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inviting By Cerulesta -- Report

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ugh I love drawing mouths.......

like I mentioned in one of the other pictures I drew of her, Liliara's voice is super hypnotic when she wants it to be, and she can charm almost anyone into her guts with enough coaxing and sweet-talk, provided they aren't extremely strong willed or something. a lot of the time, once her prey is hypnotized, she can pretty much just open up and give them this view, and they'll crawl in of their own volition. @[email protected]; ... and I mean... I can't really blame them...

(even though her skin tone is pretty close to human-colored, she still has weird colored insides because dude that is my jam, have you even seen any of my other internal shots/mawshots)

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 2 years ago Report

So pretty... wouldn't need to hypnotize me!


Posted by GabbyEats 2 years ago Report

Your POV shots always amaze me


Posted by Pokerus 2 years ago Report

How To Recognize if Someone Draws /Vore/


Posted by Aeos 2 years ago Report

M-eeep! *slowlu backs away* o_o;


Posted by Bossa 2 years ago Report

You draw drool/liquids so well, I think it adds a lot to the visual texture of your maws and innards ^_^


Posted by SueDonym 2 years ago Report

Ooh, another excellent mouth shot. Very nice.


Posted by vasp 2 years ago Report

Yeah, I really don't think she even needs hypnotism with a mouth like that...


Posted by Cerulesta 2 years ago Report

Pretty much. >v>;; Just staring into it is mesmerizing enough in and of itself...


Posted by Belloc 2 years ago Report

REALLY good maw shot. Your details are so dang fine.


Posted by Cerulesta 2 years ago Report

Thank you! ;V; I love detailing mouths, I go kinda overboard with it sometimes... it's one of the few things I really legitimately enjoy coloring and shading.


Posted by player1 2 years ago Report

Everytime i get to see one of your mawshots it wakes up the prey inside of me and i go all wibo like.

...goddamnit Ceru.


Posted by Cerulesta 2 years ago Report




Posted by joeburp22181 2 years ago Report

Well, you certainly draw good mouths. So I can see why you enjoy doing it so much. Because we like that you like to draw good ones! :)


Posted by kramooo 2 years ago Report

very inviting


Posted by mouth111 2 years ago Report

Great mawshot, great expression, great concept
Intense eyebrows


Posted by The_Prof 2 years ago Report

I hear she also uses her hypnosis powers to get stores to accept expired coupons


Posted by Heimko 2 years ago Report

Neat drawing.

btw any plans on doing a digimon gijinka at some point?

(and before you say it, NO, digimon is NOT a rip-off of pokemon. pocket monsters started out as a game, while digimon started out as a tamagotchi and a manga, plus pocket monsters was first re-named pokemon a whole year after the release of Digimon, so in a way pocket monsters came first, digimon 2nd and pokemon 3rd. Plus if you watch the japanese dubs of the anime, read the manga or play some of the old PS/PS2 and DS games you can see some HUGE differences in matter of seconds. (sorry if it's a bit long or sounded rude, that was not my intention, i just get annoyed when ever people says this kind of stuff, but anyway have a great day :D))


Posted by Cerulesta 2 years ago Report

whoa holy shit dude calm down, I love Digimon ;_; I was never going to say any of that stuff

I don't know if I do have any plans to, since like, the Digimon I really like tend to be the already humanoid ones (Beelzemon... hhh) and it's been a long time since I watched the show, but it's a good idea, so you never know!


Posted by Heimko 2 years ago Report

Whoops sorry about that, my fault.

but there are some digimons that can be turned into gijinkas such as Sandiramon, Coatlmon, Garurumon, Blastmon and many other more "beasty" digimons


Posted by Bright 2 years ago Report

Love the drool.

Nice eyebrows.


Posted by pediachnid 2 years ago Report

her mouth looks very squishy and soft, and the colors only make things better