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Bay Banquet Buffet By Septia

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Tags: 3rd person Applejack Basking Shark Belch belching Big Belly Burp Buttered Buffet cauldron Cauldron Bay Consensual disposal Disposal Brief Disposal Scat F/F F/FF F/FFF F/M f/multiple Fatal Female Female Pred Female Prey Feral Fluttershy Food Food play Implied Digestion jelly jelly fish Jelly Pony Male Prey mane 6 mermare merpony Multi Vore multiple multiple preds Multiple Prey multiple vore instances My Little Pony Nessy Gouge Non-Fatal onomatopoeia Oral Vore Pinkie Pie PInkie Pie being Pinkie Pie Pinkie Shark Pony Rainbow Dash Rarity restaurant Royal Business Same Size Scat sea Sea pony Seapony Shark Shark pony Shark Transformation Size difference Soft Vore swimming TF Third Person Transformation Twilight Sparkle underwater Unwilling Prey Whale Whale Predator Willing willing prey Edit

One Tag Per Line!

The mane 6 are heading to a restaurant known as Cauldron Bay. Twilight Sparkle is there for royal business, but the rest want to have a fun time gobbling up all what the ocean has to offer. Be it Sea-Ponies, Octoponies or dancing Jellymares.

This is the first part of the Bay Banquet story.
Part 1: Bay Banquet Buffet.
Part 2: Bay Banquet Bowels.

I wrote this story as a commission for  dudey64.

Proofreader for this story was  stanku.

[Quick guide:

Pinkie being Pinkie with Twilight.

After 1st: Descent into the restaurant. Foreshadowing?

After 2nd: Showcasing Cauldron bay and its attractions.

After 3rd: Whale vore, unsure contestant.

After 4th: Struggle with a playful octopus.

After 5th: Transformation, naughty ponies.

After 6th: Same Size oral vore, soft vore willing meals and squirmy tummies, light food play.

After 7th: Swimming and exploring, Shark soft vore multiple prey.

After 9th: An appetiser of Jellyfish Ponies.

After 10th: Shark pony same size oral vore, nomming two squirmy meals.

After 11th: Ordering the main course, political interruption.

After 12th: (Very Brief Scat Scene) Whale mare dump, macro disposal. Brief scene. ]

New stories uploaded every Friday.
Avialiable for commissions.

I do not own: Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Potia, Buttered Buffet or Nessy Gouge.

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Posted by dudey64 6 months ago

Loved it <3


Posted by Septia 6 months ago

That you enjoyed your story is what matters the most~.


Posted by seir 6 months ago



Posted by Septia 6 months ago

Lovely to hear.


Posted by presentfactory 6 months ago



Posted by Septia 6 months ago

So are you~.


Posted by WildNameAppearsWatDo 6 months ago

Great story! Feedback: Too many b's, could use more c's ; )


Posted by Septia 6 months ago

Great to hear~.
Maybe I should buy some B-gone to solve that issue. :3


Posted by Indighost 6 months ago

Very strange....but very good :)


Posted by Septia 6 months ago

I am not someone to shy away from the strange, it is where a lot of fun subjects hide away at :3.