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The room was spinning. Second by second Thom dwindled in size. The entire room was fading in and out as he was brought closer to the floor. Above him was Lana's towering figure. Her shadow slowly crept over him while he shrunk, almost like she was an enormous statue. First he passed by her sweater, and lower was her black skirt, then her stockings and finally he came to her shoes, two white Chucks with her shoelace wrapped around the ankle.
When he finally came to a stop he had to have been as small as a carpenter ant. Lana still stood in front of him, with a visible smile creeping across her face. "I'm glad that went well."
Lana was, essentially, Thom's worst enemy. Their hatred for each other didn't stem from any one event in particular but their personalities clashed pretty extremely. It looked like when their relationship came to the point of Thom personally spiting her at every given opportunity, and Lana herself spreading bullshit rumors about Thom, it had finally come to her to take the situation in her own enormous hands. She knelt down and they both came, like two huge caramel walls coming to crush Thom. At his size, it was impossible for him to outrun them or escape. That didn't stop him from trying.
He ran directly toward Lana, like a roach, but as he came under her skirt she finally boxed him in with her hands. Now he stood in the center of a structure of flesh circled around him, a colosseum. Lana moved and put her knees down on the concrete ground and peeked down at Thom.
"I bet you didn't expect that, huh?" she said, pausing at the end of her sentence expecting a response. When she saw Thom shouting up to her and realized she couldn't even hear his shouting, she giggled like a kid. "Shit, I can't even hear you. I think I have to pull you in closer."
At Thom's size there was no way that Lana could grab him between two fingers. She licked the pad of her pointer finger then pressed it against Thom, sticking him to her like an adhesive. Spit flooded into Thom's mouth, he was totally unable to move away. His stomach bottomed out and he screamed for help whenever she started to lift him toward her ear.
Brown and blonde hair framed it. She stopped moving her hand and held him as closely to the ear as possible. From his size it was like a huge, disgusting cave. The interior was too dark for him to make out anything inside of it. That was probably for the best.
"Alright, you can say something now."
Thom started to shout to her. "You fucking bitch, what did you do to me!?" He didn't receive any reply.
"I'm waiting, talk, go ahead. Come on." No matter how loudly he shouted to her she wasn't able to hear him. "Oh wow Thom, you're just so small that I don't think I could ever hear you at all. What a shame, huh?" Something told Thom that she already knew he wouldn't be heard in the first place. She was just fucking with him.
Next she brought her hand around to her face. Thom couldn't see her well because he was plastered to her finger face first and looking over his shoulder wasn't the best method of looking. From what he could make out he saw the right side of her face (from his perspective, from hers it would obviously be her left), the swoop of mascara coming from her brown eye and in general he was close enough to make out the detail of her makeup all around her face. Her two lips, glossed with brown lipstick, shone in the sunlight a little bit. By far it was the most intimidating sight.
Her eyes focused in on him, pretty obviously straining just to look at him because of his size. When she spoke her stale breath washed over him, "I think we should get going to my place. Is that cool with you?" It wasn't cool with Thom at all, but what could he do? "Don't say anything if that's cool." He said something, but she still couldn't hear him. "Great! I'll take your silence as a yes."
By the time that they'd gotten to her car the spit holding Thom to her finger was starting to dry. Lana was smart, though, when they got in she noticed that he didn't seem to be sticking so well anymore. Just before he came totally undone she wiped her finger along the dashboard carefully, scraping Thom off in a fantastically brutal fashion. When he was free he couldn't even move anymore.
Lana didn't say a single word as they drove home, at least not to Thom. After a few minutes she plugged her iPhone into the radio and spent most of the ride singing along to the music. They pulled into her driveway, Lana was singing, "White Iverson... when I started ballin' I was young..."
A sort of alarm started when she opened the car door, one repeating beep over and over and over. The speaker it came from seemed to be close to him, all of the vibration had driven him pretty mad. After Lana did her weird spit finger thing again to take him he was freed of all of that shit. Now they were outside again.
It seemed like all of the 'carefulness' Lana had exercised to grab Thom and put him in the car was forgotten. She gently swung her arms around like any normal person with her steps. All around Thom the wind rushed and blew at him. Keeping himself together was getting to be an impossibility, or close to it. He was given reprieve when she stepped into her house.
"Mom, I'm home!" she shouted. As she started to walk up the stairs to her bedroom her mom replied.
"Hey! What took you so long?" Lana stopped her ascent. Leaning over the wall lining the staircase she shouted back.
"I was hanging out with a friend, we just got tea. Is that okay?" Her mom just laughed in response and Lana continued upstairs.
None of this conversation was in English, it was actually in Lana's native language. So for all Thom knew she was talking about him, and that's exactly what he assumed. So even her mom was a crazy bitch, huh?
Weirdly enough there was a teddy bear on Lana's bed, laying against a pretty throw pillow with a big red heart stitched into it. The walls were painted different colors, one for each wall. Yellow, pink, green and baby blue. Lana laid put her phone on its charger, holding her finger with Thom away from it, then she took a seat on her bed.
Again she brought Thom to her face, "I got you alone now, you dickhead. Got anything to say?" Thom did, actually, but as established she couldn't hear him. "It's funny how quiet you are now considering you can't stop shit talking me everywhere else. Didn't think it would catch up to you, huh?"
She snorted. A grin brought the left edge of her mouth upward. "I guess we should get this all over with. I'm gonna make this as fun for me as possible."
Thom tried to yell at Lana and call her a cunt. She squinted then smiled even brighter. She stated plainly, "I'm gonna eat you."
What a fucking joke. It was Thom's top priority to get himself off this finger and get the hell out of dodge. The saliva encrusting him was starting to dry again and he was able to start peeling himself off. Obviously that made him fall off and start soaring through the air like a bird... down into the palm of Lana's other hand.
Again with the snorting. Lana repeated, "I'm gonna eat you," this time with emphasis on the eat. "You're fucking dead, dude."
Thom scrambled to his feet and ran to edge of her palm against the pain all in his body. The palm curved into a bowl and he slid down into the center and got wedged in the crevice between the folds of the skin of her palm. Lana gave Thom a dry, sarcastic smile then brought him to her mouth.
Two gigantic brown lips coated in wax, her lips parted and revealed the interior of her mouth. Heat came from her breathing, washing over Thom. She stuck her tongue out and pressed it against Thom.
The spit kept him glued to the tongue. His head pressed against one of her taste buds. Unable to pry himself away, he quickly started to drown. Everything receded around him as Lana slithered her tongue back into her mouth, totally consuming Thom into the humidity. She still held her mouth open. When the tongue came to a rest he could still barely see the outside world. Her teeth gleamed in the incandescent light of her room.
With no warning, Lana closed her mouth and pressed Thom into her hard palate. The muscle enveloped him, rubbing all over him and shifting, pulsing. Gravity pulled him down, down, down toward the back of her throat. When he got close her tonsils around him convulsed and a blast of air sent him flying back to the front of her mouth, landing right between her tongue and bottom incisors. All of the pink around him was too slippery for him to grab onto anything.
At this point Thom was screaming hysterically. He was completely powerless against Lana, he truly was fucking dead. Still he squirmed around, desperately grasping at anything around him to get a grip. The waves of spit pushed him to and fro throughout her mouth, all the way underneath her tongue. She must have felt him, because she pushed her tongue downward and squeezed to the side of her mouth then prodded at him, trying to pull him back up onto its surface. Bright light flooded back into the mouth. There was a blast of cold air, and then all of the warmth returned as Lana began to speak, announcing, "Oh God, Thom, you taste amazing!" Her laughter and talking had her tongue flying wildly about. Thom was finally sliding to the back of her throat again.
As he started to complete the descent the walls convulsed again. With the last of the light in her mouth he could see her epiglottis open. Last words came from her, "Make sure to struggle really hard for your favoritest girl in the world..." At the entrance to her esophagus he screamed as loudly as he could. Coming to a rest along the valve closing it off, all at once it opened under him for just a second. Saliva crashed around, flooding down along with him, and with one loud gluck there was darkness.
Slimy walls pressed and squeezed Thom, peristalsis pulling him toward his eventual destination. With horror he thought of her stomach and the fact that he was going to die in it. Inevitably the fall came, one long drop down into her stomach until... plop.
Bile and chyme gently drifted about, dragging Thom's nearly unconscious body about. He couldn't see it, but the walls of the stomach were slowly moving around, tightening. Whenever he finally managed to sink down to the bottom of the pool, weighed down by chunks of vomit stuck to his body, the stomach started to beat everything in it.
It was all a big mess of organic sounds, squelches and squirts each time he was pulled into a crevice along the wall then ejected out back into the soup of her stomach. Even with his eyes closed he felt them burning out, like they were melting. Everything was on fire and nothing made sense. There was no fighting the will of Lana's stomach.
Lana lifted her sweater and patted at her tummy. Smiling, she laid back onto her pillows, grabbed her teddy bear and started giggling. "Oh Thom, this really was great." She slowly drifted into a nap with a big smile across her face, her hand still resting on her tummy.
Eventually the movement in Lana came to a stop. Thom sat in the deathly silence, only surrounded by the pounding of her heartbeat and the sounds of blood rushing throughout her body. The pool he sat in began to drain under him, pulling him deep down into a pocket of the stomach until he rested against another valve. It opened for just a second and then he was sucked into the small intestine.
He was barely awake at this point. Nothing could keep him from moving deeper and deeper down into her bowels, even when he used the small amount of strength he had left to weakly paddle back toward her stomach. He knew what he was being taken to, he wanted to be anywhere but there, even if it meant melting away from her stomach acids.
But there was no mercy. Villi swaddled him like a baby, wrapping around him and trying to suck all of the precious fluids from his body. Occasionally he was able to dip into a pocket and suck in the rancid bits of air he could to stay alive. Part of him still wanted to make it through Lana's innards alive and well, unharmed even if stuck in a fucking toilet bowl. The drifting continued, moment by moment he was drained of fluid and brought to the one place he feared he would end up.
Another valve and his dry husk emptied out into her colon. Now totally devoid of any air except for the rancid gasses, he went unconscious within moments. His final thoughts were of the horror he felt for where he was and of his inevitable fate in Lana's colon. He couldn't stop crying. One final shout of anguish and then he was done for.
As Lana slept above, the large intestine dragged Thom into the mess that was building up in its depths. When his curled cadaver settled against the massive wall of human waste it was quickly buried in all of the waste behind him. Over the course of Lana's nap more and more shit pressed him until he was no more. The pressure alone pressed him into a smear, a mess of broken bones that simply popped and mixed in deeply with her shit as it slithered further toward her rectum.
It only took a few hours until any features or aspects of him were unrecognizable, everything from his body had been spread out into different places so that he was blended in with all of the waste. The small remnants of his corpse crept further and further along until it was all packed against the end of her rectum, one long, solid mass.
Snoring gently, the grand finale came as Lana let out a gentle toot, even the gas mixed with bits of Thom. After the eighteen years of his life, he finally had come to his end as the gas from the rear of the woman he hated the most.
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Thom and Lana aren't fond of each other, and Lana just so happens to have the ability to shrink people.

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Awesome story!


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