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One Year Anniversary, Wooooooo! By Zira -- Report

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Yep, It's been one year since I made my Eka's account.

Unfortunately I didn't have much to work on something much bigger, but I still wanted to draw something for today.

Anyway, I'm definitely happy that I finally joined after lurking for so long in the shadows. All the positive feedback I get from all of you guys (and gals) is a really great feeling for a nobody like me, so thank you all for the support I really appreciate it.

Honestly I still think back to the beginning when I hesitated for so long to click the "Finalize" button to officially submit my first vore art piece, I was incredibly nervous and even after a year I still feel nervous whenever I submit a piece, Oh well. Anyway I hope I was nice addition to the community and that you continue to enjoy my art.

(I always wondered what some people thought of me when they first saw my work, well hopefully they were positive)

Whelp, see ya later!

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Posted by Wolfknight130 2 years ago Report

Happy Aniversary! ^^



Posted by Zira 2 years ago Report

Thanks! ^-^
*hugs back*


Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 2 years ago Report

I'd say your figure has improved greatly <3 I can't believe it's been a year already


Posted by Thejynxedlynx 2 years ago Report

Yay! Happy 1 year anniversary!


Posted by JacktheDragon 2 years ago Report

1 year already? Wow that was fast.

Also lovely art~


Posted by RoryKenneigh 2 years ago Report

I'm sure you mean perfected?


Posted by jacobgord12345 2 years ago Report

oh nice thats you've been here for about 1 year now ^^ also your figure isnt ruined ;//W//; it shows a years work of vore!


Posted by Chuba 2 years ago Report

Happy Anniversary! ^^


Posted by Neznamy 2 years ago Report

Happy anniversary Zira. I love your work and I'm very happy that I found it. Also don't sit on Kitty.


Posted by Zira 2 years ago Report

Thanks, glad to hear you're still enjoying my silly pieces.
And I won't sit on Kitty, since cats are not meant for sitting on.


Posted by CaptainMoke 2 years ago Report

Happy Accountaversary!
My first impressions where pretty positive of course, still love those pieces a lot!


Posted by CaptainMoke 2 years ago Report

(I'm ashamed it took me this long to think of this!)

You're figure is ruined?! We'll need to get you some prey to get you back to a good standard then, you must be starving!


Posted by Zira 2 years ago Report

Thanks! Nice to know people still enjoy my work.
And yeah, I really need more snacks to maintain my new figure.


Posted by MirceaKitsune 2 years ago Report

Nuuu... it still looks very pretty!


Posted by TajTrophic 2 years ago Report

Well it shows that I wanna hump the rats leg now..

Beautiful artwork <3 and hope your art creativity continues on <3


Posted by PegaSUS 2 years ago Report

Time flies just as fast as you can unwillingly gain weight. D:

Also, almost jealous of that cat's placement. Almost.

Always took you as a pleasant person, though. :D Couldn't imagine someone that enjoyed using lame puns on art piece comments that was also a jerk, haha. :P

Happy anniversary, though! Hope to see you through to the next. :D


Posted by Zira 2 years ago Report

"lame puns"!
le gasp!
How dare you! My puns are not lame, they are very creative and thought out.
Now I must Punish you, by making more puns!


Posted by PegaSUS 2 years ago Report

How could this happun to meeeee?

(We love you.)


Posted by LuckyShootGER 2 years ago Report

must be the prettiest ruin I've ever seen


Posted by DoctorDischord 2 years ago Report

Hooray! Happy anniversary Zira, it's been a wonderful 365 days with ya~! I love all of your art, and all of your characters are wonderful to boot! Keep up the wonderful work, and don't forget all of your fans backing you up every step!

Oh and I think your figure's improved actually! Adorably pudgy~.


Posted by Zira 2 years ago Report

Aww thank for the support, it means a lot to me.


Posted by Frazone 2 years ago Report

Happy anniversary. I've certainly been glad you've joined this past year, and looking forward to many more!


Posted by Zira 2 years ago Report

Well I'm glad you like my work and I'm definitely glad I started making on here.


Posted by Kimbunny 2 years ago Report

you are absolutely amazing love <3


Posted by SylvieFox 2 years ago Report

Happy Anniversary~ Many more wonderful years to come, glad your still here :3


Posted by Achilles 2 years ago Report

Happy Anniversary! This is because you ate cats! Don't eat cats and change your diet toward canines and your figure will be alright! :D


Posted by RedNastyFoxy 2 years ago Report

Silly thing, it is not ruined, it is improved almost up to pure perfection! ;)


Posted by CalligraphOwl 2 years ago Report

Happy Anniversary!

*Give Cake*


Posted by overdrive003 2 years ago Report

Happy anniversary Zira! It's always a joy to see your art! Here's to the next year!


Posted by klonoa723 2 years ago Report

Ruined? I'd say her figure improved! :P
Welp, happy anniversary! ^O^


Posted by ReignbowMaus 2 years ago Report

I adore pets with generic names owo


Posted by darc22005 2 years ago Report

Happy anniversary Zira <3