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Unnamed Snake Race By shdingo -- Report

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Yet another race for my monster catalogue. Home to the swamps of Orihm along with the Iluhvians. I'm still deciding a lot of things about them so i don't want to do a huge dump just yet so here's the general and vore info.

9-12ft in height. avg 10.5ft
full cartilage skeleton allows for complete flexibility
Body can compress and stretch to aid in swallowing and moving food through it's body.
2 stomachs. first located in the "belly" holds food and breaks it down but does little to absorb t nutrients in any capacity. Food sits here for just under 1 day.
Second stomach is located in the tail and extends about half its length. food is processed and nutrients retrieved here taking 2-3 days.
elastic, scaled skin can stretch up to 4 times its normal size.
90% of fat is in tail. Fat in breasts never changes in size except for in the case of starvation, burning that fat with lowest priority.
Nipples push past scales when aroused. Secretions have a heavy aphrodisiac in them that affect most reptiles and mammals and choice other creatures. Fully aroused nipples gape slightly and gain a limited amount of stretching. this causes them to leak. they are not immune to their own "milk" and during these leaking phases become ravenous breeders who consume anything that cannot or will not sate them stopping only upon climax, exhaustion, heavy itis or death.

Note: i did not skip out on drawing their feet. they have nubs. that'll be a post all of its own.

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Posted by CapturePoint 3 years ago Report

Ha, an info'dump' :P Nah, but interesting stuff!


Posted by shdingo 3 years ago Report

its all for educational purposes


Posted by CG22 3 years ago Report



Posted by Gelus 3 years ago Report

Damn, she's cute. I like them a lot thus far.


Posted by SonOfDarkness 3 years ago Report

Do you plan on colorizing the rest of it?


Posted by shdingo 3 years ago Report

at this moment? no intention to color this. Just wanted to clean up the clutter of the internals a bit.


Posted by Kaheiyattsu 3 years ago Report

Mmmm woulndn't mind that fate hehehe


Posted by DirtyMac 3 years ago Report

Snake ladies with bulging bellies is such a weakness of mine.


Posted by Royal_Starlord 3 years ago Report

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck, you make some good boobsnakes, I gotta admit. 8///V~♥♥♥


Posted by shdingo 3 years ago Report

I don't see why not.


Posted by Rothar 3 years ago Report

Really liking that second stomach in her tail. All the pudgy stuff getting stored.
Best hope she doesn't get a partner who fancies anal.


Posted by Snorlaxkid 3 years ago Report

Snake people eating folks and being seductive about it is hawt~


Posted by TETRO 3 years ago Report

Snakes are truly the quintessential vore animal.
I especially like the digestion scene. The goomba girl's leg spread is a nice touch.


Posted by deej1011 3 years ago Report

Awesome ^^


Posted by crufl 3 years ago Report

RIP unnamed toothy prey


Posted by shdingo 3 years ago Report

woops that got dropped from the description on second fix.
its supposed to be goombella i did earlier (first thing that came to mind)


Posted by crufl 3 years ago Report

oh I see
...RIP Goombella