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Tohru's Snack Break (Animation) By willudie -- Report

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Sometimes, when the right muse hits, you can just be really productive! Honestly, even I didn't think I'd do anything else today!

So, I wasn't sure how to handle these, since I don't usually do a lot of animating, but they are done entirely in photoshop, so I'm actually adding the psd files to my patreon for all $10 backers like normal, for anyone who's interested I guess.

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Posted by reptilemk5 3 years ago Report

*got fully digested*
(Nicely done with the animation, BTW)


Posted by Hijii 3 years ago Report

I love her face when she swallows whoever it is back down. So great!


Posted by Zwanzik 3 years ago Report

these are excellent!


Posted by willudie 3 years ago Report

I'm glad people are enjoying them!


Posted by Aqualite 3 years ago Report

Amazing~. I like to imagine it's the girl from the other animation~


Posted by Blackheartedreaper 3 years ago Report

Really loving how your giving tooru so much love.


Posted by RoTheHuman 3 years ago Report

That is some good animation. Well done!


Posted by Royal_Starlord 3 years ago Report

The person in her gonna be stuck in her till he's clean, right? XD


Posted by CratedCheese 3 years ago Report

I'm loving these animations!


Posted by dablueguy 3 years ago Report

Just watched the first episode.
Its okay.
Not bad by any means just okay.
Your art and animation tends to be a bit more comical to me so I hope to see ya draw more of her, preferably with butt stuff.


Posted by stressformurder 3 years ago Report

Booby bounce :3


Posted by willudie 3 years ago Report

With how much they bounce in the show, it felt like a crime not to have them bounce a little myself XD


Posted by BIGBIG 3 years ago Report

And there is one more! @[email protected] Animate...


Posted by willudie 3 years ago Report

It's always cool to hear that something I do makes people want to do it too! Glad you like it! I'm a big fan of your work too!


Posted by chaosnasder 3 years ago Report

I am in love with these little animations ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Posted by AlluringPredation 3 years ago Report

Nice to see someone else realize how well this character lends to vore, and wonderfully done.


Posted by Whereaminow27 3 years ago Report

So if you continue this, will you be putting all of these into one animation?


Posted by willudie 3 years ago Report

No, I won't. These were rather spur of the moment things, and weren't really planned to be all together.


Posted by Belloc 3 years ago Report

This is good. And funny. xD


Posted by RavenXeo 3 years ago Report

that cute burp~<3

Shes wonderful<3


Posted by Debolte 3 years ago Report

Amazing. You do these rather quickly I must say, and with clean lines and good movement too ! Impressive :V May I ask what you do these with ? :o

...makes me want to actually animate for once, it's been so long... But I got stuff I wanna do 1st ! >w<


Posted by willudie 3 years ago Report

I actually have just been doing these with photoshop. I make it frame by frame, and I just have every new frame as its own layer. Though I don't know if I'd say I was fast, I just tend to sit down and not stop working till it's done :'D

I'm glad you like it, and I know I'd love to see animations from you too!


Posted by Debolte 3 years ago Report

Well I dunno, maybe I'm doing it wrong but I find working with Photoshop tedious to get good movement. The lack of a proper timeline involves needing a lot of visualisation skills (to animate without seeing results quick), which I lack :V

Oh and I often do the exact same, I get on a project and work for hours, but I end up not doing much because I work very slow... I wanna finish before heading to bed... guess that's because I'm tired and should be sleeping instead of drawing >< oh well, gotta work on myself I guess :v


Posted by Zond 3 years ago Report

I know who she ate!!!
5 episode! Approximately 21 minute!
Now we know where to go missing bunny Girl!!
  From the show of tricks !!


Posted by simonpetrikov39 2 years ago Report

I would like to be her willing snack wiludie.