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Bubblegum Legion By Nitro_Titan

Uploaded: 2 years ago

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Sort of a sequel to this Picture ( ) where waffle transformed a boy into a floating gum bubble which consumed anyone it touched and assimilated them into it’s form as a head.

Now it’s subduing a group of Warriors who have been trapped in Waffle’s Cosmic Spac

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Posted by mouth111 2 years ago

Looks like a sex version of a demon's souls monster. Also looks like it was difficult to draw, nice job


Posted by FriendlyDemon 2 years ago

Use a Vorpal blade, that thing is like 95% heads.


Posted by Jamie263 2 years ago

Very sexy. I love absorption.


Posted by SuperSpaceZone 2 years ago

heck and hell yeah this was the best castlevania boss, exactly as I remember it


Posted by nnickerson100 2 years ago

if your using a sword like that your just asking to die. that little skinny bit right above the gaurd mixed with the thick heavy look of the blade would cause it to snap if you hit some one with it.


Posted by MrNobody 2 years ago

How long before it turns on Waffle though?


Posted by Nitro_Titan 2 years ago

It doesnt matter how much this thing eats. If waffle so as decides to swallow it, it's gone.


Posted by Herc1995 2 years ago

Y'know, surprisingly, I have yet to ever be turned off by one of your drawings...but somehow, despite how silly/cute this really unsettles me cause I'm thinking about it realistically if something like that were possible, and it seems so horrifying and also incredibly sad at the same time.

IDK why I think so much into silly stuff like this lol
Of course, still adore your stuff anyway!


Posted by nysmnyd 2 years ago

Just dry it out with fire......


Posted by Notthisagain 2 years ago

I am not proud of this erection lol


Posted by Ohrgolf 2 years ago

Weakness: Fire



Posted by Goblingobler 2 years ago

Welp... >> Poor girl.


Posted by Leika 2 years ago

Reminds me of the Gibbering Mouther from D&D. o.o


Posted by RED1 2 years ago

thats pretty cool. its like something you would see in COC


Posted by JAnneBonne 2 years ago

This is so absurdly creative that I'm a tad jealous!


Posted by CyberXIII 2 years ago



Posted by Laughinman 2 years ago

That huge dick looks painfull and she's going to get fucked for many years? May I switch places with her? <3


Posted by maleprey1011 2 years ago

I'd so love to be it's prey


Posted by ThatBrassyGuy 2 years ago

Hm... I'm guessing this thing would have the same weaknesses as the Blob.


Posted by crush40fanatic 1 year ago

Alternate title: Amalgum