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Pred Quest 3 Pledges: January#1 By Humbug

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Tags: college Depantsing Dragon Fennec Furry Myryan Non-Vore Pi Phi Chi pledge Pred Quest Pred Quest 3 Sally Redmont Vixen Edit

One Tag Per Line!

Myryan: PRACTICALLY SUICIDE: Embarrass Sally Redmont.


...Wow. That's pretty incredible. That vixen you sent to embarrass Sally Redmont of the Young Defenders actually did it in public and got away with it. Like, people even have photographic evidence. She's not blowing smoke.
Well...uh...she could be useful! You're gonna have to think of something else to have her do.

In the meantime, you figure you'll go have a snack from the Pantry...
Ooo! Nice purple fennec gal. She looks tasty!
...But she's telling you she'll do anything if you let her go. that's a reasonable thing to ask. You're still digesting that big bird, after all. You go grab a tracking collar from Renée and some extra panties from the dirty laundry and give 'em to her.
"Tell you what," you say, "I'm feeling generous today. I'm gonna ask you to go do a bunch of stuff for us, and I'll even let you pledge with us, and if you do well enough, you might even have a chance of getting in the sorority. If you do, we have a strict no-snarfing policy among our sisters, and you'll be fine. If you don't, of course, you're as good as mine." You lick your lips.
"So whaddaya say?"

NOTE: Myryan belongs to  leshana.
Vixela was proposed as a pledge by  diamonddragon, which I thought was a clever use for her.
NOTE: I am separating the Pledge mechanic from the main game for various reasons, so this voting will be independent of the other stuff, which will start up soon as well. I'm back, baby. :3

OPTIONS: <- Myryan <-Vixela

NOTE: Voting ended at 3:00 a.m. EST. The results are as-follows:

Sabotage YD rally: 1-43 (44 votes)
Convince Valerie: 44-61 (18 votes)
Sabotage NLC: 62-75 (14 votes)
Result: 10 (Sabotage a Young Defenders rally)

Success: 1-50
Failure: 51-100
Result: 15 (Success!)

Capture and eat: 1-36 (37 votes)
Capture: 37-61 (24 votes)
Gather chemicals: 62-78 (17 votes)
Result: 25 (Capture a replacement AND eat someone from her own group)

Success: 1-10
Failure: 11-100
Result: 22 (Failure!)

Next Patreon milestone (character 4 unlocked): $63/80

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Posted by Kasra 1 year ago

I dunno, I feel like sabotaging the Young Defenders might secretly be the harder option...unless Sally is laying low from embarrassment..


Posted by Humbug 1 year ago

Hard to say. ;)


Posted by Thefoxcyan 1 year ago

and it's back


Posted by Humbug 1 year ago

Yup. Gonna do the actual game itself either tonight or tomorrow.


Posted by Thefoxcyan 1 year ago

cool, well, i wish you luck


Posted by Humbug 1 year ago

Thankya. :)