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 Buzzwole sat in his cave in the Ultra dimension and tapped its finger mandibles on the ground beside him. Ever since the humans had broke into their dimension and started capturing them, new thoughts and feelings had started running through his brain. He started seeing all kinds of trainers coming through the portal and capturing his friends and allies in these multi colored balls that they all seemed to carry around. That really didn't bother him too much though, if they got taken away, that only meant that they were weak and didn't deserve their freedom.
 No, what got to him was how strong some of these trainers appeared to be. A very rare trainer class happened to be the body builder type and some of them could have given him a challenge if either one of them was the same size as the other. It made him think, something that was very difficult for him to do, or in fact hardly even consider.
 He thought perhaps he needed to get stronger, to avoid being stuffed into that tight compact little ball where his muscles couldn't be seen. He crawled up onto his 4 legs and started pacing, a very human thing to do but he'd seen enough of the trainers do it that it stuck with him rather well.
 "If I am stronger then, the humans won't be able to capture me, and I get stronger by absorbing others into my form." he thinks to himself in his very caveman style of speech. As he's thinking, he sees a very beautiful vision walking around the Ultra Dimension, and his eyes glow seeing her. "Ah Pheremosa, such a lovely sight." his previous train of thought forgotten momentarily until he sees her captured within another colored orb. "Hmmm" he says as he heads back into his cave and sits to think.
 Another few days go by and an idea finally gets fully realized within his brain. It took another day or two of setting up but he finally was ready to commence. He waited for another Pheremosa to come by before he gets her attention in a way that only bug type pokemon know and understand. She turns to look and immediately blushes at the big buff bug type that was calling her over. She gets a deeper purple color in her face upon getting closer and bows her head when she is right up next to him.
 Buzzwole and Pheremosa had always been very gender specific, despite this there were a healthy balance of genders between these two species. Naturally more Buzzwole's were male and more Pheremosa's were female, Similar to the vespiquen family.
 "I've had my compound eyes on your thorax for a long time." he says flexing his muscles at the young female. Pheremosa blushed again, this time causing a bit of purple to leak out of her proboscis and drip on the cave floor. She only assumed that her own scents she was giving off naturally were what was causing this but that didn't mean she was going to decline his generous offer.
 She followed him into the cave and with a quick muscular pose, some rocks fell from the doorway sealing them inside. She whirled around curious as to why there was suddenly a lot of dust in the air and a huge crash. "Oh nothing, just making sure we won't be disturbed" He says scuttling up behind her and wrapping his arms around her thorax.
 What followed after that was a series of moans and groans, as well as a few moves being let off, that I am unable to describe here without a vast study of pokemon's anatomy. Anyway, after their lovemaking was over, Buzzwole lays back on the ground and lets off a stringy moan of bug vibrations and male moans as he finishes off inside the Pheremosa.
 She starts to relax when her entire body was suddenly a bright red color, filling the cave with ruby light before she started disappearing into the dip of his organ. It wiggled a few times, sometimes a bit of white coming out of the tip but being pulled back in. After a few minutes it stopped wiggling and his organ glowed a bright white and changed from it's natural brown to a bit of a pinkish white color.
 The longer he sat there, new information was going into his brain. He learned how to use the pheremones in order to entice creatures to him and it was honestly a lot of details to take in. Her natural intelligence increased his own and he was able to think longer, quicker and harder than before.
 The downside to all of these changes happening to him, he actually passed out for about 3 days while his body adjusted to the change in anatomy within him. Not much had physically changed, aside from his colors, they went from a dark red to a dark orange color in response to the new body within it, his organ stayed the pink white color and his brain capacity was that of Pheremosa's. He rather liked his new form, he looked shiny.
 As he looked himself over in the nearby lake, he rather was glad that he had absorbed a discarded pokeball in his organ. It was on a whim and he didn't think it would actually work, but it did and his experiment was a success.
 Just as he finished that thought, a portal opened behind him and he dived into the water. He peeked his head out to see who came through and was surprised to see a pair of young humans, a bit too young, but his stomach growled right then as it had been a few days since he had anything to eat.
 From under the water, he took aim and shot his proboscus out, and wrapped around the waist of one of the humans. It started shrieking and then even harder when Buzzwole ripped its proboscus back and the human went flying through the air. His friend threw out his Bulbasaur to catch him but it was too late, Buzzwole already slammed him back into the water with him. The humans screaming stopped and was replaced by bubbles as the proboscus opened up and swallowed him whole. The struggling felt good as it slid down into his belly, and then a splash was heard as the human entered his oxygenized inner fluids. It was also found to have nutrients in it so the human could survive in there. Which was good because it was never coming out again.
 It didn't have the same reaction to his organ and the human floated in the middle of his chest sleeping quietly in the liquid. The other human comes over and tries to look for his friend, but fell backwards on is butt when Buzzwole slowly rose out of the water and started using one of its new powers on the human. It's face slowly went from a scared look to a peaceful happiness as Buzzwole stood in front of it.
 It didn't even flinch when Buzzwole wrapped it's proboscus around its neck and lifted it up. Its hands went to the tubing but it relaxed when it was tossed in the air and the tip of the proboscus opened up and created a slide for it to have a fun ride down to its belly. With another splash, the second human landed right next to the first and began sleeping peacefully in the frothing liquid.
 Buzzwole sat back against a nearby boulder and thought about what he had just done. The humans tasted delicious, better than any pokemon food he'd been able to gather from around this world. He decided that he would have to enter the human realm and collect some more humans for his belly.
 And so he began searching out other humans to gain a way through to their world. He knew Nihelego had broken through, but they never showed up for him to see or talk to, so he'd just have to find a way over.
 It was a few days before he found more humans, the two in his belly in the perfect relationship with him. He would take nutrients from their bodies, which would get replenished by the oxygenated fluids within his belly and from the fruits he sometimes liked to enjoy that he could find. When he found the humans, he waited for them to go back through, before following them, his form creating a large shadow from the light of the portal before it vanished behind him.
 He stood there in a pose that the alchemist Armstrong would be proud of, and watched as they turned to look at him, screaming loud when they saw how big and beefy he was. Their screaming turned into quiet breaths as they breathed in his calming ability, as well as any nearby trainer nearby that heard the screams and came to investigate.
 Buzzwole spent the next hour slowly stripping and examining every human that came to see what was going on, having found that the coverings that the humans wore rather took away some of their flavor. Once each human had been given a slide down his proboscus, he started on their pokemon, finding them to have the same effect from his ability. He was soon massive, as their forms when absorbed into him gave him so much more muscle, that his body had to take care of over time.
 Once the crowd of humans had been properly absorbed, he went in search of a cave to call his own, not having any idea how to get back to his cave in the Ultra Dimension, and wanting to sleep off his new form like he did with Pheremosa. He soon found one in the middle of a nearby forest and curled up to sleep, full and happy in this new world.
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In which Buzzwole wishes to get more swole so decides to start absorbing humans after having his way with Pheremosa.

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