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Nino does her best once again. By Ventiro

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Wow, it wasn't a full month before i posted again, it must be the end of the world! This one should be hopefully be of higher quality than my other stories, thanks to my friend Autumn for helping me with proofreading it.

You can find autumn here~:

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Posted by UzumakiPredator 9 months ago

This was... cathartic to read. In the games, Sonia was a villain that you couldn't help but love to hate. As such, I love to read about bad things happening to her. In this case, that bad thing was Nino, the person she wronged the most, getting revenge by eating her.

The tags did not lie, this was poetic justice.


Posted by ThunderKing 9 months ago

Woah, a Nino vore story? I must be dreaming! Seriously though, this wasn't bad at all. I think some things could have been done better, like Nino's attitude towards Sonia. Personally, I wouldn't think she would act so cold while and after eating Sonia, I'd definitely write it with some more detail on Nino's catharsis. I also think the story could have used a bit more detail in terms of the kink content, but it was overall a good read! I hope to see more from you like this!


Posted by Ventiro 9 months ago

I'll take note of that, i might do more Nino in the future since i'm on a total Nino appreciation spree rn but iunno when that would be. i do have an Alt of this planned but i'm currently unsure if i'm gonna actually get around to doing it. but either way i'm glad you and Uzumaki enjoyed~