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Bay Banquet Buffet By Septia

The mane 6 are heading to a restaurant known as Cauldron Bay. Twilight Sparkle is there for royal business, but the rest want to have a fun time gobbling up all what the ocean has to offer. Be it Sea-Ponies, Octoponies or dancing Jellymares.

This is the first part of the Bay Banquet story.
Part 1: Bay Banquet Buffet.
Part 2: Bay Banquet Bowels.

I wrote this story as a commission for  dudey64.

Proofreader for this story was  stanku.

[Quick guide:

Pinkie being Pinkie with Twilight.

After 1st: Descent into the restaurant. Foreshadowing?

After 2nd: Showcasing Cauldron bay and its attractions.

After 3rd: Whale vore, unsure contestant.

After 4th: Struggle with a playful octopus.

After 5th: Transformation, naughty ponies.

After 6th: Same Size oral vore, soft vore willing meals and squirmy tummies, light food play.

After 7th: Swimming and exploring, Shark soft vore multiple prey.

After 9th: An appetiser of Jellyfish Ponies.

After 10th: Shark pony same size oral vore, nomming two squirmy meals.

After 11th: Ordering the main course, political interruption.

After 12th: (Very Brief Scat Scene) Whale mare dump, macro disposal. Brief scene. ]

New stories uploaded every Friday.
Avialiable for commissions.

I do not own: Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Potia, Buttered Buffet or Nessy Gouge.

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Posted by dudey64 11 months ago

Loved it <3


Posted by Septia 11 months ago

That you enjoyed your story is what matters the most~.


Posted by seir 11 months ago



Posted by Septia 11 months ago

Lovely to hear.


Posted by presentfactory 11 months ago



Posted by Septia 11 months ago

So are you~.


Posted by WildNameAppearsWatDo 11 months ago

Great story! Feedback: Too many b's, could use more c's ; )


Posted by Septia 11 months ago

Great to hear~.
Maybe I should buy some B-gone to solve that issue. :3


Posted by Indighost 10 months ago

Very strange....but very good :)


Posted by Septia 10 months ago

I am not someone to shy away from the strange, it is where a lot of fun subjects hide away at :3.