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Chapter 4 Fragments of the Past By Arthotus

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Velida got into the City! And she didn't die! Even better, she's getting a new companion. Fortunately, Princess Cracklefoot was able to find Nine and Cassandra while she was unconscious. UNfortunately, the Tree Cutter's search has now triggered a side quest that Velida can't ignore.

Ok, for those of you reading along for the gooey, steamy sex and vore details, I'm sorry to say, but this chapter ain't got much of it. There is a short vore scene, but it's honestly just a bit of a tease, if that's the only thing you're looking for. I'll be sure to give you a heads up when we get back to the lesbian sex and hot girl on girl on lamia action this story started with, but we need to get through this little serious patch first. Check back around chapter 6 or so.

For all the rest of you who are enjoying the story, the plot thickens! New characters, of course, and they've got more than two legs! And don't expect updates this rapid in the future. Chapter 5 was a bit of an action roller coaster, so I pumped it out pretty fast. I'm going to purposefully slow down a bit to write chapter 6, since it's probably going to be a longer, more whimsical chapter, me thinks.

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Posted by Graywolf18 11 months ago

Oh yeah, princess Snack-cake stepping up! Showing who's boss! Swinging her metaphorical girl cock around! Taking charge and protecting someone she met a day ago for little more reason than wanting to be her friend! What a beast of a woman!

I'd do the same thing to be honest, I like Brinda... Marcus however has lost my respect and I hereby revoke his man card.


Posted by Arthotus 11 months ago

Well, Velida is supposed to be the leader of this damnable expedition, and by the gods, she ain't going to leave any man, woman, or spider person behind. Especially if she's a really interesting empathic spider-girl who may or may not induce and eat dreams.

You might forgive Marcus, just a bit, when you read through the next chapter. I don't mean to tease it too much, but it's more of a horror/action chapter than the ones so far.


Posted by Graywolf18 11 months ago

Nothing short of Marcus returning with the Green Arm city's equivalent of the Justice league will earn his man card back. Thus is the consequences of abandoning his little sister... even if temporarily.


Posted by Arthotus 11 months ago

There's not a great deal of love lost among the Driders, at least not in this family.


Posted by walkingbyself 11 months ago

I have a feeling the princess Dryad is going to have a rude awakening very soon. Her over confidence in her abilities might prove to be her undoing. This guy has been making so called 'monsters' in order to satisfy whatever his agenda is. If he knew of where the dridders were he likely also planed for dealing with dryads and ents and the like. So while I do hope she learns to not be so over confident I do hope dryad princess does survive this ordeal.

As for Velidia, it's good to see her actually standing up for once. I just hope she doesn't get herself killed in the process of proving herself by removing this man.


Posted by Arthotus 11 months ago

I didn't elaborate, but actually Lady Ironbark isn't a princess because Lady Surebranch isn't a queen. The council is arranged by race, and each representative is simply there by popular vote. The exception is the Tree Cutters, who aren't technically royalty in the common sense, but the mother of insects is usually called a Queen, so that's just what everyone calls her. Thus, her most trusted and doted upon daughter becomes princess, even though ALL of the tree cutters are technically princes and princesses.

As for Velida, we shall see. She isn't as easy to kill as most people, but neither is Svard. He's no mystical royal, but he's got some tricks up his sleeves.