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Um...Fish butt By Brohan

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Tags: Belly Breasts Bulge Butt F/? f/multiple Female Pred huge belly Huge breasts huge butt Mipha Multiple Prey Nintendo Struggling Zelda zora Edit

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Good title, I know.

Many hours put into Zelda already and still I am only 32% done...

Been neglecting to draw anything in result, so HEY, have another Zelda related drawing. And don't worry about the halt of requests, just working up the mentality to jump back into it...WELL, back to what I was doing. Goodbye!

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Posted by thesadonion 6 months ago

Nice work


Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 6 months ago

Whoever is in there will add nicely to that fish butt


Posted by DimensionalKitty 6 months ago

Sounds like me and my brothwr... Only i have more shrines


Posted by hibbyjibby 6 months ago

When I saw the title "fish butt", I thought your UnderTale boner reared it's head again. Wrong fish I guess. (´∀`*)

This picture certainly shows you payed attention to proportions a bit more. Her arm and hands aren't coming across as tiny to me, though I'd think about making her arms a wee bit longer if the mental picture of her leg in my mind is lining up right. And in terms of her body's perspective, nicely done. Her hips and rear match up well with her back and spine, like she isn't snapping it in two just to pose. And it helps that her face is at a side-profile, it avoids one of those things you tend to struggle with. Her breast looks like it's being seen from the side instead of just slightly behind it, but maybe they're just that wide and big, haha. And I wonder just what she has in that gut, huh.

Another solid picture, Jack. A shame Mipha isn't as shiny in this one as your last picture of her, but I suspect you had more Zelda to get to. (〃ノ∇ノ)


Posted by Brohan 6 months ago

my undertale wut dit what now? Haha, no, I don't "get off" to my own drawings. However you clearly gave me a new idea for a drawing. Thanks for the criticism as always, but to be honest, I have nothing in return to say this time unfortunately. This was rushed, so yeah, just about everything you mentioned I will have to agree with.

Oh yeah, she WAS shiny, but I toned down the Shine's opacity. Was TOO shiny.


Posted by hibbyjibby 6 months ago

Oh no that's not what I meant by that. I meant more along the lines of doing something so often, that someone pokes fun at it. Like "huehuehue you have a boner for Undertale cause you did so much art/talk about it so much". You know, the kinda logic. The less-than serious one. :V

Glad to have given you an idea for a drawing at the very least. I can't wait to see it in a week's time, haha. And hey, even if it was rushed, it still came out great. My criticism is mostly just nit-picks. Considering how much you've improved since I started, I was lacking in a few things to point out myself, aheh.

Darn, I wanted to have her shiny. Maybe not Silver-Surfer levels of shiny and chrome, but shiny enough atleast. You know what I like, after all.


Posted by Brohan 5 months ago

A WEEKS TIME? Buddy, is that a challenge I hear?


Posted by hibbyjibby 5 months ago

If you can bear to tear yourself away from some quality LoZ, then maybe it is a challenge.

Course, upon hearing what your response, this was what mine immediately was.



Posted by Brohan 5 months ago

HAh, watch this. I'll get it done in 6 days...23 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds...


Posted by hibbyjibby 5 months ago

Well, clock is ticking. You know what that means. `・ω・)9


Posted by Kelly 6 months ago

I know that feeling with the new Zelda :3


Posted by Datonenumbnuts 6 months ago

Mipha best Zora!

Trying a full playthrough this time huh? Good luck, have fun!


Posted by LuckyShootGER 6 months ago

great job as always and is that Stone actually crumbling beneath that beautiful Belly?


Posted by Brohan 5 months ago

It is if you want it to ;)

(That was actually my sorry attempt at rock detail)


Posted by empatheticapathy 5 months ago

I'd feed it.


Posted by Sharktooth 5 months ago

love it! Think one day you might make zelda prey to link?


Posted by Brohan 5 months ago

If what you mean by that is M/F vore, then only if there is a high demand for it, otherwise I usually only do F/M, F/F, or F/?

However, there will be more Zelda related content.


Posted by Sharktooth 5 months ago

Dangit that wont happen then...


Posted by StormyRange 4 months ago

More amazebutts everywhere -u-