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It was a hot summer afternoon, in the middle of one of the city's more upscale suburbs. Most of the residents were either at work or in school, leaving the streets mostly silent. Some birds scattered out of a well groomed tree as a work truck passing under it backfired, while speeding towards its destination. It was an old white pickup with a mismatched canopy over the back, stamped with the phrase “CRITTER HUNTERS”.
Inside there was a wolf driving, and an aardwolf sitting in the passenger seat, both dressed in blue jeans, and T-shirts with the company's logo stamped on. The wolf Ryan was the owner of the company, and Sam was his new hire, about to take care of his first job, albeit still under supervision. The aardwolf tried to look like he was excited and paying attention, even as he idly twiddled his thumbs near his belly.
“Feelin nervous?” The wolf commented as he glanced over. “Well don'tcha worry. This is one of the easiest jobs you'll ever get! The tinies've already agreed to leave. We just gotta ID 'em, box 'em, and leave 'em to be relocated.” This city was known for having quite a bad problem with micro infestations. They never meant any harm, but they caused all manner of annoyances to the people whose homes they've decided to live in. Eating food, causing noises, and sometimes damaging structures to build their own homes within them. They tended to try and make it to the richer neighborhoods when they could, for houses with better food, and for more space to try and live unnoticed. A few companies offered to take care of the problem, mainly existing pest control services.
Of course, more care had to be taken with taking care of colonies of sentient beings than with ant or roach infestations. Non lethal methods of capture had to be used, and everyone rounded up had to be taken to one of the city's micro relocation centers. The micros themselves tended to be quite divided on the idea of being relocated. Often wherever they were sent to didn't have the quality, nor the freedom of living for free in someone else's house. Still others thought it was a reasonable tradeoff, to be better protected from angry normal sized folk.
The colony of micros that the Critter Hunters had been hired to take care of had been of the latter group. They still weren't happy about having to go somewhere else, but many had been swayed when a couple of them got slurped up by the house's new pet husky, just a few days before the rest of them were discovered. Their leader had even spoken directly with Ryan over the phone. They would all line up, and let themselves get processed without any resistance.
“It's gonna be pretty boring, to be honest. But it's important that ya learn all that stuff. Lotsa paperwork they make us do, and lots more if we mess somethin' up.” The wolf suddenly jerked the wheel, and hit the brakes to stop in the driveway he was about to pass. “Alright! I'mma let you do the pleasantries and the work, and I'll watch and make sure you do it right.” Sam nodded as he grabbed a small toolbox, and a large plastic container with airholes. He stepped out of the truck, and started up the walkway.
“Go on! I'm right behind...” He was cut off as his phone rang. He stopped as he answered. “Yeah? Uh-huh. Wait, wait-... what do you mean- Why the fuck did you have your snake with you!? Were they already in the system? ...uggh, stay where you are, I'm coming over.” He hung up. “Change of plans, I have to go put out a fire at the office.” He turned to climb back into the truck. “You'll be fine! Like I said, easiest job in the world!” Sam didn't have time to protest before his boss shut the door, started up the engine with a loud screech, and pulled away. Still carrying his boxes, he turned around to go knock on the door.
“Just a minute!” A female voice called out. The aardwolf stood waiting for a moment, before a tall cow answered the door. The chubby bovine smiled down to Sam, and stepped to the side. “Oh, thank goodness you're here! You're going to take care of those little devils, aren't you?”
Sam nodded nervously. “Y-yes, mamm.” He said as he stepped through.
“I'll show you to them. I was nearly tempted to just have my dog handle them. But, I suspect that a few of them might've caused him to get sick earlier.”
The cow lead the aardwolf through the house, and into the kitchen. She opened the pantry, to reveal that one of the shelves had around a dozen and a half micros. Most were foxes, although a few other candids and a leopard were mixed in. They mostly had variations of the same blank look of uncertainty and slight nervousness that Sam himself had.
“Well, I'll leave you to it! I want to get back to my stories.” With that the bovine turned to leave the aardwolf to his job. Sam had never actually seen this many micros up close before. And never when they weren't trying to scurry away. “Um... Hey.” He finally managed. Two of the micros waved back to him.
Sam set the boxes down, opening up the toolbox and pulling out some sort of handheld device, with a small screen and a camera, and stamped with the Critter Hunters logo. “Well, I'm going to get you all scanned, and then I guess I'll take you to get relocated! I'll just need...”
“I'll go first.” One of the foxes stepped forward, raising his arms up. He looked back to the group, giving them a reassuring smile. “Cheer up. Our new home will be much safer.” He looked back to the aardwolf One of Sam's paws reached down to lift up the fox. His fingers moved around, seeming unsure of exactly how to lift up the tiny candid before he settled for gently pinching him by the raised arms, and lifting. He lifted up the scanner, taking a photo of the group's leader with it. A small slip of sticky paper popped out of it. He looked at it for a moment before he set the fox back down, so he could remove the tag, and then wrap it around his leg. Finally he picked him back up so he could set him in the box.
Sam felt strange handling such a small creature. Knowing he had complete and total power over them, and even having a small urge to... he quickly shook his head as he tried to forget about it. He couldn't just eat that fox! No matter how good he thought it'd feel to have him squirming around inside... He quickly set the micro down inside of the container. He picked the scanner back up to repeat the process with a vixen that stepped to the front, this time not bothering to pick her up before scanning her. He took the paper to wrap around her leg, as he glanced around to the rest of the micros. Nobody would really notice if one went missing, would they?
He wrapped a paw around the vixen to pick her up, about to place her into the container. But he couldn't quite bring himself to drop her in. His curiosity began to get the better of him, as he tried to think of how to get away. “I, um...” He looked to the door as he lifted his paws, gently holding the micro near his belly. “Ehheh... I have to uh, go get something.” He began to walk slowly to the door, stepping outside, to stand on the patio and stare at the tire marks his boss left in the pavement. The aardwolf held the small person a bit tighter, pressing her into the white belly fluff between his vest.
The fox was beginning to get a bit nervous as Sam just stood holding her. The loud, wet rumble that sounded behind her a moment later didn't do much to calm her nerves. She looked out above his fingers. “Um, what did you need to-woah!” Without any warning or care, the aardwolf lifted her up to be level with his eyes. He kept her back turned as he stomach of his could keep a small person like her easily concealed. But he knew he could get into so much trouble for eating a person! The least of which would be to lose the job he really needed right now.
“Hey! Can you just get us all packed up, please?” The vixen was growing quite impatient, and a bit scared of the aardwolf. Finally, he decided to act. He opened his jaws behind her, and tilted her towards his lips. “What are you-hey! HEY! Don't-” She tried to begin before the predator stuffed her onto his tongue, and snapped his jaws shut. Sam immediately felt a horrible guilt for what he was doing, but he knew he was beyond the point of no return. He couldn't let the micro tell anyone she got stuffed into his mouth!
The vixen flailed and struggled, trying to work her way out of the aardwolf's jaws. “Spit me out!” She shouted as she tried to pull herself away from that sticky tongue. “I'm not food you brute! I'm a-oof!” The tongue moved to smush her against his upper jaw, and then to move her all around the inside of his mouth. The tongue moved roughly over her fur, with Sam eager to taste as much of her as he could. The sticky appendage began to move back, cornering her against the throat.
Sam hesitated to swallow, and doom the small fox to the pit of his belly. But even if he let her out unharmed, she would immediately tell someone that he tried to eat her. The micro was close enough to his uvula to nearly trigger his gag reflex, and to hear a wet gurgle echo up the esophagus.
“S-sorry...” He mumbled under his breath, before tilting his head back, and gulping. The vixen managed to cling to the tongue for a moment, but with another swallow, she was shoved past the throat and into his gullet. The aardwolf shuddered as he felt the fuzzy creature struggling, inside of his neck while she was slowly pulled deeper into his body. The bulge vanished into his chest, but the sensation remained just as strong as his squirming snack was pushed down through the fleshy tunnel. He let out an audible gasp as he felt the fox get pushed into his stomach. Immediately after he felt something traveling back up his esophagus.
*Urrrp!* He covered his lips as he let out a soft belch. He took another glance around, making sure nobody was around to witness his gluttonous deed, before looking down to his own white belly. He couldn't see any difference from before, but he could certainly feel that vixen struggling inside. He could also hear the fox's voice echoing back up his gullet. Occasionally between her struggles she would either shout for him to let her out, or try to call out for help. Sam was nervous about returning this way, not sure if anyone besides him would actually be able to hear her voice. But it wasn't as though he could just leave half way through.
The aardwolf pulled his green vest over his still flat belly as he stepped back inside. The remaining micros were still waiting dutifuly to be tagged and taken by Sam, though there was a sense of confusion when they saw the giant without the vixen, nor whatever he had to get. "I just put her in the truck..." He mumbled as he picked up a coyote.
"Help! He ate me!" She yelled as loud as she could still flailing in the pool of bile that surrounded her tiny body. "Somebody go get help!" The aardwolf froze, unsure if anyone besides himself could hear the person in his stomach. He was relieved when nobody seemed to pick up on her cries for help, though there was still a noticeable unease as he scanned the coyote, tagged him, and set him down in the container.
"We would like to go be with our daughter." An older looking vixen said firmly. She had a look of deep concern in her eyes, while a male fox standing to her side seemed quite agitated. "Please." The vixen continued.
"I, uh... yeah!" He said, reaching to gently to hold one parent in each paw. The aardwolf walked to the door, his mind racing to figure out just how he was going to fix this. That fox he ate was still struggling and shouting, desperate to get the attention of someone on the outside. He moved the male fox over to his other paw with his wife, so he could open the door and step outside.
Sam just stared blankly at the empty driveway for a moment. He knew that he shouldn't have satisfied his curiosity with that micro! He also realized that taking the parents out to see nothing was probably a poor decision. "Just where the hell is she!?" The male fox shouted.
"She uh... the truck... the truck is somewhere else..." The aardwolf stammered to try making an excuse, but he knew that he blew it. Those two foxes knew that something bad happened, and they were certain to tell everyone else. Sam hated the thought of sending two more micros to their doom... or at least, he knew he should hate it. Truthfully, he was curious to feel someone else sliding down his gullet. To feel his stomach packed tighter with even more micros. And as much as he loved the squirming, he wondered what it'd feel like when they stopped. When that solid lump was just reduced to liquid, sloshing through his digestive system.
The predator held the husband and wife a bit tighter, lifting them up to be roughly eye level. He took another look around to make sure nobody could see them, before he opened his jaws. They got less than a second to glimpse inside, before Sam shoved the husband inside and snapped his maw shut.
The fox began to thrash against the sticky tongue, trying to open the predator's maws back up. The hyena's mighty jaws were easily able to keep him contained however. Sam didn't take the time to enjoy the fox's squirms the same way he did with his daughter however. He still had to take care of the shrieking vixen in his paw, and thus tried to swallow down the micro as quickly as he could. It took a few seconds and a bit of gagging before his tongue was able to shove the fox past the tight throat, and into his gullet. The vulpine was still inside of the predator's neck when he pushed the hysterical vixen into his jaws. With another brief swallow, she would follow her husband into the throat.
Sam shuddered as he felt the two fuzzy lumps sink down into his chest, their squirms causing pleasant tingles both within the fleshy tunnel and beyond. The first fox was pressed onto the sphincter guarding the stomach, with his wife quickly piling in behind. The esophagus had to squeeze a couple of times, before the two were finally pushed into the stomach. Sam felt his stomach walls stretch as the three micros filled them out, leaving him with a satisfied, if not slightly excessive feeling of fullness.
The three foxes couldn't easily recognize each other within the aardwolf's dark stomach. But as they heard, and felt one another, they came to the realization. All were silent for just a moment...
"Let us go!"
"You can't digest all of us!"
"I'm gonna kill you if you leave a mark on any of us us!"
Sam had a bit of trouble making them all out as they spoke at once, but he was able to get the gist of their distress as he gently rubbed over his fuzzy belly. "Hey now... At least you're all going together, right?" He chuckled nervously as he pushed his white furred belly. His fingers could just make out the three distinct lumps the foxes made in his stomach. His abdomen was now just slightly inflated, although it was very difficult for even him to tell.
The aardwolf walked back into the home once again, doing his best to ignore the shouts echoing up his gullet. He relished the squirming inside of his body, but was beginning to look quite nervous. He wasn't sure what he was going to do when it came time to take the remaining micros back out to the non existant truck he claimed to have left some of them in. The micros themselves were also beginning to look uneasy, and doubtful over their supposed new life. A sense of dread hung over them all, though none could quite yet piece together why.
Sam resumed his job, quietly picking up one micro after the other, scanning them, placing the tag on, and setting them down into the container. All the while his belly groaned wetly as it squeezed and churned the three foxes around inside. The gurgles weren't terribly unusual or loud to everyone outside, but they certainly didn't help calm anyone's nerves either.
The aardwolf was in a very precarious situation already, yet he kept coming to think about how it would feel to have even more people inside. To feel his stomach stretched even tighter. To have another tiny being fighting for their life inside. He picked up a gray timber wolf, and simply stared for a few seconds as he thought. He had already eaten three people. Surely just one more couldn't make things worse, could it?
The wolf watched as Sam fumbled with the scanner in his hand, trying to look busy as he pretended to press a few buttons. "Oh, darn... the battery." He said with a weak chuckle. "I'll be back!" With that he walked out of the house once again, with the micro wolf in hand.
This time Sam didn't waste any time standing around. As soon as the door was shut behind him, he parted his jaws and held the wolf up, inches away. A second later the aardwolf's sticky tongue darted out, adhering to the canine's fur. The micro shouted as the tongue yanked back, pulling him right past the aardwolf's lips! The hyena's powerful jaws clamped shut around his prey, though he didn't attempt to swa.llow right away. He was intent on enjoying this tasty wolf more than those two foxes he so hastily crammed down his throat.
Of course, the canine had no desire to be turned into food without a fight. As the foxes before him did, he began to struggle and flail while he screamed. However, the wolf turned out to be significantly stronger than those other micros, so much so that Sam wasn't prepared to handle him. Though the predator's powerful jaws remained firmly shut, he couldn't quite keep the canine from moving about as he pleased within. After a few seconds he gave up trying to savor the micro, tilting his head up to swallow. But the wolf even managed to evade being sent down Sam's gullet, at least temporarily, when one of his limbs went down the windpipe instead.
Sam coughed and gagged, struggling to dislodge the wolf without actually spitting him out. He reached up to massage his neck for a moment, trying to coax the micro down the correct path to his stomach, but to no avail. "You'd better just spit me out!" The wolf shouted. "I ain't gonna be food today!"
With no other choice, Sam ran back into the house and past the micros. They all looked on as the aardwolf began to rummage through the cabinets to find a glass for water. Unable to find one, he ran to the refrigerator, taking a milk jug and beginning to drink it. He fought hard to keep the micro hidden in his lips as he poured the milk into his maw, but the small wolf managed to get his arms past the predator's teeth, pulling himself partway out of the mouth. Sam quickly bumped him with the plastic jug, taking another gulp of milk that finally sent his prey down his throat, still yelling and squirming as he was carried down the slimy esophagus. He put the milk down and gasped for air, putting a hand on his belly as the fourth micro slid in. After he caught his breath, he turned to face the rest of the colony, hoping in vain that they hadn't seen him swallow that wolf. They all stood silently, shocked, and in disbelief.
"H-h-he, he's EATING us!" One of them stammered out, before the rest on the shelf screamed and began to scatter. Sam ran over in a panic, knocking the plastic container underneath the shelf, and using an arm to reach over and knock several of the micros off and into the tub with a single swoop of his arm. He grabbed a husky and fox about to vanish back into the wall, throwing them in with the rest of the shouting little anthros. The shelf was now clear, but he looked down to see a few others scurrying across the floor! He quickly dropped to his knees, reaching out to separately snatch up a wolfess, and a dingo in each hand. There was still another fox about to run under a nearby dishwasher. Thinking quickly, he stuffed the upper half of the dingo into his lips before reaching out to grab the stray vulpine. With the micro's tail and legs dangling out of his mouth he dropped the other two into the container, and began to count as they all screamed and tried to scale the smooth surface.
Sam figured there were fifteen micros at the beginning, with four squirming in his belly. He had a momentary scare when he counted only ten in the plastic tub, before he felt a struggle against his tongue and remembered that dingo. As he held the squirming thing between his jaws, he began to reflect on just how badly he'd messed up. He couldn't bring any of the micros to his boss, or they'd just tell the entire story. He couldn't let them go. He couldn't even bring them far out of the house without someone spotting them screaming in the container! The predator only had one possible way out of this mess. He tilted his head back, slurping the rest of the dingo into his lips before gulping.
Everybody could still see the bulge in the aardwolf's neck when he reached down to grab another micro. This time that wolfess he just captured was lifted up, and unceremoniously pushed past his lips. Unlike the other wolf still struggling in his stomach, he was able to push her down his throat without incident. Sam began to methodically pick up each of the micros, one by one stuffing them into his lips, tilting his head back, and swallowing. He paused and shuddered when he felt the wolfess finally slide down into his already overcrowded stomach. As more followed her into the tight, fleshy pit, the dwindling micros in the container could see the aardwolf's belly begin to visibly bulge. A few distinct lumps appeared and vanished as they struggled, and his digestive system squeezed and churned them around. A bulge in his neck lingered for a bit longer than usual, as a fox managed to stop his descent through the giant's esophagus. But the vulpine was knocked down and towards the gurgling pit below by the next micro that Sam swallowed, a small, shrieking rabbit.
In around a minute, the bin was completely empty. He held a husky in his hand as he rested, feeling the rest of the micros struggle in his overfilled stomach. They all shouted various threats, pleas, and curses, though he could no longer pick out and understand any of them. He pressed one paw onto his belly, using his fingers to feel out the individual anthros below his fur, even as the final micro struggled in his grasp. As his stomach groaned and glorped under the unprecedented load, he held the husky up to his lips.
"P-please, let me go! I'll never tell anyone, I promise!" Sam nearly considered letting the poor thing go. The struggling people in his belly felt wonderful, but he also felt an overbearing guilt knowing what was going to happen to them all. But even then, he relished the thought of his own body reducing all those lively micros into nothing but sludge. Knowing that within a day or so, there would be no trace of the micros left inside of his body. He looked down to the fluff between his vest, continuing to feel it. "Please, please don't put me in there..." His attention was brought back to the husky before him.
"Eh heh, uh..." He couldn't risk the canine breaking her promise and telling anybody. Besides, there was something he wanted to try. "Sorry..." He held the husky back about a foot from his maw. The aardwolf's lips parted, and his long, sticky tongue darted out, firmly attaching to the dog's fur. He pulled it back, yanking the micro right inside!
The small husky whimpered as she heard the sounds of her friends yelling just beyond the predator's throat. The tongue unstuck from her fur, and began to push her around between those tightly shut jaws. Sam wanted to enjoy the dog's taste for a moment, before his tongue pushed her back, and past the tight sphincter that separated his maw and gullet. He reached up to trace her path down past his neck and through his body, shuddering as she was pushed into his belly. There he sat rubbing, massaging his own middle. All the evidence of his misdeeds packed inside of his stomach, ready to be melted away.
Sam sat for a few minutes before he felt something move up his esophagus. He feared that one of them might have found a way to climb out of the fleshy pit, but all that managed to escape was a large bubble of air. He let loose a loud belch, blushing as he covered his lips with a paw. He decided he should go try to explain something to the homeowner, and stood up, walking down the hall and to her bedroom.
"Uh, hey!" He said as he peeked his head through the open door. He deliberately tried to hide the rest of his body from the bovine. "Those micros won't be giving you any more trouble. I uh, got them all packed away..."
"Splendid!" The cow said as she sat up on her bed. "Do I need to pay now, or..." She began to stand, and Sam quickly shook his head. "No no! You uh, we'll send you a bill in the mail. So, I'll go ahead and get these guys out of here..." He turned to leave before she could come look at him.
"Oh, okay. Well thank you again!" She called out as he picked up the empty container, tossing the scanner in, before walking out the door for the last time. Of course, his boss was still gone, though he was quite relieved given the circumstances. It looked like he'd have a long walk home...
For an hour Sam walked, holding the container close to his belly. The clear plastic didn't do a whole lot to obscure his distended belly, but he did manage to avoid getting close enough to anyone for them to notice. The loud, wet gurgles in his belly became more frequent, as did the churning and squeezing, as his digestive system geared up to digest the massive load of meat. The struggles and screams of his unwilling occupants had died down a good bit within a few minutes of starting to walk. Near the end of his trek however he nearly dropped the container as they were suddenly reignited, stronger than ever. He wasn't sure what spooked them at first, but managed to guess after he heard another loud, wet glorp from inside. "Heh, guess my belly is working..." He stepped inside his home, setting the container down before he collapsed on his couch, jostling all of the people in his stomach. There he could finally resume rubbing his belly. Squeezing it up against the struggling micros, and enjoying the feel of them shoving against that sensitive flesh. After a little while, he decided he should probably call his boss.
"Hey uh, it's Sam. I'm back home now."
"Aw ya didn't have to walk! I was just about to come get ya. Did'ja get the job done?"
Sam paused and gulped.
"Well I... uh..." He began to stammer a bit. "They uh, they all escaped."
He could hear a heavy sigh on the other end of the line, before he continued. "I started to scan them all, just like you told me. But uh... I don't know if I spooked them, but they all just ran away. I looked around, but I think they're out of the house." He continued to rub his belly with one paw while he held his phone in the other.
"You already scanned a few? Aw hell... Now we're gonna have to explain them." He groaned. "Ain't your fault though. I shouldn'ta left you alone on your first job." Sam let out a relieved sigh. "I was so sure that'd be an easy job though! Can't believe they... Just, uh... yeah, we'll get it sorted out. I'll swing by to pick ya up tomorrow, I've already had a long day today."
"Oh, since they were gone, I just sort of told the customer I'd got them all."
The boss chuckled. "Well, at least we still get to bill 'em. Just as long as none of the little critters show back up!" Sam squeezed his own gut, knowing that wouldn't be a problem.
"Cool. Well... see you tomorrow." The aardwolf hung up, and went back to focusing on his belly. He never imagined eating somebody could fill him with so much pleasure! Knowing what was happening inside of that acid filled pit made him feel so alive, so powerful. For the better part of the night he just focused on his filled stomach, rubbing, and occasionally trying to make out what those micros were yelling.
As the evening turned to night, the struggles would very slowly begin to die down. It wasn't that the anthros in his stomach were fighting any less hard, just that the number that *could* fight was beginning to decrease. He also noticed that instead of only feeling hard lumps in his gut, the space beneath his fur was increasingly sloshy, filled with some thick liquid. Some of the remaining solid chunks didn't move, and instead began to break apart beneath his fingers. The shouts and screams began to become quieter and less frequent as well, with the remaining micros giving up trying to plead with or intimidate the predator.
Sam decided that he needed to go to bed. He got up, and looked down to his own bulging middle. His gut was still unnaturally distended, though it was somewhat less conspicuous than before. A distinct lump or two still sometimes appeared, but it was a much smoother curve than before. He felt the contents of his stomach slosh around as he walked to his bedroom, before settling down in his bed for the night. The voices from those digesting micros was soft enough that he managed to ignore it, as he slowly drifted off to sleep.
As the aardwolf slept, his stomach remained active in processing the remaining micros. At some point around midnight, the last voice inside of his digestive system was finally silenced, replaced with gurgling. Soon there were no more solid lumps of meat remaining, and his stomach began to pump the sludge intermixed with bones and fur down into the bowels. The only thing remaining that could possibly identify any of the digested anthros were the tags that he had affixed to a few of them. And by morning those would be expelled from his body, along with any other trace of them.
Sam continued to hold his bulging, squishy belly as he slept, subconsciously feeling the half gallon or so of sludge as it slowly made its way through his intestines. Thunderous gurgles erupted from his body throughout the night, brought on by air squeezing back and forth through the remains of his meals. As the night dragged on his digestive system processed those micros even further, breaking down the liquefied meat into its baser elements, and absorbing everything of value to the aardwolf's body. The digestion produced quite a bit of gas, amplifying the already intense wet rumbles inside of him.
As the morning approached, the massive living lunch from yesterday was slowly pushed into Sam's colon. His body had taken everything that it could, though it left behind the bulk of the mass. The gooey liquid was still dotted with indigestable bones and fur, and even the plastic tags that had been affixed to a few of the micros before the predator began to binge on them all, though the acid had worn the ink off. His gut rumbled less often as the muck was slowly dried, and packed down into the end of the aardwolf's large intestines. He shifted a bit in his sleep as that familiar urge to relieve himself began to build, while his tailhole held fast, keeping everything securely in his rectum. As dawn began to break, the building pressure in his large intestine would finally awaken him.
Sam rubbed his eyes, yawning as he sat up. He reached down to feel his belly, momentarily wondering exactly what he ate that had to get out so badly. "Oh... right." He mumbled out loud, as he remembered all of those micros. He pressed into his still distended belly, wondering if anybody could still be alive inside, but he would find no hints of life inside. The aardwolf's digestive system had thoroughly processed those tiny people, just as well as it did any other meat. He sat rubbing his gut for a moment, thinking about how he felt yesterday. Such massive guilt, yet such intense excitement. He hoped that at the very least those micros hadn't suffered too much.
*phffffeeeeeerrt!* The predator's thoughts were suddenly interrupted as a large bubble of gas escaped his rear end, very shortly followed by the feeling of his colon contracting, trying to expel the unusually heavy load. He clenched his tailhole as he stood up, walking quickly to the bathroom. The aardwolf quickly slid his pants down and sat down on the toilet, just in time for another loud fart to escape and echo off the porcealin below.
Sam couldn't help but chuckle as he felt his bowels shifting around, trying to push all of that waste out. As though all of the micros he ate were still trying to escape, just as when they had still been alive in his stomach. He shifted in his seat to get comfortable, before relaxing his anus to begin relieving his bowels of that massive burden. The ring of flesh twitched for just a moment, before beginning to flex, and allow passage of a large brown log. The lump of waste was partially made up of his regular breakfast from the previous day, but the numerous specks of white bones that dotted the surface gave ample evidence of his glutony the previous day. The aardwolf sighed as his rectum slowly eased the massive turd out. Around half way through, gravity was able to quickly pull it the rest of the way, making a small squelch as the lump of feces was pulled all the way out of his tailhole before splashing into the water below.
The predator quickly started to push out a second turd, much as he had done the first time. The foot long serpent sitting below looked like it could've been made up of five or so of the tiny people he devoured yesterday, though it was difficult to tell now that they were so totally blended together. Sam let out a soft, pleasured sigh as he felt some fuzz brush past the sensitive flesh in his pucker, before feeling the second log slide the rest of the way out, leaving the bulge on his belly a bit smaller, a bit closer to its natural state. Sam could still feel one more large log sitting in his colon, a bit further away from the exit. He began to gently rub his belly as he pushed and clenched his insides, trying to work everything out. "Come on... I know you all wanted out." After several seconds of trying, he finally felt the turd slide through his rectum, and begin to exit. He sighed happily as his insides were finally relieved of that burden, hearing the final splash. He thought about the fact that he had just pooped out fifteen micros, fifteen tiny people that he had processed in his digestive system without anybody knowing. The simple thought made him tingle.
Sam stood up, first looking at himself in the mirror. Despite feeling that his large intestine was empty, his belly was still a tiny bit pudgier than before. Hopefully nobody else would notice the extra fat... He then looked into the toilet bowl. He scanned for any hint that somebody might have survived the journey through his digestive system. As he expected however, there was no sign anything but fur and bone had made it out of his rear intact. He could see one of the plastic tags poking out of a turd, but with no ink left on it. The predator smiled, satisfied that there was no way to identify any of the micros he ate, before reaching for the flush handle. Water loudly rushed into the bowl, sweeping away the only evidence of his misdeeds into the sewers.
Patting his belly one more time in the mirror, Sam stepped out of the bathroom to call his boss. Hopefully there was somebody else that needed to have some micros "re-homed" today.
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An aardwolf gets a job relocating some pesky micros. But when he's left alone, he decides to relocate them to his stomach instead.

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Posted by ZaaZaa 4 years ago Report

I had to google what an aardwolf is. It's a neat mammal.


Posted by funsunnydman 3 years ago Report

Oh thank god, I thought I was the only one. XD