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Caught Red-Handed By CalinBeast -- Report

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There are some things you just can't lie about. d:

After posting my latest sequence featuring a leopard, I realized I need a lot more practice drawing them! Although I think this one turned out much better.

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 4 years ago Report

I don't see any humans here either


Posted by More-Vore 4 years ago Report

Fantastic, you did a real good job, on the spots, even if it's not an improvement on your drawing of leopards it's defiantly more my taste compared to the last on lol.


Posted by jacobgord12345 4 years ago Report

Oh its really nice looking, the face is really cute and i love that belly! <3
Only problem is that the left hind foot is abit fat like but you did good my cat loving buddy x3


Posted by CalinBeast 4 years ago Report

Yeah, sometimes the paws are a little tricky to draw. >.<
I'm glad you like it, though. c:


Posted by CalinBeast 4 years ago Report

Ok, I corrected that little error on the hind foot. If you clear your cache, the updated version of the image should appear.


Posted by jacobgord12345 4 years ago Report

oh nice~!, usally for me when i finish i tend to be lazy and not fix it uwu;


Posted by Anotherkitsune 4 years ago Report

OK but are you gonna finish your shirt? c:


Posted by masterofvore1 4 years ago Report

very nice!


Posted by MirceaKitsune 4 years ago Report

Well there's probably no lie here: They could have been former humans, and current kitty meals <3


Posted by MotherOfMonsters 4 years ago Report

Guh, love the combination of feral features and coy smile. That belly's great too--nice and heavy, with just enough of a suggestion to make out the features inside.~


Posted by Spunkomatic66 4 years ago Report

Oh I get it, 'cuz it's a liepard?


Posted by CalinBeast 4 years ago Report

U wot m8 XD


Posted by Achilles 4 years ago Report

Lovely leopard. I want hug him/her.


Posted by charlesdeleroy 4 years ago Report

Lions are more honest. They proudly strut their human-filled bellies!