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DB Heroes - Vore Loop (semi-transparent) By hamilton4

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Tags: Anal Belly big ass Big Belly Big Breasts Big Thighs Bulge cell tail Commission Cut-away Dragonball dragonball heroes dragonball xenoverse ecchipandaa F/F F/FFF f/multiple forte full tour Goo majin Majin Girl Majin Muchi Multiple Prey note Saiyan saiyan girl size difference Slime tail bulge Tail Vore Tall Girl Unwilling Viola vore loop X-ray Edit

One Tag Per Line!

Muchi has come across the Saiyan heroes from Dragonball Heroes: Note, Viola, and Forte (from left to right here:
Despite powering up to Super Saiyan God, just like all who came before they fall prey to Muchi. With several prey to consume at once, Muchi decides to get playful and use them for a chance at a perpetual swallowing experience. She gets them in her gooey stomach through whatever means she desires and wriggles her tail into her ass. One by one the girls are pulled into and through her intestines where her eager tail maw awaits to eat them and send them to the stomach all over again. While Muchi has always found absorption and vore stimulating, this may be the first time she starts to significantly get turned on and pleasured by it. Rather than proceeding to absorb the girls, Muchi decides to keep them around for future play.
(There’s probably a longer story here but I don’t know enough about Dragonball Heroes or have the time to make it happen)

This is one I’ve been wanting to make happen for a while, a full tour/vore loop pic with Muchi. I’ve also known for a while I wanted to use Note, Viola, and Forte for repeat prey. I really like their designs (especially their SSG outfits) and it will be nice for Muchi (and Galden) to have some play things to go with their fun. And now that Muchi has beaten them at their strongest, how could they possibly fight back any more?

I think I ended up asking for a bit of an exaggerated size difference between the girls and Muchi but I think it really works for this image~

(Bonus version I asked for when ecchi was playing with opacities)

Art by the great  ecchipandaa

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