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The party was going along very well. All that was left was for the main guest to show up.
'I guess I shouldn't be surprised,' Elle thought. Ehm had never really been one to keep her head out of the clouds.
"Hey Elle."
Elle turned around to see James standing behind her. He was a very handsome boy. He was certainly not the most popular at their university, but his looks were by no means a contribution. "James, I didn't know you were coming!"
"Isn't that because you didn't invite me?"
Elle blushed. She liked James, and she always enjoyed his company. But undeniably, if he was around, then Ehm wouldn't pay her any mind the whole night. She used to actually have feelings for him until she developed a crush on Ehm. Elle really wanted this night to be about her, and now that couldn't be the case.
"I-I'm sorry, I thought I told Megan to tell you."
"It's fine, I'll get out of here soon enough anyway."
"No you don't have to do that!"
He shrugged, "Well I came to see Ehm if I can be frank."
The giantess' heart sank, "Well I invited her, but she isn't here yet."
At this point, Tanya, a cute and well endowed asian girl bumped into James. To Elle, it didn't appear to be an accident, although she was clearly drunk.
"Oh hey James I didn't know you were coming!"
"That's trending," he said with mock enthusiasm.
"Well have a drink with me!" she shoved a drink into his hand.
"I've had plenty enough already," despite his comment, he took a sip.
The girl suddenly took a look up at Elle, "Hi. Good party."
"Thank you." Suddenly a devious thought entered Elle's mind. "If you want to catch up with James somewhere quiet, you're more than welcome to use one of the bedrooms."
"We may just do that in a while," she smirked and lightly brushed James' crotch area. James backed away subtly. "What do you say? Want to head somewhere more private. There's something I've wanted to talk to you about." Tania began tugging on her already low collar, revealing a bit more breast than would be acceptable in decent company.
"What is it?" James asked without enthusiasm.
"I can't talk about it here," Tania said, being a bit obviously flirty. She took off towards the staircase, leaving James to ponder its meaning.
He looked back up at Elle, "I guess I'll just be a moment. After that I'll leave," then departed.
James entered the bedroom. Tania was nowhere to be seen, so he stepped in a bit and glanced around. "Tania, you in here?"
Tania clased the door behind him, "Glad you could make it," she said with a seductive smirk.
"What did you want?"
"You!" she shoved him onto the bed at the room's center and started licking him. He struggled a bit but ultimately gave in. His last girlfriend was a giantess and the licking was a bit reminiscent of some things he had tried with her.
The asian's tongue glided across his neck and down across one of his nipples. Suddenly, she shot up and started removing her shirt. James wasn't really fond of one night stands, certainly not with a girl this drunk, but after seeing Tania's perky breasts released from the garment, it was becoming hard. She lifted up her camisole to reveal that she had long since removed any sort of underwear she may have had on and grinded into him.
The brunette hestantly walked down the street, eyes glued to her phone's GPS. She heard a loud voice come from behind her, "Going to the party?"
It was Ehm, that obnoxious catgirl giantess from her school. "Yeah."
"Oh so am I! You want me to take you there?"
The girl questioned this for a moment, she had been lost for a decent minute, but didn't really want to ask the neko for help. Her eyes also were having a hard time averting from the incredibly exposed skin of the shameless giantess.
"No, I'm fine. I can get there on my own."
"It's no big deal, you can ride along in my tummy!"
"What!?" The girl suddenly started to panick. "No! I'm really okay! Just go a"
"No no! I insist!" the cat girl slumped onto the ground and rolled her tongue out. USing her hand, she began corralling the young woman toward her mouth.
"No! Please! I really want to just walk by myself!" Her foot hit the tongue and she tripped onto her knees.
Ehm seemed distressed at her refusal, "Really! I can get you there faster, and there's company in my tummy until we get there!"
"Please! Just come with me!" Ehm was really distressed now. The girl had managed to shove herself off the tongue.
"Don't eat me, I can really get there by myself!" Her terror was all too evident. Tears started running down her face as she tried to negotiate with the neko.
"But it's cold out! You could just ride along in my tummy! Please don't be scared" The girl screamed as Ehm poked her back and she fell face first on the massive tongue. "I'm sorry I don't want you to dislike me, just go into my belly okay? Please?"
The girl felt the mouth compress, it was closed. The hot slimy muscle started pulsing and moving her to the back. "Don't swallow!!" She could barely make out the fleshy hole in front of her before she was shoved into it.
Ehm seemed upset, "I'm not a bad girl. We'll get there in no time! Please just stay in my tummy until we're there!" She burped a little and her stomach gurgled with the four people she had eaten previously.
Just as Elle was beginning to think things were a waste of time, Ehm came through the door.
"Ehm! You made it!"
"Yeah I just had a bit of a detour."
Elle noticed Ehm's belly was a few inches, from their perspective, wider. Her heart sank as she knew a few of her friends were probably in there. Her courage returned due to some of the drinks she had. She planted a big wet kiss onto Ehm's lips.
"Well I'm just happy to see you."
Ehm giggled, "Too many drinks huh?"
"Maybe a few," Elle handed a giantess sized shot glass into Ehm's hands. "You've got catching up to do!"
Ehm threw back the drink and cooed at the taste. "Haaaa! Okay the party's here!"
Meanwhile, the rest of the room all withdrew a bit. They knew the neko liked to slurp up people and her eating habits became unsatiable with a few drinks.
The unprude neko plopped down, legs spread, with her exposed pussy facing a lot of the crowd. One brave soul approached her, showed no resistance to staring at her sex or breasts.
"Hey girl!"
Ehm licked her lips, "Hi!"
"You wanna go upstairs?"
Jackpot. Ehm wasn't sure why people always tried to be alone with her, but it made it easier to gobble them up without freaking the crowd out. She didn't really understand, but crowds always dispursed after she would grab herself a snack. But one thing was certain, every time they offered, there was one line they were excited about.
She grinned, "Yeah, you wanna be inside me?"
James couldn't feel too bad about Tania having removed all his clothes. She was doing all the work so there was nothing wrong, right? She had just finished grinding against him when she asked, "Do you want to be in my mouth?"
James remembered his old giantess girlfriend again. He couldn't bring himself to object and the asian girl slipped her mouth around his cock, taking it all the way in. The warm wet feeling reminded him so much of being inside of his ex's mouth. Her breasts bounced as she thrusted, reminding him that normal sized tits weren't nearly as good as ones as big as himself.
Her tongue slid nicely against his head when suddenly the door burst open. He saw Ehm enter with a pair of feet sticking out of her mouth. She swallowed hard, and the person was travelling down to her belly before James even knew who it was.
"James!?" Ehm squeaked.
"What are you," Her thoughts were cut off by his penis standing stifly at attention. It was covered in saliva, glistening. Ehm suddenly remembered when Elle had put that blonde in her pussy, as the same feeling was suddenly starting to arise. That's when she noticed the little black haired woman who was on top of him.
"Who's she?" she said, a little upset.
"Can't you see we need a little privacy?" Tania shrieked.
Ehm was not listening. She wanted James' cock in her mouth immediately.
"Bitch aren't you listening?"
Ehm grew frustrated at the presence detering her from getting James in her mouth. She suddenly realized she could kill two birds with one stone. She lunged forward and planted her mouth on James' pelvis, taking tania in with her.
Tania was mortified. There was some sort of eroticism in the wet pulsing walls secluding her and James' dick that made her want more. In her drunken state, she climbed on top of the torso, and began thrusting onto James. The walls closed in and the tongue began assisting in the effort. A horrible slurping sound began pulling her up and down faster than she could and she knew that the neko was now trying to blow James. But she knew that it was her pussy that was actually stimulating him.
Ehm hadn't really planned anything, but the moment James moaned out in pleasure, she knew she neeeded to keep doing what she was doing. Even compared to the tiny in her pussy, nothing felt as good as seeing him writhe for some reason. Despite the fact that the girl was in there too, whatever she was doing was working, and she intended to keep it that way.
The soft lip pressed against James' chest felt wonderful. He wasn't sure how he got here, but this was too intense for him to protest. He had always been attracted to Ehm, but knowing her appetite it would have been too dangerous to confront her. He felt a slight shift down at his lower region.
Tania was shocked at how stimulating the whole situation was. It was too much of a tease for her to take any longer. She shifted herself upright, getting a faceful of tongue in the process. Pressing on, she adjusted James between her legs and swallowed up his member between her other pair of lips. The giant tongue was still lathering her which only added to the hot, full feeling James was giving her. When Ehm began slurping her in and out, the thrusting motion became more and more intense, notable by James' moans.
James couldn't handle how tight everything had suddenly become. The thrusting became more intense somehow, and Ehm was emitting little moans that he knew were going to end this soon. He could see her enormous breasts bouncing lightly at her sucking motions. He also saw Tania's bare legs poking out on either end of the massive lips and his torso. He suddenly felt bad for the girl who had seduced him earlier, as he knew why Ehm must be doing this. His suspicions were abated suddenly when the giant cat girl suddely release the asian girl and she rose back to a sitting position. Tania was soaking wet from saliva and looked quite disturbed from the ordeal.
Ehm suddenly had a thought. Elle had shown her how to eat people with her lower half and she was feeling really hungry down there suddenly. She released the pair from her mouth and readjusted.
Tania was not sure if she felt disappointment or relief from the fact that she was out of the mouth of the voracious cat girl. She took a moment of reprieve, though with her full weight now on James, his member was as far in as in could be. The warm pulsing feeeling at the limits of her pussy did not go unnoticed. Suddenly she saw the catgirl spread her own pussy with her fingers and descend upon her.
No. This couldn't be happening, she was not about to be pushed inside a gigantic pussy. Before she could react, the warm flesh swallowed her up and constricted around her. Ehm began thrusting against the two of them, which was not too different from before, but this time it was much tighter and harder to breathe. Warm liquid started pouring over her, drenching her hair and getting into her mouth as the thrusting grew harder.
After hearing a tiny moan from James, Ehm asked, "Do you like this?"
"Ehm, don't-"
"But you like it?" the cat girl moaned out.
"-don't stop."
Ehm's lips were practically wrapped around James' torso, and her clit was now pushing into his face. The bulb rubbed up against him and he couldn't help but lick it. He lathered the sensitive piece and grabbed a handful of the soaking wet lip on his right side.
Ehm suddenly felt her pussy grow tighter and tighter. That same feeling she had when she spent time with Elle the other day started growing. The sight of James squirming in pleasure was enough, Ehm exploded in ecstacy. This time, a ton of some kind of liquid flowed out.
Tania was still conflicted by the tightness around and inside her. The movements became more rapid and suddenly the walls constricted so tightly she thought she'd be crushed. Suddenly a waterfall of liquid came pouring out on top of her. She nearly drowned in the flow. Her body tensed up and she knew what was coming Before she could, she felt a hot flow shoot up inside of her and the cock that her pussy so eagerly was slurping up started throbbing wildly. She grinded down harder knowing her own end was near.
Elle watched the three in shock, as she had just walked in on the debacle. Ehm was screaming out and Elle knew she needed her before this night was over. With a loud slurp, Ehm pulled herself off of James, revealing that the same girl who had talked to him was a wet mess and collapsed to the side. Was Ehm really doing that? Elle's cute little neko who had never tried anything sexual was now screwing two people at once?
The trio spent a moment panting and recovering when Ehm lazily leaned over and put her mouth around Tania's feet. With a loud slurping noise, Tania was sucked further into the lips of the the neko.
"Ehm no!"
Ehm's face spun up to meet Elle's, the upper torso of an asian tiny still hanging out of her mouth.
"Ehm don't eat her!"
She knew it was a stretch, but it was worth a shot, "I think James likes her."
A small expression of hurt flashed across Ehm's face, then suddenly she slurped up the girl. A small scream was followed by a loud squelching gulp and she was gone.
"EHM!!! You really need to stop eating people!"
"But I was hungry!"
Suddenly a thought entered Elle's head that she wished hadn't. But it was too late.
"What if I swallowed James?"
"It's harmless. He'll just be in my tummy for a while."
Ehm was visibly flustered. She seemed to stammer for words. "W-well. No. Y-you don't even eat people. I should eat him!!!"
"You taught me how fun it is! I think I'll eat him."
Ehm snatched up James' naked form and hugged him closely to her chest. Elle walked slowly up to her.She put a light peck onto Ehm's cheek, pressing her bossom against Ehm's. James could feel the four soft mounds pulsate with the increased heart rate all around him and knew he was getting hard again. Elle started grinding he chest against Ehm's and gasped a bit.
James felt a giant nipple slide right across his face and instinctually licked it as it went by. He looked up to see Elle leaned foward and lick Ehm's lips.
"Come on, just let me have him," Elle moaned.
"N-no, I wanted to see him tonight."
"You can talk to him in my stomach," Elle traced her tongue downwards.
James suddenly was inside the mouth of Elle, being shoved up against Ehm's breast. He started getting worried that one of them might be serious about eating him, but the soft flesh that enveloped him on both sides tore his mind away. The swirling and grinding of tongue and tit was so much for him, his dick pressed against the giant nipple.
'I'll throw you up later, I promise,' Elle thought. She was ashamed at what she was about to do.
Ehm looked down at Elle, definitely turned on by her work, but also increasingly worried that Elle would wind up having James for herself. She felt the tongue slide against her nipple in a way that pulled James away from it and roll him further into Elle's mouth.
"Elle no! Please give him to me!"
Elle moaned out, bit down on the nipple a bit and swallowed. Ehm watch a small lump go down her throat as she pulled away, saliva still trailing from lip to breast.
Elle groaned, "That felt good," shivering with excitement and shame. She grabbed Ehm's head and pressed it into her soft belly.
"Say hi to James."
Ehm whimpered a bit. She heard the groaning and gurgling she wished James would have been able to provide her, but really just wish he wasn't in a tummy at all. She really liked him and now she didn't know when she would be able to see him again. She became slightly more aware that she had never seen anyone that she put in her tummy again. Before she could complete her thoughts, Elle had pushed her head further down, and Ehm got a mouthful of juicy lips. Ehm squirmed a bit in protest, but Elle held firm.
The party continued knowing nothing of what had and was happening upstairs. Ehm was downtrodden about James' fate in Elle's belly, but Elle knew she would have to throw him up to avoid hating herself for it.... eventually.
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