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ARPG What If: Special Guest Edition :V By Sergit -- Report

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> Flirt with the Cloaked guy (ignore Nysk)

Instead of rushing up to Nysk and slamming into her with your shield, you just stand there and compliment the cloaked guy's cloak. You find it very pretty, because you find him very attractive.

Nysk takes mild offense to the fact that you are ignoring her. It doesn't hurt her pride a lot, but it causes her to lose her focus on Jates. Realizing that she's staring at you, you take off your clothes.

The bandit leader recognizes Konic's panties immediately.

"Not enough to kill my bitches, huh? You've gotta take their shit too?" She glares at you, hiding her blush. "Konic was one of my best slaves. A 'baka', sure, but it doesn't mean I'm gonna sit around and let his new lover just walk away wearing his underwear." She makes it sound like you're the bad girl here.

...The idea of being a bad girl turns you on.

With swift moves, Dulstaft and Marcus shake their heads in diapproval.

"I'll take Jates to get a burger or something!" The captain calls out to you. "Just... stay here with Nysk!" With that, he runs over to Jates.

You and Myla stand naked in front of the unhappy bandit. By herself, she has little hope of winning, but you still have to worry about getting the cloaked man's attention.

Then, you see a figure coming up from behind Nysk. It's... the same man you were trying to flirt with. Huh. Is he going to say something or...?

"Hey. I think I am going home. I can't handle this much BS." The cloaked figure stands tall next to her. "As for the girl complimenting my cloak...No comment." He tries to remain serious, but you have the feeling he just blushed a little. Success!

"Ooh no, you're not leaving me alone with her, ya bastard!" Nysk snaps back at the man.

"Watch your tongue, bandit."

You are, certainly, watching the bandit's tongue. There is nothing particularly special about it.

Could this have really been what defeated the seige armor? Perhaps he is a powerful mage..? "Your job is to lewdup everyone in this road. If you cannot handle a simple horny girl like this, then you have no use to me."

"Then you can just piss off!" It would seem the two of them are in a typical tsundere relationship. "I don't need your damn gold!"

"I wasn't going to pay you anyways, you know." The man's words are cold and blunt. You can tell by Nysk's expression that she wants to punch his face, but something keeps her from doing so. Could it!

"Well, I suppose our date is over." The man turns and starts to walk away before pausing for a few moment and returning. "Oh, I forgot... I do have one last present for you." Saying that, he places his hand on Nysk's left shoulder, starting to give a massage.

"W-what are you- aahh, this feels... kinda nice...a-aahhn-" Her awkward moan is cut short when the man's hand glows and a moment later, her butt explodes out into a strange crystalline mass. Nysk screams in pain as the crystals expand out down her arm, forming a large butt-like appearance. "Wh...wha-OW OW OOOWW! STOP DAMMIT! What the hell did you do?!"

"Whoops... That was...uh... not what I meant to do." The man calmly apologizes as he steps back sloowly... "Well, uhh... I should probably go. Eheheh... It look good on you... Well, not really. Feel free to test the massage technique I just taught you on our friends here." He motions towards you. Your whole party is shocked by what is unfolding in front of you.

You would actually not mind having him massage you like that, though. You tell him this, but he replies with silence again.

"Y... You meanie!" She swings her new crystal butt at the man, but he gets into his car and gets the hell out of there before it connects. "When I'm done with them... You... You're next." She glares angrily at him, as she blushes.

"I'm sure." He looks over at you from behind the window of his car and his gaze slowly turns to Dulstaft. "Hm. I wonder if he's into guys...?" Lifting up his hand, a burst of light shoots out from his car's headlights, hitting on the old monk and blasting him back. Somehow, he manages to backflip around, back on his feet. The cloaked man's car vanishes once more and appears in front of Dulstaft, the front passeneger's door opening. "I'll drive you home. I'm quite curious what Alou's 'Champion' is truely like."

You happily wave at the two men as they leave, then lose focus on their conversation as Myla pushes you out of the way of a sudden attack from Nysk. The two of you quickly get back up and focus back on your opponent. "Pay me attention, senpai!" Nysk's anger seems to have peaked.

"Floria, Nysk is getting Yandere-ish. We need to get rid of her.." Myla nods to you. "The old man can deal with... whotever the hell that guy is, and his dumb cloak. And Jates..." She looks over to where the captain is angrily arguing with the clerk of Burger Monarch, trying to get a discount as the loli inkeeper cries. "... Let's just hope he can help her."

Before you stands a transformed and heartbroken Nysk. It seems the transformation restored some of her lewdness, but her injuries remain. Still, this will be a dangerous fight, as it's obvious her strength is amplified. You do notice her purse laying on the ground nearby. Guess she must have dropped it. *Yoink* Floria now has a new purse.

You are somewhat injured and horny.
Myla looks somewhat injured and rather angry.
Jates is severely injured and wants a burger!
Dulstaft has left with the cloked man.
Marcus looks like he's about to punch the clerk, who looks slightly tired. of dealing with dumb costumers. "The customer is always right", they say. He is not so sure anymore.

Nysk looks very emotionally unstable.
The bandits have settled down and are all playing cards and eating pie while sitting on the ground around you.
The cloaked man looked completely uninterested on Floria's flirting.
:' C


 Rayen hired me to work on ARPG. Starting with 'What Ifs', I will be doing all the updates from now on, just like this one.

The art in this picture is 100% mine, do not steal or I report u.

Characters are also mine, not Rayen's, don't believe him when he says otherwise.
Do not steal them either, or the copyright men will come to your house and beat you up. they did to me just now. But it was worth it. *dies*

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Posted by Humbug 3 years ago Report 100% accurate.


Posted by Sergit 3 years ago Report

Yes it is. I doubt anyone would ever disagree ;3


Posted by Kreeyz 3 years ago Report

Hahahaha nice one :D


Posted by Sergit 3 years ago Report



Posted by zerowag 3 years ago Report

what the .......


Posted by Sergit 3 years ago Report

Shhh, don't think about it, just relax and enjoy it... the strangeness, the doubts, everything... everything will subside soon.



Posted by Shadowlyger 3 years ago Report

> Critical Flirt


Posted by Sergit 3 years ago Report

But the cloaked guy is immune to such things... ;w;


Posted by paltiel 3 years ago Report


Thank you, both of you!

Oh, and ahh.. *casts resurrect on cute slime*


Posted by Sergit 3 years ago Report



Posted by gulpin 3 years ago Report

Too adorable ^_^


Posted by Sergit 3 years ago Report

heheh, thank you! ^w^


Posted by gulpin 3 years ago Report

You're Welcome ^_^


Posted by anthony050 3 years ago Report

I would love to see how this would end as it really gott my intresset peaked ^^


Posted by Sergit 3 years ago Report

Well, I don't know how it would END, but whatever happens next, it involves the group raiding the Burger Monarch store for free food.


Posted by anthony050 3 years ago Report

o.o that sounds hilarious ^^'


Posted by ryanshowseason3 3 years ago Report

f'n hilarious love it


Posted by Sergit 3 years ago Report

thaanks~ :3


Posted by Daru 3 years ago Report

*Confused sounds*