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Eve's Nagas (2017 Edition) By EveAra -- Report

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Note: This was taken from something I wrote long ago, but has been updated and polished a bit from the original version.

Nobody is quite sure how the Naga came to be. The best guess anyone has is that they are a mutated offshoot of dragonkind, though they exhibit supernatural functions that no dragon has ever been capable of. No other known species metabolizes like a Naga does- the Naga require fully willing, live prey, and even stranger yet, they produce no waste. They convert all nourishment into energy and the secretions required to ensnare their next meal. They are immortal as long as they continue to consume sentient, consenting, non-virginal creatures. This suggests the Naga were perhaps a lost dragon tribe blessed by some higher power, or were even created or mutated from true dragons by an ancient conjurer of unimaginable skill. Their nearly indestructible bodies and irresistible tendencies would make a nearly bloodless coup easy for any entity in control of them, though these days, no one holds rein over the Naga in any way. The Naga only need to consume one to two beings a year, though they will always take any opportunity they can to consume more. Their low demands keep them from being persecuted muchly, as a matter of fact, some kingdoms don't mind having a few Naga in their outskirts to "clean up" certain lost individuals. It is said that some monarchs and prosecutors are in communication with certain Naga.

Most people generally know it is foolish and unlucky to try and hunt or condemn the Naga, they are too elusive and powerful. Those who set out to confront them despite it all are often fruitless in their pursuits, often disappearing abruptly if they won't give up after a few 'hunts'. In areas where population control has been attempted by fearful villages, the problem usually becomes worse- it is theorized that the Naga hold on to the spirits of those they devour for extended periods of time and when a Naga is slain, the disruption of the souls' resting place results in severe spiritual unrest in the region. Haunting influenced psychosis afflicts those who have participated in the hunt most intensely. The Naga are very selective in who they approach for prey, avoiding young ones or those whose disappearance would disrupt a community, but occasionally accidents happen. Its far more productive for a community to leave signs that the Naga have taken too much, and many times the mysterious creatures will either become more careful in their hunts or move on from the area entirely.

Reproductive Abilities and Lifestyle:
The Naga possess male and female genders, though they are deemed functionally vestigial as reproduction can happen between two Naga of the same gender. Horns, scale patterns, and mane configurations can be mixed and matched between the genders. Any perceived dimoprhism, including the genitalia, seems to be all part of the toolbox that a Naga uses to attract its prey.

Naga genital orifices have two purposes: their primary one is to secrete many liquid pheromones, their other purpose is to be used as a secondary "mouth." Prey "eaten" in this way will produce more fluids and pheromones than energy, while prey consumed orally will produce more energy for the Naga than stored liquids.

When Nagas confront their prey, the victim must be enticed enough, using the pheromones, to shed their clothes and inhibitions and approach the Naga. It is possible to resist, but if the Naga manages get close enough to touch bare flesh, the prey will most likely be unwilling to escape at that point. Naga always sexually stimulate their victims to relax them, and often engage in copulation with them to further loosen them up and prepare them for ingestion.

Naga are considered sentient but their motivations and pastimes when not feeding are largely unknown at this time. Most Naga live in units of 2-3, but some tribes of up to 30 have been observed. The larger tribes often keep a stock of seduced bipeds for entertainment and convenient nourishment, as sometimes hunting Naga encounter eligible groups of prey that cannot all be eaten in one sitting. Naga can be found wherever there is fresh water, especially springs, and will often cultivate vegetables and fruit-bearing plants near their lairs to help nourish any captives they might end up with.

The Naga mate very rarely, and it seems to have a very different process, function, and result than normal reproduction as we know it. There are very few accounts of this ever occurring, but it is told that one Naga is consumed within another, and then reborn as an egg, that later hatches into a small, but fully mature new Naga. The "parent" and "child" are both changed by this process. It is thought that the soul collection within both Naga is exchanged and shuffled between the two parties. The parent will stay physiologically the same otherwise but the devoured and reborn child will have a new appearance and personality influenced by their new psychological makeup. The main purpose for this sort of biological interaction seems to be for healing injuries or soothing spiritual unrest; any trauma that the child had before the transformation will be healed.

Relationship with Prey:
Unlike other species of dragon, Naga do not communicate verbally at all. Their "speech" is a blend of telepathy and sign language that can be understood by all. Their awareness is their own, yet also an amalgamation of all people that they have consumed so it is theorized that speaking with a single voice is somewhat beyond their ken. Still, their call is powerful and enchanting, and communicating with them at all can wear out the psyche due to their overwhelming presence. It is possible to commune with the Naga but it seems that free fraternization with species they consider prey is something they avoid, for both sides' protection.

It has been debated in some circles over whether it is actually cruel to rescue those who have been fully enticed by the Naga. A being who has been "Naga-touched" has difficulty functioning in most societies properly. Once they are removed from the presence of the pheromones, the physical effects fade but there is always the psychological, inexorable desire to find their way into the depths of a hungry Naga that can never be completely erased. There does exist accounts of certain captives who were "rescued" from Naga villages. They eagerly, almost hungrily have spoken of what they have witnessed. and even those who try to get back to reality, know that there will be one night where they cannot take it anymore and wander off into the woods to have their aching hearts soothed forever; a promise made by the creatures that touched them.


So if you have ever seen these creatures in my gallery and wondered what the deal was, here is what is known about them so far. This is all complete fantasy, so I can say a wizard did it, though I like it to make a -little- sense. When I created the Naga I wanted a pred that promised complete doom to the prey, but in a nice way. I don't sexualize pain or scat or terror(a drop of healthy fear is ok) but I do very much enjoy a final end to the prey's existence as they know it, by preds that are 100% about pleasure and sex, that can eat you this way or that. I love to paint a picture of complete and utter submission to the intense pleasure even though its kind of sticky and messy, and also the most dangerous thing you can do- but once you're in the thick of it, you don't even care anymore even though you'll be nothing but a sloppy mess in the morning.

I know its a little different for everyone, but to me, that's what vore is all about. And there's not nearly enough of it on the internet after all these years, so that's why I keep on posting. For everyone who has ever sent positive feedback for all my weird and dark desires that I've laid bare to the world, I hope you know it keeps me going! Everyone else, thanks for putting up with my weird shit.

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Posted by Seeguy 4 years ago Report

I like your stuff immensely and always feel a spark of happiness when I see you've uploaded something.


Posted by eatmeplease 4 years ago Report

I feel the same way!


Posted by Zeigwolf 4 years ago Report

Love it~


Posted by eatmeplease 4 years ago Report

Lovely nagas! I'd snuggle one~


Posted by autarch7 4 years ago Report

Love your stuff! You were the first artist I made a filename tag for in my image collection.


Posted by Scratch 4 years ago Report

Your naga are awesome creations, Naga Touched is one of my favorite stories for the whole seductive feeding concept.