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Naruto - Marunomi's Revenge Ch. 4 By Nobodyman

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Hinata's group finally arrives at the Pebble village and makes a chilling discovery. Meanwhile, the full scope of Marunomi's plan comes to light.

As the description says, this chapter finally explains Marunomi's plan, which I hope provides appropriate context for the end of the last chapter.

Also, I had a little difficulty with some plot developments in this chapter. I wanted to have certain characters informed of certain information, but I'm not sure I did it in a totally logical way. Hopefully it won't affect your enjoyment of chapter.

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Posted by Deviantfan16 11 months ago

This is actually a pretty good plot. I coukd see it pkaying out in a couple different ways
1. Hinata stands up to the original and fights her while turning all her excess chakra against her to ultimately eliminate her
2. Marunomi survives but decides to go about being low key and uses that Flesh Clone Jutsu to eat enough to sate herself with the extra mouth, like how Naruto got huge training results using Shadow Clones


Posted by BlueMarvel611 11 months ago

Hey man, good to see another chapter from you and got to say it's got a good long explanation of how Marunomi's new jutsu's work. I was honestly not expecting too to be involved. But anyways this chapter's really chilling and a good read. So here comes the review.

Okay I'll begin with the group at the Pebble village as well as those from the Hidden Cloud. I got to say that it was really chilling with terror and mystery there. For both of the group as you did a good job with describing the area and atmosphere of the condition of the village. It really sent chills down my spine getting me anticipated for what else would happen. I got my wished in the form of the cute little Kaori...who actually turns out to be Marunomi's clone. Though connected to her somehow. But what got to me the most was how Hinata reacted to hearing that Marunomi's responsible for the village's desolation. Her character sounded rather shaky mostly due to her past experience with Marunomi's gullet. However what sold me was the talk that Kurenai had with Hinata in order to snap her out of it. It really convinced me that they were from the anime. So good job on that one.

What really got to me is how Marunomi's new Jutsu's work as Kurenai explains it. Mostly with how she was able to absorb and full Anko during an examination. Not just that but she was able to use the memories and personality of Kaori to check up on the group and also to scare Hinata stiff. Just goes to show just HOW scary and dangerous that Marunomi has become since her defeat. Poor little Kaori for she would be digested as one of that missing nin's meals...which is so creepy. But also rather frightening considering that she's using that same energy to feed her absorbed victims. Would be a matter of time before she gets outta control...well, more so than she already has.

All in all this chapter got me wanting to see more of what Marunomi would do with the Hidden Leaf Village. More importantly, what would Hinata do if she were to learn of what Marunomi did to Naruto...but I can't wait to see to find out. That's what makes your story interesting for it keeps the reader into the plot and I definitely can't wait to find out. Good work Nobodyman and hoped to see the next chapter soon!

Elias Azule
The Blue Marvel


Posted by Flame14 11 months ago

Things just got serious! Got to admit I kind of suspected this was how things were going to go, doesn't mean I don't like getting to read about though. Love the focus your putting on Hinata in this, makes it really seem that she's meant to be this sequels heroin. I do wonder how badly she'll react once she learns that Naruto has been absorbed by Marunomi?

Just a side thought, if Hinata makes it out of this and (mostly) everyone gets saved, I'd really like to see a spin-off with Hinata learning the absorbstion justu and using on Naruto while they are out on a mission. It could prove interesting to see if she'd still willingly let Naruto back out later or if she'd enjoy the feeling to much and chose to keep him.


Posted by Urielzael2 11 months ago

Nice chapter. In fact you could have made next sequel by making Marunomi lose but being saved by time and space jutsu of Marada (Obito) who then ask her to join the akatsuki due to her power absorbing techniques.

Also I would like to see Marunomi developing into more complex character instead of sneaky devourer. Maybe chakra nature of people which she absorbed would make her a little better or could you make chapter when she devours Kaguya and than ask naruto to seal her in the moon so she would never harm other human again.

Also about this story arc. I think in this story Naruto should be savior. Simply because I've remebered fact that his Kurama (kyubi) chakra acts like poison if it is not absorbed to the container first. I know Marunomi absorbtion jutsu can act differently though it was working even on Pain (Nagato) who was godly class shinobi thanks to Rinengan so I think that if Marunomi would start using Kurama chakra she would expelled Naruto, and Naruto with power of angry Kurama (making snack of Kyubi wan't good idea) would defeat Narunomi annd save everyone. Than it could happen thing that I suggested ealier with Obito.