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Safe from the Cold By CalinBeast -- Report

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Surrounded by the vast, ghostly white of the harsh arctic tundra, few creatures were built to survive. The frigid, sub-zero temperatures were enough to ravage even the most thoroughly dressed of humans who were unfortunate enough to find themselves wandering.

For one snow leopardess, humans were a rare sight indeed, the likes of which she had never seen before. One could imagine her surprise, and more importantly, her curiosity at the sight of one of these lone creatures left trudging through her homelands. To the feline, it was obvious this poor human was lost. What felt like a gentle breeze to the fluffy leopard, thanks to her thick coat, was utterly ravaging the almost hairless, shivering primate. It was pitiful, to say the least.

The leopard was faced with a variety of options at this point, but the gurgling in her stomach, coupled with a nagging sense of sympathy, left her to choose the most obvious one. She knew the sickly, rattling human would not run, as he clearly lacked both the physical strength and the will to do so. Wasting no time, she took off full sprint towards the seemingly unaware man. He never saw the feline coming.

The man made for an absurdly easy catch for the leopard. She had expected at least some form of scream from the startled man, but was instead met with only a meek groan as the human's eyes rolled back. He was left almost completely submerged in the thick, white snow, pinned underneath the rather large cat.

No, no, no, this was only making things worse. "He's absolutely freezing!" the concerned leopardess thought. Dismounting from her dazed catch, the feline began stripping the human of his thick, leathery clothes, much to his shock and dismay. This seemed counter intuitive, but it was a necessary step. If the leopard did not act fast, the man would surely succumb to frostbite and die.

With the human laid out, free of any obstructing clothing, the leopardess was free to proceed. She prowled to face the human's head, and in one swift motion, slipped the man's frosted visage into her maw. The man was left with only the view of the feline's pink, fleshy throat, a seemingly lethal cavern. As the leopard had expected, his struggling began right on cue. She gripped the frightened man as gently as she could with her forepaws, trying her best to stabilize her prey. Sliding the man's head deeper past her rough feline tongue only prompted more resistance.

As the man's skull was inevitably pushed deep inside the feline's warm, pulsating gullet, he let out the best scream he possibly could in his frozen state. The leopardess cringed, doing her best to ignore his pitiful pleads, tugging the poor creature deeper into her body with a series of careful, yet powerful gulps. "Shh... It will all be over in a second..."

The human's futile struggles grew more and more mellow as more of his shivering body slid gently inside the leopard's heated body. He didn't realize it yet, but this leopard was saving his life, even if it surely did not seem that way. It wasn't long before the man was left with nothing but his dangling legs as part of the outside world. The feline could already feel the round head of the man begin to settle into the fleshy chamber that was her stomach. Despite the current life-or-death situation her subject was faced with, there was no denying the utter pleasure that rang through her body as the squirming mass was set into place. It was enough to make her shiver and purr as she continued swallowing the rest of her frightened prey.

With just a couple more gulps, the rest of the human was sent sliding down into what was thought to be his final destination. Relieved that the man's screams of terror had all but ceased, the leopard took a moment to collect herself. She watched as the rest of her meekly wriggling prey curled safely into her fluffy paunch, forming a considerably round bulge. The compassionate leopard lied back before letting loose a rather loud belch, clearly satisfied with both her good deed, and a good meal.

Wanting to pacify the human as quickly as possible, the feline proceeded to place her 2 fore paws on her still squirming gut, gently rubbing what she felt to be the human's head. She purred softly, doing everything in her power to let the human know he was going to be okay. The natural, humid warmth of her stomach was surely more than enough to heat the human back up to a healthy temperature. In there, he was safe from the harsh winter climate, the arctic feline bearing it for him. Seemingly getting the hint, the leopard felt the human's feeble struggles steadily decline within just a few minutes. His once terrified struggles soon devolved into calm shifting around as he attempted to find the most comfortable position he could in those fleshy confines, much to the pleasure of the cat. It was quite amazing, really. A mutual benefit was felt between the 2 distinct species, and the leopard loved the thought of that. The feline stood, licking her lips as a tender smile stretched across her face, feeling the human gradually doze off to sleep in her warm belly, assuring he would eventually regain his strength. She’d done good today, for both herself and her newfound friend.


Well, I hope you all enjoyed that short little story. As for the art piece, I wanted to try a different, more heavily shaded coloring method. Let me know what you all think of it! :)

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Posted by bearlord42 4 years ago Report

That was a beautiful story, and the art just adds perfectly to it.
These types of stories are the reason I love vore so much. The soft, gentle and caring predator, swallowing the near death prey and keeping them safe inside.


Posted by CalinBeast 4 years ago Report

The gentle side of vore is often overshadowed, but it really does have it's own charm.
I'm glad you enjoyed this little piece :)


Posted by bearlord42 4 years ago Report

You're welcome, and I can't wait to see more pieces like this in the future. <3


Posted by MirceaKitsune 4 years ago Report

Must truly be warm and wonderful inside <3


Posted by jacobgord12345 4 years ago Report

ooo~ seems like no enviroment is safe from your cats nomming me o^o' (not that i really mind that, although im bad in hot places <w>')


Posted by CalinBeast 4 years ago Report

I assume that being in the warm belly of a cat is still more pleasant than the frigid cold, but that's just me. d:


Posted by jacobgord12345 4 years ago Report

na your not the only one~ .w.


Posted by HuskyWolf 4 years ago Report

You need to do more snow leopard vore!


Posted by simalst 4 years ago Report

Indeed he needs to. I think the same.


Posted by Achilles 4 years ago Report

Lucky human. I want to be on his place.


Posted by simalst 4 years ago Report

Very well done!


Posted by Wolfknight130 4 years ago Report

so cute and heart warming! ^^

(no pun intended)


Posted by Bright 4 years ago Report

Both story and art is very well done.


Posted by phade 4 years ago Report

Hope you or More-Vore can make a sequel to this.


Posted by Destroyah23 1 year ago Report

I would love to see more stories similar to this one


Posted by l3y0nha 10 months ago Report

Wished you drew all these events,❤️