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Stardust Parfait
By Minako Tomoka and Shyny
An Original Character Roleplay
  A lone, chilly breeze nipped at my cheeks as I wandered the long road home. I really shouldn`t have spent so much time at the library. But really, I was just trying to kill time more than anything. My mom would flip once she saw my report card, and that meant nothing but studying for the rest of the week. My stomach was in knots. I wished I could just vanish into thin air. But at this point, I was just prolonging the inevitable. I gazed up at the sky, a black canvas splattered with innumerable tiny pinpricks of light. I wondered what it was like out there. It`d be nice to see that, instead of being stuck in my boring old life.
  As I gazed upon the nighttime sky, I noticed something strange. A bright light, shining out against all the other stars. It appeared to be growing brighter. And bigger, too. I stared in awe, my eyes fixated upon the gossamer light, unable to tear myself away. Looking back on it now, I should have just ran away. I should have ran as fast as my feet could carry me. But it was too late now. I was already entranced.
  It had taken me long enough to reach the human homeworld, with the limited fuel this ship had stored I couldn't let this trip last longer than it had to. Just find a specimen, check their health, and leave. Simple. I came across a small city, which seemed mostly covered by the darkness of the night sky. In the hopes of not bringing too much attention to myself, I turned off all lights bar the ones I needed in order to land. I brought up the infrared sensors to scan for lifeforms, and to my surprise there was a human directly underneath the ship. Saves me a search, I suppose.
  I slowed the ship down until it was about 30 feet off the ground, and left it hovering in the air. I moved from the cockpit to the landing platform, and used it to lower myself out onto the world below. "Why, hello there," I stated plainly as I looked down at what appeared to be a frail teenage girl. She seemed transfixed, no doubt struck dumb by the lights. I bent down and wrapped my fingers around her while I had the opportunity, and once I had brought her up to my face I quickly studied her by prodding and searching her body with my fingers. "Hmm, yes, you'll do," I said, satisfied with her condition, quickly ordering the platform to retract and bring us back into the ship.
  In a blinding flash, everything changed. All of a sudden, I was struck frozen. I squinted, raising my arms to block out the intense light. Then, once it became dim enough for me to see again, I lowered my arms and looked up. All that escaped me was a hollow, terrified gasp. There was this...huge creature beckoning me. I didn`t know how to describe him, aside from the fact that he looked like a very tall, pale young man, clad in a flowing labcoat that cascaded over his shoulders like a snowdrift. His eyes were a sharp green, like a cat`s, piercing into my soul. His short, wispy hair was a shiny, silvery-white color. He was clearly not human, but he certainly was a person. A giant person was all I could think of.
  I just stood there, shuddering, shaking in terror. Run, just run! I mentally screamed at myself. I could not. I couldn`t make myself move. I remained still, shaking all over, trembling as the gigantic human-like creature bent down, wrapped his huge fingers around my body, and lifted me into the air, right up to his face. I found myself staring into his large green eyes. They almost resembled emeralds. From this angle, I noticed this giant person had to be around 20 to 25 feet tall, if not even bigger. He studied me intently, poking and prodding at my tiny body. Finally, I forced myself to do something, even if it was useless. As he took me back into the light, I threw back my head and let out a piercing scream.
  When the young girl began to scream I simply tilted my head down to her, surprised. "Hmm, I didn't expect that. Must be some sort of defensive mechanism of their species," I pondered to myself. I walked across the ship to a clear box I had brought to contain the specimen, and dropped her inside. The box was around 10 feet in each direction, and I sealed it with a clear perspex lid, with a few holes in it so that she could breathe. It blocked out her screams, mostly. "If you could quiet down, I'd much appreciate it..." I sighed, carrying her to the cockpit and leaving the box sitting to the side of the controls. "The last thing I want to do is crash into an asteroid because you refuse to shut up."
  Disgruntled, I fired up the engines, and the ship slowly began to ascend back through the atmosphere. The course had already been plotted in, so I reclined in my chair to enjoy the ride.
I slowly eyed the girl I had captured, properly taking in her features for the first time. She seemed short, even for her species, and in mid-adolescence, 15 years old, at most. She had silver-blue hair, and based on her attire had been attending school earlier that day. "Tell me, are all humans like you?" I asked plainly, in an attempt to make some light conversation.
  The giant creature whisked me away to what I assumed was his spaceship. Everything inside was very bright, completely white, and about ten times my own size. I finally decided to stop screaming as he dropped me into a huge clear box, leaving me to my own devices. I flopped over, pushing back my long, braided aqua-blue pigtails. I straightened my crooked glasses and stood up, clawing at the walls of my container. There was no chance for me to escape. The silver-haired alien began to question me, but I had way too many questions of my own. "Wha-what`s going on here?!"
I squealed. "Who are you? What are you? Why are you doing this to me!? Let me go, you monster!"
  When she finally began to speak, I raised my eyebrows nonchalantly, suprised by her tone of voice. "I don't know what concern it is of yours, since you're simply my specimen, but I guess I can disclose some information," I said dryly. "My name is Loki, and I am a Lemurian. I've always been fascinated by how creatures work, but I have not yet had a chance to study human lifeforms. So, when you wandered near my ship, I decided to grab you for analysis. I have no intention of letting you go, there are many things I wish to learn about your species, but I have no intention of harming you either. Or rather, harming you unnecessarily. It would be tedious to go collect another specimen if I simply killed you before collecting all the data I could from you."
  When the giant alien answered my questions, my entire body went numb. "Lemurian?" I repeated. " really are an alien, then. If that`s the case, then...I`m just your lab rat? That`s why you took me?" A shiver crawled down my spine. He was taking me away as his experiment, and there was nothing I could do about it. I could only imagine how many light-years away from home I was.
I wasn`t even on Earth anymore. It felt nothing less than surreal. "W-where...where are you taking me?" I stammered, hoping my voice wasn`t shaking too much. "W-what are you going to do to me?"
  "Well, I'd think the fact I am 'alien' to you was obvious enough, given our difference in size. I think the term is rather pointless between us, though, since to me you are the one who is the alien. And as for a lab rat...I could feed you cheese and send you down mazes, but I doubt I would collect much meaningful data," I said, rolling my eyes at her hysterical nature. "We're going back to my homeworld, specifically to my home in order for me to conduct some experiments. It'll be a comprehensive study of your physical anatomy and mental state. Don't worry, I won't be cutting you up or anything, you're no use to me as a pile of organs just yet. We should be arriving in around five minutes, the journey isn't too far, fortunately."
  Bored, I leaned over and lifted her cage up, holding it above my head and looking over her form with care. "I must say, it does fascinate me how similar you are to our species. If you were Lemurian, I could actually consider you equal to myself, in a way. No matter of course, I'm just curious to find out if you do look the same as the females of my species, underneath those odd clothes of yours."
  All I could do was tremble as Loki explained what he planned to do with me. I supposed I should have been relieved, since he had no plans on dissecting me or eating me for lunch, but the prospect of being a giant alien`s personal pet was not a pleasing thought. "W-well...I guess I should introduce myself, then. My name is Miyuki Nagatsuki, and I`m 15 years old. Now that you mention it, I guess we do look pretty similar...except you`re much bigger than me. At least it`s good to know you`re not going to hurt me. But...where do you live, anyway? Like, what planet?"
  I gulped as Loki lifted the container I was trapped in above his head, gazing at me intently. His commentary suddenly made me feel very uncomfortable. I blushed harshly and clenched up, pulling my skirt down over my knees. "H-hey! Cut it out, you pervert!"
  When Miyuki attempted to cover herself up, I simply blinked for a few seconds, before lowering her down to my lap since my arms were starting to tire. "I don't see what the issue is, I'll need you to take those clothes off sooner or later, I can't do a proper study of your body otherwise," I stated, unfazed. "But as for where I live...the Lemurians` homeworld is called Metropolis, and it lies in the Pleiades Star Cluster, in the constellation of Taurus. It's rather beautiful. In fact, you can just about see it now."
  I indicated out of the window towards a point in the distance, an orb hovering in the air and reflecting the shining light of the not too distant star. "We'll be landing shortly, so I guess I may as well get everything in order for our arrival," I said, getting to my feet and leaving the cockpit to gather up my equipment. I pulled out a large duffel bag, and lowered Miyuki into it, along with several devices I had brought in case securing a specimen had been difficult. "I'll let you out shortly, so please don't start screaming again..." I sighed, zipping the bag shut and slinging it over my shoulder as we descended onto the planet, preparing to leave.
  I gulped as Loki played around with the idea of taking my clothes off and inspecting my body. I didn`t want to expose myself to anyone, let alone a giant space alien. While he mentioned his homeworld, I turned my head to the window he was indicating. The spectacle spreading before me was indescribably beautiful. Seven massive, hot-blue stars hung in formation, standing out against the spotty background of more distant, dimly twinkling stars.
  It really is the Pleaides Star Cluster, I thought. I had read about it in books, but actually seeing it with my own eyes, not in a book or through a telescope, was insanely surreal. As we grew closer, I could make out the image of a huge sphere, a planet covered in splotches of blue and green. It vaguely reminded me of Earth, aside from the differences in the continents. I sat there, stunned, my mouth hanging slackjawed. This must have been Metropolis, Loki`s homeworld. What was it like down there? The thought alone thrilled and terrified me. Then, Loki scooped up my plexiglass container and stuffed me into a large bag, zipping it shut tight and warning me to be quiet. Pitch-black darkness swallowed me whole. I laid there in the dark, shivering, fearful of what I would be taken into.
  When I finally made it back home, there was the usual faff. Making sure I parked properly, and having to make a convincing bluff for why I had taken a spaceship on an unscheduled flight to some officials. Eventually, after almost an hour, I made it back home. I shuffled inside, dropping my bag onto my desk and collapsing into my chair as I turned on a few lights. It was already late, so I drew the curtains to enjoy some privacy.
  It took me a few minutes to remember my specimen, and with a grunt I pulled open the bag for her. "Still alive, that's good," I said, moving her container from the bag and into the centre of my desk. I brushed various tools to the side, so that she could take centre stage. "Hmm, I suppose I should get you something to eat?" I asked, shrugging. "I'm not exactly familiar with what your species eat, so you'll have to survive on what I have."
  It seemed like ten million things were happening at once as Loki dragged me out of his spaceship and onto the world of Metropolis. Not that I could see any of it, since I was stuffed in a bag, but I was lurching and bouncing around a lot. I shoved my feet against the walls, trying to keep myself in place so I wouldn`t be thrown up ten feet in the air. I had no clue what Loki was doing, but it seemed like he was walking forever. The inside of the box soon became very hot and humid. Streams of sweat dripped down my face. I took deep, steady breaths, trying not to panic. I must have been stuck in there for at least an hour.
  Finally, Loki unzipped the bag and placed the box I was trapped in down on a massive desk. For a few seconds, I had to blink so I could make out where I was. It looked like a gigantic house.
I stood up, taking it all in with bated breath. "Yes, I`m still alive," I grumbled. "I guess that`s a good sign. And yeah...I`m really hungry. Speaking of food...what do Lemurians eat anyway?"
A horrible thought crept into my mind. "Wait, you don`t eat humans or anything, do you?!"
  I simply stared for a few moments at her panic, completely bemused. "I don't know how you came to such a conclusion, but no, we don't eat humans here. Surely your species would be a lot more aware of us if we simply flew down and scooped you up every time we wanted a meal..." I sighed, walking off to grab some food from the kitchen. "We're much more preferential to sugary food."
When I came back to my desk, I slid the lid from Miyuki's container, and dropped a handful of bon bons in for her. They were around the size of her head, so she'd be satisfied, I'm sure. "That said...well, I have never tasted a human before. Maybe you are something I would eat. I could always test that later, it would be an interesting direction for my research..." I mused to myself, sucking on a lollipop.
  I took a sigh of relief when Loki reassured me I had no need to fear being eaten. "Ah, that`s good to know," I said. "It`s just that you`re such a big creature, I couldn`t help but think that you wanted to eat me. You have sharp teeth, you know." I started unwrapping some of the candy he dropped into my container, stunned at its sheer size. I guessed I never had to worry about going hungry again. I carefully bit down on a piece of candy, trying not to break my teeth on the hard shell. "Are you serious? You actually live on candy all the time?"
  I got a heavy feeling in my stomach when he pondered the thought that he could possibly eat me. Now that he was eating, I had a clearer view of his teeth. They were very long and sharp, like fangs. I couldn`t describe it as anything other than inhuman. "Umm, on second thought, I probably wouldn`t taste good anyway!" I chuckled nervously. "Just forget I said anything!"
  "Oh, is that so?" I asked, noticing the sudden change in her voice. "Well, no matter. As I said before, I won't even begin to consider those things until I have analyzed you to the fullest of my ability." As I said that, I brought a poseable magnifying glass between us, so I could examine her in finer detail while I continued eating. "Hmm, you do appear rather dirty from the journey. It can't be helped, I didn't have many options to transport you here without someone else finding you," I commented, noticing how much sweat had collected on her body. "I suppose I should clean you up once you're finished eating, it would be rather unpleasant to handle you in your current state."
  I guessed I was safe from becoming a meal- for now, at least. I tried to act casual and just keep eating as Loki lowered a strange magnifying glass-like contraption in front of me. He inspected me to an unsettling degree, but I attempted to look away from the large, curious green eyes following my every move. He was right, I was filthy, but it wasn`t like it was my choice. "Well, what did you expect?" I asked. "You try being snatched away from your home in the middle of the night and dragged off by a giant monster to another planet. Then again, it`s not like your species would have any natural predators anyway. You must be the emperors of the cosmos. I don`t know why or how you haven`t utterly crushed humanity yet." When he mentioned cleaning me up, all
I could do was blush in embarrassment.
  "Hmm, well, usually I don't keep my specimens around for very long, you're the first one which has actually talked back to me so far. So, keeping you clean wasn't exactly my first priority when capturing you," I explained, sucking on the remains of my lollipop and twiddling the stick between my fingers. "And as for crushing humanity...well, I don't bother myself with politics. I can only assume they don't think it would be worthwhile to enslave your species, or something."
  Since I had finished eating, I threw the wrappers into a bin and lowered my hand into Miyuki's container, offering my open palm to her. "Whenever you're ready, I suppose I ought to start cleaning you. I mean, it's not like you'd be able to clean yourself with the size of everything compared to you, and it would simply be unhygenic to start examining you in your current state."
  That wasn`t very reassuring. I assumed that was because all of Loki`s other specimens were either not human or too terrified to speak. I guess I shouldn`t have been surprised, I was little more than an insect in his eyes. " long do you usually keep them? Am I your first...human test subject?" Loki then lowered his hand into the container, reaching down for me. I backed up against the wall, terrified. The box was the only thing I had between myself and the monster in front of me, but now, even that was gone. After a few brief moments, I realized that he meant no harm and took a few steps closer, placing my hands into his palm. His skin was soft and warm. He really is like a human, I thought. "Umm...I guess I`m ready to be cleaned," I mumbled, still trembling all over.
  "Well, up to this point, I mostly just dissected my specimens. I kept them for a day or so, to examine their feeding patterns and behaviours, and then studied their internal organs,"
I explained, "and yes, you are my first human subject. I intend to keep you for quite a while, since I want to learn lots of things about you." I noted her reactions to me approaching her, but as she eventually moved closer I simply scooped her up in my hand before making my way to the bathroom. "I assume your anatomy is somewhat similar to mine," I said as I placed Miyuki at the edge of the sink, so that I could plug up the sink and begin to fill it with water. "So a bath of warm water will probably suffice. If you could remove your clothes, that would be helpful, although I will have to find some way to clean those too since I did not prepare garments for you in advance."
  I gulped. I could only imagine what horrible things he`d done to the array of other poor creatures he`d abducted. I guessed he would eventually dissect me, too. "Well...that`s good," I mumbled. "I`ll do my best to be useful to you. I...I hope you learn a lot about me." Loki clamped his fingers around me, lifting me out of the box and into his hand. His palm was big enough for me to curl up and lay in, but I really didn`t want to do that.
  He brought me to the bathroom and released me at the edge of the sink, so I was left to simply stare down at the gaping granite valley below me. I swallowed hard. "Y-yes, a warm bath will be just fine," I stammered. When he told me to take my clothes off, my cheeks turned cherry-red. "Umm...would you mind leaving for a second? You may not understand it, but in human culture, the males aren`t supposed to watch the females remove their clothes." Even though he was a gigantic creature in a labcoat, he had the innocent eyes of a child. I had to remember that Loki was an alien being, an entirely different species. He didn`t understand anything about this. I was just a lower lifeform to him. I had to try to cooperate somehow, for my sake, at least.
  When I heard Miyuki's request, I tilted my head in confusion, trying to grasp what she was asking. "I hardly see why I'd have to do that, since I will be seeing you naked anyway," I stated plainly. "I'll be handling you without your clothes on as well, so simply viewing you as you remove them does not seem like the most severe action I could do to you." I could see her nervousness though, based on the coloration of her face and the general way she was shaking on the spot. With a shrug and a sigh, I turned off the water, and walked out of the bathroom. "I'll be back in five minutes, so feel free to remove your clothes in that time," I said, getting the distinct feeling she wouldn't comply otherwise.
  Now I felt stupid. Loki was right, he`d be handling me without my clothes anyway, so asking him to leave the room just so I could take them off made no sense. Now I knew why he thought I was so ridiculous. He left the room anyway, so I spent that time stripping off my long gray sailor school dress, removing my petticoat, socks, and shoes. Once I was completely naked, I planted myself at the edge of the sink and gently lowered one foot into the water, then the other, then slowly brought my body in fully. At least Metropolis had warm water. I guessed it was a lot like Earth, except for the massive scale. "Okay...I`m ready!" I called, still blushing.
  In the few minutes I had, I organised a space for Miyuki to sleep, since it probably wouldn't be pleasant to simply sleep on the hard floor of the glass box. I came back when Miyuki called me and noticed how she had already entered the water. I walked up to the sink, and carefully picked up her clothes so they wouldn't get wet. "Hmm, washing these will be difficult," I commented, placing them on a shelf for now. "But I can deal with that later. At the very least, I can probably offer you a piece of cloth to cover you. As long as you're warm it's fine, I'm sure."
  I returned my attention to Miyuki after that, moving a hand underneath her and lifting her out of the water. "Hmm, so you are like the female Lemurians..." I said, my eyes taking in every detail of her form, taking one her legs and pulling it aside slightly to check her reproductive organs. "But, well, I can check this all out in more detail later. I can hardly take notes while washing you." I held her within the palm of one hand, and with the other reached for some body wash, which I poured a small drop of over her body. With my index finger, I began to rub the body wash onto her skin, making sure that it coated her properly. "I can only assume I'll need to clean you as much as possible, otherwise I could contract a human pathogen of some sort..." I said, pinching her body slightly to make sure I was cleaning under her arms and behind her back. "But do inform me if I'm applying too much pressure, I would rather not accidentally crush you."
  Things seemed to be going okay when Loki entered the room, explaining that I`d have a comfortable place to sleep for the night. "Thank you, I`m sure it`ll be fine," I said, trying to act as cordial as possible despite how scared I still was. I put up my arms to cover my chest as Loki took a closer look, but that soon proved to be futile when he slipped his hands beneath me and lifted me from the water, inspecting my naked body to an unsettling degree. All I could do was sit there, shivering, gazing into his massive clover-green eyes. He gently moved my leg away, exposing my private parts. I bit my tongue, trying to keep myself from screaming, 'Pervert!' Then again, he wasn`t trying to be perverted, he looked at me as his test subject.
  When he remarked my similarity to the female Lemurians, I said, "Well...I don`t know what a female Lemurian looks like, but I guess I do." Loki began rubbing me down with some liquid soap, and I was just shocked this kind of stuff even existed on another planet. I guessed Lemurians were really a lot like humans. "Don`t worry, I`m pretty sure I don`t have any diseases," I said when he remarked on the fact that I could possibly infect him with something. "I did just get shots last week, after all." Loki rubbed me all over, lathering me in soap. I actually ended up enjoying it a lot more than I should have. "Ahh, that feels nice..." I mumured, before quickly zippering my mouth.
  I slowly worked my way down her body, paying close attention to the texture of her skin as my fingers traced across it. "Hmm, that is useful, at least. I do like working with clean specimens after all, so it will certainly make things easier when I perform closer examinations on your body," I commented, pausing for a moment when I heard Miyuki murmur something but didn't quite catch it. "Sorry, what did you say?" I asked, now starting to wash her lower body. I rubbed up and down her legs, as well as stroking over her privates a little to make sure it was clean inside and out. I attempted to work a little further, but simply due to the size difference I stopped after a few attempts to avoid damaging her. "That should probably do it," I said, pouring some water over her body. "I don't believe I missed any parts of your body when washing it, correct?"
  I found myself feeling more than a little aroused as Loki stroked my body, not leaving even one part of me untouched. He didn`t mean anything by it, I knew that, it`s just that girls my age are pretty sexually sensitive, and that wasn`t helped when he brushed over my private areas. My heart thumped wildly. No one had ever touched me like this before. When he asked me to repeat my mumbling, I sputtered, "N-nothing! Nothing at all! I was just thinking out loud!" Finally, he rinsed me off, and I felt alive again. "Uhh, I think you got everything. I`m pretty sure we`re done here. Thank you, Loki." It felt a bit awkward to call him by name, but if I was going to be staying with him, I guessed I might as well get used to it.
  "Oh, I see," I said when she talked away her ramblings, unsure what had just happened. "And I was merely doing what was necessary, Miyuki." I grabbed a small face cloth and carefully dried her off, walking back out of the bathroom and to my desk again. I slowly lowered Miyuki back into the container, where I had set up a small living quarters for her. In one corner there was a small futon-like bed, made of the available cotton and other soft materials I had around. In the other were a few more sweets, and a small dish with water in it in case she was thirsty.
  "It is getting late, so it would be best for us to sleep now," I said, looking around for something to clothe her with. "We can start working on my experiments in the morning, and you can tell me more about human culture, since there is clearly lots I don't yet understand." I spied a clean handkerchief nearby, and quickly pulled out a scalpel to cut it to appropriate shape. I dropped it down to Miyuki, having cut it to be roughly the right shape for her to wear it like a poncho. "I'll be sleeping over there," I explained, indicating to my nearby couch. "Although I don't expect you to need anything, simply tell me and I will come over. Good night." I shambled over to the couch and collapsed into it, pulling a blanket over me. Miyuki was shaping up to be a very odd specimen for me, now that I had someone to actually speak was nice, I suppose, to have company. But still, she was a specimen, like the others, it was unprofessional to get ahead of myself.
  I sighed in relief as Loki brushed off my mumbling, I didn`t want to start answering uncomfortable questions. He dried me off with a cloth, then carried me back to his quarters. He dropped me back into the glass box, which had now been outfitted with a makeshift bed, some candy, and a dish of water, so I`d have to bend over and slurp like a dog if I wanted to drink. I couldn`t believe this was happening. I felt like Loki`s pet, since I was essentially being treated like a hamster or something. "Yeah, I guess we should get some sleep. I`m exhausted." I wasn`t particularly excited about the experiments in the morning, however. "I`ll do my best to be useful to you." The last thing I wanted was to give him a reason to dissect me. Speaking of which, I swallowed nervously as he began slicing a cloth with his very large surgical blade, cutting out a loose-fitting garment for me to cover myself with. I slipped it on gratefully.
  As Loki explained where he would be sleeping and everything else, I said, "Okay then. I`ll try to get some sleep. Good night, Loki." I simply watched him for a bit as he went off to sleep, just thinking about what a strange creature he was. He was an extraterrestrial, clearly, but he looked and acted just like a human. If he didn`t look like a giant monster, I wouldn`t have thought any different of him. He`s not even sleeping in a bed, I thought. Maybe he didn`t have one. Then again, his house was small, cramped, and pretty messy, littered with medical tools and scientific papers. For some reason, I couldn`t help but feel sorry for him. He seemed...lonely. I shook it off. He was a monster, he stole me from my home and wanted nothing more than to study me. That was it. I turned away and flopped over on the improvised bed. I closed my eyes, and after a few minutes, I somehow drifted off into sleep.
  I woke up feeling stiff and groggy, as I often do due to the shape of the couch. After rubbing sleep from my eyes, I shambled over to my desk, grabbing a handful of sweets from a nearby drawer and chewing on them as I watched the sleeping Miyuki. She looked...peaceful. I hadn't really considered it until now, but she did possess a degree of beauty. I stared for a moment, simply letting that sink in. I almost didn't want to wake her. But experiments don't conduct themselves, so press on I did. I pulled out a small notepad and pen, and gently tapped against the side of Miyuki's container. "Wake up, please," I said, yawning. "We've spent enough time settling you in, I would like to begin my experiments today."
  After all the crazy things that had happened the night before, I had somehow convinced myself that the whole alien abduction incident was just a bizarre dream. Yeah, just a dream. I`d wake up in my bed, and everything would be fine. I`d eat breakfast, head off to school, and tell everyone about the crazy dream I had. Suddenly, I heard a sharp rapping. I slowly turned over, peeling open my eyes. Must have been Mom, getting me up for school. I was probably late. When I opened my eyes, I just laid there for a few moments, taking in the spectacle. The giant silver-haired alien stood over me, tapping on my glass enclosure. I was still trapped. It wasn`t a dream. I really was Loki`s pet. My jaw dropped. I felt like an arrow had pierced my heart. I wanted to burst into tears. But instead, I stuttered, "G-good morning, Loki."
  "Good morning, Miyuki," I said, preparing a few instruments just outside her container. "Feel free to eat and drink before we begin. I'm planning to start with your bodily examination, so that I can see how your body is affected by the later experiments and such." I paused for a moment, and sighed. Because of yesterday, I was now aware that working with her would be a lot slower than with my normal subjects, because of how she might feel. "I suppose I should leave you for a moment or something? You do need to undress again after all, if I'm going to get started."
  I shook my head. "No, it`s fine. You don`t have to leave. Let`s get started." I still couldn`t fully believe this was really happening, but just looking at Loki scared me, so I had to cooperate and play along my best if I wanted to live. I had been reduced to nothing more than a pet, and I would be treated as one. I bent over and began slurping out of my water dish like a dog, since my throat was parched. I was starving as well, so I quickly unwrapped a few of the candies and began chowing down. I wanted to eat and drink as fast as possible, because I could tell Loki was getting impatient. "Umm...what will you be doing to me today?" I asked nervously.
  Miyuki's response was surprisingly more positive than I expected, and I managed to smile slightly at her enthusiasm. "Well, the main things I wish to assess today are your physical and psychological condition. It's important that I can grasp what is 'normal' for you, so that I can test how your species handles extreme conditions. I will put you under stress tests, but I will try to be careful so as not to cause you any permenant harm. I suppose the best way to start is to simply ask you this: how are you feeling, and what do you think of me? I don't know what your life was like before I collected you, of course, so any insight on how you usually go about your day to day life would be helpful to me."
  Loki`s reaction was a bit better than what I was expecting. The prospect of scientific experiments made me shiver, but at least he was letting me start with something easy. But right now, I couldn`t describe how I was feeling. I had to answer somehow. "Well...I`m feeling okay, right now. I...I was hoping this would all be just a weird dream, like I`d wake up and I`d be home and everything would be okay. But now...I`m just your pet. I don`t know what to say. I`m nervous, I`m scared...I wish I could go home. As for what I think of`s hard to say. really scare me. I mean, you`re the size of a building compared to me, it`s terrifying. All the things you could do to me...I wouldn`t be able to defend against any of it. You could kill me so easily. Usually, if I were home, I`d be getting up around this time, having breakfast and getting ready for school. My life is pretty boring. No one really likes me. I don`t have many friends."
  I started to scribble down what Miyuki was saying without a second thought, trying to keep up with her words as she went. About halfway through, I stopped, frowned, and looked at her with concern. "I see. I'm sorry to hear that, I didn't properly process that side of the situation. To me, you are my test subject, but that's how things are. It would have been the same no matter who I had selected. It is unfortunate that your life has not been good for you, perhaps this could be a fresh start for you. I know I appreciate your company, at least."
  I paused for a moment, and then put my notepad down on the desk. "I don't have friends, or much of a family either, to be honest. I've never understood how people think, and tend to spend my time just examining the insides of creatures. Maybe if I do it enough, I'll work out how to talk others. Anyway, enough of that. Whenever you're ready, we can get to the physical examination."
I lowered my hand next to Miyuki, and smiled meekly. I was beginning to feel bad for what I was doing now. She would want me to take her home, of course, but all that would result in me taking someone else to continue my experiments anyway...
  It was surprising to hear all this from Loki. Maybe he wasn`t such a monster after all. It seemed like he really did care about me, even if only a little bit. "`re a lot like me, then," I said. "I didn`t think it would be like that. Now that I think about it, you do seem pretty lonely. I mean, you live in this tiny apartment all by yourself. It must be hard for everyone to be so afraid of you. But I guess we can start the experiments now." I crept over to his outstretched hand, then crawled into his palm. I squeezed his fingers, praying he wouldn`t let me fall. "Please be careful," I pleaded.
  As Miyuki crawled onto my hand I nodded, slowly lifting her out of the container. "Don't worry, the last thing I want to do is hurt you," I said, placing her on an open area of my desk. I had already prepared a soft mat to lay her on, so that she wasn't too uncomfortable. "I'm going to record everything I can about your body, but obviously you should inform me if you are in any pain while I do so," I said, bringing a magnifying glass closer so that I could view her in more detail, and shining a light down from above so I wouldn't have to squint so much.
  I felt like a lab rat as Loki carried me over to the examination area, setting me down on a small mat. I laid there, buck naked, feeling so exposed, while Loki inspected me with a magnifying glass and examination light, like the ones you`d see at the dentist`s office, except way bigger, and way brighter. I squinted a little. trying to block out the light. "I...I`m ready," I stammered. Loki studied me intently, taking in every detail of my small form. I couldn`t make myself turn away from his huge, gleaming green eyes.
  With Miyuki's confirmation, I began my studies. I decided to work from the top down, since I could see the way in which she was being blinded by the light. I used my fingers for this, simply because I didn't want to poke her eyes out if she flinched from a metallic tool being brought close to her. I used my right hand to touch her body, while the left furiously scribbled down notes in shorthand. I pinched small strands of her blue-grey hair between my fingers and examined the way they reflected the lamp's light. I noted the smallness of her mouth and the softness of her skin.
  For just a moment, I held one of her shimmering purple eyes open to the light, and noted the ways her pupils dilated. Quickly, I let her go, and indicated for her to tilt her head to the side.
"There's no point in you staring directly into such a bright light the whole time, I'm aware that it would be taxing, so feel free to close your eyes," I told her, making a few more notes before continuing. "But anyway, let's carry on..." I then began to investigate her chest area. She was rather slim, but not malnourished. Her breasts were flat, but still in the process of developing.
I brought myself closer to examine them properly, as they were rather small even when magnified. "Tell me, would you describe your body as average for females of your age?" I asked, rubbing my thumb over her chest and seeing how it responded to the soft pressure.
  I had never been touched this way before. Loki stroked his fingers over my body, causing a shiver to pulse under my skin. He picked up one of my braided blue pigtails, inspecting its sheen in the light. He was doing all this with one hand, while scribbling some crap down on a notepad with the other. He looked fascinated by my body. A little too fascinated, at that. I began feeling very awkward. My pupils shrunk as he forced me to stare into the light for less than a second. I pushed my head over, but I didn`t close my eyes like he told me to. I just didn`t want to take my eyes off Loki. When he searched my chest, I blushed so hard, I thought blood would come shooting out of my nose. My body tingled at the sudden arousal. My already dismal self-esteem took a sudden nosedive. "Well...I guess I`m pretty average," I replied. "I`m not really that special, so I guess it`s no surprise I have a flat chest."
  "Ah, I see. Well, you are clearly still growing, so your breasts could develop a little more in years to come," I commented, before moving on. I brought my attention to her legs and feet, but as expected her physiology was just like that of a Lemurian`s, and even as I spread her toes around with my fingers I saw nothing of note. Finally, I brought the magnifying glass closer to examine her nether regions. I slouched slightly to achieve a lower angle, and with two fingers, I opened her legs ever so slightly. "Hmm, ideally, I would like to find out how your organs differ from ours internally," I commented, still holding her legs in place while I took notes. "But the equipment I have is not good enough to operate on a creature your size without causing serious damage. It's a shame, really, you do have a rather beautifully formed body. I haven't had such a fine specimen to examine for quite some time."
  I sighed. "Yeah, I guess you`re right. I`m still only 15, after all. And about old are you? I mean, you seem like an adult of your species, maybe a young man." He gripped my legs, holding them in place as he commented on my body. "Oh...oh really?" I asked. "I`m surprised you think that way. No one`s ever called me beautiful before." I bit my lip as he pulled my legs apart, studying my lower areas. "Umm...that`s not really an exciting idea. I don`t exactly want to be cut open."
  "Me? Well, I'm about 21 years old. I am recognised as an adult, yes, although I don't function much as one. My only real way of bringing in any income is by producing new research material, like I'm doing here." I was suprised by her inquiring about me, but I suppose it was a logical give and take. "I don't see why someone wouldn't call you beautiful, you clearly are. Your features aren`t extravagant, sure, but in their softness there is a lot to be admired. And no, of course I'm not going to cut you open, that would be quite barbaric." I released Miyuki, sitting back up and turning off the overhead lamp. "Well, that should do it for the inital tests. Feel free to get clothed again, it shouldn't interfere with what I had planned next."
  "Really?" I asked. "You must be a scientist or a doctor then, right? I didn`t think of it, but I guess a Lemurian would have to have his place in the world, too." I blushed as he described my supposed beauty in great detail. "Well...thank you, Loki." I sat up when he released me. I rubbed my head, squinting my eyes to adjust to the sudden lighting change. I slipped my makeshift gown back on and swallowed nervously. "What are you planning for me now?" I asked.
  "Yes, I am a scientist of sorts. It's mostly for myself than anything else, but I get by. problem, Miyuki. I was merely stating an observation I made." I found myself blushing along with Miyuki for a moment, although I couldn't place why. I pushed the thought out of my mind as Miyuki got dressed again, it wasn't important. "Well, the next series of tests are to see what your body is physically capable of. I apologise for any pain you may suffer, but the general aim is to merely gauge what you can handle. I will stop the experiments before you'll be in any serious danger, though." I pulled out a small piece of string, and tied it to a Newtonmeter before placing them before Miyuki. "Please pull on the string as hard as you can, I wish to know just how strong you are," I stated plainly.
  Knots tightened in my stomach as Loki began fiddling around with a string. At first, I thought he`d tie me up and dangle me over boiling hot water or something, but instead, he tied one end to a strange-looking device, then handed the other end to me. All I had to do was pull on it as hard as I could, apparently. Didn`t seem that difficult. I picked up the string, wrapped it around my arms, and pulled back hard.
  At first, it was going pretty easy, but the harder I pulled, the heavier the force became, and the string wrapped tighter around my arms, cutting into my skin. It left red marks behind, but I hoped it wouldn`t make me bleed. Still, I kept going, as Loki was keeping a watchful eye on me. I stepped backwards, tugging the string ever harder. My muscles were strained to their limit. Sweat poured down my face. I clenched my teeth and kept going for about a minute longer, until my body could handle no more. My grip slipped, and the string came untwined from my arms, revealing the reddened marks. The force sent me stumbling in reverse, and I fell over on my back, gasping for air.
  I watched on as Miyuki pulled, noting some numbers down when she had clearly reached her limit. I was suprised that she continued for as long as she did, I hadn't expected so much determination from her. When she finally stopped, I put the device away, and frowned. "Hmm, it looks like you`ve damaged yourself quite a bit. I'll get you some medical supplies shortly if your arms continue to hurt, but for now, let's try to continue with something less intensive."
  I left the room for a few minutes, and came back with a small water bath sitting on a portable heater. I placed it before Miyuki, and carefully dropped her into it since the walls were too high for her to scale. "I'm going to gradually increase the temperature of this water bath, and when it gets too hot to bear, you let me know, okay?" I explained, turning the heater on. "It's imperative you tell me, I don't wish to boil you alive."
  I shook my head, trying to remain determined. I had to stay useful to Loki as long as possible. If I outlived my usefulness to him now, my next experiment would be a dissection. "No...I`m fine," I panted. "Let`s...keep going." I stood up, slowly recovering from the rope pulling excercise. My jaw dropped as Loki pulled over a huge pot of water. My worst fears had been realized.
Oh, my God, I thought. He really is going to cook me! "W-wait, can`t we try something else?!" I shrieked.
  He didn`t listen to me. He just grabbed me by the collar and dropped me into the water. Thankfully, it wasn`t boiling. But from what Loki was telling me, it was probably going to be very soon. Just as he said, the heat began to increase. At first, it felt like bathwater. Gradually, though, Loki raised the heat so it grew hotter and hotter. I tried my best to tolerate it, but within a few minutes, I had reached my limit. My skin started burning, feeling like I`d been stabbed with hot needles. If I didn`t say something soon, I really would be cooked alive. "L-Loki!" I squealed.
"P-please, get me out of here!"
  The moment Miyuki called out for me to get her out, I dipped my hand into the water to grab her. It was hotter than I thought it would be, frankly, but tried to do little more than wince as I plopped her back onto the desk. I quickly took the water bath and poured it into the bathroom sink, running back with a hand cloth and giving it to Miyuki to dry herself off. "W-well, thank you for that. It was most useful," I commented, taking a few notes as I shook off the burning water droplets on my fingers. "I had considered doing an experiment to the opposite effect, for colder temperatures, but I think you've been through enough today..."
  I noticed Loki actually appeared concerned for my well-being. He plucked me from the water, then handed me a cloth to dry myself with. I wrapped it around my body and curled up in a ball, shivering. I wasn`t actually cold, it was just that the sudden temperature change from hot water to cool air gave me a shock to my system. "I...I`m glad I was useful to you," I muttered, almost unaware of what I was saying. My mind was in a scramble.
  This was my new life now. I would never see my home or my family again. No one would come to save me. This was my new reality, and I had no choice but to accept it and deal with it, or be swallowed whole and consumed by this nightmare. I staggered to my feet. "N-no...I`m fine...I can do more..." I took a few steps toward Loki, then collapsed right in front of him. My muscles felt like mush. I couldn`t do it. I just laid there, my lungs heaving, feeling like a million shards of broken glass.
  I was starting to feel more and more concerned by Miyuki's words, she did not seem in a well mind at all. When she began to walk toward me, I leaned to the desk in the hopes of catching her. Unfortunately, she collapsed before I had a chance, and I could only scoop her up into my hands with the most care I could. "M-Miyuki, this is unhealthy! There's no reason to continue when your body cannot take it..." I mumbled, biting my lip. "Why do you so insist on being useful to me? I know I may seem cold, but I'm not planning to eat you up the second you stop doing experiments for me. Please understand that, this distresses me."
  I leaned back in my chair, holding her in the palm of one hand while stroking her with the other. I looked up to the ceiling, and sighed. "I'm...sorry. What I am doing is unethical, I am aware of that fact. I am simply a curious soul, but I wasn't aware of the stress I was putting you under, both physically and emotionally. Maybe I...maybe it's best if I try to take you home. Seeing you like this puts me on edge."
  I peeked up at him with teary eyes. "Is that true? You`re not going to cut me up or eat me?" I dragged myself closer to Loki, wrapping my arms around a small part of his midsection in an attempt to hug him, since he was holding me quite close to his body. It may have seemed like Stockholm Syndrome, since he was the one who brought me into all this in the first place, but right now, he was the only person of any comfort in this terrifying world.
  "I`m sorry," I mumbled. "It`s just...I`ve never been in a situation like this before, and I don`t know what to do or how to act." I laid back, sighing deeply as he stroked my back. "It`s alright...I know you`re not really meaning to hurt me. I just overreacted a little bit, that`s all. The truth is, I want to learn more about you, too. Loki, are you a trickster? I once read that Loki is the name of the god of mischief and trickery in Norse mythology. Are you a god?" I didn`t even know what I was saying. I had become so entranced by this giant, that I had thrown away my only chance to go home just so I could stay with him and learn more about him and his society. What kind of thing was I becoming?
  I began to blush when Miyuki started hugging me, and tried to shake myself out of it. I guessed this was our relationship now, even if I was not wholly satisfied with it. ", I am no trickster, and I am certainly not a god," I said solemnly, trying not to get too aggravated. "I am simply a lonely man, and you're using me as an outlet for your own loneliness, I fear." I was starting to cry, but I brushed the tears away as I continued to stroke her body. "Miyuki, I am happy to tell you more about myself, but I want you to understand that we are at least in some way equal. I know it may not seem that way, and I have not been treating you as such, but I cannot have you idolising me. It will make things unhealthy between us."
  I sat up, shaking my head. I wiped away my tears. "I`m sorry. I was being stupid. I guess it`s just that you`re one of the few people in my life who`s treated me with even a little bit of kindness. Loki, can I tell you something? Before you took me, things were going pretty bad for me. My mom and dad divorced a few months ago. They used to fight all the time. The police even came over a couple times. Mom got custody of me, and we moved to another town. I just couldn`t adjust to the new school and everything, so I wasn`t able to make any friends."
  "I was so upset about my parents` divorce, my grades began dropping, I wasn`t doing well in school, and my mom would get angry and tell me I needed to study more. There were so many times where I wished I could just die. But I was so afraid when you took me, I didn`t know what to think. I think you`d be pretty scared if some giant monster stole you away and dragged you off to another planet, too. I`m just so screwed up..."
  Miyuki's life story hit me far harder than I expected it would, and I tensed up as she explained her situation. "M-Miyuki, I had no idea life had been so hard on you! That sounds truly dreadful, and I'm sorry for the effect my actions must have had on your mental state..." I mumbled. "I don't know what good it will do, but I may as well tell you about myself. It is the least I can do."
  "I never really knew my parents, they abandoned me when I was just a small child. I never got along in the home I was chucked into, along with other undesirable children. The first chance I got I left that place, and since then I have simply lived alone. It's alright, but I do hope that one day I will be able to be around others comfortably...Miyuki, you've been unbelievably tolerant, considering everything I've done to you. I know it wouldn't make up for the last couple of days, but...would you like to sleep with me? I can only assume you've not exactly been sleeping peacefully up till now."
  My jaw nearly hit the floor as Loki explained his own tragic life`s story to me. "`re an orphan, then," I said. "That`s...that`s terrible, I couldn`t imagine not knowing my mother and father. I guess in that way, you and I are alike. Now I feel really bad for calling you a monster before. You`re not a monster, you`re just a lonely person. Just because you`re bigger than me doesn`t mean you`re a monster. I was just scared back then. We`ve both been through a lot, haven`t we?" I blushed when Loki suggested the idea of sleeping with him. I stayed silent for a few brief moments, then answered, "Well...sure, I`d like to. It`s not very comfortable sleeping in that glass cage. Plus, I feel so vulnerable like this. It`s like everything is out to get me. I think I would feel safer if I slept with you."
  "Yes, I suppose we are very alike," I said, smiling. "And I'd be happy to do that, if it would make you feel much safer." Carefully, I slid out of my chair and laid back on the couch, making sure to cradle Miyuki in my hand as I moved. I placed her down on my chest, smiling at how cute she looked in the dim lamplight. "Good night, Miyuki...feel free to use my breast pocket as a bed, if it will make you more comfortable."
  I yawned loudly. "Thank you, Loki. Good night..." I dragged myself upright on Loki`s chest, staring across the huge expanse of his body. I crawled on top of him, pushing myself into his breast pocket. Thankfully, there weren`t any pens or pocket protectors in there to poke me. It was actually pretty warm. It felt nice. In that moment, I had probably felt the best I had in months, since this whole nightmare with my parents` divorce began. I burrowed into the soft fabric of his labcoat, then sealed my eyes shut. In a few minutes, I drifted off to sleep.
  I smiled to myself as I watched Miyuki drift off to sleep, keeping my breath calm and regulated so that she could rest peacefully. As soon as she had lost consciousness, I sighed, and slowly got to my feet. I made sure to move as carefully as I could, so as not to suddenly wake her. I...had to let her go. Miyuki's life sounded dreadful, sure, but if she stayed she'd only feel lonely with someone like me.
  I crept out into the darkness, making my way back to the landing pad I had arrived at just last night. However, when I did arrive, I was met with a very solemn guard. Clearly, since my last little joyride, they had tightened security. I attempted some begging, a little bribery...but nothing worked. Defeated, I walked back home, fists clenched. As soon as I was inside I slammed the door behind me, sliding onto the floor with my back against it and crying into my hands. "Why can't I...why can't I DO ANYTHING RIGHT!?" I sobbed, slamming my hands against the floor in a blind rage.
  Despite lying in the pocket of a giant extraterrestrial scientist, I slept much better than I thought I would. I slept peacefully, quietly snoozing away in Loki`s pocket. I even had a dream, for the first time in weeks. I stood in a snowy forest, all alone, wearing nothing but my gray sailor dress. Chilly wind fluttered through my ice-blue, braided twintails. My purple eyes flashed behind my large round glasses. Snow blanketed the ground and dusted the trees, but I wasn`t cold at all. In fact, I felt indescribably warm.
  Maybe living with Loki was a new start for me. Even though I was essentially being held hostage, I didn`t want to go back home, to my old, horrible life. I didn`t want to leave Loki alone, either. I felt sorry for him, because he was just like me. Suddenly, I was roused from my sleep by an earthquake-like trembling, followed by the sound of crying. I rubbed sleep out of my tired eyes and shakily crawled to my feet, peeking out of Loki`s pocket. I gazed into his teary green eyes. "What...what`s wrong?" I mumbled. "Why are you crying, Loki?"
  My eyes widened when I heard Miyuki's voice, staring down at her with blurry eyes. "M-Miyuki...I'm such an idiot, truly I am..." I sighed, tears tracking down my face. "I, umm, was trying to take you back home. But I failed miserably, I'll never be able to leave the planet at this rate. Oh, Miyuki, I'm so sorry!" I brought a hand up to my face, furiously rubbing my eyes with the back of my hand as tears began to flow. I'd never felt so pathetic in my life, and I was meant to be the one taking care of her!
  I gasped as Loki explained what he was trying to do. He wanted to take me back home, to my family. I couldn`t believe it. I never thought he would do something like that for me. Although he probably didn`t mean it, he always had a sort of 'mad scientist' persona about him, a frightening individual who saw every living creature as nothing more than a 'test subject.' But that wasn`t true at all. He was just a lonely man, he had a heart, and he felt bad for me.
  My fate had been decided for me. This was my life now. I would never be returning to Earth again. But now, for some reason, I didn`t feel sad. I felt relieved. "Don`t cry, Loki," I said, curling my fingers around the fabric of his pocket. "It`s okay. I`ve made up my mind. I want to stay with you. Even if it`s not what you`d want for me, I`d feel better here, making a new life with you. So please, don`t cry anymore."
  I found myself at a loss for words when Miyuki told me it was fine, she didn't actually want to go home as badly as I assumed she did. Slowly, I scooped her out of my breast pocket, and held her before my face. "T-thank you, Miyuki, it means a lot to hear someone say that. To hear that they...want to be with me," I said, wiping away my tears with the sleeve of my other arm. "Alright then, it's settled. From now on, I will stop treating you as some specimen. I'll get you a proper place to sleep and...well, stop undressing you quite so carelessly. I may not know much about people, but I could tell you were getting somewhat uncomfortable." I smiled, sighed, and manage to let out a small chuckle as I admired this fine creature before me.
  I gazed deeply into Loki`s apple-green eyes, noticing a softness I had never caught before. I should have been unnerved lying that close to his massive face, but I wasn`t fazed. He was my friend now. No matter how big he was, there was no reason to be afraid of him. I placed myself on my knees and smiled at him. "You know what, Loki? I don`t think you took me because you just wanted to experiment on me. I think you wanted to have a friend, someone who would accept you for who you are. I know how it feels to be shunned around people, believe me."
  "When I first met you, I thought you were just a monster. I thought you were going to eat me, or cut me up into little pieces. But I`m glad to hear you`ve changed your mind, at least I don`t feel like prey anymore. It`s okay, Loki. You don`t have to cry or be alone anymore, because I`ll be here for you." I leaned foward, pulling myself as close to him as I possibly could, and kissed him on the cheek. It wasn`t as odd as I thought it would be. It just felt...appropriate, after all we`d been through.
  "You're probably right, Miyuki, you're probably right...I feel bad for what I've done, ripping you from your life out of a selfish need for companionship. But if you really are happy to be here with me, I'm more than happy to have you with me. I promise not to cry anymore, I don't have any reason to while you're around." When Miyuki kissed me, I found myself blushing bright red.
It felt right, though, so I didn't stop her, and let her stay there while I gently stroked her back with one finger. This was our life now, our little imperfect life.
  It took around a week or so to give Miyuki a proper place to stay. One of the first steps was giving my home a good cleaning, I couldn't be a mess with company all the time. After that, there was the task of producing more clothes for Miyuki, as well as a place to sleep. I was certainly no seamstress, but I tried my best. Miyuki didn't mind sleeping on me from time to time, but having a bed for herself was good too.
  Eventually, I had finally done it. The house was clean, and I felt truly happy for the first time...ever, honestly. "I don't think I can ever thank you enough, Miyuki," I said, grinning. I was sitting at my desk (which was now clear of all those sharp metallic instruments), and Miyuki sat at the edge of it. "Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could have someone like you in my life, and now look at me!"
  Shakily, I leaned closer, and attempted to kiss her on the forehead. I pursed my lips as much as possible, but as I withdrew I could see that I had caught most of her head in the kiss. I blushed, glanced to the side, and laughed. "Sorry, I hadn't had a go yet, I thought it was worth a try. I-in fact, I had been meaning to ask you know I'm not going to eat you, I couldn't dream of such a thing. But, I am still curious about your taste. Some habits die hard, you know. Would willing to be my specimen, one last time? Just a small taste test, I promise."
  After that night, everything changed completely. Loki put in so much effort to make me happy in my new home, I almost felt bad because I wasn`t able to help him with anything at my size. While I did enjoy sleeping on him every now and then, he was able to make me a proper bed, along with new clothes to replace my old, tattered gray school dress. The stitching wasn`t perfect, and some parts of the fabric stuck out, but it was comfortable, and I didn`t complain, because I knew he had done it for me. He cleaned up the house, and finally, for the first time in over a year, I felt good about where I was in life. Sometimes, I would think about my mother, but I wouldn`t keep on it for long. That was my old life, something I could forget. My new life was here, on Metropolis, a distant planet in the Pleaides Star Cluster, with Loki, my new Lemurian friend.
  I sat perched at the edge of his desk, humming happily. I grinned as Loki mused at how much things had changed. "Well, neither did I," I giggled. "I never thought that I`d be living with a giant. You know, I used to read fairytales and stuff about giants, about how they would abduct little girls and cook them, or something like that. I sure am glad that wasn`t the case!" A shiver pulsed down my back as Loki leaned foward and kissed me. I could tell he was trying to be gentle, but with his huge size, most of my face was smothered by his lips. My cheeks grew a bright red. Suddenly, I gulped when Loki explained what he wanted to do next. " want to know what I taste like?" I stammered. "B-but...what if I taste bad or something? Yet, what if I actually tasted good to you? Then you might actually want to eat me! But...if it`s really what you want to do, then it`s okay. I`ll trust you for this."
  I shook my head at Miyuki's worries, patting her on the head with my index finger. "Now, now, don't think so little of me. I'm a man of my word, I just said I won't eat you, and I mean it. And if you taste bad, well, I'm not going to just spit you across the room or something. I'll treat you with care, whatever happens." Slowly, I slouched in my chair a little, so that I was at eye level to Miyuki. I slowly yawned open my mouth, and extended my tongue before her. "The decision is yours, Miyuki," I said, keeping my mouth open. "I don't want to just toss you in like a piece of candy. You're special to me and should be treated as such." I found myself shivering a little in anticipation, struggling to hold my mouth open. Despite what I said, giving her a taste had been on my mind ever since she had put the idea in my head. I would be careful, of course I would. But...instincts would probably take over, I just had to make sure I kept them reined in.
  I swallowed hard as he lowered himself to my level, opening his mouth in front of me. I sat there, staring before his gaping maw, trying not to start shaking. His pointed, razor-like teeth looked sharper and more menacing than ever. I`m not going to say I wasn`t scared, because then I`d be lying. But I figured I`d do it. It was the least I could do for him, after everything he did for me. I finally forced down the lump in my throat and stammered, "O-okay...I`ll do it. Just promise not to bite me, okay? I don`t want to get chewed up." Still shaking, I got on my knees and crawled onto his mouth. As soon as I found myself on his tongue, his maw locked shut, sealing me in humid, pitch-darkness. My body quivered, and my heart skipped a beat as I prepared myself to be savored.
  "Y-yes, I promise not to bite..." I said as I watched Miyuki begin to move forward. As soon as I felt her hands touching my tongue I had to clench my right knee tight. She tasted INCREDIBLE. It took all my restraint not to do anything until she was fully inside, but as soon as she was I slammed my teeth together, a toothy grin forming. Slowly, I began to swish my tongue around, guiding the tip around to glide over her body. I was searching, yearning, wishing to find out how her flavour varied from her head to her toes. "M-Miyuki, I have to say, you taste simply divine..." I panted, my lips parting a little as I breathed over her shaking form. "Thank you so much, I've never been able to taste something so sweet in my life!" I pushed my tongue down onto her, pinning her to the base of my mouth, and began to track across her body in long, drawn out licks. I was getting hungrier, trying to see if I could peel away her clothes with my tongue, to taste the sweetness I knew laid underneath.
  Apparently, Loki was way hungrier than I anticipated. He trapped me in his jaws as soon as I was fully within his mouth. His monstrous tongue smothered my body, tasting every tiny inch of my bare skin. He became so aggressive in his licking that he even tried to force his tongue under my clothes, just to taste more of me. Warm, sticky saliva soaked me to the skin. I just shivered uncontrollably, trying to keep myself in place so he wouldn`t swallow me on impulse.
  I glanced to the back of his throat, a bit of worry growing in my mind. As much as I cared about him, I still didn`t want to end up like all the candy and sweets he`d eaten. His commentary wasn`t exactly relieving, since he was expounding on how scrumptious I tasted. It was bizarre, and frightening, at that. Did I really taste that good? "That...that`s good," I mumbled. "I`m like me..." He used his tongue to pin me down, licking me more furiously than ever. Although I was terrified beyond belief, I bit my lip and tried not to cry. I forced myself to endure it, for Loki`s sake. I could only hope his instincts wouldn`t take over, and he wouldn`t follow through on his devouring.
  Before I realised what I was doing, I found that I had caused Miyuki's clothes to slide free, leaving her with nothing but her underwear to cover her skin. I was in heaven, I wanted nothing but her delicious flavour in my mouth. I scooped Miyuki up so that she was lying on my tongue, and rolled her body around in glee. I was salivating on her, closing my eyes and humming to myself.
I started to tilt my head back on instinct, feeling her slide towards my throat.
  However, just as I felt her slipping away, I snapped my head back down. I held a hand to my mouth, mortified. I hadn't eaten her, oh, thank goodness. "M-Miyuki...?" I asked shakingly, my tongue still lapping at her form. "I-I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me. No, that's not true, I know perfectly're just so tasty, it's unfair. My entire body is screaming to eat you, even now. I-I WON'T. I promise you now, I WON'T. But it's so hard, so please...don't hate me for enjoying you so."
  I didn`t think Loki was even paying attention to what he was doing anymore. He was just so caught up in savoring me, he ended up ripping off my clothes with his tongue. I blushed in humilation as I was left in nothing but my undergarments. He rolled me around his maw, slamming me against the sides of his mouth. "Loki, I think you need to calm down!" I sputtered. "You`re going a little too far!" He wasn`t listening. I gaped in horror as he tilted his head back, and I slid down to the back of his throat. My eyes grew wide with terror. He really was going to eat me. I didn`t want to end up in his stomach and be digested, but right now, that seemed to be my fate.
  I couldn`t hold myself back any longer. "Loki, STOP!" I screamed, praying he would hear me. Thankfully, he did. He seemed to realize his situation, then quickly leveled his head, leaving me sprawled out in the interior of his mouth. He began apologizing, his voice rushed and a little panicky. "Loki, you`re really scaring me," I said, sucking in gulps of air. "I don`t hate you for enjoying me, but please, don`t eat me! Are you really sure Lemurians don`t eat humans? Because it seems like you`re enjoying me way too much!"
  "I-I don't know anymore...I mean, I`ve never heard of Lemurians eating humans, but it does seem likely, doesn't it?" With great difficulty, I plucked Miyuki from my mouth, and placed her back down on the desk. I ended up swallowing her clothes involuntarily, and hung my head in shame. "N...never again, it's too dangerous," I sighed, burying my head in my arms as I laid on the desk, just to the side of where Miyuki was. "I know what I said, but, just from that one taste...I wanted to do it forever. But if I ate you, I'd never forgive myself. Heh, I really am a monster, aren't I?"
  At last, Loki wrapped his fingers around me and dragged my saliva-coated body from his mouth, placing me on the desk. I flopped over, breathing heavily. I was alive. I hadn`t been eaten. He ate my clothes, but that was about the worst of it. I crawled to my feet, taking a sigh of relief. "Oh, thank God. I really thought you were going to swallow me there. I guess you were just really hungry, huh?"
  I could tell he was upset about it, though, because he was hanging his head, trying to hide his face. I sheepishly approached him and tugged on his sleeve. "Hey, it`s alright, I know you didn`t mean to. You just got a little carried away, that`s all. But now, since you got a taste of me, I`m afraid you`ll keep looking at me like that, with those hungry eyes of yours." I chuckled a little in an attempt to push away the fear.
  I could feel the light tugs of Miyuki on my sleeve, and slowly drew my head up to look at her. She was terrified of me, that was obvious. I looked away, pulled open a drawer, and grabbed a fistful of sweets. I shoved them in my mouth, chewed loudly, and swallowed them quick and hard. "Yep, you taste a hell of a lot better..." I mumbled, slowly looking back at her. "Look, I promise you from the bottom of my heart that I will not eat you. But, you might have to help me satisfy my appetite."
  I bit my lip, eyes sparkling as I looked at her adorably sweet form. "Will you allow me to taste you again, every so often? I'm sorry, it's selfish, but that one taste test isn't going to keep me away from you for good. I'll do anything in return, and I'll make sure you're safe. I could tie something around you before putting you in my mouth, so that there's always an easy way out.
P-please, Miyuki, I'm desperate for that sweet flavour of yours..."
  I could tell Loki was desperate to satiate his hunger. He started noisily chewing on a handful of candy, but I couldn`t help but think that the crunching could have been my bones. That wasn`t exactly helped by the unnerving growling sounds emanating from his stomach. When he made his proposal, I think I peed myself a little. "Well...okay. You know, I was afraid something like this would happen. But it`s okay, I`ll let you taste me anytime you want. Although, you have to promise that you won`t go crazy like you did last time. You really scared me there, Loki."
  I crept up to him and gently grabbed hold of his index finger, kissing his fingertip to let him know everything was alright. "If I really do taste that good to you, then I`ll let you do it.
I trust you, I know you could never kill me like that. You`re too much of a gentle giant. I love you, Loki."
  And with that, my old life ended, and my new life began. Every day on Metropolis presented some new challenge for me, but I didn`t want anything else. Later on, Loki took me out into the world, to see the planet he called home. It was a beautiful place. And soon enough, I ended up calling it my home, too. Even though Loki continued to taste me from time to time, I actually learned to enjoy it. After a while, it felt pleasurable, because I knew I was safe. I may have seemed like a masochist, but he made me feel good. And as I became older, our love only grew. Even though Loki was a primordially aged creature who would surely outlive me by a thousand years, I would continue to live with him as long as I could. And that was how I found happiness, even in a situation that should have killed me. For me, it was the beginning of a new chapter.
The End...
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On what should have been a normal trip home from school, Miyuki Nagatsuki is abducted by a giant alien scientist known as Loki, who steals her away as his newest test subject. Horrified, Miyuki believes her life is coming to an end, but through her time with Loki, she discovers that the two of them are not as different as they seem.

This was originally an OC roleplay written by me and my best friend, Shyny. I play as Miyuki, and he portrays Loki. There`s more macro content than vore, but there is a vore scene near the end, so I had to label it as such anyway.

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