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Iluhvians By shdingo -- Report

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Iluhvians are a race of avians warped by their prolonged stay in the magically saturated mists of the west. While they retain their light weight and speed they have long lost their ability to fly. Much as the Morarii they cultivate their wings and arms have withered into a series of long feathers that they can manipulate as tendrils. The Iluhvians are far more dexterous than their beasts but lack the fine dexterity necessary for great technical advancement and have remained a tribal group since their flight from the eastern world.

Their short feathers that cover most of their body are clearly magical and coveted by collectors and the fashionable worldwide as they always have bright and vivid hues and shift colors when out of direct light leaving these feathers to seem as though they are two colors at the same time.

With their softened beaks they are capable of just enough motion to mimic most any voice they hear and often use this to lure prey away from their respective groups. The Iluhvians speak on a very high frequency and little of the language is recorded and leaves onlookers in a state of unease as the towering bird folk seem to speak wordlessly to one another.

While they do breath the iluhvians mouths do not direct to any form of stomach, instead using their chest for expanded lungs. many of the bird folk have taken to using this space as storage for small objects, often seen hacking up everything on their person to find a single object.

The phalic organ found between their legs is both used for eating and disposal and has far more muscular control and strength than a humans. In its dormant state it hangs about 8-12" from their groin. When errect it is most often found pointed at the top so as to better direct waste. When hungry the tip flares open to a diameter of up to 1 ft and can stretch to 3ft wide typically and wider still for those with practice (and practice they do). The bird folk do not experience erections as humans do and all standing "penis's" are a conscious action on their part. If one is seen as such be aware it is either ready to evacuate or eat.

Digestion is also controlled consciously taking anywhere from a few days to just under a minute depending on the threat level they find themselves in. Once their stomach acids leave their bodies it is as harmless as water.

Breeding amongst these odd spawns is performed by offering one of their feathery tendrils to a small vaginal opening behind their sacks. A great sacarifice on the "fathers" side as these tendrils do not regrow and any magical attempt to repair them has been met with failure time and again. Eggs are laid in clutches of up to 15 and with sizes ranging from sparrows eggs to footballs.

TL;DR bird people for cock vore. I'll take a few suggestions.

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 3 years ago Report

So would it be possible for one to "evacuate" still potent stomach acids? Thus creating an acidic (and deadly) golden shower?


Posted by shdingo 3 years ago Report

perhaps if they ate something acidic like a slime of some type and regurgitated half way through. Their digestion is more of an aberative magic


Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 3 years ago Report

Aahhh I see


Posted by DarkPinkie 3 years ago Report

Oh my. These are... Interesting.

You're taking requests are you? I have a few things I would like to see would love to see one of these with their clutch in their natural habitat.

And perhaps one where they also gobble up an unwary adventurer who got perhaps a tad too close to that clutch.

The weird disposal you mentioned intrigues me as well, could be combined with the one above to make almost a short sequence. All it needs is a digestion image inbetween.

Cock voring bird people with weird nating habits... I like it.


Posted by DarkPinkie 3 years ago Report

*mating habits*


Posted by Randomnessisbae 3 years ago Report

These creatures seem very cool and interesting, I would love to see more in the future.