp schlurp to you :3


Posted by Razorsaw50 5 years ago Report



Posted by maleprey1011 5 years ago Report

I want zoe to nom me!!!!!


Posted by Olaus_Wormius 2 years ago Report

Everytime I look this GIF, I wish to lick Zoe's tongue, sleep with her, make an arctic_fox-human hybrid with her and become her personal assassin to satisfy her cravings.