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ARPG Extra Story 1-20 By Rayen

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Posted by TryMeIke 9 months ago

lame. lame. lameeeeeee.
illusion him to blindness and kill him. from distance.


Posted by Sarethas 9 months ago

Is there a way to check what equipment we have on these two?


Posted by Rayen 9 months ago

They have the same equipment that they had before.

- Sword/Shield
- Crossbow

- Staff

Both of them have a couple basic HP/EN potions as well.


Posted by zerowag 9 months ago

Close to the city right set off a magic flare


Posted by The-Lonely-Gamefreak 9 months ago

Agreed, and we should block for our elf friend while she sets to do so.


Posted by zerowag 9 months ago

I was thinking if we are close to the city some of the guards will come investigate


Posted by The-Lonely-Gamefreak 9 months ago

Yes, but we must protect our support as well.


Posted by Sergit 9 months ago

If Telri has a crossbow, my advice is that we shoot back at him while Lorre uses her illusion magic to blind him. If he cannot see, he cannot aim, and it doesn'tsem ha has back up, this time, so Lorre is safe from being interrupted as she casts.

I suggest we aim to his hands. Let's inutilize his crossbow, so that he cannot fire back at us. If he gets closer, dodge his sword strike and disarm him of his sword, too! With a kick to the hand or something.


Posted by Ryan-Drakel 9 months ago



Posted by The-Lonely-Gamefreak 9 months ago

Well, this lamia's vendetta will be hos doom. If he is alone, we have a better chance. Agreeing with ZeroWag, we should use a magical flare to alert people, but be evasive and step back to the city as we combat.

We will need to keep distance as his tail is his best weapon and deadliest. And though getting caught means we will likely get crushed, we need to stay between him and Lorre!


Posted by Eboros 9 months ago

The first thing to do would be that Lorre uses a protective spell on her. The enemy is very fast so don't get too far from her. If he approaches, Telri against, otherwise, Telri uses his crossbow.

Then, once the combat is launched, Lorre can cast a warning spell to the city to call for help.

I place these actions in this order to avoid the enemy trying to kidnap one of them because it's (in my opinion) quite capable.

And since it is probably faster than us, I think it's strongly not recommended to be away !

To note that if he acts as a murderer, he is likely to do so. (And so he tries to eliminate us one by one)


Posted by NotBatman 9 months ago

she will take another shot at us and telri before anything else, regardless of what we do phalnax formation to block it and brace for a charge, be in the way so we guard lorre too, that one is obvious.

as for the lamia, she's one for vendetta, and mood tantrums, so a bit of rediculing on relying on lying to merceneries and mocking on what makes her think this time she'll do better with less help, the reason, lamia momentom + sword thrust into her = double the wham power, and that's just us as vanguard not accounting for lorre own attacks, she's in a ranged disadvantage due to our shield.

and even if she does barge and comes between us, that's 2 fronts she has to face, and if lorre or us damage the crossbow, or even just its string, we basically forced her hand into close quarter combat, while we have a sword as a derrent and a range attacker.

we may want to consider healing potion so we have a stable leg to lean on when we thrust, but not quite yet.



Posted by MasterGryph 9 months ago

Well, we need to be careful, but we were on the verge of winning last time.

We should back away towards the town while affecting his sight and attacking from a distance. Melra should stay between the enemy and Lorre as much as possible.


Posted by Kartomic 9 months ago

Telri tanks, Lorre supports.


Posted by Graywolf18 9 months ago

Lorre hinders his vision, Telri protects Lorre. Be cautious of his tail, being constricted in his coils is an instant loss. If he grabs Lorre he'll likely employ gorilla tactics and run with her.


Posted by Netjak 9 months ago

This isn't a great, drawn out skirmish, and will probably be over in mere minutes, so help probably won't arrive in time, making it useless to waste time sending up a flare. Taking him on here and now would be best, starting off with a nice blinding spell.

In the end, maybe Telri's new diet consists of snakemen? Best elf looks good on her as is, so why wouldn't he?


Posted by NotBatman 9 months ago

oh no...i just realise something horrible, this freaking evil naga is going to ruin telri's plan for a diet! that's so evil :(


Posted by Thagrahn 9 months ago

I wonder if Lorre can make it so he sees 5 of everything, else cloud his vision.
Telri needs to be ready if he tries to close with his speed.
Lorre also needs to signal for reinforcements.

Big D

Posted by Big D 9 months ago

Best way to beat a lamia. Have Telri eat him :3 Blind and then eat him. :P


Posted by NotBatman 9 months ago

but...but.. the diet :(

will it be cheating the diet if we consume the lamia through the butt? no calories eaten technically...

Big D

Posted by Big D 9 months ago

Well, didn't the elf say she can start the diet tomorrow? :3


Posted by DeityV 9 months ago

2v1. I say primary goal is to limit his mobility, so perhaps target his snake portion with a crossbow. Lorre stays back and alters his vision with Illusion spells or ranged magic attacks of her own.


Posted by Sharizard1x1 9 months ago

the side story was much easier to catch up on then the main one, i guess it's time to beat him down! they can do it! they can do it nine times!


Posted by JScofi 9 months ago

crossbow to the eye.


Posted by WolfMorgenstern 9 months ago

Actually, we used the blindness tactic before which will make him Target Lorre!

Lorre's our trump card in this, so we need to protect her! Stick close and get ready to shoot or stab the Lamia when he's close, can't let him bind and swallow Lorre!

Meanwhile Lorre should definitely start getting ice magics in order, If he's part snake hopefully the cold spells will slow him down, make him lethargic and weak.

The reason I say this is because he's seen our previous tactic before. He'll know to go after Lorre. We shouldn't become predictable! It'll get this party killed with us as we are right now!

And I can't handle another bad end ;-;