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A female titan story (part 9) By BedTime

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part 9:

some days later.

Somehow, Armin was now considered as the hero outside the wall. The one who survived days after days into titan's territory. But even his friend's praises couldn't make him forget the female titan's curves. He never had the chance to hit that booty :( But it wasn't only about that. Armin was starting to miss being with the giantess. He needed to see her again.

The next day, Armin departed from the walls without anyone knowing and started to gallop in the giant tree's forest direction. After successfully avoiding every unnecessary combat with regular titans, Armin heard something coming deep from the forest. He could recognized those belchs anywhere. Later, Armin finally reached the place where the female titan was. Her belly was now completely flat. "So you did manage to digest all of it's content!" shout Armin to the female titan. The girl suddenly stood up at the sight of Armin and was about to ran away. "WAIT!" said Armin, "At least hear me out". The female titan stopped and stared at Armin with an empty look. "First of all I'm sorry, really sorry. You may think I did nothing wrong but that's not the case". The boy's voice was starting to shake. "The truth is that I was only willing to be with you because of my stupid sexual desires. But to be frank, those moments I passed with you were some of the happiest in my whole life. I like the way you're always shy after burping. I like when you start freaking out over some little mouse. I like the way you always take care of me. I like everything about you". The female titan was now sitting completely still in front of Armin, listening to every syllables that were escaping his mouth. "I know I'll need to make drastic changes in my life if I want to be with you, but I don't want our story to end here, and I can prove it to you. You'll just have to trust me and follow me".

Armin brought the Giant girl until the gate on the wall. "wait for me here and don't get spotted", said Armin before climbing the wall with his 3d maneuver gear. Without anyone noticing, Armin succeeded to reach the mechanism to open the gate. He opened the gate and quickly jumped of the wall, flying with his gear as the guards were running in his direction. He landed on the female titan's shoulder. "Quick before they close it again". The giantess rapidly passed the gate. She was now inside the walls, being stared by every citizens who started running and screaming for their lives. The girl took a look at Armin. "This is what I'm ready to do for you. I'm ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of being in your presence, but please, never leave me again, not without a talk at least. Now go! I know you're craving for some tasty humans." said Armin with his most beautiful smile. The female titan was crying. She was overwhelmed by happiness. She gave Armin a (really) big kiss on the cheek and they both start laughing while the female titan started eating and eating every humans she encountered in the district.

The giantess eventually grab a soldier who was flying around. To Armin's surprise, it was Eren, his best friend. "How could you, Armin. I can't believe that you chose to side with those monsters", screamed Eren while trying to escape the female titan's hand. "Sorry friend, it was an hard choice but in the end, I'm more of a hoes before bros. Also I never forgot the time when you threw away the bread I gave you when we were little and desperate, I'LL NEVER FORGIVE YOU FOR THAT SHAMEFUL ACT! so go fuck yourself", said Armin as he spit on Eren's face. The female titan quickly tossed Eren inside her mouth and swallowed him.

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Posted by NotMax 3 days ago

Riveting dialogue. :P

jk jk, it looks great :D


Posted by joe354 3 days ago

Reminds me of TFS moment when Killian destroy the remote bomb for cybersex


Posted by BedTime 3 days ago

yeah same :P


Posted by JMan96 3 days ago

Dude, seriously, how long does it take you to draw these?! The amount of detail is phenomenal, yet you get them out so quickly!




Posted by BedTime 3 days ago

I think I spent around 3 hours on that one. But to be fair, when I create A comic or something like that, I usually draw the entirety of the story before uploading it one page at the time. So the final part of the female titan project was already done before I even uploaded the part one. I might not be as quick as you think but still thank you :)


Posted by JMan96 3 days ago

On that note, and I'm sorry that I kept asking this, but is there still more to come?

Will you let us know when the series finishes?


Posted by BedTime 3 days ago

there's one more to come


Posted by JMan96 3 days ago



Posted by MelancholyClownD 3 days ago

Are we going to witness eren transform into a titan in her belly? I love the way you draw her tho! Extra thicc!


Posted by darklord42 3 days ago

Nicely done


Posted by extreme0089 3 days ago

Eren fuck her up transform


Posted by forgreatjustice18 3 days ago

BedTime the Meme-King! Awesome work bruh!


Posted by EmpDarkshadow 2 days ago

Dat belly :)