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I've found myself in the overt and rank darkness of a stomach. A moistened, tight pit dimpled by deep crevasses filled with bile and mucus. The walls are throbbing, shifting under my body and bringing me deeper into the chasm. Around me is little to no air, only the choking fumes that are produced by food that's broken down and eventually digested here. With no light to guide me I use my hands to grasp at the flesh I'm on and get an idea of what my standing is, here, in this stomach. As I'm blindly flailing around, examining the ground with my hands, I feel the entirety of my body being caked with the slime all over the place, between my fingers and toes. I decide that there's no way that I'm going to figure out what to do, especially not with the entrance to this place, her lower esophageal sphincter, likely twitching far about me and completely out of reach. I hear the sounds of her interior all around me, the groaning sound of the stomach shifting about especially, peppered with the occasional blub or blop, what I'm guessing is chemicals oozing nearby. The stench of my surrounding environment is sour, a smell that intrudes upon my nostrils and bites at the inside of my lungs causing me actual physical pain to inhale the gastric odors. It's musky, difficult to even move through as it feels like my limbs are being groped or enveloped in the thickened gasses, forcing me back down to the ground, or what I think is the ground. It's only three of four seconds until where I was has now traveled far away to the beat of each movement of her stomach, working fast to determine its own contents.
From above there are occasional drops of saliva and mucus, the sphincter opening and releasing enough to cause an audible dripping noise far away from me, where it falls is only decided by this girl's position. Squinting my eyes, I listen as closely as possible in order to find where the next drop falls, so I can have an idea of where the sphincter may be far above me. Completely focused, I ignore the moans of the moving stomach, and let the stomach move me as much as it pleases. I close my eyes and listen. Almost immediately afterward, I hear the sound of her sphincter contorting and then opening, blowing its load into the stomach and then unexpectedly, onto myself. What's got to be a mixture of the usual -- saliva and mucus -- is now more than on my body, it's in my mouth and lungs as well. Spitting at first, I scream in discontent until more quickly than I'm used to I can hear the sphincter opening once again. I roll to the left to avoid the force of whatever this girl's swallowed but, like a fool, I'm pulled into a crevasse. Feeling the new texture beneath me, and then noticing the spit that's pooling around me, I'm unable to react before the fold consumes me with a resounding slurp, and without my consent my sense of direction is taken from me. Replacing it is the tight embrace of soft, slimy walls that probe at my body gently, massaging me, flipping me in all four cardinal directions and further. Attempting to gasp in air, instead my lungs are filled with the thick bile that I'd completely forgotten about, and so I begin to panic. With all of my energy, I punch at the walls closest to me, as the chamber is so small that it can only take so long to escape. Finally, feeling at a fault, I hurriedly push myself through and tumble out, down into a massive pool of liquid, hacking my lungs out all the way. Thick globs of bile come from my mouth, the taste absolutely rancid, until I've finally begun vomiting out not just my mouth but also my nose, burning my throat and interior of my mouth, the vomit seeping down into another crevasse, possibly the one I'd just came from.
When I finally come to, I notice something disconcerting. No longer am I in an empty albeit wet pit, instead there's a rather generous amount of a liquid that I'm sitting in. At first I stand and back away as quickly as I can, but as I splash around shouting in fear I notice that, instead of digestive fluid, the liquid is water, lukewarm water in fact. I look up again, although I still can only see the pitch darkness, I figure that this must be where the things deposited here by the sphincter have been collecting. Other than this small observation, I'm disappointed at there being nothing particularly interesting that's happening. I try to stand up, but the floor is still violently moving around me and I fall right back down. It's only now that I'm starting to feel lightheaded from the lack of any real or significant amounts of oxygen in this cavern. Scared that I may faint and never wake up, I crawl or more like roll to the closest thing that feels like a real wall and clutch at it, pushing my fingers deep into the fleshy walls that give out disappointingly easy, and instead of receiving a fistful of stomach lining I only fill my hands with more of the stringy, congealed mucus that's covering the walls. Having been still for too long, the 'wall' becomes a floor, and eventually it develops into a slope under my dumbfounded ass and I roll right into the lake of now rather hot water, back at square one. I sit still and breathe lightly. I figure, if this situation is going to actually develop into something life-threatening, then I'm going to have to take careful steps to determine the best course of action, and make sure I conserve my energy and especially the oxygen. Every time the girl decides to swallow something of decent size, I know that with that comes a tiny bit of good air that she's swallowed, even if the stint in her esophagus has made it uncomfortably warm.
Before I start actually putting my brain into good use to figure out what I'm going to do here there's the sound of the sphincter somewhere above me opening, a very organic sound, and instead of a shower of water I hear what's got to be actual, physical food dropping down upon me. I back away from my stomach-based hot tub and try to stay grounded on a shallow slope a bit further back. I can't see what the girl's eating, but I can definitely smell the floury scent. It's the best course of action to stay where I am, I decide, and instead possibly wait until there's a real murder of food in here and use it as a serious hill to touch or stimulate the sphincter. Of course, I don't completely know what doing that would cause, but I figure the higher up I am the lesser chance I have of actually making actual deadly contact with any digestive chemicals and enzymes that are going to be secreting around me in just a matter of minutes, I'm guessing. At this point I think it's been thirty seconds since the first impact, so the second impact of whatever this girl's eating will be here any moment now. Although there's no true silence, the ambiance of the stomach's slurping is more than tense enough to make this a very polarizing experience. Listening with 100% of my ears I hear the powerful sound of her esophagus bringing down her meal, and then finally there's the regular noise of it pushing it all down in here as a macerated mess. There's very distinct noises of slapping and splashing down at the bottom of the stomach, and now again I'm left waiting.
In even less time than before there's more food crashing down into this pit, and eventually I can tell this girl's eating fast enough to provide a near constant flow of sludge down here. The smell has gone from reasonable to sweet, sour, bitter as well as very very strong in a short amount of time. Attempting to nudge slightly closer to get a better idea of what I could be dealing with, suddenly there's a very powerful shift under me and I'm sent tumbling down near the viscous food that I've been very much not wanting to copulate with. The moment that I make contact I'm pulled within, deep within this gigantic mess. The sounds of groaning are replaced with slushing and the slapping of each time a large chunk of food is dropped onto the pile. I squirm and twitch, trying to worm my way out of this place, but the liquids are much too thick for me to exit. After bringing myself to near exhaustion and actually feeling the pain of my lungs begging for oxygen, I try to sort of swim up to the top of the slop, until I've very barely brought my head into the open. My arms are still stuck below the surface, so I'm not able to wipe off my face so I just blow and sometimes lick it off so I can clear up my nose and inhale. The taste of this is absolutely obscene, not because it's actually bad but because I know what I'm swimming in. It tastes strongly of a like sandwich, probably, or something else with bread and meat in it, but alongside that there's a synthetic, kind of cheesy taste that I can't get past. Finally able to just breathe, I now open my eyes and try to move out of the mess.
As I slowly find my way to the left, I can definitely tell the girl's ate a lot more, as I'm swimming a long way. Occasionally I can feel actual bits of solid food, but this is maybe unnaturally rare, instead it is almost entirely a dissolved and nonhomogenous mess. Finally, when I think that I've gotten past all this swimming, instead of being released into the sort of cleaner sections of the stomach, I only hit a wall. Absolutely surprised and taken aback for a moment, I finally pull my head out of my ass and realize this girl's eating a lot, more than I would expect from when I had seen her petite figure. I look up and try to figure out if I can see any sort of roof, but of course I can't actually find out anything at all, and in return my eyes are coated with more chewed up food, burning them pretty intensely. Really, the only way that I can avoid being pressed into the top of this girl's stomach and smothered is if I get back near the center, where I'll be furthest away from the ceiling. Unfortunately, I can't actually figure out which way I'd come from, so I just pick a direction and move. It's like two meters and I meet another wall, so I turn another way, swim, and again I've hit a wall. I shout in frustration, and unsurprisingly my gills are quickly filled with goo. Finally I just kind of relax and start drifting around until I genuinely find out what the origin of the sound that's being produced by food falling into the stomach is coming from and I move over there.
Being a fool, I forget to actually stop before I reach the real center and now there's the ooze being deposited right on top of my head, pushing me way deep into the stomach. Again I'm totally unable to breathe, but this time when I swim back up to get just the tiniest bit of air and find my bearing to get back to the plan, I find a wall. Or not actually a wall, it's the ceiling, unless the girl's laying down but, really, why would she be laying down while she's still eating? I can hear her stomach now expanding to take in all this food and I'm in fear of if I'll drown before this girl stops. When I truly think I'm done for, like about to kick the bucket or throw in the towel, there's no more sound of the food flowing in. Instead it's just the disgusting noises of food being shifted, kind of turned around and mixed up further, and sometimes a rather loud groan of discontent from the stomach's capacity being totally violated. Brushing my hand against the ceiling, I try my hardest to find the sphincter before it's completely too late, and soon enough I don't feel just average stomach lining, but instead I'm touching a rough pucker, which is really either the bottom or the top of the stomach, but the idea of it being the bottom is too much for me to take in right now. The stomach is definitely full because there's not even the smallest pocket of air for me to take refuge in. Abandoning this ridiculous plan altogether, I go on a mad frenzy trying to find a crevasse, similarly to earlier. Approaching a wall and getting near a crevasse, I don't actually get that far before something's begun to happen.
What's around me is pulled backward, toward the sphincter, myself included. I am sucked incredibly far back until I slam against the absolute top of this stomach and the convulsing sphincter momentarily opens, allowing myself and a rather minute amount of liquid, an amount that's totally surrounding me, to exit. Peristalsis works in overdrive and I realize that wow, that really was the bottom of the stomach. I'm rubbed about again, similarly to my stint in the esophagus, and pulled further down into the great big pit that this girl has tucked within her. Without any air, I finally decide to just faint instead of allow myself to just peter out like the rest of the contents of the girl's stomach, and just go to sleep indefinitely. As I close my eyes, and let myself go, the darkness I've been seeing constantly is replaced by a powerful light, an almost blinding one in fact. In only a fraction of a second I'm sent out the top of the girl's esophagus pushed out very strongly, until I'm freefalling and I land right against the incredibly yellowed and abnormally concave teeth of this girl, and instead of being able to get out I'm just slipping around because of how broken down these teeth are. Before I can actually think or peer down between the girl's teeth to see where I might be going, her massive pink tongue slams into me, taking me up and then flicking me right out into the air, straight into the depths of a toilet bowl.
When I hit the water, I damn near go unconscious. I float on my back, disgusted with what's happened, my vision fading out slowly, until I look up to see exactly what the hell is happening, and I see a sight that utterly disturbs me. The girl, sans shirt, stands 1.72 meters tall, her head tilted very slightly up, with three fingers down her throat. Far from me are the walls of the toilet, covered in very small chunks of food that this girl is forcing up. After thinking about what's going on for a moment, the girl makes a gulping sound and pulls her three fingers from her mouth rather quickly, bending over and emptying more vomit into the toilet. Fortunately, I remain off near the edges of the bowl, avoiding extreme contact with the vomit, but the violent waves send me further to the center, where I'm finally caught in a pretty thick and large chunk of vomit, and I'm completely stuck. I look back up at the girl, again with her fingers down her throat, and after listening I can hear the sound of her tap running, and the bathroom's fan blasting very, very loudly. As she again gags, pulls her fingers out, and as she keels over I see for just a small second her puffy, red eyes, and her tacky blue hair framing her face, actually hanging down to the edges of the bowl, and then again a massive amount of watery, foul smelling vomit is spilled onto me. The waves around me, much more violent, are not nearly enough to stir the bit of food I'm trapped onto, and eventually the small floating bits of vomit stick to it, only adding more onto its weight.
I spit and blink a lot, my eyes still not used to all of this light, but soon enough more vomit empties onto me. The water of the bowl has become a dark, very brownish yellow. Now the walls of the toilet are rather generously speckled with what was previously the contents of this girl's stomach, and looking up I can see that her tummy has bits of vomit on it too. Removing her hands from her mouth, she bends over and vomits into the bowl, now having liquid blasting from her nose as well, down past her lips and into her mouth, then directly onto me again. The largest serving yet, I suddenly recoil in pain and feel that she's gagging up gastric acid along with her food, and it's started eating at my flesh with extreme vigor. I try to pull away and swim to a corner that looks more pleasant and clearer, but when I think I'm almost free the girl vomits onto me again, huge chunks of food dropping right onto my head and a whole lot of it into my mouth, where I don't really feel the effort to do anything but just swallow the food and struggle harder. My skin's now a very mild shade of crimson, enough to worry me, and I'm itching all over, and scratching provides no relief. Still squirming, more vomits falls onto me from above, and the water splashing up all into my face and my eyes, burning them intensely and when I try to wipe them, I only manage to rub it all in and now I'm nearly blind; not like pitch black blind, but instead the previously distinct shapes have all become a blur to me, a big yellow blur, and the girl vomits right on top of me again, trying to empty her stomach desperately.
It's got to be thirty minutes I sit here, the tap still running very loudly and the fan blasting, and the only observations I'm able to make are the changing smells of the murky toilet bowl, as well as the top of the water now being covered in a layer of viscous fat that stinks to high heavens. I can't tell what's actually happening, but every now and then a crumpled sheet of toilet paper drops down and hits the area I'm in, but never close enough to dislodge me. I've ceased squirming long ago, not feeling the motivation to attempt to escape this place so long as I am blind and probably losing a lot of my motor functions, what with what seems like my nerve endings having been burnt out like a light bulb. I blink, the thick layer of bile being removed from my eyes, and lean back onto the slime that's imprisoned and totally doomed me from the moment I got near it. Still I can hear the constant sound of gagging and retching, then vomiting into the bowl where I'm given, fed essentially, a serving of partially digested food from this girl's eating binge, which has now become a purge.
After an unnatural moment of silence, there's squeaking noises and then more toilet paper, a lot actually, is thrown into the bowl. It drifts close enough to me when suddenly a real wave coming from another bit being thrown in slams right into me and dislodges me from my prison. Instead of swimming to an edge, I'm completely unable to actually move at all, and instead I sink like a rock, pulled deep down into the depths of this unflushed toilet bowl, where the largest chunks of food have gathered now all around the entrance to the pipe. I settle down on top of them, not breathing or trying to move at all, and then above me all of the light, at least the little bit unobscured by the thick layer of vomit atop the water, is finally shut out by another bit of toilet paper, likely being used to clean the interior and exterior of, even the floor surrounding, the toilet bowl. After another moment of silence, there's an ungodly loud crashing and screaming noise of the toilet actually being flushed, and all of the suction pulls me real deep into the piping.
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A man finds himself unable to escape a girl's stomach.

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Posted by dcvfgb1234 4 years ago Report

Wow, just wow. This was a really great story and definitely one of the best I've read in a very long while. I definitely liked the part of the story happening in her stomach the most. That was just godly written. You should do more of those very detailed descriptions of being in a stomach.
Also had she actually burped while he was underwater or was there another reason that the air pocket at her spincter was gone when he resurfaced?
And what was the reason he was swallowed in the first place? Was she unaware of eating him?


Posted by Juliet 4 years ago Report

The air pocket disappeared because the girl was eating food so rapidly that the hole was filled.