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Pred Quest 3 Pledges: March#1 By Humbug

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Tags: belching Belching Clothes Digestion F/F Fatal Furry Implied Digestion Inside Interactive webcomic Lion Pi Phi Chi Pred Quest Pred Quest 3 Same Size Stripping Unwilling Vixen Edit

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>> She's done. Eat her.

"...Tell you what. Come here," you say to Vixela, beckoning her forward. Hesitantly, she steps forward, asking in a small voice, "Yeah?"
Then you lash out and grab her jacket, and she immediately turns and starts running, trying to tear the jacket off. But you're ready: As the jacket pulls off, you lunge downward, snatching her ankle, and she dumps forward, smacking her arms with a loud CRACK! as she shields her face. With a trained motion, you immediately shove her feet inside your mouth and start swallowing loudly, wetly, and powerfully.
"NO! PLEASE! GIVE ME ANOTHER CHANCE!" the vixen screams, holding her hand in front of your face. Snapping up her thighs, you pause for a second, then grin and grab her hand, shoving it and her ass into your mouth in one deft stroke, her legs entirely inside of you now. She yelps, and you continue chomping down her body, engulfing her bare belly, your teeth squishing into the digesting remains of 'Bec. Guess Vixela's gonna be like that soon enough too!
A few more disgusting SCHLOMPs and GLORPs, and her boobs squish down your gullet, followed shortly by her face, and finally her long ears. You smile as the last lump of her squishes down your neck and settles in your gut.
Yeah. That was satisfying.
You feel something come up, and you belch out her little ribbon thing. How cute. Maybe you'll force someone to wear it sometime. Not like Vixela's gonna be needing it anymore.

...Well shit. You just realized you don't have any more Pledges to abuse right now. You hope some more come in soon.

NOTE: Vixela was suggested by  diamonddragon.

NOTE: Nothing to vote on this update. Sorry!

Next Patreon milestone (Character 4 unlocked + Get-out-of-belly-free card): $75/80

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Posted by Snorlaxkid 1 year ago



Posted by Humbug 1 year ago



Posted by Snorlaxkid 1 year ago

Need more pledgers.


Posted by Humbug 1 year ago

Got one, actually!


Posted by Snorlaxkid 1 year ago



Posted by baville 1 year ago

Nice one! So Vixela def not escaping the boss's tough stomach here?! Interesting to see her (Vixela) future works or if this is her find ending here!

Saw Fall Hope potential of coming back, cool too! :p


Posted by Humbug 1 year ago

Yeah, Vixela's gone. Fall's back in play to some extent, though. We'll see where that goes. I currently don't have plans. :3