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Fox's Meal By MidnightNoon -- Report

A tiny creature is walking through a forest, when a fox decides to make a meal of it.

My first vore story going on this site. It features a feral predator with a gassy stomach, an ambiguous prey, so that you can decide what it is, and some belly rubs from a friend.

Stop at the squiggly line to skip the disposal.

Let me know what you think!

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Posted by 157and493 5 years ago Report

Probably one of the most detailed vore stories I have ever read. Good job.


Posted by Mechdragon1k 4 years ago Report

I also agree and I love it.


Posted by Kaoru 5 years ago Report

It's hard for me to read first-person stuff - personal quirk - but the sheer quality of composition you have on display here makes this prettt irresistible. You were creative, engaging, and kept new events and surprises coming. Well-done! Looking forward to more from you.


Posted by thatoneguyintheback 5 years ago Report

Such an amazing story


Posted by ddrg12 5 years ago Report

soooo goooooddd i must need more of this O.O


Posted by MrLoro 5 years ago Report

It's not often I come across stories on here that have so much detail on the vore aspect!~


Posted by Kasra 5 years ago Report

Very detailed, from start to finish. Excellent work!


Posted by violetrose39 5 years ago Report

This was so good


Posted by Pkmnguy6262 4 years ago Report

One of my very favorites! Amazing work!^^ i love fox pred~


Posted by BizzareBlue 4 years ago Report

Amazing descriptions. I absolutely loved this story.


Posted by somedude601 3 years ago Report

This has got to be one of my favorites.


Posted by Speedyblupi 3 years ago Report

I really love seeing more "natural" style vore and disposal with feral predators. I'm usually disappointed when I try to look for it, but this story is exactly the sort of thing I like.


Posted by silverspec 2 years ago Report

Still the best story I've ever read.