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At first it was an accident.
It started when I was hiding in my (step)sister Arri's closet, watching her and her friends hang out for a sleepover. Yes, I realize that's sort of a creepy thing to do, and no, I don't have an excuse. I've made some choices I regret, OK?
Anyway, she and her friends were having some awesome girl time and I was hoping to join them, but then it got weirdly intimate, some clothes were taken off, and pretty soon I was peeking irresponsibly through the crack between closet doors with no chance of any escape that wasn't super awkward.
"Oh my god, how are your boobs so big?" my sister asked her friend Shelly. "Look at this, you don't have to pad and they're already this huge!"
Shelly, who had gone topless because her magnificent boobs were being massaged jealously by Arri, didn't have a good answer, of course, so she deflected. "Yours look plenty big, Arri. Besides, you've got such wide, womanly hips yourself. I bet guys are dying to put themselves between them."
"No, these are useless. Besides, any guy who saw my pussy would hella back off. It's way too huge."
"What? Don't guys find that hot?" interjected Tissa. "Child-bearing hips and all that?"
"No way, this is, like, whale-bearing size. Look!" She spread her legs apart and reached down to pull herself wide. I couldn't see just how wide from my angle in the closet, but judging from Tissa's whistle and Shelly's gasp, it was wide indeed.
"Damn, you aren't kidding! You could give birth to an elephant!"
"See?" pouted Arri.
"No, that's awesome! I'm jealous, seriously. Oh man, the things I could do if I had a massive snatch like yours..."
"I don't know what you're thinking of, but it's really not that great. For starters, it's..." Arri trailed off in embarrassment a little. "it's really hard to get off."
"Ooh look at me, my pussy's so huge nothing can satisfy me," teased Tissa. "I bet I can get you off in 5 minutes flat."
"You what? Oh, now you've said it. Try me! You're gonna need way more than 5 minutes though."
Shelly rolled her eyes. "You two lesbos can go at it all you want, but leave me out. I'm tired. Dibs on the bed, by the way." With that, the bustiest one curled up and snuggled into the covers of Arri's bed.
"Fine. But don't call me a lesbo. You know I'm bi."
"If you insist. I'd think you'd have at least some experience with cocks by now considering how much you insist you care."
"Look, things are complicated. You just get some rest and don't worry about me."
"Yeah, I can take care of Arri alright. I'll have her cumming before you even catch a wink."
"Knowing you, Tissa, you're practically leaking girl-spooge already," was Shelly's clapback from bed.
"Well.... maybe," admitted Tissa, suddenly bashful. "But that's not what we're betting on. More importantly, Arri is going to orgasm in five minutes flat. Starting... now!"
Clearly not wanting to waste time, Tissa immediately pushed herself over Arri, leaning in to lick her cheek, while running one hand up Arri's thigh.
"H-hey, no kissing," giggled Arri. "That's cheating."
"All's fair in love and war," Tissa declared, before planting a kiss right on Arri's lips. Her hand continued up Arri's bare thigh until she reached the honeypot.
"Mmmm, not bad..." Arri moaned gently.
With her body resting over Arri's, Tissa's hand started to explore my sister's slit while her own (fairly normal-sized) breasts dangled tantalizingly. I didn't have the best view of the action, but I was still way more turned on than from any porn I can remember.
"Mm, deeper!" Arri called out quietly, being mindful not to disturb Shelly, who seemed to have actually fallen asleep immediately. Maybe she was also trying not to disturb me, ostensibly in my own room and not spying on them from her closet, but considering how loud it had been the last time these three had a sleepover, I wouldn't count on it.
Tissa, who was red and sweating from arousal herself, was eager to oblige and quickly ended up with her whole hand buried in Arri's twat. "Yes! Deeper!" Arri demanded, and Tissa obliged, rubbing her way steadily further into Arri. With a minute or two left on the clock, she was in just over elbow-deep.
"Damn, you're not just wide, you're bottomless!" said Tissa in awe.
"Just... a little... deeper... please...."
"Sorry, any more and I'd be in danger of falling in, lawl."
"Awww. OK. Whatever. I knew this would happen. I think I win this bet."
She seemed to enjoy Tissa's ministrations, but not enough to get off by the time five minutes had passed. "OK, time's up. It feels nice, but I'm not gonna get there just from this."
"Sorry." Tissa withdrew her arm from my sister's slit. "And thanks." She herself seemed to have quietly orgasmed along the way.
"Fuck, I'm tired now. You're a lot of work, y'know that?"
"Yeah... sorry." Arri joined Tissa in a yawn.
It was a hot evening, so they just sprawled out on open sleeping bags on the floor, not bothering to wear pajamas. Soon enough, both were lightly snoring. And I was still stuck awkwardly hiding in the closet.
Well, that was probably still worth it, maybe? I tried to convince myself. Time to sneak out so my sister and her friends don't realize what a creep I am...
I slowly slid the closet door the rest of the way open and tiptoed through it. Unfortunately, the two girls who were sleeping on the floor were directly blocking the way out. So I carefully tried to weave my way between them.
First, one foot just behind Tissa's knee. Then, step over to between the two, one foot, now the other. OK, step to the other side of Arri's...
oh fuck.
Two things happened in quick succession. First, Tissa rolled over toward my remaining foot, which made me jump and lose my balance. Second, possibly prompted by the first, Arri rolled from her side onto her back.
Her lazy, outstretched posture put her yawning pussy right where my foot was about to be.
Aaand, of course, I stepped right on it, or rather... into it?! Reeling, I plunged heel-first into slick girlflesh. In an instant, Arri's snatch engulfed my knee and more, as I spilled sideways. My fall didn't stop there. Although my instincts brought my other leg over to compensate, somehow that resulted in it getting caught by the knee and folded up alongside the rest of me.
The momentum of my fall carried me in past my hips, waist, ribcage, holy fuck is this even happening? I was shocked senseless. Finally I seemed to bottom out on something fleshy with Arri's labia tickling my chin area, arms pinned above my head. I was on my back, encased in my sister's moist, hot pussy almost like it was a sleeping bag.
I could just barely see her incredibly satisfied face, eyes squeezed shut and mouth wide in unexpected pleasure. (I didn't realize at the time how odd it was that her belly was still slim and trim despite having essentially my entire body inside.) Arri moaned happily, if groggily. "Ohhhhaaahhh, yes, right there!"
Her vaginal muscles clenched. I sank deeper, having trouble taking breath as her lips folded over my nose. I wiggled my right arm to hold her open enough to breathe. Meanwhile, I felt my feet press harder against the stiff fleshy thing they were touching.
Arri moaned again, seemingly still groggy, "Yes, that's it! That's the spot!"
Subconsciously, I'm the type who always wants to please people, especially sexy people like my (step, definitely step)sister. So of course I kicked my feet, without even thinking about it. That was not a wise decision.
Arri's vagina clenched again. This time, between how hard she pressed and the fact that I was even deeper to begin with, I was squeezed down to the point where my entire head and remaining arms popped in, too.
Holy gods above, this was bad. Beyond getting caught in the act, things had gotten much worse, or at least, weirder, for me. I was completely inside Arri's vagina. My stepsister's soft vaginal flesh surrounded me on all sides, her sultry scent filling up my nostrils and leaking into my mouth. It was a sweet, yet musky aroma, like aged honey mixed with beef bullion. My hearing was muffled and filled with squelching and rubbing noises. Her arousal was tangible as muscles pulsing irrythmically up and down the length of my body, which only heightened my already intense state of being. The only point of relief was that I didn't seem to be in danger of suffocating.
Well, Haya, I thought to myself, you've done nothing but fuck up your life before this, and still you've upped the ante. Creeping on your step sister and her friends is one thing. Or two things, because incest, if you count that. She's a stepsister, so maybe it half counts? But what the fuck. I'd violated her. By accident. Not that she was so pure to begin with. Still, now what? Did she even realize it was me? Was there even a way out of this situation? Surely I wouldn't be lost in my sister's--stepsister's--snatch forever, right?
"Ohhhhh yeahhhh, that's so gooood.... nmmgh.. aaahhhh..." Arri's voice resounded through my head from all sides. At least she was clearly enjoying it. "Ohh, Tissa, youuuu diddd it..."
I couldn't make out the conversation, but Tissa must have explained that it wasn't her because suddenly the rolling muscular contractions stopped, as if Arri had been jarred awake. Then, very carefully as if feeling me over from toe to head, Arri's muscles clenched individually. I suddenly went very still, but I knew I couldn't conceal my body's shape, especially with a telltale protrusion from the crotch area.
"If it's not you, then... what's... who's in me?"
There was a moment of eerie silence. I broke it with a meek utterance directly into a facefull of womanflesh. ""
This time I could hear Tissa clearly: "Wait, your brother? Where?"
"Stepbrother. Inside my pussy." I felt her take a huge, deep breath. "Fuck, why does that feel so... ahhh!" She squeezed me again, clearly losing her cool partway through. The hard flesh at my feet quivered and clenched, as if reaching for something.
"What? How?" Tissa marveled. "You don't look like you have anything..."
"I don't know... but I can feel him. His whole body... it's in me."
"Fuck... that's... it's like he's your toy... your living dildo... all swallowed up in your... oh fuuuuck..." From where I was, it sounded like Tissa had gotten off on the concept alone.
"...Haya?" Arri asked tentatively.
"Yeah?" I replied, with equal trepidation.
"Are you really in there? In me?"
"... Yeah. I think so."
"... how?"
"... Um... I tripped?"
"... rigghhht. I mean, I guess that's as believable as any other explanation. So it was an accident?"
"Pretty sure."
"I'm sorry." She seemed genuinely apologetic, although I could tell she was straining to maintain her composure.
"What? No, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, I was spying on you and I tried to leave and I tripped and fell and now I've violated you so horribly in a way I can't take back. I'm so, so sorry."
"I... You know what, apology accepted. I don't really understand what you were doing, but it's fine. We're both OK. You are OK, right?"
"... I guess so."
"Then let me apologize one more time."
"For what? It's all my fault."
"For what I'm about to do. Because I should let you out as soon as possible but this feels really good and I can't hold it back much longer. Because I'm about to orgasm with my little stepbrother in my pussy. Hang in there."
The next sound I heard came from Tissa, and I'm pretty sure it sounded like the completely unintelligible moan of a person's mind melting with pleasure, even to someone whose hearing wasn't completely obstructed by lewd bits as mine was at the moment.
Then Arri's self-control gave out and my body was bucked and squeezed wildly. Her greedy folds squeezed and grabbed at me, and the air I had been breathing vanished in the clenching and writhing. I held my breath and wiggled to try and please her. I had no idea if it helped. Either way, the orgasm was intense, and long. I was at the peak of my own pleasure, maybe buoyed by the near asphyxiation, and I bucked as I spilled a load into my pajamas, which of course were already soiled with Arri's juices.
At last, the contractions subsided and fortunately, I was able to find more air to breathe. It smelled like cum, but whatever. Arri's muscles clenched carefully in a few different places, one at a time, as if for emphasis. Or to see if I was still intact.
I was. But I remained buried in my stepsister's twat.
"... Tissa?"
"Can you help me get him out?"
Long story short, it worked. Arri spread her labia wide open and Tissa was able to safely reach in, grab my hand, and tug me back to the outside world without further incident. I sheepishly tried not to exchange glances that would force me to acknowledge what had just happened, apologized again, and left immediately to shower and change out of my ruined pajamas.
Incidentally, Shelly slept through the whole thing.
* * *
I thought we might never speak of the whole affair again, and pretend it was a dream until we came to believe that it really was. I was wholly prepared for that.
I was not at all prepared for what actually happened instead.
Like I said, it was an accident at first. Only at first.
It was about two days later. We hadn't talked about what had happened that night, had in fact carefully avoided it. At the time, I thought I was trying to convince myself it had been a dream, that such things were impossible (I mean, seriously, it still doesn't seem possible) but in retrospect, the awkwardness came from a fear of change.
That night, it was just Arri and I in the apartment as usual. I'm sure you don't care to sit through the long story that is our family situation, but two things are important to note. First, the two of us were living by ourselves in that apartment. Second, Arri is, without a doubt, my stepsister. So we were close, but we also had this strange distance of not knowing the other as well as we felt like we should. Siblings who didn't grow up together until we did.
So I had just gotten out of the shower and was at the bottom of the staircase, still wearing only a towel, when Arri walked out. She was also wearing only a towel. "Oh, hey..." she greeted me, blushing profusely.
What's with you? I restrained myself from saying out loud. Don't you realize from this angle I can totally see your--
"Wh-Oh nooo!"
While I was chiding her in my head, she caught me completely off-guard by falling down the stairs. I mean, I would say she pretended to fall down the stairs, because it was obvious to me it was intentional, but she also made it very real by actually losing her balance and tumbling head over heels down.
On the one hand, it's kind of a miracle it worked as she must've planned. On the other, this was a brilliant attack because naturally I tried to catch her rather than dodge her. But she was the one who caught me.
It was a little pushoff motion near the bottom that did it. Arri always has been strangely good at gymnastic-like stuff. It gave her just the right angle that her legs sailed past either side of my head and I had only a split-second of staring right at her slick pussy before it engulfed my face and kept on going.
Just like before, her enormous pussy swallowed up more than half my body in an instant.
Those silky, gooey nether lips just slid right over my cheeks, my ears, down my neck and over my bare shoulders. Perhaps because I wasn't wearing anything (my towel fell off in the tumble) or perhaps because I was less confused by the phenomenon this time, it was unbelievably erotic. The tangy musk of my stepsister's love assaulted my senses. The now familiar press of her inner muscles proceeded down my lower back, pinning my arms, and shamelessly took in my already erect penis.
With how smoothly I penetrated her, the collision only cushioned her fall slightly, and I both heard and felt the compound thump of Arri's feet, then knees, impacting the carpet at the foot of the stairs, her legs forming a W posture with me in the middle. By the time her fall was over, I was cradled so deep in my stepsister's vagina that only my ankles could feel outside air.
With a sloppy contraction that sounded like a wet gulp, Arri's body slurped up even that bit of me, so I was suspended entirely in a passage of sopping girl flesh. A huge moan of pleasure? contentment? surrounded me.
"Ohhhj godddghgh that's good. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, Haya. I didn't mean to... to... do this. I slipped. But sheeeeeeesh that's... so... good. I'm sorry. I didn't think I'd..."
In my head, I had a lot to say. First off, you're not fooling me! You don't even shower in the evening normally! And since when where you the type to accidentally expose yourself to your brother on the stairs?! Well, maybe the randomly getting nude thing is in character now that I think about it. But really! All the more reason you "accidentally" falling down the stairs is so obviously fake! You horny pervert! (I can relate.) After you had the orgasm of your life the other night, you had to get more so you put together this little scheme! I can tell! You were waiting for me to get out of the shower so you could dive on me! Jesus!
All I actually said was, "OK." (or as best as I could enunciate through a mouthful of Arri's juices.
"Thank god you're OK in there."
Yes indeed. "Mmhmm."
"Listen, I'll definitely get you out, OK?" (You fucking better!) "I just... need to... mmmphaauuooghh yeah." (She couldn't even finish reassuring me before she went back to incomprehensible!)
A wave of pleasure washed over my body, in a very literal sense. I mean, her contractions were about the only thing I could feel clearly. That, and the throbbing of my own arousal of course. My orgasm closely followed hers, because let me tell you, you can't be surrounded on all sides by the incredibly pleased vagina of the girl you love without getting carried along in the mood.
Oh yeah. In case it wasn't apparent, I'm a totally hopeless perv who's fucking crazy for Arri and that's why I was being a creeper earlier, so in a sense her full-body fucking me was a dream come true even though I definitely hadn't dreamed the full body part before.
So yeah, I nutted. And she sat there at the bottom of the stairs, her deep breaths audible in stereo to me in a way I'd never have envisioned, with me still literally all the way inside her. For a good several minutes.
"Phew! Hot damn. That was more than I expected." (So you admit you were expecting it!) "But now what do I do?"
"You could let me out?" I suggested, suddenly realizing I was desperately going to need another shower.
"...Yeah. I hope I can manage that. I might need Tissa's help again."
"OK," I mumbled, running out of energy to critique every little problem with my sister's crazy (lack of) plan.
"OK... one, two... three!" She squeezed me with her various muscles. It didn't feel half bad. But I wasn't going anywhere.
"Well, hm. I don't seem to have any obvious bulge to press on or anything..."
"You... don't?" I wondered, suddenly remembering what I had seen the other night when I'd fallen to more than halfway inside her and there hadn't any sign that she was stretched with my presence. "How does that...?"
"Fuck if I know. Actually, I wonder... how much do you weigh me down like this? My phone is... oh, all the way up in my room... Hope I can get there to call Tissa. Tehe!"
For Christ's sake! How is your planning so bad?! And why does it only turn me on to realize I got completely swallowed up in the pussy of someone so unreliable??
Of course my body betrayed me. There was no way to hide my steady "reawakening" when literally every part of my body was in intimate contact with her sensitive love canal. "Ohh, feels like someone's getting ready for round two! Hold up, let me at least try to make it... Uff, up to... whoa, that's surprisingly easy."
I loosely felt myself lifted up, and pretty soon I experienced the rhythmic shaking of her steps up the stairs. It didn't seem like my presence inside her was inhibiting Arri's movement at all. She half-hummed in pleasure on the way. "Mmm, mm, mm, oooh yeah." Finally, I felt her plop herself down on a bed, with a satisfied, "Ooof, ahhhhh..." The passage holding me gently rocked. I came to suspect that she was fondling her own boobs while enjoying the sensation of being full of stepbrother.
Her second orgasm was not as wild as the first, but it still thrashed me around enough that I momentarily forgot where I was or what was happening as I came too. I wanted to be mad at her for getting off instead of getting me out, but it was hard to care. Everything around me was sex.
"OK, here goes," she said, having apparently picked up her phone.
"Tissa's not answering... Oh hey, here's a text... 'Sorry... On my way to a movie with the fam... catch up with you tomorrow...'
"Well, I guess Tissa's not available. Sorry, Haya, I guess you're stuck in there a while longer."
"Oh, come on! I have a life! I'm not supposed to be spending my whole evening playing human sex toy. We've gotta be able to figure something out."
"Oh, come on, you'd just spend your evening dicking around online anyway."
"That may be true, but..."
"OK," she interrupted. "Shelly is coming over to help. Hang in there another half hour or so."
"Fine," I pouted, shifting to get more comfortable now that Arri's posture had shifted where I was relative to gravity.
"Oooh, that felt great, do that again."
"Go fuck yourself," I said, not too seriously. But of course, once again, my body betrayed my real feelings as it started to perk up again.
"Yeah, that's what I have you for," Arri giggled. She strategically squeezed certain places to get me to squirm some more... Damn, I thought, you're getting dangerously good at that...
At least one orgasm each and an undetermined amount of time later, Shelly arrived. Arri greeted her at the door and quickly escorted her back to her bedroom.
"So what's so important that you need my help with?" I faintly heard her ask.
"You remember what happened the other night while you were sleeping?"
"Obviously not, girl, but I think I know what you mean. That story about Haya getting stuck in your excessively large vagina?"
"Yeah. It happened again, and Tissa's busy. You're the only one I can trust to help me get him out."
"Please," I added in the loudest voice I could muster.
"For real? I def thought you two were making that up. Hot damn, he's really in there? That's cray!"
"Yeah..." my stepsister and I added in near-unison.
"Alright, lemme see this magic trick."
Arri lay back on her bed and quickly peeled off her PJ's. I was getting pretty good at figuring these things out just from the sense of motion.
"Be gentle," Arri whimpered a little. I felt the pressure surrounding me relax a little, probably indicating she'd spread her legs wide open. Pretty soon I felt something like a draft around my toes.
"Wow, there he is. That's definitely a foot, no, two feet. Wow, he's in deep. How does that even work?"
Arri just whimpered more, no doubt trying to hold back even more embarrassing pleasure.
I felt Shelly's strong hands, yes both of them, work their way deep enough into Arri's snatch to grab hold of my feet. Slowly, she started easing me out.
Maybe because of how carefully she was doing it compared to when Tissa had pulled me out, or maybe because I was buried headfirst this time, even the process of getting out was dangerously erotic. I could tell from Arri's contractions that she felt the same way.
Still, gradually my calves, knees, and thighs felt the outside air. But progress paused there. Arri's sex really didn't want to relinquish its hold on my cock.
"Oh... come on," Shelly grumbled. "Give it up." I felt her lean forward, resting her body on my exposed legs, so she could reach deeper into Arri and grab my hands, which had been covering my throbbing member. I gripped her hands with mine and felt a big lurch as she tugged me free, spilling me out up to about the ribcage. My dick slapped against the soft exposed skin of Shelly's chest. It was so much colder outside that I almost wanted to curl up and climb back in.
"What a mess," she said, but to my (admittedly still obstructed) ears, it sounded... almost more turned on than upset? "Glad I stripped for this. My top would be totally ruined by now."
"Sorry," said Arri, between gasps.
As Shelly pushed herself forward to get a better grip and pull the rest of me out, I found my dick positioned right in the middle of her cleavage. If it was possible for me to get any more erect, that did it.
"Ooh, you're big," Shelly cooed in a voice I hoped only I could hear. "But so am I..." And I felt myself pressed between two silky globes, enveloping my stiffness.
As she slowly worked the rest of my body free from captivity, Shelly worked her massive breasts around my shaft. I was already on edge, so it wasn't long before I burst, spilling a small pearly load into the space between her tits. (I was still mostly spent from what had happened inside Arri...) Around the same time, Arri convulsed with glee, her labia giving my head one last squeeze before I was finally released from her fleshy passage. I hoped that she was too wrapped up in her own pleasure to notice Shelly whisper, "Not bad, kid," to me while giving me a last taste of those oversized melons.
No such luck, of course. Shelly didn't stick around long after that, but as I was getting ready to go re-shower, Arri shot me a look. "She gave you a titfuck, didn't she?"
I didn't reply. Didn't need to. Her meaning was clear. Next time, she wasn't calling Shelly for help. Of course she was already thinking about there being a next time.
So was I.
* * *
The next time was definitely not an accident. You might call it more like a prank. I sat up in bed in the morning, then stepped down in my usual way and in my usual place... only to find, in my grogginess, that the floor sure felt a lot less solid, and a lot more moist, than usual. By the time I processed the view, I was halfway in, and Arri's smug grin had begun to transition to her now somewhat familiar O-face. She was lying spread eagle, hiding in a sense, on the floor, with a loose tee for a top and a bare hungry maw for a bottom. Incidentally, she was definitely not wearing a bra.
"Wh-Bhh-pttaaffft!" I failed to enunciate a single word in reaction to the situation and the many things racing through my head at that moment.
Arri was a little more lucid. "Whoops! You... really are... mmmgh... oblivious in the morninnnnngsoooohohh, aren't... you?"
"fffghhggFffuck!" I finally managed to enunciate.
"Yeah, that's the... plan. Gimme a hand.... so I don't have to... call for help..." she said between ecstatic gasps. She reached out and grabbed one of my hands, holding it out while her pussy gobbled up my crotch area (where my other hand was now stationed). I got the sense she was, at least to some extent, controlling the speed of my plunge into her depths by squeezing her muscles with careful timing.
Oh god, she's getting better at this, I thought to myself.
Moments later all but one forearm of mine was ensconced in a familiar feminine passage, which quivered with excitement. I bucked and kicked, intentionally and also instinctually, filling my stepsister with pleasure.
Eventually, as her roiling chain of orgasms came to an end, she lifted me up to the point where I could get both hands on her thighs and lift myself out. It seemed even this was highly pleasurable to her (personally, I was spent) and an unexpectedly tight squeeze made me lose my grip. I almost went tumbling right back into her loving tunnel, but she reacted quickly and held me in place.
"Good morning, bro."
I facepalmed, in part to hide my guilty pleasure. "Morning."
* * *
Over the next couple weeks, she took me a variety of ways with a variety of gimmicks, some more obviously planned than others.
The most ridiculous scheme had us playing a one-on-one basketball game in Tissa's back yard. The fact of my invitation to Tissa's while her parents were gone was giveaway enough, but still, I had nothing better to do than play along. So Arri and I faced off with the ball while Tissa refereed. Arri took the ball to the edge of the patio then drove back, putting me directly between her and the basket. I spread stance wide to block her angle, but she charged right at me and jumped, lifting up the ball as if going for a dunk. Instinctively, I backed down, not wanting to get tackled, but Tissa charged in and, in one surprisingly smooth motion, pantsed Arri midair. Her exposed slit spread apart with the momentum of her leap, plowing straight towards my face.
I was bowled backwards in shock, but Arri's momentum carried her forward right on top of my head, so she took the first two thirds of my sweaty bod before she touched the ground. A few practiced contractions later, and she'd sucked the remainder of my body into her massive fuckhole even going against gravity.
Although I'm sure she came right there, she also managed to hold it together to get inside the house and mess around with Tissa for another hour while I played human vibrator.
When finally I was let free, Arri showed no remorse, but Tissa apologized sincerely for her role in the debauchery and graciously allowed me the use of her shower.
While I was in there, to my surprise, Tissa sat down just outside the door and started chatting sincerely.
"She's really got a thing for you, y'know?"
"Huh? Oh. Yeah, I guess she does. She sure likes having someone to fill her up," I replied through the thin bathroom door.
"No, I mean, yeah that's true and all, but I think it's you in particular she wants. I was scared at first, but I offered to try it out, too, being... schlicked like that. She turned me down."
"Seriously? Arri turned down a chance to have her number one girl friend in her number one girl place? Crazy."
"That's right. She's crazy about you even though you're her brother..."
"Stepbrother. But I guess that's fine. Because I'm crazy about her, too."
I could practically see Tissa nod. "I'm glad for you two."
"Heh. Will it kill your arousal to know I'm a willing prey, miss bystander?"
"Heh. You noticed? No, it's fine. It's better if you enjoy it. But I do like it when she surprises you."
"She sure does that."
* * *
After falling prey to Arri's sexual ambushes a somewhat embarrassing number of times, I decided it was time to turn the tables and surprise her.
Life doesn't go the way you want it to.
I went to bed early one night, resolving that I'd catch Arri when she woke up the morning. I figured I could kiss her on the lips, fondle her boobs, probably end up at least waist deep in her sex.
I found myself woken up even earlier by an all-too-familiar feeling. The feeling, and perhaps more importantly the smell, of having my face in my stepsister's nethers. More precisely, having my whole head in there.
"Mmblphhbpff!" I was unspeakably eloquent that morning.
"Top of the morning to you too, bro. Now that I've got your attention, if you could just get you to pull your arms through here? I've already taken the liberty of unbuttoning you."
The damn vixen had the nerve to unilaterally skullfuck(?) me awake at some ungodly hour and then ask me to help undress! God, there wasn't a soul alive who was half as cheeky, and damn that was hot.
(You know, it's probably because of crazy thoughts like this that my life is the mess it is.)
Anyway, of course I helped take my shirt off so Arri could casually work her way down, getting audible satisfaction out of rubbing her lower lips all over my collar bone before languidly slurping up my shoulders.
"Mm, you're getting really good at that. Ohhhh yesss, keep licking that spot, that is perfect!" She talked through the pleasure as increasing proportions of my existence became intimately familiar with the inside of her pussy. To her credit, she was very active with her hands, feeling all over my exposed chest before digging her reach down to extract my erection from my PJ bottoms.
After my torso had plunged deep enough that I found a pocket of air and could speak again, I called her out, although at this stage of the game (clit, meet bellybutton) I was hardly operating from a position of power.
"You're fucking me in my sleep now? Are you that desperate?"
"Turnabout's fair play, is how I see it. The first time this kind of thing happened it was because you were a clumsy oaf who couldn't even voyeuristically enjoy his stepsister's sex party without literally landing in it."
Ouch. She didn't hold back. Fine, neither would I. "Oh, so now that gives you the right to jam me into your cunt any time you please?"
There was a pause. Maybe it had to do with Arri's maneuvering so that her vagina could gulp down my thighs. But when she spoke again, the tone was different. Sincere.
"I'm just glad you enjoy it. Because whatever this is, this weird sex domination thing we have going on, it's the best thing to ever happen to me. I never felt half as good as I do every time you're in me. Seriously, I had more orgasms just last week than my entire life before then. If... if you wanted me to stop, I dunno if I could even stop myself, but it would feel awful. It wouldn't be the same without knowing you're enjoying yourself, too, bucking and thrashing like the madman you are as you spill your seed all over my insides. So thank you. Thank you for being a maniac who gets off with his whole body inside his stepsister's sex, and for letting me get away with it so many times. I love you."
I was taken aback. It took me a long time to answer, and not just because my heart was pounding and my stepsister was feeding my feet the rest of the way in one at a time. Not JUST because of that, anyway.
"I love you too, Arri. To be honest, I loved you way before we started this nonsense. Before even that thing with... y'know." Our parents. "Before everything went sideways for me."
I've made choices I regret, that much I said before. But a whole lot of the worst choices came when our parents were gone. Arri had done an impressive job coping. Me, not so much.
"Yeah. I don't think I realized until after they were gone? But I kind of had a thing for you too, all along. I just never would've taken the risk if you hadn't... well, accidentally started it."
"Arri, you're braver than you think. You very well might've. But this..." I lightly bit her vaginal wall, prompting her to seize up in satisfaction. "Maybe it wouldn't have ended up like this."
"Mmmmm," she moaned. After that, I could tell by the sudden relaxation of the muscles around me that her need was sated. For the moment, at least.
After she'd caught her breath, Arri some again. "Hey, I had a thought. I probably wouldn't have said anything except because of what you said. But I was thinking..."
"What if you just... stayed in there?"
"Y'know, like... I don't call Tissa or Shelly or someone to pull you out. You just, kind of... stay inside me. For a while."
"I..." I didn't know what to think.
"We don't have to if you don't want. It was just a thought. I'll call Tissa now. She'll be back soon enough that-"
"Wait." I couldn't bear to hear her backpedaling. Having the option almost disappear from right in front of me helped make up my mind. "I'm... I... don't mind."
"You... don't?"
"Yeah. I mean, I've already messed up my life so much, I don't have much to lose. Why not leave it all behind and be a full time pussy slave to the girl I love?"
"You... really...?"
"Hell yeah. But what about you? I Won't it inconvenience you? You'd be carrying a full-sized person around in your body, right? Isn't that really difficult?"
"Actually, it's fine. It really doesn't look like I have something so big inside me. I don't know how that works. But you don't seem to weigh me down much, either. I could probably go about my whole day and nobody would know better."
"Goddamn, that's kind of hot."
"Yeah, that would be the hardest part. I'm not sure I can hold back all day if I've got you in there."
"Well, that makes two of us."
"Fine then. That does it. Welcome to your new life, my beloved minion."
"With pleasure, my mistress," I jokingly replied, before prodding my still-erect member into her depths.
* * *
So that's pretty much the story of how an accident borne of a bad decision turned me into a 24/7 tampon and I couldn't be happier.
I mean, it's not like I spend every minute of every day in Arri's vagina. Just... You know, like 95% of the time. So far, things have been amazingly good.
We moved to a smaller apartment and save a ton on rent, since I don't need as much space or many belongings anymore. I haven't had any problems breathing in there and (despite the, uh, frequent "exercise") I burn few enough calories that I can just eat and stuff once a day when she lets me out and that's plenty. With practice, we figured out a way to get me out without needing to rely on Tissa or someone, although Tissa is close enough that she still joins us for sexy times pretty often.
Arri took Tissa into her pussy for the first time recently, which was a surprise for both of us, which was of course what she was going for. It was pretty hot, but I don't think Tissa will be taking my place as pussy slave any time soon. It was more of a change of pace, but a good one.
Oh, that reminds me, Arri and Shelly made up, not that they were ever "officially" fighting to begin with. But after spending enough time threesoming with Tissa, we figured out that Arri seems to have, like, pheromones or something in her juices that come out when she fucks me. I think Arri just liked the idea that the titfuck in question was actually because Shelly was hot for her more than me. She's greedy that way. Worked out well for me, though, because it means I get extra action when Shelly comes back for more, and Arri gets the pleasure of groping those massive honkers on the regular again.
So yeah, I'm living the dream. As long as Arri can hold herself together, I get to tag along for the ride. I do what I can to support her, of course, and it helps that I don't have any real obligations anymore, but I bet she'd do just fine without my help. That's my (step)sister.
My love.
My home.
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