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Pocket sheep best sheep. :V


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Posted by DimensionalKitty 1 year ago

Pocket sheep thoughbisnt as good as a pocket cloud


Posted by reliuskaiser 1 year ago



Posted by zbuilders 1 year ago

*Charges limit*


Posted by DimensionalKitty 1 year ago



Posted by nbe21 1 year ago

Hmm this turned out pretty much how i thought it should


Posted by MontyMiyagi2513 1 year ago

Meal for Myla


Posted by DanzoLegend 1 year ago

I really really do not think this will go well....


Posted by Dulahallan 1 year ago

Just keep her under watch. Besides, she brings up a fair point. Other agents will be sent and they will cause problems. Better that we make use of this one.


Posted by FKBone 1 year ago

well atleast woof isnt really pissed at us anymore, thanks to Garrett, but how should we deal with this, Damn you birb and your good plot! (really liking the Story). :/ as much as i dont like the idea of Myla stuffing the sheep into her, it is the best solution out of this whole mess, since making her into "pocket sheep" would still Show our deerbutt to her, and it wouldnt take Long for her to figure that one out.


Posted by Dulahallan 1 year ago

Why is everyone so concerned with if Kimi finds Ely? I mean, she warned her against a course of action which warrants a death sentence?


Posted by FKBone 1 year ago

well yah she warned her, that is true, but for now she is thought dead, that means she can go back into her land without getting in Trouble.
If Kimno finds that out and she tells anyone than why did we lie to her in the first place.


Posted by Dulahallan 1 year ago

True but why would she tell them now if she fucked it up by aiding the target last time? That kinda defeats the whole purpose not to mention that she is risking a lot for a target that she could have easily been rid of now.


Posted by Dulahallan 1 year ago

Cause as stated, she told her so she would no longer have to watch her.


Posted by TheCrystalDemon 1 year ago

This went better than I thought, I say shrinking potions for temporary solution and then investigate for a more long term solution.


Posted by DeityV 1 year ago

Well, she prefers Myla's plan than being a pocket sheep so it's an opportunity for a willing scenario. That being said, the only means I can think of is a shrinking potion from Gina, but that isn't permanent. So I don't believe we have a permanent solution for her being a pocket sheep. I just feel that she may be shrunk for however long, then the effect will wear off while we are sleeping or something. If we do go with pocket sheep, let's let Myla manage her.


Posted by nbe21 1 year ago

Well at this point honestly if she has that big a problem with being shrunk down then leave it to her. Get shrunk or be wolf food.


Posted by MasterGryph 1 year ago

"If circumstances were just slightly different... Well, the more people hunting down that mage, the better."


Posted by Petz22 1 year ago

who knows? Send Bluebell with a letter to Marcus, and tell them to lay low. Then we let Kimno follow us to Erada, and then Gina might teach us an alternate way to keep Kimno "in check".....UB *cough* UB.

Or we could ask mr. Pervy wolf to teach us some kind of shrinking magic, or try to find something in the library.

After all, Myla is right. We cannot let her go, and we cannot let her disappear entirely. So keeping her on our hands untill we can use her for negotiations when the other agents inevitably comes after us..might be an alternate route?


Posted by Kartomic 1 year ago

I'm all for keeping Kinmo in check via unbirthing. Its safer, comfier, and warmer than being stuffed into a pocket!


Posted by Petz22 1 year ago

agreed. The only thing is, that it might become uncomfortable for Floria to carry Kimno around for an extended period of time given the size. So UB + shrinking is the best way to go :)


Posted by Kartomic 1 year ago

And, depending on how unbirth works in ARPG, Floria could keep Kinmo safe and placated by casting a sleep spell on her every now and then. That way, at least, Kinmo doesn't get bored. ;P


Posted by Petz22 1 year ago

all of my yes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Posted by DarkPinkie 1 year ago

I thought unbirth in ARPG normally ended in femcum digestion.


Posted by Kartomic 1 year ago

Rayen's stated before that, through training, one could learn to control digestion, or negate digestion all together. I believe the example used was unbirthing someone in order to heal them, kinda like what Bluebell did with Floria.


Posted by DarkPinkie 1 year ago

Ah, true. But so far I think none in the party have that sort of ability... Cept Blubelle, but thats slightly different.


Posted by Deska 1 year ago

I say let Myla eat her. For one its still a bit of a hike to the city and we don't want to let her just walk and deduce things. But have Myla cool it on digestion, maybe slow it as much as she can. Then we can have Myla cough her up and we deal with it in the city!

Doesn't make sense, but this pleases me :P


Posted by AnominableBreadman 1 year ago

How about instead of pocketsheep, why not belly captive, with Floria being the Captor :)


Posted by Kartomic 1 year ago

Or a womb captive, perhaps?


Posted by Thagrahn 1 year ago

Best agent is one we know about, and a pocket size one is event better.

Have a felling shrinking someone falls under Raw Magic, but Floria has been shrunk before so knows how the process feels.


Posted by Demicus 1 year ago

Pocket sheepie! Also, I think Myla will feel bad if we eat her now...

Besides. I sense that she might, if handled correctly, be a handy ally. An honest spy. Who'd have thunk it?


Posted by TotallyRandom 1 year ago

I would just put Kimno on a airship to Dolnor, while we head for Grental. This gives us a huge headstart, before sheep can report anything.

We should make it clear to sheep, that it's either this option, or Myla gets her mutton chops. Also, if we catch her following us again, or any other agent for that matter, it's gurgle time.

To throw her of further, we could pretend to take the airship to Dan or Shila. Elykae "mentioned" a suitable mage there.

In Erada we will send Garret to "get some supplies" (inform the others), while Floria and Myla watch the sheep.


Posted by TotallyRandom 1 year ago

The main reason why I am against just killing her is, that she thinks she is partly responsible for Elykae's death. She might just agree to Myla's proposal, because she feels guilty.

If we put her on an airship in another direction, we can also take her gold. She has to work for a while, before she can afford a ticket back to Grental.


Posted by CaptainMoke 1 year ago

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it's a bad idea to skip out on it entirely!

So I say let Myla eat her, pocket sheep is a bit too risky for me.


Posted by Dracon_Kitsune 1 year ago

Let's go pocket sheep! Tiny adventures! Boob holding!


Posted by Dulahallan 1 year ago

Pocket sheep all the way !!!


Posted by Ryan-Drakel 1 year ago

Reason with the group that killing the sheep is a horrible idea. The empire will find out what happened and then they may send Assassins for "Justice Executions." But it's true that being followed would cause trouble as well... Keeping her captive would also pose as a problem because an agent may spot the situation and report to the empire, again, causing them to send mercs/assassins to "Rescue" the captured agent... I legitimately cannot think of a good way out of this.


Posted by RavenXeo 1 year ago

Everytime we have a situation involving other people Myla suggests eating them. everytime something slightly annoys her she flies off the handle and judging by both today and bathtime the other night she doesn't seem to know why shes acting this way. Myla seems to have been turned into some form of overly suspicious, volatile, nom machine, probably by Tassri. We need to bring this up with her so that perhaps she'll start to think over what shes saying a little more carefully.

As for Kimno, suggest that in her report she mentions the ruins but that we were all killed by said dragon. That way everyone is happy.


Posted by Razgriz 1 year ago

Strange having prey accepting it. Pocket sheep is amusing and i wouldn't mind Myla eating her. But as she said another Agent will report in. Maybe we can tell her all we know about the mage and she'll buggar off?

Perhaps we should use this oppertunity to learn more about agents, before we take the final decision.

Also Hug Myla.

This makes me wonder if there's a way to preserve her mind but not her body and freedom?

Or, maybe we can offer to report any further contact?

Poor Myla never getting any fuds, but thanks Garret!


Posted by Kartomic 1 year ago

Dangit Rayen, you got your moral conundrums in my lewd game! Joking aside, hoo boy I thought this was going to get rough! Garrett is to be commended, though! Calming Myla down isn't easy, and I think he saved her from going full bandit on us.
Perhaps I was wrong about Kinmo. She does seem sorry about what she did (although she coukd still be playing us), and I don't think she should die for that. We can't have her following us, and eventually she'll grow wise to Elyake's switcharoo, but... What if she just doesn't report it? Her mission was to follow Elyake, who is now gone, but now she'll follow us. Like I said, if she susses out who Faera was, but simply feigns ignorance by choice, then that removes her as a threat. She's already proven to us that she's a good liar. Plus, if she found out, there's a chance that she might be sympathetic and understand why Myla got so fierce.
Alternatively, if we found a way to shrink her down, and keep her in Floria's womb without melting her, then that would remove her as a problem for the time being. I know i'm obsessive over unbirthing, but I bekieve this is a good oppertunity for this particular fetish to be actually useful. Once unbirthed, Floria could constantly cast a sleep spell on Mini-Kinmo to keep her in suspended animation (and from getting bored). Plus, Kinmo would get to stay in a warm, safe place for awhile! Its a win-win for everyone! :D

Run the shrinking/unbirthing idea by everyone, and get their thoughts. Problem is, that we'd need to have Kinmo accompany us directly, so we can keep an eye on her. If we go with this idea, send Garrett ahead to the capitol to confer with Gina and Ken to prepare, and to inform Faera about the plan.

The last time Myla almost ate an agent, she turned into a stalwart ally for us. Can the friendship lightning strike twice with Kinmo?


Posted by Kartomic 1 year ago

Based on Rayen's recent discord post, I'd like to put forward the notion that, if she does become a pocket sheep, she be placed between someone's breasts.


Posted by Lialketta 1 year ago

Come on! This is a vore site! Let's have her eaten! >:D

Comment deleted by its author.


Posted by Moxx 1 year ago

I dunno that letting Myla eat her is that great idea. I mean, look at Myla's boobs; they're already the size of her head! She eats any more and she might not be able to walk upright.

Also, Myla's only at 88/100 hunger. Even Floria is hungrier than that! (85/100). Wolf is just being a greedy guts.

So maybe pocket sheep. Unless Kimno is willing to accept a complete change in position. She is, for all intents and purposes, food, now. That means she's no longer an agent. We could thus claim her as *our* escort. It's just that we need a diplomatic escort rather than a combat escort; we're already combat-capable enough.

On the other hand, thinking this spurt of aggression is a side-effect of Tassri's work on Myla's mind. It might not even be Tassri being evil; it might just be Myla's mind reverting to a more bandit-like mentality, now that the mental damage was fixed(-ish).


Posted by Eboros 1 year ago

In view of the situation, we could take advantage of the fact that she doesn't risk spying on us to prepare the ground for Faera. The goal is to pass her off as a knowledge of Elikae. Like that, it will make her a reason to approach us and she will be able to reintegrate our group (if necessary).

Well, I say Elikae but it can be anyone else in the group.

I think it would be better to wait to be in Erada to warn her because if someone sends someone (like Garett) and the other piaf sees him, he could warn the girl and put her on alert.

However, there is always the risk that she will discover her true identity.


Posted by Eboros 1 year ago

Otherwise, to get rid of her, you can always make a cock vore with Myla or an unbirth with Floria !!!!!


Posted by Graywolf18 1 year ago

I have a number of solutions for this issue. All of them super fun and enjoyable for all parties.

First: Pocket sheep, I like this idea cause it is a non-lethal solution and removes Kimno as a threat. It also gives Floria an outlet for her pervishness... even if that makes Myla mad.

Second: Sleepy sheep shipping, we could ask for both Myla and Kimno to trust us, Myla would already be weary and waiting for us to do something stupid, the walk over to Kimno and pull her into a kiss to distract her, then cast drowsy on her, holding the kiss till she passed out and then bring her to Erada and put her on a cargo ship and express mail her back to Grantal. This removes her as a threat immediately allowing us to put space between us and her but leaves her open to report in on us.

Third: Birb Kimno aint no spy, this one is more for fun, maybe fishing for a reaction from Kimno(I sense a 'dere in her), take her proof of her being a recognized spy and give her to bluebell for summary birb transformation. If we do this she could travel with us, not as a spy, but a companion/prisoner until we release her and transform her back. This solution is not an actual solution as it solves no problems but is only advisable if we wish to be stupid and keep Kimno as a semi-willing love slave, but don't phrase it like that infront of Myla unless we want to be eaten. This plan does however allow Kimno to continue observing us but on our terms. It could also be interesting to see Oriz's reaction to a birb Kimno~

Forth: Wolf gets desert early: Unbirth sheep, cream sheep, shove Myla's mouth to lower lips, feed the wolf. Fun for the whole party! Myla gets her meal, Floria gets impassioned/furious lovemaking, Kimno get the best 20 minutes of her life, bluebell gets heated, and Garrett gets to watch~ Everyone wins. <3

Solution 3 is mostly a joke, but if she goes for it that could be fun... even tho I can almost guarantee it will piss off Myla again.


Posted by zbuilders 1 year ago

I agree with solution 3 because it has unbirth and so we can ship Kimno and Oriz better


Posted by MolenarVincaros 1 year ago

as entertaining as pocket sheep sounds, unless we had knowledge of a permanent way to do that. I dont think it would solve the problem. We'd still have to keep an eye on her constantly until possibility of earning our trust, but even then Floria/we have fallen for so many problems of trusting when we shouldn't..... but ultimately, we aren't evil.... take her along as is for now, and if the shrinkydink doesn't work out, maybe eat her later. For the time being, lets drill her for a much information as we can. She's cooperating for now anyway.


Posted by Godeater 1 year ago

Keep the sheep you already know who she better to have an agent you know then be tracked by agents you don't know. She will be very handy with empire lackey when encountered.

Keep her Sheepy, Myla can go without appeal to her that it be murder and the empire would know it then. As she already reportes about them and the mage so they would know she was following them before disappearing.


Posted by WolfMorgenstern 1 year ago

Keep her as a Pocket Sheep!

I say keeping her around as a Pocket Sheep is probably our safest best. Eating another Nation's agent is far from a smart idea.


Posted by almindore58 1 year ago

Just let Myla have her


Posted by Apostolos 1 year ago

Visit Gina and learn nonfatal unbirth from her


Posted by radiogenicvore 1 year ago

Black market slave trade?


Posted by zerowag 1 year ago

Myla needs bigger fun bags


Posted by Sergit 1 year ago

Garret, you beautiful centaur, yess! I am actually really okay with this. Let's shrink Kimno down, and maybe put her in a bottle or something. THEN, we can hand the bottle to Elykae and have her keep the spy under watch.

Also, we can't perform a memory wipe ourselves, but maybe KEN could! We should ask Kimno if she'd be alright with her willingly allowing a memory wipe spell to remove anything about Floria's visions and the glowy rock things.

If she agrees, we could just take her to Ken and explain the situation to him.

Or we could keep tiny sheep as a pet for a while and take her with us to the Grental empire.

If we did, I'd probably promise Kimno that, once our situation with Myla's potion poisoning is dealt with, we'd release her, then return to Erada and remain away from Grental for good.


Posted by necryel 1 year ago

1: We should get a few shrinking potions, 5 at least just to be sure.

2: To show that we have faith in Myla, and to encourage Kimno to behave. We give the fluffy pocket pillow sheep to Myla for safe keeping.

3: If Kimno is a bad sheep, Myla has instant access to lambchops.

4: If Shrunken Kimno has been a good sheep, then once we leave Grental, we can let her go. We however, will keep her little pin which supposedly identifies her as an agent so she no longer can act so easily with any authority.

Alternatively, we can give Kaiti her own pocket sheep as a parting gift, thus keeping Kimno out of our hair and preventing her from following us without Myla going to the dark side and potentially causing an international incident.


Posted by Weirdstuf 1 year ago

Plz dont kill the sheep, she was only doing her job. And right now it seems like she didnt even care about elkaeye anymore from the moment she first told us about her not being an agent, and only cares for the acient mage man now. I highly doubt that this acient mage man can be found if he doesnt want to, he kinda feels like some god to me. But for now plz release sheep on the condition that she will stop following us and make sure that no other agents are going to follow us.


Posted by Alenora 1 year ago

Let Myla have her, or Bluebell if she's feeling guilty. :3 It's not worth the risk, and she herself said the Empire would probably just send another agent to investigate the original mission.


Posted by Way2Weird4Some 1 year ago

Ah Floria, ever taking the peaceful and friendly route. If there is no shrinking solution we could use our 'alternative' containment method.


Posted by forgreatjustice18 1 year ago

Let Myla eat her please


Posted by Zephos 1 year ago

Kimno is startin' to make me feel sad. She's backed into a wall like this! No matter what she's definitely going to lose something just for bein' on the wrong side.

...So, I vote pocket sheep! It's a silly solution, but it also gives someone who's not inherently an enemy a chance at life.


Posted by The-Lonely-Gamefreak 1 year ago

This sheep must not be a very experienced agent for letting herself be known of her presence when she knows things have gone awry. :/

Nevertheless, I propose we take her with us, but we knock her out and let Garrett carry her. Reiterating from two posts ago, we take Kinmo with us while Garrett and Bluebell locate Marcus & Faera and report the current situation to them. They should not come look for us while we're with the sheep; we'll find them later either after we deal with the sheep or need to change our plan a bit.

If we are to seek out means to make her a pocket sheep, we will take her to Gina (or her teacher) and acquire a few long-lasting shrink potions.

Whether this temper is from lack of food or just her easy-to-light anger (or both), we need to have a chat with Myla later.... and get her some food. If we still have rations, we should have everyone take their fill.

Another option I would like to propose is that if we proceed with shrinking the sheep, we give her to the harpy boy and pay him to take her far away from us. And give him a shrink potion to keep her shrunken while he carries her away in case she starts to return to normal size before reaching a set destination.


Posted by zbuilders 1 year ago

Make bluebell unbirth her!


Posted by zbuilders 1 year ago

Or you know, just shrink her because she's adorable


Posted by MidnightNoon 1 year ago

Honestly, myla could be right, we probably are better off removing her. And if she would rather being digested than being shrunk, then she cant be that afraid of it, and she said she would let us.

I say, if mylas still comfortable with it, we should let her have breakfast. Better to get rid of the problem now, than let it evolve. She might feel better about it since the sheep said she would accept it. Garret might get upset, but he's a chill dude, and she did forgive us, so he doesnt need to feel bad.

I am worried though, about if removing her will just send another agent at us, so perhaps we could ask her about if she's sent a report back yet. But really, there's gonna be consequences no matter what we do, so we might aswell get a meal out of it.


Posted by TheCrystalDemon 1 year ago

Or, or... We get a dress up sheep out of it. We buy her tiny clothes.~ And make her use them.~


Posted by thelazyknight 1 year ago

Myla please have your way. We can't have another problem.


Posted by DarkPinkie 1 year ago

Pocket shep is not as adorable as pocket birb. So if we are spending our hard earned cash on making portable pocket sized friends, we should really do it to Bluebelle.

So yeah. Let woof have her breakfast. She sounds really grumpy and poor dumb protaganist does not want to end up as woof pudge.


Posted by Kartomic 1 year ago

I'm such a big fan of how much 'Pocket Sheep/Birb/etc' is being pushed, and I really hope we get to see it in action.
Also, with the pocket birb picture Rayen did, they labeled it as breast vore, which begs the question: is breast vore possible in ARPG? If so, that'd be awesome... but also something we should watch out for. :P


Posted by DarkPinkie 1 year ago

I think he just derped and put it in the vore folder rather than the non-vore folder and decided to lable it as such rather than move it.