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Love of Change By Stanku -- Report

Chrysalis finds an opening to deliver her mortal vengeance to some of her dear enemies while utilizing their carnal secret.

My contribution to a little contest we had on Discord.

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Posted by Gorat 2 years ago Report

" Everyone should've seen the entire situation coming from a mile away." if the protagonist have the perception of 100 we would never have the "evil wins" situations and please take in consideration that he didynt write 10 pages of setup but wanted to get to the action as soon as possible so some simplifying and cuts were needed.

I should not comment on it as im not a fan of anal (or vaginal) vore but i did read it so i will add my two bits.

Story is "ok", as i say before its very simplified and kind'a straight to the point.
For a plus i consider quite big and -compared to some of your stories - fun part(from the moment Starlight went for "Trixie" pussy till they ended up in the stomach).
BUT on the other hoof like with most of the stories you cut the - what happens in the belly till they demise - part extremely short. But those are basically my issues with 50% of your stories. Big buildups to a intense but very short ending that leaves me alweys wishing for those 6~ more lines of story(good example like in "What(ever) Friends Are for III").

Maybe its only me but i think most people read those stories with only one hand on the top of their desks - so they expect some more uhum... stimulation with words and descriptions. Its basically like giving your readers blueballs. :P

But going back to this story - its basically ok, writing is like alweys good, descriptions are juicy and there is even for someone who is not into anal vore a bit of sexy stuff to enjoy. I would rate it 6+/10


Posted by Gorat 2 years ago Report

Umm.. only the 1st sentence was directed to you xD Rest of it was for Stanku. hehe xD


Posted by saintheartwing 2 years ago Report

Yes, I too find it rather silly and unbelievable that Twilight can't put two and two together. Especially in regards to Chrysalis, whom she'd be FAR more paranoid towards. If it even remotely looked like she was up to something evil, Twilight would blast her. The setup is really flawed.