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It was a midmorning Saturday in a small, quiet college town. A few people were out and on their way to their weekend classes, but most were still in their dorms, enjoying their day off. A significant chunk of the students were in varying states of recovery, after attending one of the parties around the previous Friday night. One such student was laying in his bed, groaning as the sunlight breached his window and hit his face. He tried to move one of his pillows over his head so he could return to sleep, but there was a particular feeling in his belly that likely wouldn’t allow him to rest until it was taken care of.
Kevin was a freshman rhino who seemed to take college more as a chance to party and drink than to actually attend class. Though he managed to do just enough work that he’d likely pass, there was hardly a night where he would ever choose to study rather than find any event he could where alcohol was served. Most of the other students had come to recognize him not just because of his regular attendance to social events, but thanks to his massive size. Even in a world where creatures varied greatly in size, his twelve foot tall form would almost always dwarf everyone else in a room. Some didn’t like how he took a disproportionate amount of food and booze into his belly everywhere he went, though others were sometimes fascinated with his seemingly bottomless appetite. Occasionally at parties a few would egg him on to eat copious amounts of pizza and beer, and sometimes other things that shouldn’t be consumed.
Judging by his pounding headache and sore gut, along with very foggy memories of exactly what happened the previous night, the rhino knew he went well past his limit. He hoped he didn’t embarrass himself too horribly, nor that he was dared into eating anything that could be too damaging to his insides. He could only really remember single handedly eating a table of snacks meant for a few dozen guests, and while his mind was filled with regret, the lower parts of his digestive system were filled to the brim with something else. He slowly climbed out of his bed, wobbling a bit on his feet as a sickening wet groan erupted from inside of his big gut. Whatever he ate last night had taken a toll on his digestive system. He clenched his tailhole as he felt that familiar pressure within rising, shuffling off to his bathroom.
Kevin got a glimpse of his bare torso in the mirror. His jaw dropped a bit as he saw his own swollen belly. He was always somewhat pudgy, but he had somehow managed to eat enough to add several inches to his middle. He sighed and shook his head, feeling a strong sense of disappointment in himself.
The imminent need to void himself of everything that was eaten made him momentarily forget his shame. He quickly pulled down his gym shorts and plopped his grey rear onto the large toilet bowl. He allowed his anus to loosen, before the sound of a massive bubble of gas ripping out echoed off the porcelain. The rhino felt a shift in his colon; No doubt his body eager to get rid of everything, he assumed. He rubbed over his still aching head as he relaxed, letting his lower bowels begin to work. He felt their contents shift around quite a bit, more than he was used to. But what should he expect after eating such a massive meal? His gut gurgled as he sat and waited for the load to begin coming out.
And waited.
He sighed when he felt nothing exiting his tailhole. Of course he couldn’t even enjoy a relaxing morning dump, he thought. He began to push, groaning and gritting his teeth as he felt his tailhole start to stretch despite nothing giving way. Something large was in his rectum, too wide to just slide out. Whenever he made some headway, a ticklish sensation in that sensitive ring of flesh would cause him to stop his effort for a moment. He placed both of his hands on his bulging gut, pushing in as he tried to expel whatever was in his colon.
“Come on you. Get out… Get out of my-“
“You ASSHOLE!” A quiet and raspy, but loud enough voice wheezed from somewhere below. The unexpected voice shocked the poor rhino, enough to make him squeeze just a few inches of the load out. Once it passed a wide enough point, Kevin felt a massive weight slide out all at once. In just over a second his bowels were empty and his belly had returned to its normal size, before a massive splash sounded below. He grinned as the feeling of relief rushed over him, before remembering what scared him. He slowly parted his legs, looking down into the toilet for the source of the noise.
He gulped when he saw a figure below him. It was almost completely covered in brown digested muck, but was still clearly a living person. A fox, maybe three feet long was floating in the water, gasping for fresh air. The reality of what had happened quickly sunk in. He had a faint memory of the previous night, several people chanting for him to eat, as something squirmy was shoved down his throat. “Aw shit…” He hopped up off the bowl, reaching in to pluck the fox out. “Shit, shit, shit!”
Kevin quickly sat the still gasping fox down in his shower, and turned on the water. The fox weakly squirmed when he felt the cool water dripping over his face. The small vulpine was in shock from his journey, but as the cool liquid began to wash away the grime, he recovered enough to speak. ”You... You ATE me. Y-you fucking ate me!”
“Shit, I uh, I know…” The accidental predator grabbed a washcloth, and began to try to wipe down his belly’s former passenger. “Are you okay?”
“Do I LOOK okay!? I just got shat out of a rhino!” The fox coughed, nearly slumping over. Kevin caught him, propping him up and continuing to wash. For nearly a half hour he continued to clean his former passenger, while the fox occasionally hurled more angry obscenities at him. He never tried to resist or run away however. Partially because he was too weak to do so, and partially because he really needed that cleaning.
Kevin’s guest quieted down after a while, and he finished washing him as best as he could manage. There was no telling how long the fox would reek of his intestines though. “Heh, there we go… You can barely even tell!” The rhino chuckled nervously to the scowling, unamused vulpine. The fox said nothing, only grabbing a towel, and beginning to make his way over the various beer cans and other trash on the floor, and out of Kevin’s home. The rhino stood watching, thinking about making some threat to make sure he wouldn’t tell anyone about what he did in that drunken stupor. Instead he decided to just let the fox be. Another loud rumble erupted from his flatter belly, before a massive fart ripped out. He felt something fly out with it, and heard a clatter on the floor behind him. He turned around, and wondered if he should try to catch up.
“Eh… his phone’s probably broken anyways.”
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A large, carefree rhino wakes up after a party, with only the faintest memories of what occurred.

This is somewhat shorter than my other stories. It was a quick exercise to try and make a full tour story that just got to the good stuff (which I define as the 'release'). There is scat here, but it's significantly less than my previous full tour themed story. I might revisit this character in the future. I'm sure a big 'ol rhino can get himself into all sorts of trouble!

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Posted by wolfen89 4 years ago Report

Very funny story :)


Posted by Foxgut 4 years ago Report

I'm glad you enjoyed. I doubt that poor fox found it very humorous though.


Posted by UnknownGamer21 3 years ago Report

Even after 1 year this is still a great accidental vore story :3