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Ehm was a beautiful, white-haired giantess catgirl. She recently decided to pop into a local sorority house for a snack. After eating a few, she found a stunning blonde with an equally stunning body. Ehm knew she had to have her. After stripping her of her clothes, Ehm was about to taste her, when the girl said something that surprised her.
“Please don’t kill me.”
“Kill you?” Ehm hesitated. “I’m not going to kill you, I’m just going to put you in my tummy for a while. I’m really hungry and it’ll just be for a bit.” She raised her closer.
“But if you eat me I’ll die!”
“Nuh uh. You’ll be safely tucked away in my belly,” Ehm patted her stomach.
“And then I’ll be digested!!” the girl panicked.
“What’s digested?”Ehm lowered the girl, confused.
“What do you think happens to all the people you eat?!”
“Uh nothing. They’re all still in my belly,” Ehm looked at the girl as if she was being ridiculous.
“No! They were burned up in your stomach acids!”
Ehm laughed loudly, “I don’t have acid in my stomach! If I did, why doesn’t it hurt?”
“You really don’t understand?”
“Look, I’ll just put you in my tummy, and then you can see for yourself that there’s no acid, and all the yummy girls from your sorority house are still there just filling me up.”
“No! It doesn’t work that way!”
Ehm knew she was right. Wouldn’t she know if something that awful was happening inside her stomach? Then again, she had heard this from people she had swallowed before…
The girl knew she had a chance to convince Ehm, “Has anyone ever come out of your tummy before?”
Ehm paused for a moment. It was true, if everyone she had eaten was still in there then she’d probably be gaining a lot of weight. But then, maybe they just found a way out? Ehm’s thoughts were interrupted by the gorgeous blonde in her hand.
She is so much prettier than me. If I swallow her now, then James won’t see her when I try to talk to him.
Ehm raised the girl up again, “Look I’m just gonna eat you. I promise you’ll be fine and we can talk about this later.”
“NO!” the girl became horrified as Ehm drew the girl past her lips. Just then, a number of girls came out of their rooms to see the commotion. Ehm knew they’d try to get out, so she slid her butt against the front door, sealing it shut.
Ehm felt the door resist closing. She scooted forward and pulled the door open to see Elle, her only other giantess friend just outside. Her nose was red, probably because Ehm had just slammed a door in her face.
“Ehm move! Your big butt just gave me a bloody nose!”
“Oh my gosh I’m so sorry! What are you doing here?”
Elle crawled through the doorway into the building, “I just wanted to see what you were doing.”
“Well I was eating, but then this girl started saying stuff about people dying in my tummy.”
“I’ve told you that before. That’s why I don’t eat people,” Elle seemed mildly disturbed.
“Elle, if we had acid in our tummies we’d get burned by it.” Ehm looked at the blonde for a moment. No, this one was hers. She looked around for another tiny to make her try. A redhead had been watching the spectacle for a bit, and Ehm snatched her up before she had a chance to run.
“Here, just try one. You’ll like it!” Ehm grabbed Elle by the shoulder, pulled her towards herself, then shoved the redhead into her mouth. Elle panicked and did her best to avoid swallowing the poor girl, but Ehm’s stimulation made it happen.
“See?! They’re good!”
Elle looked down at her stomach, “Oh no…”
“But it was good right?”
“Well yes but… she’s going to be digested now...” Elle seemed disturbed.
“Oh my god… again with the digestion! Look.” Ehm plopped the blonde into her mouth. She lost track of her point as the blonde truly tasted wonderful. Blondey was terrified as the giantess swished her around in her mouth. The soft wetness of the tongue actually felt good, but the idea of it belonging to a girl, not too different from herself, and simply being a tool for eating scared her even more. The blonde suddenly became all too aware of her own tongue and stomach, knowing that eating other living things was simply what humans did.
Ehm cooed lightly at the flavor in her mouth, which did not go unnoticed by Elle. Elle had always had a crush on Ehm, even though Ehm seemed a bit too childishly interested in food to think about such things… plus she was straight. Regardless, Elle saw this as an opportunity. She knew the blonde would be swallowed anyway, and she wasn’t going to give Ehm another speech about eating people, but just maybe…
“Hey Ehm, I want a taste.”
She lunged at Ehm, thrusting her tongue into Ehm’s mouth. Ehm squeaked in protest, but was actually quite excited that Elle finally was interested in the taste of tinies.
The blonde suddenly felt the tongue shove her forward onto what felt like a second tongue. The second tongue was much more aggressive and was pushing, crushing her onto the first. The physical stimulation was intense, but the blonde was horrified at how much worse her predicament became. It was hard to breathe. The pressure started hurting. But the occasional strokes against her vagina were hard to ignore. She moaned, feeling disgusted with herself for finding pleasure when she knew she was going to be swallowed and sent into the stomach of one of these two giantesses. She heard an ear shattering moan come from the mouth she was currently in.
Elle was elated by the fact that Ehm was working with her. She decided to push her luck and grab a handful of Ehm’s breast. Ehm squeaked in shock and swallowed hard. The little blonde was sucked back into Ehm’s mouth, right to the back of her throat, but managed to stay on the hot tongue. Ehm paused for a bit, surprised by how good the action felt.
Elle took this as permission to keep going. She slid her hand off Ehm’s breast and across her belly. A small pang of regret washed over her as she knew there must have been quite a few tinies screaming out in pain in that same belly. She suddenly remembered the one that must have been terrified in her own belly and felt her heart sink. That poor little tiny couldn’t escape her unless she helped. But it was so hard not to focus on Ehm’s beautiful naked form squeaking in delight from her strokes. The thought left her, and she lowered her hand to Ehm’s pelvis and brushed her clit.
Ehm released a loud moan.
“Have you played with yourself before?” Elle asked.
Ehm seemed to be in shock. She kept looking back and forth between Elle and her own pussy. Elle was aware of Ehm’s affinity for tinies. She decided to push further.
“Have you ever… you know… put one inside there?”
“Huh?” Ehm was terribly confused.
Elle put her fingers in Ehm’s mouth, moaning slightly at contact with her tongue. She pulled out the small blonde, slightly hoping this might have been an opportunity to save her, but far more occupied with trying to see Ehm orgasm.
The blonde was elated to be out of the mouth that was going to be her end. But when the hand started moving towards her predator’s sex, she started screaming. The second giantess’ fingers lightly pried open the lips where it was evident that the first was already wet. She was shoved past the strings of goo that were hanging from each lip.
The blonde was horrified by the idea that she was about to be inserted into a place that she also had. Her pussy was still stimulated by the tonguing and she was all the more terrified that her own wet pussy was no different than the one she was about to be placed in. Without much of a fight, she was shoved into Ehm’s dark place.
Ehm screamed out in pleasure, “I didn’t know you could eat people there!”
Elle knew Ehm’s naivety was her weakness, “Yeah, and doesn’t it taste better there?”
“I can’t really taste her! But it feels really good!” Ehm could feel the struggle in her sex very elaborately. Her body tensed up and she could feel her heart beating out of her chest.
Elle, knowing that Ehm was constantly hungry, grabbed three girls nearby. “I’m sorry,” she whispered to them. She knew Ehm was at her happiest with a full tummy. She poured the three girls into Ehm’s mouth and Ehm happily swallowed them up.
“I don’t know how to swallow down there!” Ehm moaned.
“What if I swallow her instead?”
Elle, elated, immediately placed her mouth against Ehm’s lips. She worked her tongue deeper inside to pull the blonde out, and pleasure Ehm herself. Ehm started writhing, and her moans got louder. Elle ignored the blonde in her mouth in order to finish what she started. Ehm started writhing violently, and Elle could feel her own piece getting wet as well.
The blonde had enough wet parts slide against her that when the giant tongue came and pulled her out of the vagina, it has grasped her between the legs and she exploded into an orgasm. The blonde was still terrified, but now pressed against the tongue of one who didn’t want to eat her.
Ehm, who was coming down from the first orgasm she ever had, suddenly realized that Elle had taken her treat from her. She felt guilty about Elle’s work, so she didn’t want to ask for her treat back. Instead she decided to kiss Elle and fight for her.
The blonde, weak from fighting, was unable to stop the tongue that pulled her from the other mouth. This time she felt herself being pushed into the back of the throat of the cat girl. She weakly grabbed at the tongue, but it pushed her into the throat and she slid down. She felt her womanhood sliding against the throbbing esophagus and in terror and euphoria the 30 foot slide drove her to another orgasm. After it was over she barely remembered the plummet into the stomach, but when she regained her sensibilities, she realized she was surrounded by the unconscious bodies of her sorority sisters.
She began panicking, slapping against the slick walls of the stomach. Deep down she knew this was it.
“Did you like that?” Elle asked.
“I’ve never felt anything like that!” She felt her tummy gurgle with this gorgeous girl. She was happy she was the one that got to eat her, and knew she would be safely tucked away in her tummy.
The blonde shook her roommate hoping she would wake up. The girl did not. She watched as the roommate’s body slid towards the opening at the bottom of the stomach. She lunged to pull her out of the fleshy destination, but the muscles were too strong, and the girl was yanked in further. The blonde sobbed, knowing that whatever awaited her roommate was what awaited her too.
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This is my first try at something like this. I know i rushed it at times. and i have no idea why those question marks are there

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"i have no idea why those question marks are there"

Encoding. Make sure you save your files with UTF-8 encoding in your editor.


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Ah thanks it worked!