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The Kraang were a race of inter-dimensional beings. They may have looked, frail, pink brains, but they were not only a threat to earth, but the universe at large. They were also known for conducting painful and cruel experiments on beings of other races. One of these beings was the self-proclaimed sworn enemy of the Kraang, Newtralizer. He was of a race of humanoid newts and salamanders known as Salamandrians. Newtralizer's scales were black with orange going down his belly. Very similar to a type of poisonous salamander and newt on earth. He wore silver armor on select areas. His shoulders, waist, and wrist and ankles. He had a silver axe-tail as well as razor sharp claws to rip his enemies to shreds. In battle, he was most proficient at using throwing blades. In addition, he has been known to use missiles, explosives, and firearms. He worked alone, using methods both violent and crude. He even made enemies of other enemies of the Kraang; like the TMNT. However, recent events had lead him to having contact with his home planet once more. It seemed a major invasion of the Kraang forces were on the horizon of New York City, and the Salamandrian had agreed to help fight off the invasion. The Salamandrian generals were wary of him, but acknowledged his power. He had what it took to eliminate and destroy all invading Kraang; and their machines.
To his dismay, this included one other that he had made an enemy with. A female, wielding a powerful plasma sword. He could tell right away who she was from her teal and white-pearly scales. "Mona Lisa? dare put me in the same squad with that pest!?" Newtralizer said in an outrage. The general then spoke. "You both know the most about the city. You two will scout out the area, and destroy any Kraang that could easily go under the radar..." After he spoke, Newt clenched his fist, and fanged teeth. He soon calmed himself down though. "Fine! But she better stay out of my way! You know how I get the job done..." He said with confidence.
The plan was to meet Mona Lisa once the invasion had begun. Until then, he prepared for battle, and warmed up his body. He did this by practicing battle maneuvers. Perhaps he overworked himself though. His belly began to grumble loudly. In his preoccupation; he had forgotten to eat. Sadly, it would have to wait. "If only there was some way to fix both of my problems at once..." He joked to himself, as he continued his work out.
The alarm went off, as the invasion had finally begun. Having to work with Mona still left a sour taste in his mouth, but he'd bare it. Besides, maybe there will be time to take her out as well? For now though, his focus would only be on the Kraang. He traveled by rooftop in the dead of night. Already he heard screams echo throughout the city. It didn't take long for Newtralizer to spot a group of the Kraang. They were inside their android-like exoskeletons. They controlled their robots through compartments in the android's abdomen. This protected the Kraang's brain-like bodies. Newtralizer chose his first target. A Kraang, armed with a laser gun, that separated from its group. He dove in, quickly using his razor-sharp claws to rip through its metal shell. The android collapsed, as the Kraang's blood dripped to the ground. Soon, more Kraang blood would stain the streets of New York.
While savoring his victory, another tried to ambush him. Before it could though, something severed it clean in half. Mona Lisa had finally appeared. Despite the assist, Newtralizer only grunted back at the female. "Hmph! I can handle this myself!" The larger Salamandrian looked at the female counterpart; with rage in his eyes. Mona quickly replied. "As if I'm any happier about teaming up with you. Just focus on mindless destruction, like you always do..." Mona said to spite Newtralizer. Newt was very tempted to lash out at her there and now; but knew he had a job to do. For both of their sake, they decided to split up for the time being. He found group after group of invaders. He destroyed each of the ugly brain bastards with ease. It was joyous to get sweet vengeance on his sworn enemy. However, something was still troubling him. His stomach continued to growl in a rage. There was no time for rest. After all, there was a war raging in front of him. For now, he tried to focus on his next target. Which he now stalked from behind.
It turned around, but it was already too late. With his mighty tail, Newtralizer swiped the ray gun out of its hand. His claws then thrust forth, right into the abdomen of the android; and sank his claws into the Kraang. Newt looked at it with a triumphant, but also sinister smirk. His claw raised to the air, as he prepared to shred the brain-like monster. Before the final strike, he was interrupted by loud growls of his stomach. This time, it was flat out hunger pain. It was to the point where he grimaced. "Damn it..." He cursed. Newt looked at the menace, sickened by its very existence. It was then a sadistic idea came to mind. Perhaps there was a way to solve his hunger problem after all. A smirk came to Newtralizer's face as he raised the kraang in the air, and opened his mouth wide. The Kraang screeched once the maw of the Salamandrian became agape. With little effort, Newt was able to stuff the entire creature into his mouth. His teeth chomped down into it, making it cry out in pain. It's blood did leak out some, but tasted horrid. Suddenly, with one powerful gulp, it descended down his throat; and into his starving belly. Newtralizer gave a loud belch, as he patted his stomach. It delighted him to see the cretin struggle and squirm inside his now bulging gut. Perhaps he'll add a few more of these abominations to the menu. The onslaught continued as he took out remaining Kraang on this block. He laughed as he saw the next swarm in the distance. He gave a cold laugh, before licking his scaly lips.
His movements were subtle and swift, as he got closer and closer to his next group of prey. It seemed that they were just scouts; they should be easy pickings. Without any warning, he leaped from the darkness, and ambushed the Kraang grunt. With little effort, he disarmed the Kraang's android. All it took was one well aimed knife to destroy the ray-gun. "'s time for the 2nd course..." He said, looking at the Kraang's from outside its cockpit. there was clearly evil in Newtralizer's eyes. All the invader could do was rant and rave, as its machine was overpowered by the Salamandrian.
Its claws ripped into the machine, all to rip out the Kraang. Newtralizer salivated at the sight of his next meal. The invader tried to struggle away, but was powerless as Newt's maw grew ever closer. Soon it was surrounded by darkness, as Newt's razor-sharp teeth ripped into it. He fear he was about to be chewed, but no. Instead, he'd be swallowed whole. It felt the Salamandrian's tight throat, as it descended into complete darkness. To its horror, it heard the screams of its own kin, melting away from the acids that already filled the warrior's stomach. "Noooo!" The new arrival screamed out as it tried to push its way back up Newtralizer's throat. To the Kraang's dismay, it was hopeless. Two sets of eyes had witnessed this disturbing act by the Salamandrian warrior. One of them was another Kraang, which now began to fire at Newt, while screaming madly. It was a close call, but Newt was able to duck before the blast hit his head. He then charged forth, slamming the mech against a brick wall. Was this Kraang just another easy meal?
It would've been, if it wasn't for the second pair of eyes that saw what he had done. As Newtralizer was ripping the Kraang out of its exoskeleton, he was suddenly shoved aside. "What the hell are you doing!?" An angry female voice shouted. It was his "partner" Mona Lisa. The proud warrior was simply disgusted, and horrified over what she had seen. Despite the fact she had every intent of killing the Kraang. Not like this though. Newtralizer stood there in a fighting position, seeing that Mona was reaching for her plasma sword. If that was brought in, things could get hairy, even for him. "Well..." Newt began to speak as Mona charged forth. "Don't knock it till you try it." At the time, Mona Lisa happened to be making a battle cry, as she charged forth; ready to swing her blade. She then stopped in her tracks as the Kraang was tossed towards her wide-open mouth. "Mmph!" She grunted as the Kraang entered her pallet. At first, she was going to spit it out. That was until her tongue happened to rub against the creature. On one hand, it was rather slime, but it tasted far better than she'd ever expect. The warrior tried to fight it off, but soon her more primal instincts took over. Her throat swallowed down, tightly squeezing it down her throat. Soon, it was nothing more but a wiggling bulge in her belly. She couldn't help but burp, as she rubbed her tummy.
Newtralizer was shocked at what he just witnessed. His original intent was to just gross her out, so he may attack. Things obviously turned out much greater than he'd imagined. "Now...whether you want seconds or not is up to you, but you can't make me end my own feast..." Newt said, in a much more amused tone. At that they took off once again to battle the Kraang threat. Even as the battle raged on, a seemingly uncontrollable hunger filled the Salamandrians. Mona too continued to devour her fallen opponents. She feared that soon even the Kraang invaders wouldn't be enough. Besides there wasn't many of them left. So all they needed to do now was take out the stragglers. Newtralizer leaped away, and ran down another street. With a sigh, the Salamandrian woman shook her head, and tried to go back to the mission at hand. Newtralizer was then left to his own devices. His hunger even greater than Mona's.
Newtralizer knew it wasn't practical to turn each fallen Kraang into a meal. Instead, they met the fate of being ripped to shreds by his claws, or blasted away from his artillery. He had to admit to himself, all this vengeance was making him hungry again. So, the last of every fallen Kraang group found its way onto his slippery tongue, before descending into the pit of his stomach. The bulge that was his stomach only got larger as the night went on. After a while though, there was no signs of Kraang. The remains of their havoc showed as laser burns scared the city as far as the eye could see. He was lucky to not take a hit from one of them, he thought to himself. They were able to melt solid steel with ease. Power lines were also down, and sparking on the road. The night was even darker than usual as power failures became widespread. Only the mild illumination of the other city lights, and fires, were in the distance. This was the perfect environment to continue his hunt. No one on either side would see his horrific deeds.
Newtralizer was about to head back to his home base, when he felt his stomach cramp up again. It growled violent in hunger; despite the feast throughout the night. If anything, it was worse than before. Most of the Kraang was already broken down by his acids, causing his belly to become slightly pudgy, but much smaller. He looked around, to see if there were any Kraang left to devour, but they were still nowhere to be found. That's when he spotted something else, a human woman. Her belly was quite engorged. He could only assume she was pregnant. It was a blonde-haired woman, with large breasts, and from what he could tell, a nice figure; despite being pregnant. A thought that never entered his head came to mind. That that human looked delicious. Even the cruel Newtralizer tried to fight off these wicked thoughts. He'd be no better than the Kraang if he did this, if not worse. His eyes couldn't get off her though. "Well...if it's just a one would notice..." The Salamander said as he tried to think of an excuse for himself. "In any case, they'd just assume she was yet another casualty of the invasion..."
He was still wary with the fact his mind was going with this, but the Salamandrian was already stalking his prey; planning out his next move. The woman was walking down the street, a panicked look on her face. What was she doing in the middle of the street anyway, especially after an inter-dimensional invasion? If anything, this was survival of the fittest. His thoughts were becoming more and more primal as each second passed. Soon he did nothing more but act on instinct, as the woman passed came to a stop. In one quick motion, Newtralizer rushed in and grabbed the pregnant woman from behind. She was startled, but didn't even have time to scream, let alone turn around. Newt's scaly hand covered her mouth. Newtalizer looked around, making sure there was no one else around. The last thing he needed was a witness, especially Mona, or those annoying turtles. It was hard to tell in the darkness, but he didn't smell or hear anyone else around. Eating his meal here was still far too risky, so he leaped atop the nearby building. He walked to the center of the rooftop, as the woman struggled in his arms. She was far too weak to fight back though, especially with fear of hurting her unborn child. " will only take a minute..." He said with a small amount of teasing malice. As if he enjoyed toying with his food.
Newt opened his mouth, far more wide than he needed for any of the Kraang he devoured. He released the woman's mouth, only for her voice to instead be muffled by the Salamandrian's mouth;which now engulfed her head. The size of her head was comparable to the Kraang's body, only the sensation was a lot more like swallowing an egg. His tongue licked across her cheeks, as the woman began to weep. Her tears made her flavor that much more appetizing. Having a little more fun with his meal, Newtralizer reached his hands down, to give the girl's ass a nice hard squeeze. It was quite soft and plump. He wished such features were on Salamandrian women. Squeezing her ass harder, he pushed her head deeper into his throat. He knelled down, forcing her shoulders into his mouth as it became more agape. He moaned, salivating over the girl's taste as his tongue ran over her body. The tip of his tongue rubbed around the mammal's breast. Another alluring feature of the women of this planet.
Hers especially was great for they were large, and full of milk. His razor-like teeth shred open her blouse and bra. Her swelling breasts now rested on her tongue, and against her cheeks. Newt licked and suckled upon the woman's soft breasts. The tip of his tongue worked at her nipples, as they leaked sweet milk onto his tongue. As delectable this woman and her milk was, he knew he had to speed things up a bit. Besides, the vibrations from her screams was starting to make his throat sore. At that, he lifted the woman effortlessly. With the help of gravity, she now sank, slowly, down his throat. Then came the hard part, her pregnant belly. His lips wrapped around it, as her belly was coated in his saliva. As the reptilian tongue pressed against her belly, he felt the subtle movements of the baby inside. At one point, it even kicked against his tongue. It was an odd sensation, but it didn't slow down the enjoyment of his meal. A huge bulge now traveled down his throat as her head sank into his stomach.
His belly continued to growl, as it demanded more of her. At last, her entire torso was sliding down his throat. Her lower body would be easy in comparison. Sad, he was enjoying squeezing this girl's ass. As a parting gift, he pulled down the woman's pants and panties, before giving her ass a nice hard spank. His lips wrapped around the girl's plump ass, as his extending tongue licked between her legs. For a while it worked her moist pussy, it seemed she was getting a little turned on by this as well. The tip of his tongue then licked between the crack of her ass. Moans of pleasure came from the woman, as the reptile began to shove the tip of its tongue into her ass. As much as Newtralizer enjoyed the unique taste, it was time to finish his meal. Grabbing onto her calves, he pushed her legs down his throat. After a while, he let her go, as his throat muscles did the rest of the work. The last thing to slide between his scaly lips were her feet, as he gave one last audible gulp. Just like that, she was gone. Nothing more but a beach ball sized bulge in his stomach.
His long tongue licked upon his lips, as both hands rubbed his engorged gut. From the inside, he felt the woman's feeble struggles. He looked around, half-way expecting that annoying Mona to be around. To his relief, that was not the case. Little did he know though, Mona was having her own misadventure; only a few blocks away. She herself had just destroyed the last bit of the Kraang in her patrol area. Despite her best attempts to fight it off, she was overtaken by the hunger as well. It all began after she ate the first Kraang. An overwhelming feeling of hungry filled her body. Despite that, she tried her best to no longer be tempted to devour her foes. Once she was finished her job though, the hunger pains were becoming too much to bare. That was when she saw a small child holding an infant. Slowly, she walked up to them. "Are you two lost?..." Mona's voice came, attempting to sound kindly. After she spoke, a small growl came from her belly. The children merely stood there, silently.
It only took a small moment to realize they were quite afraid of her form. A bit depressing, but understandable. Who knows what horrors the young boy just saw. The baby was also crying loudly, it was getting quite annoying. Her thoughts were once again interrupted by the hunger pains of her stomach. It was then that Mona realized she was salivating as she stared at the children. She had to admit, they did look quite appetizing, but there is no way she could do this, right? At first, she turned around, getting ready to walk away. Only a few feet away from them, she turned around and spoke once again. "Follow me...I know where to go for safety..." Mona lied, all to get the boy to follow her into a dark alleyway; baby in hand. She let them walk in front of her, until they met a dead end. "I'm sorry..." Was the final thing the boy heard from the woman. The warrior's mouth opened wider than she thought was possible, as she so effortlessly shoved the boy's head into her mouth. From there, hunger took over. The taste of the boy was exquisite; her body pleaded for more.
No more thoughts entered her mind as she continued to shove more and more of the boy into her gullet. Soon, Mona felt the vibrations of his screams, as his head began to slide down her throat. At the same time, the baby had also entered her mouth. She moved it around with her tongue, also enjoying its flavor. The older boy's head was sinking down her throat. She did her best to savor them, even swishing the baby around her mouth. A sinister delight it was. However, before she knew it, both he and the baby were sliding down her gullet. Something Mona began to regret, as she saw their shapes gather into the pit of her stomach. Not for what she had done, but for doing it so fast. As savage as the thought was, she wanted to savor them more. For now, she rubbed her squirming belly. The Salmandrian simply had to have more. The events after this were a haze, but sooner or later she did meet up with Newtralizer again. It was impossible for either of them to hide the bloated bellies they each had. Mona was then disappointed she turned into a savage, like Newtralizer. It was too late to go back on it now. The command center then noticed their bellies as well, as they two warriors sent their reports. "Just...what did you eat?..." The general asked, while one eye clearly twitched.
They froze at first, but soon, Mona spoke up. She confessed everything. Devouring the Kraang, and soon, some humans. At first, the general seemed quite troubled, but had quite the surprising response. "Perfect...we have something to eat once we set up colony on earth...We shall discuss full details later on..." At first, Mona dropped to her knees, feeling the weight of what she had just done. Not only did she give into her own savage desires, but had turned humanity towards others who will have the same. Newtralizer couldn't help but feel enjoyment in seeing the so-called honorable Mona fall so low. He simply shook his head though, before taking off. "The Kraang will return...I have more thing to worry about than humans being lunch..." At that, he took off to his secret base.
As the weeks went on, more research was done. Mona mentioned the feeling of hunger after eating the first Kraang. It turned out that they had some type of chemical that activated both hunger, and turned empathy off; in their brains. This may be what the Salamandrian needed to have conquest of the universe. To make a long story short, they did indeed create their own colony on earth, payment for their help against the still ongoing Kraang invasion. They kept it private, hidden from the human world. All to hide the dark truth of their true intentions. To sample, and use humans as food; and sometimes more. Soon, even Mona accepted this. After all, they were far to delectable to not devour, especially the young ones. To avoid there being too many questions, and less disappearances, they began to breed the humans. They even found a way to hasten their growth. For the time being, they were getting away with it, all in the false name of justice. Granted, they did still battle the Kraang. Only while also picking up a snack, or two, after the battle. Those who didn't want to was first force-fed a Kraang. This did indeed turn them more savage, and more willing to devour humans. It was the perfect plan, or so it seemed. Newtralizer on the other hand remained separate from them, but was known to eat a woman or two. Nothing had quite the taste of the Kraang though. Their bitter blood touching his tongue was the most satisfying thing. It was amusing to see his people finally give into their darkest desires. In fact, he saw it as the beginning of their race being dominant in the galaxy once more. As it stands now, that's the way things are. Could the shroud be put over the people of Earth forever though? Mona hoped so. After all, she couldn't see her life without having human boys to devour.
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Newtralizer & Mona's Samples (Com) By Raiza

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A commission ordered by Anonymity.

A TMNT verse story that stars the two Salamandrians, Newtralizer and Mona. As they sample some Kraang, and some yummy humans!

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