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Virtue By ConcordantOpposition -- Report

A cruel giantess faces retribution from a larger power.

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Posted by Ty975 3 years ago Report

Yes!!! The world needs more gentle/fatal material like this!


Posted by ConcordantOpposition 3 years ago Report

Glad you liked it!

When you say gentle/fatal, do you mean fatal vore with a gentle predator, or just gentle and fatal parts in the same story?


Posted by Ty975 3 years ago Report

Having a gentle pred fully aware of what they're putting their prey through, and trying to make it as bearable as possible with the same result being the painful death of their victim. I've been around the block a few times, and it's fresh to see a pred that's not just cruelly sadistic, utterly passive, or naively delighted to eat the prey. Seeing a pred all too aware of their actions like in most of your works (both fatal and non-fatal) is oh so refreshing :)


Posted by ConcordantOpposition 3 years ago Report

It is pretty rare to see gentle predators in fatal stories, but it's a concept I enjoy a lot, too. I'm glad you liked my portrayal of it.

That part wasn't in the original outline of the story, but I ended up writing the digestion scene to be very painful and brutal, so once I got to Kayleth's POV again, it seemed natural to write her reaction to poor Jeska's screaming. And considering who Kayleth is the only reaction that made sense was for her to be merciful.

If you're interested in more gentle fatal stuff, you should check out this story, by Belloc:

It's probably one of the most emotional vore stories I've read, and it perfectly conveys the mindset and contradictions of a gentle predator.


Posted by Savagerush012 3 years ago Report

You are one talented should be writing more than just porn.


Posted by Bookie 1 year ago Report

Exceptional writing and worldbuilding.