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Br: Brendon heads along the path to Bambi's house, having been invited over to play for a while. The bear cub smiles and walks along, his plump rump bouncing a bit with each step. When he finally reaches the cheetah's house, he knocks a bit on the door, looking around a little to see if anyone is around.
Ba: Bambi runs to the door when he hears you knocking, opening it and looking out at you with a grin. "Hey! C'mon in! My big bro went out for a while, so we've got the whole house to ourselves~" he giggles, closing the door behind you after you step inside. "C'mon, let's go to my room! There's something I wanna show ya~"
Br: Brendon smiles and waves a bit before he steps inside. "Hi Bambi!" He then smiles a bit, tilting his head at you. "Oh? You wanna show me something?" The bear gets and excited look on his face, wondering what you have in store today, before nodding. "Alright then, let's go~"
Ba: Bambi giggles as he leads you upstairs and down the hall to his room. Once there, he goes over to his bed, reaches under it, and pulls out what looks like a big round pill. "See this? My big bro made's a special enchanted pill that'll make ya able to poop huge amounts! I thought you might wanna try one...I've always wanted to see that big butt of yours in action~ ;3"
Br: Brendon follows you and then watches when you get a large pill from under you bed. He then blushes a bit at your words, looking back at his own butt before looking to you again. "R-really? I know you and Salo are really good at that kind of thing, but I've never tried it the way you guys do...Are you sure I can?" The bear cub was a bit more nervous and shy about his large behind, though seemed to smile a bit at the encouragement as he looks at the pill.
Ba: Bambi giggles and nods, getting behind you and rubbing your plump cheeks. "Hehe, yeah~ In fact, I was thinking we could work together and try to fill up the whole house with poop~ Whaddaya say? ;3"
Br: Brendon eeps and blushes heavily when you rub his plump cheeks, murring happily and smiling, clearly enjoying it. "Umm...W-well, if you think it'll work, then I'll try it!" He looks at the large pill for a moment, tilting his head. "This pill seems a bit too big for me to swallow..."
Ba: Bambi grins and rubs your butt some more. "Hehe, that's the's meant to be taken up the butt~ ;3" With that, the little cheetah pushes the large capsule in between your rump cheeks, pressing it firmly against your tailhole until it slips inside with a pop. He then continues to push the pill deeper, until his whole arm is inside your rump. "Ah, there we go...hehe, it's nice and roomy in should let me in here sometime~ ;3"
Br: Brendon blinks a bit. "Huh? Up my-Eep!" The bear cub shudders and moans a bit when the large capsule is shoves between his spacious cheeks and into his sizeable pucker, the little bear not used to having things shoved up there. Catching his breath a bit, he blushes at you when he sees you pushing your arm up as well. "W-well, I've never done it before, but I remember Salo saying you and he could do that a lot! Umm, anyway, what's that pill gonna do to me? I don't feel anything...Not yet, anyway..." He looked back at your curiously.
Ba: Bambi giggles and slowly pulls his arm back out of your butt, getting in front of you and bending over with his tail raised. "Hehe, that should only take a couple minutes to kick the meantime, why don't ya help me get stretched out~ Just push your arms in and pull out as far as you can! ;3"
Br: Brendon blushes heavily when you bend over in front of him, looking into that exposed tailhole with a slight murr, but quickly shakes it off, looking embarassed before he nods to you. "O-okay! Here goes!" He slowly pushes his paws between your cheeks, then pushes his arms inside as well. Once he gets them both into your warm backside almost up to his shoulders, he pushing his arms apart to try and stretch out your cheeks and your pucker, getting you nice and loose back there! "How's that?" He asks you with a smile.
Ba: Bambi murrs as you stick your arms into his rump, moaning softly as you stretch him out. "Ahh..yeah, that's perfect..." He then lets out a wet fart right in your face, coating your face in a light layer of brown gunk. "Hehe, ya like that? You try~ The pill should be starting to work by now... :P"
Br: Brendon smiles happily when he hears you moaning and voicing your pleasure, then gasps and squints his eyes at the sudden fart right in his face. He blinks a bit as he finds his face covered in gunk, murring again as he shivers a bit in pleasure, nodding a little. "Okay, I'll try it...Here goes!" The bear cub then grunts a bit, gritting his teeth as he tries to work his bowels, trying to feel the pill's effects on him before his rump rumbles and he lets out a loud, wet fart of his own. He blushes a bit, then looks back at you with a smile. "Like that?"
Ba: Bambi giggles as you let out your own wet fart, wiggling his rump lightly and ripping another fart of his own in your face, letting it sputter out noisily for almost a whole minute. "Ahh...alright, now let's fill this place up with poop, whaddaya say?~ ;P"
Br: Brendon squint a bit when you fart in his face again, but doesn't turn away, just murring and letting that hot air blow in his face. Shuddering a bit, he nods a bit to you with a smile. "Okay! Let's do it! My bowels feel so full now! That pill must be working...I feel like I could take an hour-long dump! ^^"
Ba: Bambi giggles and gets behind you again, grabbing both of your soft cheeks and spreading them apart, looking at your puckered tailhole. "Mm, you start first...just relax and let it all out...~" The little cheetah shoves his face right up against the hole, licking it a few times.
Br: Brendon gasps and shudders a bit, moaning to himself when you force his cheeks apart. "I-I'll try...Just gotta relax, right? Eeep!" He gasps when you start licking his pucker, something that caused him to tense up quite a bit! After a moment though, he realizes just how good it feels, and sighs deeply, starting to relax his whole body as his pucker slowly opens and begins to let out a stream...
Ba: Bambi murrs as your tailhole opens up, letting a huge glob of soft, creamy shit squish out over his face. "Mmh...perfect..just keep it coming..." After a minute or so of enjoying your crap, Bambi decides to join in. " comes mine now... ;3" he giggles, starting to push, immediately feeling his pucker erupt with a massive wave of shit, piling up and spreading out on the floor.
Br: Brendon pants and murring to himself as he lets the literal stream of shit flow from him. "Ooohhh~ It...It feels really good to let it out like this~" He continues to let his soft, slimy dumps out right into your face, before looking back and blinking with a gasp as you let loose with a flood of shit that begins to pool up on the floor, feeling it around his footpaws. "Whoa!"
Ba: Bambi moans softly as his tailhole is stretched to a whole foot across, his huge stream of shit pouring out of it like a thick smelly waterfall. "Ngh...feels awesome, huh? I do this all the time and it never gets old~" The boy giggles and shakes his rump as more and more crap continues to pile out, already spreading to the walls, soon starting to rise, filling up the room at a surpising rate.
Br: Brendon pants some more, murring and moaning as he feels a little weak in the knees from the sudden pleasure, but keeps himself upright. "Its really does. Now I know why you and Salo like it so much! Feels like it'll never stop, and it's so good coming out~" He murrs as more piles of shit pour from his ass, giving it a little shake as well as more crap than he could normally handle squishes onto the floor to add to your already-impressive flood.
Ba: Bambi giggles as your huge load just keeps getting bigger and bigger, reaching up through the thick mess and plunging his arm right into your shitting tailhole. "Mmn...yeah..imagine if you could poop like this all the time...what would you do? ;P" Or shit has almost piled up over our heads by this point, pouring out of both of our rumps with no sign of stopping any time soon.
Br: Brendon shudders as his pucker keeps getting stretched wider and wider from the constant flow, filling the room with brown mess and a powerful smell. The panda cub gasps when you reach your arm into his tailhole, yelping a bit, though the widening pucker can take it more easily now. "A-all the time? I...Umm, I dunno. I'd probably make a lot of messes whenever I went. This feels so good that I'd wanna do it again and again~" He sighs as the flood of shit soon reach their heads, his ass still unleashing waves of poop as he looks back at you. "W-we'll be buried soon!"
Ba: Bambi murrs pounds upon pounds of soft, goopy crap glorp out, filling up the rest of the room in no time. He then makes his way through the thick mess to the door, opening it and letting the huge mass of shit flow out into the hallway. "Hehe, c'mon! Let's go fill up the rest of the house! Maybe when we're done, I'll give ya the ability to do this any time ya want~ ;P"
Br: Brendon moans, shit squishing out from him as he tries to slog his way through the rising crap pile. He blinks as you walk over to the door, surprised that you're able to move so well after all that. "Uh, okay!" He says, trying to stop his monumental dump so he can walk. Unfortunately, he can't seem to stop it! So the panda is forced to waddle his way after you, more of the crap endlessly plopping down behind him as he goes. He then blushes a bit at your words, nodding shyly. "I...I think I'd like that a lot ^^;"
Ba: Bambi giggles and leads you around the house, filling up each room with more of our thick slop. "Ahh...almost done..." Eventually, the only room left is Salo's room. "Here we are...let's fill up his room so he has a nice place to sleep when he gets home~ ;P" With that, he turns around and lets his massive dump start covering everything. "Hehe, gonna help me or what?"
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