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A Thorn Removed (M/M) By CrazedPhantom

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Ignatius and Sinjare Rattler (Tavetheros) © CrazedPhantom
Commission ©

Time to head home. Home. An abode that lie several rounds from any remote area where the deeds had been done, an old apartment that had been condemned by word of the local head figure about a year behind them, but had not been demolished due to the area it tended to be within the city, and because it did have some ... interesting historics about it to those that cared to read and delve into such stories. In through the door did he slither, onto warm carpet that had been lain out fresh in recent times, trenchcoat removed from the form and tossed onto a rack where it would be easily obtained should he head out once more, and the leather belt followed ... once the bottle of liquor and the cigar case had been removed and relocated to a table near a lounge-like resemblence ... for serpentine creatures could not sit as the normal animals could. On a far wall were plastered newspaper clippings about the cases - for the last six months in this city, and a score more in other areas near and far, dating back years. Telvision off - and never wise to turn on in the rain - the naga would turn the spine to recline onto the softened pillows, dusted oh so slightly, and bring to the bottom of the snout but one lone clawed hand to rub upon the surface.

He could not continue to do this. In older times it had been fun; to adventure around the land with companions at the side and earn whatever was desired as shroud was beaten away with steel and bullet. But now?

What did he have to show for it? He was a criminal that dwelled in old ruins and picked innocent people from the streets so the authorities would provide him the thrill to be hunted ... only to one up them each step until the trap was completed and taken advantage of.

Distracted as he tended to be, it took a couple moments to notice that someone else was in the environment claimed. A lithe and well clothed male whom looked on in silence with a rather curious shine to the eyes. Strange, he had the impression he somewhat knew this one. "Who do you think you are!?" Sin' hissed as he pushed from the cushions, only to encounter a chortle he did indeed know.

" I find it ever so curious you've not drowned in an alcoholic stupor for all the years you've had a bottle lip to your lips."

A pause, and the serpent found the lips drop. No. It could not be! Only one person would ever chime his habit with such a tone. "Issss that you, fire-happy chicken?"

Ignatius nodded. "Indeed it is, albeit not in a form you would be familiar with, dear Sin." Various tones radiated from the shadows as three-taloned feet stepped out from within, the ends a wicked curve as ears rose beneath hair the colour of wildfire. "I am afraid I am here for a purpose."

Sin stared, and found the snout curved into a smirk. "Not jusssst a friendly visssit hm?"

"I made a promise to Sigmund that, while we were a team, I would tolerate you. My oath is complete; it was renounced with his pass."

Oh. "I ssseee. And you expect me to take that sssssitting down?"

"Sit. Stand. Do combat. I would recommend the path of least resistance; I would hate to tear your hide to smithereens."




With a cushioned plop did the crimson-feathered avian be seated, trio of tails in contented laze and weave even as both arms crossed over to rest upon the rather evident dome that protruded from beneath the torso. It had been quite the hassle, to deal with a serpentine creature whom possessed more height and length than himself, but in the end he had come out on top.

He'd had the strength advantage for what he lacked in sheer mass, and now he had the gastronomic upper hand too, ears deafened to the various muffled curses and calls that come from beneath his plump feathered form. "I did warn you; not my fault you got hurt." Iggy' commented in a bored tone, eyes closed as a smile crossed onto the features.

Some would call this betrayal, he viewed it as a well due revenge for what he had put up with in earlier years.

Some would say he was no better than the creature he opposed, but such words would earn a simple response that he done what was viewed as the better overall choice .. with the exception that this time he was selfish and had wanted to do it for a long time.

Stomach bloated with a coiled over serpent, Ignatius reclined so that he could descend into pleasant dreams, the last one to stand, and with a wonderful momento in the form of a dusted black hat, once worn atop the hooded head of a slug he had to put up with no more.

Another glorious commission from the talented Nomminus that this time around tends to feature none other than the pheonix himself .. albeit in a condition that tends to be rare and in this occasion, quite well due and deserved.


Sigmund (the human) was retired, and since he tended to be one of three, it made sense in the mind to retire Sinjare Rattler (the naga), and what better means and method than what would happen. It has never been hidden to anyone that Iggy and Sin hated one another but tolerated the other because of a mutal respect for the their dear human friend. However, the promise not to 'kill one another' was discarded with the death of the old man, and thus Iggy removes the last thorn from his feathered hide.

...and yes, he does tend to be wearing the snake's cowboy hat. Does not tend to look too bad on him eh?

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