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Ba: Bambi walks to his school with you, going over his plan for the day. "We're gonna have so much fun today~ I love doing this every now and then...and my big bro always uses his magic to make sure everything ends up just as it was, so I can do it whenever I want~ Now as for still wanna help, right? I've got that capsule right can take it once we're there~"
Br: Brendon walks along, nodding a bit to you as you explain. He still seems a bit nervous, but he goes along with it nonetheless, extremely curious. "Okay! Yeah, I do wanna help. I wanna see what you can do! Even since you first told me about it I didn't believe it. Now I wanna see it for myself!" He looks down at the capsule you gave him, then puts it in his pocket, nodding to you. "Just tell me when the time is right and what to do."
Ba: Bambi giggles and nods as we reach the school, stepping inside with you and heading straight for the bathrooms, but keeping the capsule for the moment. "C'mon, let's wait in here until classes start! I'll give ya the capsule in does have to go up your butt after all~" He winks as he walks in front of you, wiggling his pudgy rump at you playfully.
Br: Brendon looks back at his own plump, bubbly rump. He always thought his was big for his age, but he was instantly amazed with you once he found that yours was even bigger. He blushes heavily when you wiggle your butt at him, just like he always does when you tease him with your big butt. Still blushing and biting his lip with a smile, he follows along after you and your large behind, eager to see how this will all happen. "Hehe, I can't wait to see it!"
Ba: Bambi takes you into a stall with him, letting out a wet fart just to hint at what's yet to come. "Hehe, now bend over so I can give ya this~ Once it starts workin', you'll be able to poop and stuff other kids up your butt just like me~" He waits until your large rump is in front of him, then presses the softball-sized capsule against your pucker, soon slipping it in with a pop. He pushes it deeper until his arm is all the way in, then wiggles his arm around inside you for a moment before pulling it back out. "Ah, there we go...while we wait, help me get stretched out, would ya?" He giggles and gets back in front of you, bending over and lifting his tail so you can see his fleshy hole between his cheeks.
Br: Brendon blushes and bends over, gasping and moaning a little when he feels you push the capsule up his butt. "O-okay, It's in there-Ooh!" He gasps again whe n he feels your arm roaming around within his tailhole, then lets out a moan when your finally pull out, a wet fart of his own getting released. "Nn-nngh...Oh, man~" Panting a bit, he looks back at you, going wide-eyed when you bend over and show off your impressive rear end to him. He finds himself staring right between those cheeks for a moment, looking deep into your pucker as he finds himself lost in the sight. However, he shakes his head a moment later and giggles bashfully. "Oh! Uh, sure thing!" With that, he slowly reaches forward, pressing his paws around the rim of your hole and massaging it, gently rubbing and stretching it out bit by bit. "L-like this?"
Ba: Bambi sniffs at your fart, murring as you rub around his tailhole, letting out another fart of his own, quickly filling the air in the bathroom with our stench. "Mm..nice one~ Those'll get even better once that pill starts workin'~ ...Oh, you can do better than that...put both your arms in and really stretch me out!" The cheetah wiggles his ass at you some more, teasing you as he waits for everything to be ready.
Br: Brendon blushes at our combined scent, panting a little and nodding at your command. "O-okay, Bambi...Here goes!" With that, he pushes both hands into your ass, then presses both his arms between your cheeks and past your hole, pushing them apart and widening your pucker more and more. As he does this, he finds his face right in front of your huge ass, watching it bounce and sway as you wiggle it right in front of him. The panda cub bites his lip and whimpers at such a sight, and with his face right in front of your ass, he can't help but push his face forward and start to lick along the rim of your rump. After all, that would help with stretching you out and loosening you up...At least that's the excuse he came up with in his mind.
Ba: Bambi moans softly as you slide your arms into his stretchy rump, giggling at the licks, releasing another smelly fart right in your face. "Ooh, nice~ Feelin' anything back there yet? That pill should be starting to work by now..."
Br: Brendon move his arms around some more to feel around within your rump while he stretches you out. His body shivers and he lets out a moan as your fart washing over his head. Murring loudly, he gives your ass another long lick before pulling back and looking behind himself at he large rump. "It...It feels looser back there. Like there's more room. Feels like a flood it about to start back there is I let it..." He lets out another fart as he says that, blushing a bit. "...Good bit more gassy as well~" He giggles softly, still stretching out your rump. "I think I'm getting there! How about you? Stretched out enough yet? Looks like you could already sit on someone and suck them right up!" The panda cub said admiringly.
Ba: Bambi murrs as you continue to stretch him out, giggling at your words and letting another wet blast sputter out over you for a moment. "Mmh...yeah, that oughta be enough...hehe, I think we could both take someone up our butts by now! Oh wait, shhh, I think we might get our first snacks in a sec..." He motions for you to be silent as he hears two voices talking to each other as they enter the bathroom; "Ew, what's that smell?! Someone must've eaten some bad stuff for breakfast..." "Yeah, no kidding...but I really gotta pee, so we just gotta deal with it!" Bambi grins as the two kids enter the stalls on either side of us, motioning to you to do as he does. The pudgy little cheetah then hops up over the wall into the next stall, falling butt-first right onto the other boy's head. With a few lewd squishes, the stunned kid's entire upper body disappears into the dirty bowels of the cheetah. Unaware of his friend's fate, the other boy yells "Dude, c'mon! I thought you just had to pee! We're gonna be late to class!" Bambi just works himself down over the boy's body until there's nothing left, then waits for you to do the same to the other.
Br: Brendon watches and wait along with you, peering over and watching you hop the stall and literally fall butt-first onto your first victim. His eyes widen again as he watches you fall down over the boy, your butt literally gobbling him up effortlessly until you've slurped him up completely, no sign of him anywhere now. The panda takes a deep breath and quickly leaps over his stall as well, falling on the second boy. He tries to muffle a loud gasp as his larger hole aims right at the boy's head and takes it in. The panda is a bit slower going, but his ass works its way down the boy's upper, then lower body. Brendon grits his teeth and grunts heavily as his own butt loosens and opens wide to devour the other helpless boy, sending him right into the bowels of the panda, which are working overtime now and ready for the action to come. Brendon moans and pants heavily, looking delirious for a moment as he realizes his butt just devoured another boy whole, and he doesn't even feel full. "Oooh, maaaann~"
Ba: Bambi giggles as he watches you take in the other boy, his own snack being churned into shit just inside his ass, yours soon starting to do the same. "Mm, so how'd it feel? Think ya can handle a thousand more? That's not even including the teachers~" The cheetah steps over to you, rubbing his pudgy belly against yours before pulling you in for a kiss, letting out yet another long, wet fart behind him as we get ready to go ahead with our plan.
Br: Brendon keeps on panting a bit, finally starting to get used to his ass going into overdrive and turning the boy he just ate into fuel for the mountain of shit he could feel brewing inside him. He slowly stands, then blushes as his chubby belly rubs against yours. His eyes then widen when you pull him close for a kiss, the panda's little face red as he closes his eyes and kisses you back, letting his own loud fart rip behind him, filling the room with our scent as we kiss. Sighing happily, Brendon smiles, clearly looking ready for this, even eager to get going and shove more and more of the school up his ass.
Ba: Bambi breaks the kiss and giggles, grunting as one more blast escapes his ass before it opens up and starts letting out a six-inch-wide stream of soft shit onto the bathroom floor, piling up and starting to spread out around him within seconds. "Ngh...just relax your butt and let it aaaall start comin' out~ We'll have the bathroom filled in no time, and then we'll start gettin' the classrooms~"
Br: Brendon, his mind swimming from the feeling in his ass and bowels, from the scent hovering in the air, and from the kiss, looks a bit dazed for a moment before he snaps back into it and watches as you begin the long stream of shit somewhat effortlessly, passing more and more of it as it pools up on the floor. "W-whoa, you're doing that like it's nothing!" The panda once again looks so impressed, then takes a deep breath and realizes his own butt. "Okay...Here goes..." Letting out a long sigh, the panda grits his teeth and then relaxes once more, his ass cheeks spreading and his hole getting wider as he starts to pour shit like someone turned on a faucet. His own rump lets loose with his own stream of shit that begins to pile on the floor, leaving the panda with a very satisfied look on his face, sighing happily and murring. "Ooohhh~ Th-this feels so goooood~ It just keeps on coming...I like it~"
Ba: Bambi grins at you as we quickly cover the floor in brown sludge, the level rising up over our heads in a matter of minutes. Once we've filled the room completely, Bambi stops shitting for the moment, murring into the massive pile of shit surrounding us. ", I forgot how much faster it goes when there's two of us...let's go get the rest now! I can't wait to feel all those other kids squirmin' around in my butt~ Of course, we gotta take care of the teachers first as we go...then we'll lube up the kids by covering 'em in poop and take turns stuffin' 'em up our butts!"
Br: Brendon gasps softly once more when he watches the room get covered in brown, watching the piles of soft waste accumulate to literally fill the room. The panda murrs as well, smiling back at you. "Mmmmm, it feels so good! Just lead the way! I can't wait to stuff more in there! No wonder you like this so much; I wouldn't be able to get enough of this either if I did it as much as you! Do you really think we can get every kid in school? Do you think we could really flood the whole building?" The panda asks excitedly, looking forward to getting more and more in his ass, so excited that he is unable to stop his own stream of shit as he speaks, at least for the moment.
Ba: Bambi giggles and waits for you to stop shitting before opening the door, leading you out toward the nearest classroom, both of us covered in a thick layer of brown goo as we go in. The kids and teacher look at us with confused and disgusted faces as Bambi walks up to the teacher, jumping up onto her head before she can react and slurping her right up into his messy bowels. As the kids look on in shock, too afraid to move, the cheetah boy nods at you to lock the door. "Hehe, this is gonna be fun~ Now who wants to go up my butt first?" To his surprise, he hears a voice near the back of the room speak up. "Wait, aren't you Salo's little brother? Does that mean you're here to eat us all? Cool! Can I watch?" Chuckling a little to himself, Bambi nods and beckons the boy to the front of the room before letting out a wet fart, making the kids in the front row hold their noses in disgust. "Heh, well whaddaya know, a fan~ Yup, I'm showing my friend here just how fun it is to eat people with his butt and turn 'em into poop~" He then turns to you and winks before letting his load resume, running out messily all over the floor.
Br: Brendon nods and gets the door so no one can leave, barely even having time to look back to catch you slurping up the last of the teacher. He then blinks in surprise as another kid seems to admire the Vorita brother, blushing when you wink at him before he watches you resume the stready stream of shit to cover the florr of the classroom. For now, Brendon waits and watches you work, though he occasionally adds to the flow of shit as his own bowels are in need of release. He looks to you as you continue. "So...Do you cover 'em in poop before you eat them? Eating one at a time sounds easy enough, but if we're gonna eat the whole school, we'll need to eat a bunch at once, too, right?"
Ba: Bambi waits for the kid at the back to come forward, then instructs him to rub your ass while you let out your load. He eagerly agrees, doing just as instructed, happily getting himself covered in your shit as he massages your big messy rump. "Mm, yeah, I love letting my snacks see what they'll become~" he says as he approaches one of the desks in the front row and turns around, letting his soft shit glorp out all over the boy sitting there, burying him within seconds. After that, he does the same to the rest of the kids in that row, letting out loud bursts of gas every few seconds to accompany the waste pouring out of him, which keep the rest of the kids too stunned and weak to try to escape. "Hehe, c'mon and help me bury the rest so we can get 'em up our butts!"
Br: Brendon moans again as he feels the boy approach and rub his ass as he continue to let loose a stream of shit, covering the boy in seconds even as he rubs the panda's butt. He then looks over to you with a smile. "Mmm, bury them in the stuff they're gonna turn into, then they use them to bury even more? That sounds like a lot of fun~" The panda shivers a bit, clearly liking the idea as he leans his butt back a little to move closer and help you, but he accidentally leans back against the boy, stuffing him up hiw hole before his rump takes over and slurps the boy up into the messy bowels amidst all the shit coming out. Brendon blushes a bit and giggles. "Oops...Well, at least he loosened me up some more! Here, lemme help you!" He stands beside you, his big rump almost rubbing up against your as he grunts and lets more of the soft shit splat into the ground and pile up with a loud, lewd splorch as the classroom is slowly taken over by a sea of brown.
Ba: Bambi giggles as you accidentally slurp the boy up your shitty rump, both of us still letting out pound after pound of thick, sloppy crap all over the kids, gradually filling up the room with our mess. "Whoops~ Hehe, that's alright, I'm sure we'll find more helpers as we go~ Besides, I'm sure he's enjoying himself in there..." The cheetah hugs and nuzzles your large belly for a moment, feeling the playful squirms of the boy inside you until he stops to let himself become more shit. He then gets back up and positions my ass right next to yours, pressing them together so our dumps combine on their way out, making the stream just that much more impressive. "Mmh...almost there...whaddaya say we start stuffin' these guys up our butts while we finish filling the room~"
Br: Brendon gasps a bit, blushing again when you give attention to his belly, feeling the boy moving around before he finally stops and becomes more shit. Feeling that causes the panda to shiver in pleasure, getting a little weak in the knees. "Oooohhh~" He pants again, slowly shifting into position so our streams of shit combine as they flow into the room. He then nods to you happily. "Yeah! I wanna feel more of them in my butt! I can't wait!" He giggles and wiggles his arge rump excitedly, though lets you go first since you're the master of this style of fun.
Ba: Bambi leads you to one of the many desks in the now shit-covered room, standing with my actively-crapping rump above the kid there for a moment before lowering it right down onto the kid's head, slurping it up with a loud shluck followed by a series of wet squelches as the body of the cheetah's snack disappears at a surprising rate. Once Bambi's tailhole takes in the kid's feet, he lets out a loud fart before letting his dump continue, turning to you. " it's your turn~ Actually, why don't you just go ahead and take the rest of these kids for yourself...I'm gonna go see if I can find any more little helpers for us~" He leans in and gives you another kiss before leaving the room, letting some of the crap flow out into the hallway as he heads back toward the bathroom where we started, grinning as he sees four other boys standing there, apparently admiring the huge mess we made. "Hehe, you boys like what ya see? If ya come help us out, I'll show ya even more~" All four boys nod excitedly and rush over to Bambi, who waits there for the moment while you stuff yourself.
Br: Brendon watches as you effortlessly lower your rump over a brown-coated kid and practically let your rump do the work, slurping up the boy like it was nothing and adding another to your bowels before the stream of shit continues undaunted. The panda blushes at that, then nods a bit to you. "O-okay! I'm still not sure about taking many at once, but one at a time should be good~" He murrs and turns red at yet another kiss, the panda smiling dreamily as he becomes more enamoured with you and your rump. The panda then moves himself over to another desk, raising his huge butt over the boy's head before bringing it down over him. His tailhole promptly grabs the boys upper body, gripping it with a bit of a squelch before it pulses and works the boy inward, letting out loud and lewd slurps while the boy is pulled squirming up into the messy bowels of the panda, the whole trip up his butt lined with shit still pouring out. Sighing happily, the panda moves from desk to desk, going once at a time to feel the wonderful sensations of each child going up into his ass, every slurp and splorch of his rump eating like music to his ears before it return to the stready stream of soft shit pouring into the room. After a time, the panda finishes up the last kid, giving his bowels a good bit of shit for later as he looks over to you with a smile. "Okay! All done! The room's empty and I feel great!" He giggles and rubs his now larger butt, giving it a playful shake as he jostles whoever is left inside before turning them into more shit.
Ba: Bambi giggles at your swollen belly as you leave the room, telling one of the kids with him to go rub it, and another to rub your ass. "Hehe, see? I knew ya could handle it~ These dirty little boys were admiring the mess we made in the bathroom...try not to slurp 'em up your butt just yet this time~" The kids all giggle in reply, apparently not really minding the prospect of ending up in your bowels. "Mm, ready to do the next class? I know I am~" The cheetah lets out a wet fart into the faces of the other two boys, who breathe it in deeply, loving the pungent smell. He then leads everyone to another classroom door, instructing all four of the boys with us to grab the teacher and help stuff her into your fat rump. They giggle and do as told, running into the room and knocking the teacher down before picking her up and carrying her over to your sloppy pucker, working together to shove her head in between your cheeks, doing their best to keep her struggles under control as the first-graders in the room watch in utter confusion.
Br: Brendon looks a bit proud of himself as you congratulate him, then moans when two of the boys tend to his belly and rump. His rump seems eager to go again, but so nods to you. "O-okay, I'll try to keep from eating him too soon~" He watches and listen as you go to work in the next room, then promptly bends over and present his giant, messy ass in front of the whole class. He gives it a teasing wiggle before moaning as the teacher's head is forced up his butt with a wet schlup, his ravenoud hole grapping her and making long, wet slups with each pull as his ravenous rump is eager to go to work again, makng the trip upward a long and messy one for the teacher.
Ba: Bambi giggles as he watches the kids stuff the teacher up your ass, listening to the lovely noises it makes as it devours her. Once the teacher's feet disappear into your messy bowels, the cheetah boy gets an idea, turning and pressing his own rump right up against yours, letting out a wet, sputtering fart for a few seconds. "Ahh...hey, on second thought, I want that one for myself~ Why don't ya just squeeze her back out and into my butt~ Then we can take care of them..." He grins and looks over the thirty or so small children in the room, winking at all of them as they watch the six messy boys have their fun right in front of them. "Hehe, watch closely boys and're all gonna get turned into nice, mushy poop just like your teacher~ And if ya squirm enough on your way in, we might just wait a little longer before we do~"
Br: Brendon pants heavily when the teacher, larger than the kids he's been eating, disappears up his ass. However, he then blinks abit when he feelsthe soft, messy fur of your own huge rump pressing right up against his. He gasps a bit when you make your request, but soon blushes and nods a bit to you. "S-sure thing Bambi! That sounds like fun~" He moves back and presses his own rump tightly to yours, grunting and flexing his tailhole as he tries to bring the teacher back out. His bowels rumble as he lets out a powerful fart before a flow of shit and the teacher's shit-caked sqirming form is slowly shit out of the panda, only to be pushed right into the waiting cheetah ass. He blushes again and looks back at you, making sure you got the teacher alright. "Mmm, your butt feels nice, Bambi~ There you go! I hope she makes a ton of poop for you!" He then looks out at all the kids, giggling to himself. "Oh, I can't wait! I hope they do squirm. It feels really good~"
Ba: Bambi murrs as the teacher's still-squirming form slowly squishes its way out of your ass and into mine, her feet kicking frantically but not doing her any good as she transfers from one shit-packed bubblebutt to another. The cheetah boy farts again and starts unloading his rump along with you, making a thick but soft pile start building up between us. Our little helpers watch excitedly as our loads spread out toward them, eagerly jumping in as if it were a swimming pool, getting themselves covered in the messy sludge. "Mmh...why don't you boys go grab a couple little snacks for us while we finish playing with the teacher..." He giggles as the four nod and run over to a couple of the first-graders, their little bodies being easily picked up by the slightly older boys. Meanwhile, the teacher's shoulders and head finally pop out of your tailhole with a wet splorch, and almost immediately vanish into Bambi's with a few lewd shlorps and a wet pop to finish it off. "Ahh, there we go...I'll get her turned into poop while you take those first couple kids up your butt~" he winks at the kids and motions our helpers over to start stuffing you.
Br: Brendon simply murrs and moans a bit, the panda boy practically in heaven as his butt and yours come together to transfer the teacher and make a wonderful mess of brown sludge to start filling the room. Tha panda pants again, giggling as he watches the helpers having the time of their lives watching and helping us. Brendon then giggles and nods to you; as much as he loved sitting his big butt down over a little snack, having the snack being brought to him and fed right into his butt sounded really good too. So he bends over, getting the classes attention with a strong and pungent fart, patting his butt and deciding to tease the kids a bit before the helpers start feeding him. "Take a good look, everyone! You're all going riiiight in here~ Don't worry, everyone gets a turn to be made into poop~!"
Ba: Bambi murrs as he breathes in your fart and giggles as he hears your teasing words to the kids, feeling the squirms of the teacher inside his ass gradually slow down until they stop, quickly churning her into shit soon after. He then watches as our helpers pack the first kid into your rump with a few wet squelches, soon folowed by the second, who squirms as much as his little body can, making even more sloppy squishing noises before vanishing into your filthy bowels. The cheetah then walks slowly over to one of the other kids in the room, still letting his messy load pour out behind him as he goes, and grins down at the scared girl before turning and positioning his shitting ass right above her, covering her in a matter of seconds as he slowly lowers his rump onto her head, feeling it pop in with a lewd shluck as she starts trying to break free, but fails as the dirty cheetahbutt shluuurps down over her. "Mmh...that's right, niiiice, squishy poop~"
Br: Brendon tries to catch his breath between moans as two kids are stuff up his messy butt one after another, blushing as he swears that the shlurps and squelches coming from his butt are getting louder and more frequent. He puts a hand on his lower belly as he feels them moving around briefly before his bowels go to work and turn the two kids into more soft shit for the panda cub to let losse on the school. Panting happily, he lets another stream of poop surge from his rump, collecting on the ground with a wet, sloppy squish before it spreads across the floor of the classroom. He smiles and looks back at his own rump. "Mmm...It feels so good coming out~ It's all nice and soft and it hasn't been uncomfortable at all. My butt's never felt so good! This is so much fun, Bambi~" He then looks back to the helpers. "Any left back there? I'm glad we've got helpers with us, but it's really hard not to just lean back and sit on them, too." He says with a giggle.
Ba: Bambi giggles and walks back over to you, his wet load still squishing out behind him as he tells our helpers to grab a couple more kids and stuff one into each of us. "Hehe, doesn't it feel great? And just think...when we're done, the only thing that's gonna be left in this school is a huge pile of poop~" He then looks at you with a lustful grin before reaching over and pulling you in for another sloppy kiss, our fat bellies rubbing and squishing together as more and more crap pours out of our rumps. " messy..." he moans softly as he reaches around and rubs over your filthy ass, murring as our helpers grab two more kids out of their desks and stuff their struggling bodies right into us, despite the flow of creamy shit shlorping out all over the place.
Br: Brendon blushes, panting a bit heavier as you paint the picture for him, murring happily. "Mmm, every single kid will get turned into poop and used the flood the whole school. It'll be sooo much~ Just a mountain of it~" The panda cub clearly seems to like the idea, looking back at you as a look of lust in his own eyes as well, murring and leaning in to give you a messy little kiss of his own. Without thinking, his paw reaches around you to grope over your messy, slimy rump as well, even as the cascade continues. The panda boy moans into the kiss as another boy is shoved into his rump, disrupting the flow briefly with a loud and sudden glorp, but soon the boy is sucked in past the current of shit with a loud squelch, causing the panda to let out another rippling fart before the boy enters the sea of crap in his raunchy backside.
Ba: Bambi murrs and giggles, letting out a wet fart of his own as the kid disappears into his ass, only making the flow widen a bit more, the little cheetah's tailhole spreading to a good ten inches across, his sloppy load having the consistency of smooth peanut butter as it continues to pile out into the room, covering the whole floor now and rising up over the remaining kids' lower bodies, who are too weakened by the smell to even try to move. While the messy cheetah is still locked in a crap-flavored kiss with you, our little helpers decide to take the initiative and start grabbing the rest of the kids two at a time and shove them deep into our stinky, sloppy tailholes, each kid's stuggles making more lewd squishing and shlorping noises than the last. "Mmh...yeah...pretty soon this'll all be just a big, steaming pile...all made by us, two of the messiest kids in town~"
Br: Brendon opens his eyes to look on behind you, impressed with how much shit you're letting flow all at once. The panda's hole stretches bit by bit, but nowhere near as wide as yours is. You have more experience, after all. His own shit plops to the floor softly, spreading evenly across the floor as more piles on, looking and feeling somewhat like very soft batter as it's poured onto a flat surface. Soft and pliable, yet requiring effort to trudge through, if the stunned kids could actually move. The panda seems lost in the pleasure of the kiss and of the constant stream of kids going up his ass along with the constant stream of shit come out, his filthy tailhole practically sloshing with 'fresh' shit as it pours out. He giggles to you when he finally breaks the kiss. "Hehe, Salo would be proud! Seeing that much poop all in one place might be quite a sight. I can't wait~!"
Ba: Bambi giggles as more shit continues to pour out of us, filling the room until only the kids' heads are sticking up above the mess, then stops for a moment, letting out a long, bubbling fart into the goop. "Ahh...why don't we get the rest of 'em in ourselves..." He then turns to our helpers and continues "And while we're doin' that, you boys can have fun yourselves~" The cheetah then heads over to one of the remaining kids in the room and wiggles his fat rump over him for a moment, letting out a wet fart right in the boy's face before lowering his ass right onto him, slurping him up with a series of wet squelches and glurps.
Br: Brendon smiles and lets out a long fart of his own that comes out of the sea of brown in a wet glorp. "Good idea!" The panda slowly makes his way over to another boy, letting his large rump loom over the boy as he looks back at him with a smile. "Take a good look~" He teases the boy, who can only squirm helplessly in the sludge before his butt comes down on the boy's head, clenching his pucker around him with a schlurp as he draws him deeper into his foul rump for more fuel. With a another squish and a wet glurk, the boy's feet vanish from sight and the panda's rump claims another kid. He then looks over to you with a smile. "I think we're almost done with this room! Better be careful when you open the doors, though. I think we're gonna end up flooding the halls~"
Ba: Bambi murrs as he sends another kid into his shitty rump, watching you do the same, soon reaching the last desk, getting another lovely idea. He sits on the boy's head, but only stuffs his upper body in, leaving his kicking legs hanging out of his ass. He then turns his rump toward you, wiggling it and letting out a huge fart around the boy. "Hey, let's play tug-o-war for him, whaddaya say?~" He winks at you, the boy's struggles already starting to slow a bit as another wet glob of shit glurps out around him.
Br: Brendon watches you take the last boy, then blushes at the sight of your ass wiggling, murring happily at another impressive fart. He then blinks at the idea, tilting his head for a moment, then smiling. "Yeah! That sounds like fun~ You sure that's fair, though? I mean, you have more experience than I do~" He says this with a smirk, but that doesn't stop him from moving over to you, turning his rump to aim at the boy's legs before backing into him, taking in the boy's lower body before his dirty rump bumps into yours with a soft, messy squish. He looks back to you with a smile, playfully rubbing his rump up against yours with a murr before nodding. "Okay, ready when you are. Just give the word to start~"
Ba: Bambi giggles and murrs as your butt rubs up against mine, the boy between us completely smothered in our hot bowels and messy shit. "Mm, alright then, go!" The cheetah starts pulling at the boy to try to slurp him up before you can do the same. Of course, he isn't trying as hard as he could be, as he could easily take the boy from you if he wanted to, but he plans to give him to you eventually. Meanwhile, he lets out a few farts and some wet globs of shit just to make it more interesting. "Mmf...gotta pull harder if ya want him for yourself~"
Br: Brendon nods and grits his teeth, grunting as his bowels go into overtime and his rump lets out a long schluuuurrrp to try and grab the boy away from you and pull him in. He tries to back up more to grab more of the boy, only to be hit by your multiple farts and get pelted by various globs of poop you unleash. The panda boy is undaunted, however, and grunts again, his rump squeezing and squelching around the boy with all its might. "Ooohhh~ Mmmrrfff...I-I'm not done yet!" The cub tries to pull forward and and clentch with all his might, though all the effort he exerts causes him to unleash multiple powerful farts, the wet sound of his rump filling the room as it occasionally smacks back against your impressive ass. Even though the odds are against him, Brendon pulls with all his might, grinning with confidence. "Sorry Bambi, he's gonna be MY poop~"
Ba: Bambi giggles and grunts as he appears to put up a fight for a few minutes, his pucker making lots of messy squelches and shlucks as he clenches around the boy, who has nearly stopped moving at this point, the stink and heat of our messy rumps clearly too much for him. "Mmh...oh yeah? Fine!" With that, he not only stops trying to pull the boy in, but actually pushes him out right into you, along with a heavy helping of thick poop, which squishes out with such force that it knocks you to the ground, right onto your fat belly in the middle of all the stinky slop filling the room. "Hehe, well I guess you got 'im~ but your butt's in such a lovely position now, I'm not sure if I can resist it~" The cheetah giggles a bit before practically jumping onto your back, positioning himself so that his eight-inch member is resting between your messy cheeks, throbbing in the midst of all the crap around us. "Mm, besides, I'll make sure that boy gets pushed nice and deep before ya turn him into poop~"
Br: Brendon grins and keeps pulling, looking like he's about to finally pull the boy in. "Yes! I'm gonna...?" His words are cut off with a yelp as the tug of war ends, and he lurches forward with a yelp, schlurping the boy into his rump and causing the panda to fall face-first into the brown sludge filling the room, his belly sloshing heavily as he practically belly-flops into it with a squelchy splash. With his butt practically in the air, he starts to look back at you, huffing a bit at your trick, but quickly finds you on his back, feeling the warm, pulsing member between his filthy cheeks. The panda cub's face instantly goes red, slowly dawning on him what's happening. But with everything that happened, all the mess and all the fun he's been having with you, the cub's so turned on by it all that he practically pushes his rump back against you, looking back at you with a lustful grin. "Mmmmhhh~ Push him deeeeep, Bambi~ Really deep~"
Ba: Bambi murrs and does just that, slipping his large member into your slick, stretchy tailhole with a wet slurping sound, then starts thrusting in and out, the wonderfully wet, messy shlorps seeming to echo through the crap-filled room, as more shit continues to glorp out of the cheetah's unstoppable rump, hoping you'll let more out yourself to keep the pathway slick as he humps that boy further into your depths. "Mmph...there ya go little one, all tucked away in a nice big pandabutt~ You'll be poop before ya know it~" He moans loudly as he keeps humping your ass, getting close to his limit.
Br: Brendon's fat bubblebutt easily lets you slip right into him, every thrust you make cause a wet shlurp here, a raunchy squelch there and a perfectly lewd shlick against the shit-covered walls of his tailhole. Even as the boy is humped deep into his bowels, they don't stop pushing out more and more warm shit, the soft, foul muck practically splashing and squishing against your member each time you hump him. All the while, all the pandaboy can do is moan out loud and sway his large butt from side to side in pleasure, gritting his teeth and biting his lip as his giant butt schlups and squeezes over your member as the dirty panda waits for you to make a mess of him all over again.
Ba: Bambi giggles and keeps pounding your sloppy ass, even as your dump continues making its way out into the ever-growing mess around us. " it comes...!" He gasps as he reaches his climax, pumping what seems like a whole gallon of cum into you, most of it just mixing with your load and getting pushed back out. After his orgasm dies down, he just lies there panting for a moment, our rumps still spewing out an endless stream of hot dung, the boy inside your bowels now nothing more than another hundred pounds of soft shit for you to let out. "Ahh...that was can do me later, ok?~ For now, let's go get a few more classes into our butts and make poop out of 'em~"
Br: Brandon lets out a pleasured howl, his own orgasm lost in the sea of brown his on all fours in as you finish up in his rump. After that, he practically collapses into the pool of shit around him, looking back at you with a timid giggle. "N-no fair, making me all tired from that so you can get more kids and more poop for yourself~" He giggles a bit, slowly sitting up and catching his breath even as another load of sloppy shit flowed out of his ass like a cascade. Still, he blushes at the idea of getting you back, smiling and nodding a bit. "Maybe I will! I'll bet your butt feels great like that~" He then nods a bit, slowly getting his energy back as he smiles. "Yeah! As long as there are more kids that need to be made into poop, we gotta keep going~!"
Ba: Bambi giggles and nods, heading to the door and out into the hallway, a big heap of the shit in the room running out into the hallway like a landslide, only messier. Out there, he sees our little helpers, but notices there only appear to be three. "Hey, where'd the other kid go?" he asks the boys, before noticing one of them has a much larger belly than he did before, that one blushing deeply and giving a sheepish grin. "Um...well I wanted to try eating like you guys I...I kinda got the other guys to help me get him in my butt..." Bambi looks at the boy, surprised for a moment, before realizing the boy must have the same inborn ability he himself had when he first met Salo. He then grins and chuckles a bit before responding. "Hehe, oh really? What naughty boys you all are~ I hope he had fun going up there~ Now let's go get the next class!" He leads you and the three remaining boys to the next classroom, doing the same thing as before, getting the teacher churned into shit before burying everyone else in the room, then stuffing them up our butts, even letting the helper take one for himself, though without the messy aftermath. After that, the group continues around the school until only one classroom remains: the kindergarten room. "Ooh, this oughta be easy but fun~" the cheetah giggles.
Br: Brendon took an extra moment to recover from Bambi's...'enthusiasm' before he left the empty but shit-covered room as well. He blinks at the three remaining boys, then looks at the larger-bellied one with a grin. "Oh? I didn't know there were more boys who could do that! Someone's got a nice gift~" He says with a giggle. "Well, the more the merrier!" As they continue their fun, Brendon gets more and more used to gobbling up kids with his ass and letting them back out, his pucker stretching out more and his loud flowing more powerfully as time goes on. He's still not at the level of Bambi, but he seems pleased with his own progress. Once they reach the last class, the panda cub lets out a sigh. "Ahhhh~ I lost count of how many kids I've turned into creamy, squishy poop~ All that's left is kindergarten? Yeah, they'll go down nice and easy! So close to there being nothing but poop in this school!" He said so exictedly, having been so happy all day having so much fun with Bambi.
Ba: Bambi giggles as he leads you inside with our helpers, having them grab the teacher as usual and stuff her head into your rump, but not the rest, backing up to take her feet into his own ass, giving a slight tug with his muscles. "Mm, let's fight for her like we did with that one kid~ I won't go so easy on ya this time though!" The fat little cheetah starts pulling at the teacher's lower body with a few loud squelches, actually intending to slurp both the teacher and you into his messy butt this time. Meanwhile, the 'hungry' one of our three helpers rubs over Bambi's shit-coated belly for a moment before asking if he could have a few of the kindergarteners himself, the cheetah boy simply giggling and nodding in reply. The three then go over to a few of the many small kids in the room, picking their helpless little bodies up and stuffing them right into the young boy's rump with seemingly no difficulty. "Oh my, you really are just like me...only without the pooping abilities~" The boy giggles and calls back to the cheetah, "Hehe, thanks! Do you think you could teach me to poop like you?" Bambi just giggles and keeps trying to take the teacher from you for the moment, not responding just yet.
Br: Brendon giggles and nods happily. "Sure! I think I've gotten a bit better! Don't count me out yet~" He giggles and clenches his rump tightly around the teacher's upper half, letting out a few powerful squelches of his own as he tries to pull her in, grunting and letting out a few farts as shit sputters and shlorps out of his butt around the teacher's frame. He chuckles a bit when he looks over to spot the boy already eating kids with his rump. "Wow, he's picked that up really fast! He must be a natural!" Brendon says admiringly, though keeps on clenching around the teacher with a schlorp, trying to make some progress on her body, but having a tough time against your stronger ass as the panda boy pants heavily. "Oof...This is tough...C'mon...Mmmfff~!!"
Ba: Bambi murrs and lets out a few loud, sputtering farts of his own, accompanied by plenty of thick, sloppy shit glorping out all over the teacher and the floor as he starts to pull harder, calling the two helpers who aren't busy eating back over to him, telling them to get on either side of him and spread his rump cheeks as far apart as they can. They happily oblige, grabbing the cheetah boy's big, messy cheeks and pulling them apart, revealing the dirty doughnut hole clenching and shlorping wetly around the teacher's midsection. "Ngh...I think it's time for you to see where all the magic happens...but don't worry, once I'm done gettin' all the little boys and girls tucked away with you, I'll let ya out~" With that, the cheetah tugs especially hard, knocking you off balance and sending your fat rump right into the pucker between his spread cheeks, squelching loudly as it enters the fleshy portal.
Br: Brendon blinks and looks back when he notices our helpers helping you out. "H-hey! Isn't that cheating?" He says before he tries to pull once more. Unfortunately, the pandaboy's butt just isn't strong enough, and soon he is pulled back hard. He looks back to see your shit-covered cheeks spread wide and your filthy pucker open hugely. Normally the panda would huff at losing the tug-o-war, but when he realizes it's his turn to go into that gigantic, messy tailhole himself, he murrs loudly and smiles back at you. "O-okay Bambi. Take me inside...I wanna see all that poop you make up close~" He says dreamily as he rump is pulled back, actually feeling those squelches happening around him, sending waves of pleasure through his spine. The wet squishing gets close and closer as Brendon is pull deeper into your superior ass, the pandaboy practically looking forward to entering your magnificent ass.
Ba: Bambi moans softly as you slide deeper and deeper into his filthy rump, still letting out lots of wet farts and soft globs of shit everywhere, your body being easily the biggest thing to go into his ass so far today, your fat body stretching his tailhole even wider than before. Pretty soon, the last bit of you vanishes into the cheetah boy's rump with a lewd squish and a stinky fart. "Ahh...there ya go, now just relax and enjoy yourself in there while I take care of all these cute little kids~" Bambi then heads over to the large group of kids that are huddled in the center of the room, some crying, some not sure what to do. "Aw, don't worry guys...everyone'll get a turn to go up my butt! But first I gotta make sure it's a smooth ride~" He giggles and turns around, letting out a loud wet fart as a massive torrent of soft, creamy shit glurps out of his hugely stretched ass, quickly covering all of the kids with a series of wet, lewd shlorps and plops. When he's done, he tells our helpers to stuff them all in, starting to fill the room with his mess, which rushes past you in thick, goopy waves as you sit inside. " ya doin' in there? I'm sendin' some playmates in there for ya! Have fun~"
Br: Brendon murrs happily as those long, wet farts and glorps and blobs of shit all fall directly on him for a time, feeling so content amidst all the mess and filth. He then taes one more deep breath before vanishing into your ass, feeling to be pulled into the sea of shit that is your bowels. The pandaboy shivers heavily when he realizes he's up your butt, murring heavily and waiting among all that shit for more little playmates, hardly about to wait for even more shit to fill those bowels he's in. "Oohhh, I love it in here, Bambi~ To be able to see you make all that wonderful poop you're gonna flood the school with...Mmmmmrrr~" The pandaboy let out a pleasure fart from deep inside you, still continuing his own squishy, creamy flow of shit into your bowels, giving you even more to work with, and giving his playmates more poop to sink into when they arrive.
Ba: Bambi murrs as the little kindergarteners get swallowed up one at a time by his hungry rump, giggling as your load joins his to make for an even bigger mess, soon leaving the room completely filled with our thick, creamy slop as the last little kid disappears into the messy cheetahbutt with a few wet glorps and a lewd squish to finish it off. "Ahh...they're all in there now...whatcha gonna do with all those little cuties? I know what I'd do...~" The cheetah giggles, thinking rather dirty thoughts as he exits the room with our helpers, only seeing two this time. He immediately looks to the one with the swollen belly, who blushes and stammers for a moment. "I-I'm sorry, really! H-he was trying to push one of those other kids in, a-and his arms got stuck, and I-I just couldn't help myself!" Bambi just giggles and rubs the boy's belly for a moment, feeling the other helper still squirming around inside, apparently enjoying himself. "Hehe, don't worry about it, it happens~ I'll even let ya have that other boy if ya can wait a few more minutes, whaddaya say?" Both boys blush deeply, still covered in crap, and nod back, making the cheetah grin widely.
Br: Brendon sighs as his oen load joins yours, chuckling when those bowels are no filled with the kindergarteners you just ate. The pandaboy smiles and approaches thhem all with a big grin on his face. "Hello little cuties~" He says happily. It's hard to tell what happens next in your bowels, but there does seem to be a good bit of movement, schlorping and squishing of shit inside. Whatever the panda's doing, he's having fun~ After a short time, he can briefly hear what's going on outside, giggling a bit. "Another helper got eaten? Hmm, seems like no one can help themsevles today~" He giggles again, "Bambi's probably got a nice finale planned~" The panda says with a giggle, unable to wait and see what happens next.
Ba: Bambi giggles as he leads the two remaining helpers toward the cafeteria, which is easily the largest area in the school, and happens to be the only area that hasn't been completely filled with shit yet. Since all of the teachers and kids have been sent up the rumps of the three messy boys already, all that's left is to finish filling the building with our huge loads. "Mm, how ya doin' in there with those kids? Havin' plenty of fun I hope~ Just tell me when you're ready and I'll let ya out so we can finish this up~" He then turns to the two helpers and grins, beckoning the larger one over to him. "Hehe, you asked if I could teach ya to poop like me...well I'm gonna give ya something special so you can do just that~" The cheetah rubs over the boy's belly for a moment, focusing his energy on it. Eventually his hand starts glowing orange for a second, and the other boy suddenly feels different. Bambi then steps back and giggles, telling the boy what he just did. "There, now you can poop just like us whenever you want~ Try burying your friend there while we wait for Brendon~"
Br: Brendon lets out a loud moan from inside Bambi, the cheetahboy's bowels moving and shifting now and again. The pandaboy moans and smiles down at one of the cute little boys, checking to see how stretchy he is with a long, loud moan as he pushes into him. "MMMmmmmm~ Ahhh, th-they're not very stretchy...But they do feel gooood~" The pandaboy says as he pants, lost in lust. He's been so turned on by all the shit and all of Bambi's work that he's had so much pent up pleasure and lust. The little cuties in there seem to be doing a good job of helping the pandaboy relieve that stress as he has his fun with them, causing a lot of movement in the cheetahboy's bowels. After a time, Brendon finally calls out to Bambi. "Mmmm~ Okay Bambi, I think I'm ready to come out. The cuties were fun, but you can let me out now, You don't have to wait anymore to turn them into more wonderful poop~"
Ba: Bambi giggles and lets his bowels shift around you a bit more before starting to push you back the way you came, along with a heavy helping of soft crap. " got it~ Hope they were good little toys for ya~ How many'd ya get to play with?" He grunts softly as his tailhole opens wide, pushing you out along with the huge pile you're trapped in, squelching and glorping messily all over the floor. The cheetah boy giggles as he sees one of the kindergarteners who apparently got caught between your big dirty ass cheeks on your way out, watching him struggle against the slimy mounds of pudge. "Hehe, looks like ya got a little hitchhiker back there~ ...Oh, and hey, look what I did while you were in there~" he says, pointing at our helper, who has not only buried the other boy, but himself as well as a thick mass glurps its way out of his rump.
Br: Brendon grits his teeth and grunts, letting out a fart that bubbles and blorps in the torrent of shit he flows out of your ass with. He murrs and grunts after your tailhole opens wide and plops him right onto the floor, streams of shit still plopping and squishing onto him as he lays on his belly there a sec before getting up. He looks at you, blushing beneath all the brown on his face. "Ah, s-sorry I took so long! I was already all hot and bothered when you slurped me up your big butt! But when I saw all those cute little boys covered in your poop...Well, I couldn't help myself~ So I ended up playing with a whole lot of them~" He blushes and giggles, then blinks and looks behind himself, smirking and wiggling his large butt, letting it squelch and squeeze around the boy. "Hehe, you naughty little thing~ Hmm, what to do with you~?" He ponders before looking back at the boys, only two of them now. He blinks and giggles, seeing them both covered in shit. "Nice! Now we have someone else who can help to cover this place in poop! Anyplace else we need to go? Or did we get everyone already?" he asks, shit still glorping out around the little boy wedged between his large cheeks.
Ba: Bambi giggles and shakes his head, wiggling his large rump at you as his load just keeps coming out endlessly. Between the three of us, our thick dumps have completely covered the floor of the cafeteria and the level of shit soon starts to rise, eventually filling the entire room with the squishy mess. "Ooh...well, that's everything! We did it!" The little cheetah practically tackles you again, still feeling that kindergartener stuck between your filthy cheeks. "Mm, here, lemme help with that~" He then rubs his hard member against your rump, before starting to hump the boy right into your tailhole, each thrust making a wet, messy squelch.
Br: Brendon blinks a bit, then smiles widely and giggles to himself. "Really? We did? Awesome! That was so much fun!!" He smiles widely, then chuckles when you tackle him, leaving his big, messy rump in the air with the boy's legs still sticking out. With a moan, he murrs and rubs his large cheeks back against your member, panting and letting his crap-covered cheeks squish against your erection. "Mmmm, thanks, Bambi~ Makes sure he get in there nice and deep~" He moans louder as the squelching gets louder, all that wet shit flowing out around you as you hump both boys at once~ He murrs and squeezes his rump around your member to give off a few loud squishes that echo through the room, then sighs. "Mmmrrr! It's a shame that-ooohh~-it's over now, though...That was amazing~" He says, panting while you push into his rump.
Ba: Bambi grunts as he slams against your messy ass repeatedly, climaxing just as the boy disappears into your stretchy tailhole, moaning as more shit continues rushing past his still-throbbing member. At this point, the school is so full of shit that the windows are nearing their limit, the whole building almost overflowing with our thick sludge. He just lies on top of you for a moment enjoying the feelings of your rump and all the shit around us. "Mmh...that was great...but who says it's over? We can always go somewhere else and fill it up too~"
Br: Brendon's panting and moaning can barely be heard through all the squelches your thrusting makes, along with the slow squishes all of our shit makes as it spreads more and more along the floor, buring everything underneath. The panda boy catches his breath, murring at the feel of your dirty body atop his, playfully wiggling his own large rump against you as it continues letting shit flow over your lower body before looking back at you with a smile. "R-really? We can keep going? Oh, that'd be great! I can't wait to cover another place! Hmm...Where else should we go, though? So many places to go~" he says with a grin, clearly looking excited about emptying another area and filling it back up with the all that creamy brown crap.
Ba: Bambi giggles and gets off of you, going over to the other boy, who now seems to be alone in the middle of his mess. The boy just grins at Bambi and says "Hehe, you said I could have him~" The cheetah just chuckles and nods before turning to face you again, gently rubbing the smaller boy's swollen belly and giggling softly. "Hmm, I dunno~ There's the park, the mall, the movie theater...and all sorts of other places too~ What sounds good to you?"
Br: Brendon slowly gets up and stretches a bit, looking down at his own large belly and larger butt, murring as he feels the neverending flow of shit continue, shivering happily when he remembers all those kids that went right up his butt. He then walks over to you and the other boy, giggling as well. "Aww, guess we only have one helper now~" He then looks at you, thinking for a moment before smiling. "The mall sounds perfect! Plenty of people around and plenty of ways to trap them in our poop before making them into more! I feel like I could keep on going all day! Oh, and if we find another group of cuties, I'll let you have fun with 'em first this time~" he says with a giggle and a blush, the panda smiling widely and letting out a thunderous fart from all the excitement he was feeling, teasingly aiming his rump at you and the boy as he does so.
Ba: Bambi giggles and nods, starting to walk toward the school's entrance, his stinky butt swaying and squishing through the thick mess we've made. "Hehe, sounds good to me...there's always plenty of kids in the play area~ And I heard they just opened up a big daycare center there too~ Between that and all the other people, we'll all be stuffed by the time we're finished! And ya know the best part? The security guys are 'friends' of ours if ya know what I they'll lock all the doors for us so no one can get away~" He turns and winks at you before opening the front door of the school, letting a bunch of our shit flow right out as the cheetah boy leads the two of you to the mall, farting wetly with every step and sway of his fat butt.
Br: Brendon smiles, his expression lighting up with each new bit you tell him about the mall. "Hehe, so we'll have the whole mall to ourselves and no one to interrupt or rush us~ Great! Let's go!" he says happily, making sure to follow along behind you to watch your giant butt move and wobble around, shivering a bit at those powerful farts of yours and letting out a few of his own to echo them. As he follows you out of the school, he takes a look back at the building covered in brown sludge, looking quite proud at our handiwork. He stares at your butt now and again before looking up at you again. "Oh! I almost forgot, will I need to take another one of those pills? I wanna make sure I'm still good for round two! You're amazing to be able to do this all on your own, Bambi!" he says admiringly, not really caring that we're walking to the mall naked, covered in shit and farting the whole way there.
Ba: Bambi stops to think for a moment, then turns to you, grinning widely. "Hehe, you could take another one...or I could just make it permanent like I did for our friend here~ That way you could do this stuff whenever you wanted~" He giggles and winks at the other boy, who grins back and lets out a wet fart of his own. He then turns around and continues toward the mall, reaching it not long after. "Here we are! Let's go up to the security room and let the guys know we're here~" He giggles, letting out an extra-long fart as we enter the mall, watching as a few people nearby turn toward us, seeing our shit-covered bodies and backing up to get as far away from us as they can. "Hehe, guess we're not exactly the types most people wanna be around~ That's alright, we'll be 'around' them soon enough, right?" He winks at you, giggling at his own silly joke.
Br: Brendon blinks at that, then smiles widely, almost trembling with joy. "Can you?? You can make it so I'll always be like this? Yes, definitely! I'd love to be able to do this with you anytime! It'd be like a dream come true~" he says happily, unable to imagine all the places you and he could reduce to giant, smelly piles of shit. He then looks around, watching as various people step away from us, giggling and wiggling his rump teasingly before winking back at you. "Yup! I know they'll make really nice, soft piles later~" he grins and follows you to the security room, already looking eager to get started, and possibly have you make him permenantly like you and the other boy!
Ba: Bambi giggles, figuring you'd say yes. He leads the two of you into the security room, farting wetly to get the guards' attention. "Again already Bambi? This is the fifth time this month! Is your butt ever full?" One of them teases. Bambi just giggles and points at you. "Hehe, I brought some friends with me this time~ We just finished filling up the elementary school down the street, but we wanted some more buttsnacks~ Speaking of which..." He then turns his ass toward you and farts again. "Hey Brendon...since I used my magic on our friend, you'll have to do this the other going up my butt again and letting me digest and reform ya~ That's the only other way I can permanently make ya like this~" He giggles and shakes his messy rump at you.
Br: Brendon looks around the security room a moment, then looks back to you when you point at him. He blushes when you turn your ass at him, shivering at the sound and scent of that wet fart you let loose. He then looks to the boy with us before looking back at you. "Oh, you have to do that a different way with me?" He then gasps and stares directly at that hypnotic rump of yours, his heart pounding and his face red as it hits him. "...S-so in order to get those abilities...I have to go in your rump again and get turned into poop myself?" At least that's the way Brendon saw it. As much as he loved turning everyone into shit the past few hours, the thought of going into your rump and becoming more fuel made him hard. He bites his lips and murrs, looking at you with a smile. "Anytime, Bambi. If it means I can be like you, I'd gladly dive right in~"
Ba: Bambi giggles and lets out another long, wet fart into the small room, filling it with his scent in a matter of seconds. "Mm, c'mon then~ The sooner ya get in me, the sooner we can start buryin' the rest of the mall together~" He grins at the three security guards in the room, who have completely stripped and are sitting there playing with their hard members as the dirty cubs put on their show.
Br: Brendon giggles and rather shamelessly puts his paws on your giant, messy rump, rubbing over them a bit and murring. Despite the mess, he murrs and leans in between your cheeks, nuzzling his nose between them and licking around, finding your pucker and slurping along it slowly before gently pushing his head inward, making his way back into your foul backside to rest in your bowels once more. Loud, wet slurping can be heard as he rims you deeply, unable to help himself as he pushing deeper past your pucker, finding the scent intoxicating and the warmth of all that soft shit too much to take. He needs to be inside~ His paws keep on rubbing over your dirty cheeks as long as they can before he keeps pushing in deep enough to let your rump take hold of him, waiting to hear that satisfying schlorp when your rump starts eating ravenously.
Ba: Bambi murrs at your rubs and licks, enjoying the feeling of your fat body sliding into him again. He moans softly as you push your way in, turning his ass so the guards could get a good view, and soon he lets his rump start doing the work. After a couple more minutes, the last of you disappears into the cheetah boy's voracious rear with a wet squish and shluck. He then lets out another loud fart before turning and winking at the horny guards, inviting them to have some fun with him and the other boy while they wait for you to be reformed. "Ahh...there, now just wait a few minutes and you'll be back out here, and then we can start burying everything in our messy poop~"
Br: Brendon moans and pants heavily, writhing in pleasure as he makes another trip up that big, hungry ass of yours. Knowing what will happen to him, he lets out a muffled moan and orgasms deep inside you before his body is broken down, losing consciousness and waiting to find himself back among the living. Though he does get the feeling that many naughty doings are happening during his reformation period~ Shame he couldn't be a part of it, but if he has to miss it to be able to flood everything in an ocean of crap with you, it's a small price to pay~
Ba: Bambi moans loudly as one of the guards thrusts in and out of his messy ass, watching another one do the same to the other boy. He looks at the third guard and winks, knowing he'd get his chance momentarily. Sure enough, about a minute later, you suddenly reappear right in front of that guard. "Hehe, there ya are~ Let's start filling up this room while these guys have their fun~ Then we can get to work on the rest of the mall...the doors are already locked, so people are bound to be getting restless by now~" He giggles, grunting softly as a torrent of thick crap starts gushing from his tailhole, smushing over the guard's front as it piles up on the floor.
Br: Brendon blinks and suddenly finds himself back in the room. A bit disoriented at first, he looks over to you, then back behind him at the guard, blushing a bit before looking back at his large rear. He nods to you with a smile, then starts letting his ass bust loose with his own steady stream of soft poop, letting it piles up around us as he wiggles his rump for the third guard. "Sorry to keep you waiting~" he says with a giggle, finding the crap coming out naturally, even without the special pill this time!
Ba: Bambi giggles as he watches you let loose, the last guard moving in and shoving his length right between your big round cheeks and into your shitting tailhole, our messes quickly filling the small room to the ceiling, soon making the door give way as our shit starts pouring out into the hallway, catching whoever was standing there by surprise as the huge glob of brown buries them. Everyone else in the immediate area tries to run away, but the stench coming from the mass is so strong that most of them can hardly move, seemingly frozen by the sheer stink. "Hehe, there goes the door again...that's what we get for starting in such a small room~ At least we'll have a few helpless snacks already when we leave~"
Br: Brendon lets out a loud moan when his rump is pushed into once more, the steady flow of crap pushing back against the guard's member and making nice shlurping sounds with each thrust he makes. after another large glorp of crap hits the floor, he turns to look as the door is forced open, blushing a bit between moaning. "Oops! Well, we'll get a good start, at least! I dunno if it's because of the reforming or what, but I'm really hungry this time around! I can't wait to stuff a whole bunch of people right up my butt~" He starts panting in anticipation, his big butt swaying back and forth. "Mmmm, I can't wait to get started! Just lead the way when we're done here, Bambi!" He says, smirking as he watches the other guard pounding the cheetah boy's ass, then gasping and moaning as his own sludge-caked ass is played with~
Ba: Bambi grunts again and lets the flow from his ass slow down a bit, just to make his tailhole clench more tightly around the guard's thick member. Pretty soon, all three guards blow their loads at once, filling each boy's ass with cum for a brief moment before it all gets pushed right back out with our thick dumps. "Ahh...that was fun~ Let's get going so we can start on the rest of the mall~ These guys'll be able to see everything from up here, so let's give 'em a good show~" The cheetah boy giggles and winks at the guards, who still seem to be recovering from their orgasms, and then he walks toward the door, leading you and the other boy out into the hallway, which is almost completely covered in our sloppy shit already. "Hehe, we really pooped a lot in there, huh? Let's find everyone that got buried and make sure they get stuffed up our butts nice and deep~"
Br: Brendon catches his breath after the guards finish with them, murring and pushing a forceful loud of crap out with a glurk before turning and following you out into the hall. He chuckles and looks around, seeming more proud of the mess than before. "Yup! We might have to dig deeper to find the people trapped here! Just make sure you don't miss anyone! We gotta make everyone into nice, soft poop before we're done here~!" With that, he begins searching around for any victims of the first flood of crap. "Hey, maybe we could keep score! I'm gonna see if I can keep track of how many people I've shoved up my butt this time!" he said with a grin, feeling a bit competative, though it was all in good fun.
Ba: Bambi giggles as he finds the first of many helpless snacks trapped under our shit, quickly stuffing her up his messy rump with a wet shlorp before moving on. "Mmh...hehe, sounds like fun~ How bout this, whoever gets the most people in their butt gets to take the whole daycare~" He grins and shoves two more people up his ass at once, letting out a wet fart and a thick glob of crap around them. "Ahh...gonna have to step it up if ya wanna keep up with me though~" he winks at you, ripping yet another loud fart in the face of his next victim before slurping him up into his filthy hole.
Br: Brendon giggles as well, nodding happily as he plops his big, messy rear end down on another victim, who squirms and whimpers as he is schlurped up into the panda's big ass, moaning a little as his bowels are given another quick snack before another wave of crap flows out over the area. "Hmm~ Alright then! I'll do my best!" He then grunts and sucks another into his rump, giving his giant ass a wiggle before farting as well, grinning at you. "So the grand prize is all the cuties! May the best rump win~!" He says with a giggle, letting his own pent-up bit of crap squish wetly onto the floor before he wiggles his butt again. "Mmmm, This'll be fun! Here we go!" With that, the panda promptly heads off out of the hallway and into the main portion of the mall, looking around with a smile to see where he can best find a large amount of people.
Ba: Bambi giggles and makes his way toward you from the other end of the hallway, making sure to get every last person into his ass, quickly churning each one into more thick slop. Once he reaches you, he admires your swollen belly for a moment as you stuff another five people into your fat rump. "Hehe, let's try over there~" he giggles, pointing toward the food court, where the people still seem unaware of what's happening just around the corner. "Hehe, first we gotta put up a wall to keep everybody start at one end and I'll start at the other, and once everybody's trapped, we'll have our competition to see who gets the daycare~" The dirty little cheetah then runs to the far end of the food court, waiting for you to get in position.
Br: Brendon groans and blushes a little as he slurps the last person up into his messy rump, smiling at you as you walk over. He then blinks and looks over the food court a moment, giggling with a happy nod. "Great idea!" We can easily make a whole wall! The only way out is as poop~" He grins and heads over to the other side, where you mentioned. Once in place, he nods back to you and gets ready, reaching back and rubbing over his giant, wobbly rump as his bowel rumble, ready to let loose on your command!
Ba: Bambi grins at you and looks over at all the people in the area, unaware of what's about to happen to them. He then looks back at you and nods, letting his rump spread wide as it starts to release a messy stream of dung onto the floor, letting it pile up to a good ten feet, which only takes a few seconds. He then starts walking slowly along toward you as you do the same, leaving a ten-foot-tall barrier of thick shit behind him. He sees people starting to notice, so he kicks his rear into overdrive to try and finish his half of the wall before anyone can escape. "Mmf...c'mon, we gotta hurry before people start leaving! We don't wanna miss out on any buttsnacks, do we?" He giggles and grunts as more shit piles out behind him, making the wall rise faster than before.
Br: Brendon grits his teeth a moment, letting out a loud moan before spreading his cheeks wide and releasing a wall of his own. Moans and piles of soft, creamy crap form up behind him into a wall, and as it buils he slowly walks through the rising pool of sludge, schlucking through it with a grin. "Mmmrra...No worries! I think we got 'em!" He winks at you as he moves closer, filling put the wall and leaving both side of the foot court blocked. He then looks around with a smile. "Okay! Let the games begin~"
Ba: Bambi giggles as we finish the wall, tripping someone who was trying to slip between us, sending him head first into the massive pile we've made. "Hehe, trying to leave? But we're just starting! But since you're so eager, you can go up my butt first~" With that, the cheetah boy grabs the man's head and stuffs it into his plump ass with a lewd squelch, quickly slurping the rest of him up, letting out a wet fart once his feet disappear. "Ahh...alright, let's go!" Bambi then hurries over to the nearest table, letting a huge mass of soft shit glorp out all over the family of five sitting there, then stuffing the parents up his rump together, followed by all three kids at once, feeling them squirm frantically for a moment before being turned into more shit. "Ahh...that's six so far...~"
Br: Brendon smiles and admires your quick eating of the guy who tried to get away, then makes his way over to one of the tables, not to be outdone! He quickly grabs a nearby couple who try to squirm away. "Aww, no running now! If you're gonna squirm, but a dear and do it all the way in~" He giggles and stuffs the two up his rump with a schlorp, patting his belly as it gives a rumble, then quickly waddles over to another table with thee teenagers, all stuck to their chair by all the crap poolin up around them. "Hehe, I'll take it slow so you can watch!" With a grin, he raises a rump and lowers it down slowly over the first kid with a long, rude squelch, followed by a rippling fart and a loud glurp as more crap flow out around his first buttsnack, giving his rump a wiggle before those feet vanish. "Ahhh...And that's what's gonna happen to you~" He giggles at the other two before slurping them up through his filthy butt and into his bottomless bowel, giving him even more poop to work with~ "Aww, I only have 5 so far~" He says, pouting playfully, though still enjoying himself regardless.
Ba: Bambi looks over at you as he slurps another couple up into his shitty bowels, giggling as he watches you teasing those boys before sending them to their messy fates. "Hehe, you're really enjoying this~ Aren't ya glad I made ya like me? You can do this kinda thing whenever ya want!" He grunts softly as more messy shit glurps out all over another group of people, seeming to be a tourist group of some sort. "Ooh, looks like at least ten over here~" He then takes two at a time and stuffs them deep into his messy rump, finishing off with another wet fart into the thick goop surrounding us. " many ya got over there? Hope you're keepin' up...I wouldn't wanna win too easily, after all~"
Br: Brendon blushes, but smiles over at you, giggles and wiggling his giant rump with a loud fart. "W-well, it's fun to show 'em where they're gonna go! And it's fun to get 'em to squirm before I turn them into more poop! Makes it feel even better when they come back out~" The panda then notices you going after a group of ten, so he goes to town on two small families himself, stuffing in the parents two at a time and even reaching back to spread his large cheeks a bit before sitting down on a group three squirming kids, grunting and panting before he slurps them up with a lewd schluck. He takes a deep breath and looks over at you. "Erf...I'm not done yet! Almost there!" The panda said, trying to keep his pace with you, but still a few buttsnacks behind in number!
Ba: Bambi continues stuffing more and more people up his big rump while you do the same, soon getting to the last few tables. By now, everything's been buried in our shit, so all that's left is to get the last few snacks tucked away. "Hehe, ya know, at this rate, it looks like we might end up in a tie! Whaddaya think we should do if that happens?" He giggles and stretches his rump wide around three guys at once, feeling their squirms gradually slow down before they get quickly churned into nothing but thick, messy crap. " more and I'll be at fifty..."
Br: Brendon continue going from table to table feeding his large rump as well, teasing his snacks a bit more which slows him down a bit, but trying to take in 2 and three at a time when he can. Still panting, he looks over at you with a grin while he wades through the shit covering the food court. "Hmmmm~ Well, since you let me have the cuties last time, if it's a tie I'll let you have first pick of the daycare! Seems only fair...But I think you might win! All that teasing might be working against me!" With a sputtering fart that fouls up the air, his bowels let loose more of the soft sludge before another hapless boy is stuffed up his ravenous rear. "Erf...I think I'm close to fifty, but not quite there yet!" He looks all around for any more snacks, trudging through the sloppy shit to find more snack buried underneath, though his bowels are telling him that most of them are now more of the brown mess all around them~
Ba: Bambi giggles and takes a particularly fat guy up his ass next, stretching it almost as wide as three whole people by himself, keeping the cheetah from getting more than just him this time. "Mmph...hey, even if I do win, I won't take the whole daycare myself...I gotta let you have some fun too, right?~" With a wet shlurp and a loud pop, the man vanishes into the cheetah's actively-shitting rump, soon adding another 400 pounds to the nonstop flow of crap surging forth from his big butt. "Ngh...there we done yet?"
Br: Brendon blushes, smiling at the cheetah boy. "Aww, y-you'd do that?" He says, blushing and sounding quite happy. Though he still scours over the lake of crap for more stragglers. Seeing some movement underneath part of the flow of crap, likely someone trying to get away, Brendon grins and leaps into the air, langing with a squelchy, squishy splash in the soft crap, landing right on the final person and slowly sucking him up with a satisfied slurp. Sighing and slowly standing up, the panda boy looks around. "Hmm....I think that's everyone! I think I just barely got fifty....Did I catch up?" He asks, not sure who won just yet.
Ba: Bambi grins and giggles, letting his shit flow freely as he heads over to you through the sea of crap we've created yet again. He rubs over your belly and rump for a moment, kissing you lovingly. " you got fifty? Looks like it's a tie after all~ I guess that means we have to split the kids between the two of us..." He then looks around, admiring our handiwork. "Hey, speaking of which, where'd our little helper go...? I haven't seem him since we left the security room...I guess he must've stayed behind to keep the guards company~" He giggles, imagining what the guards are probably doing with him as they watch us. "Hehe, anyway, let's go ahead and do the daycare...I can't wait to get another group of squirming kids in my butt~"
Br: Brendon looks quite happy and proud that he was able to make such a wall of crap, as well as keep up with you. He then blushes and murrs at the rub on his belly and rump, moaning and kissing you deeply before before nodding. "Sounds good to me! I can't wait~ You can have first picks, though!" He then blinks and looks around. "Oh yeah, you're right! I lost track of him...I guess the guards have been having fun with him in the security room! Hope we've been putting on a good show for them~" He giggles and shakes his rump a little in case any cameras are on them. He then nods and smiles widely. "Okay, let's go! We can't keep the little cuties waiting~"
Ba: Bambi giggles and nods, looking up at one of the security cameras and giving a wink before running off toward the daycare. Once we arrive, the cheetah boy opens the door and slips in with you, closing and locking it behind us. A few of the kids look up at us, not sure what to make of the pudgy, brown-coated boys who just walked in. "Hehe, I remember when I used to go to places like this...they kicked me out cuz I kept stuffing all the building blocks up my butt~ Let's get started!" He giggles and looks around for a moment, seeing a couple boys near the front who appear to be brothers. "Ooh, I just got an idea~ See those boys over there?"
Br: Brendon looks around the room a bit, smiling over at the kids before giggling and grinning at you. "Hehe, doesn't surprise me~ I'm surprised it was only the building blocks you tried~" He then blinks and looks over at the boys a moment, smiling a bit before looking back at you, nodding excitedly. "Hehe, yeah! They're a bunch of cuties, aren't they~? Whatcha wanna do with 'em?"
Ba: Bambi giggles and has you follow him over to the two boys, who look up at us, but don't seem as surprised as they should. "Hehe, hey you two~ Wanna play with us?" Before the cheetah can even continue, both boys' faces light up, seeming to realize what he's getting at. "Do we get to get messy like you guys?" Bambi grins even wider, noticing a small tent in both boys' shorts. "Well well, today's just our lucky day, isn't it Brendon? First all those helpful cuties at school, and now this~ You guys'll get messy all right~ In fact, we could use your help making a biiiiig mess outta this whole place! But first we need to get all the other kids into our butts~ Think you guys could help with that?" The boys just grin and nod excitedly. "Hehe, I guess we'll try my idea on the next couple kids~"
Br: Brendon smiles down at the two boys as well, then blinks in surprise as well, seeing the little boys get excited in more ways than one. The panda blushes and starts to get a little excited himself, especially at the though of having more cute little helpers. "Hehe, all these helpful boys around to help us! You're quite the popular boy around here, Bambi~" He giggles and looks around the daycare again. "So! What's your idea, Bambi?"
Ba: Bambi grins and looks down at the boys again, letting out a wet fart, which makes the boys giggle and breathe it in. "Hehe, ya like that huh? There'll be plenty more later~ Why don't you two go get us a couple other boys and bring 'em over here...and show me one of their butts too...I've got a little surprise for it~" The two boys giggle and run off, coming back a moment later with two smaller boys, neither of whom are wearing pants. After grinning and looking them over for a second, Bambi goes over to the one who has a slightly larger butt, and pokes his finger right into the hole. The confused boy squirms and tries to get away, but the grip of the other boy is too strong. A moment later, Bambi pulls his finger out, telling our helpers to position the smaller boys between us so that the one he was just playing with has his butt in the other one's face. "Hehe, alright, now I'm gonna hump both of these little cuties right into your butt, but by the time they're in there, one's gonna be inside the other's butt too! I made the front one's butthole stretchy enough to take in the back one with no problem~ Ready?"
Br: *Brendon giggles and watches, blushing a bit when you play with the cute little boy a bit, then gets everyone into position. With a big grin, the panda faces his butt at the first boy, giving his hips a wiggle and spreading his cheeks a bit to let a loud, wet squelch sound out as a huge glob of crap falls from his ass. Panting a bit in anticipation, he looks back at you and nods. "Mmmmrr, okay Bambi, I'm ready! Make sure you go slow now. Give the little cuties a reeeeally nice time~" He giggles and winks back at the cuties before readying his big rump, murring and wiggling those huge cheeks back and forth in front of them, teasing them as he showed they just where they were headed*
Ba: Bambi giggles as you let out that squishy glob, getting into position himself, and then slowly leans forward, his magic making the small boy's tailhole just stretchy enough to accomodate his large member. The cheetah boy moans softly as he pushes in, which in turn pushes the other boy's face closer to his friend's rump, which stretches easily as the boy's nose starts to enter. "Mmh...tight little butt on this cutie~ Soon enough I'll get ya into your friend's stretchy butt, and then I'll hump ya both riiiight into that big, messy butt over there~" He moans again as he starts to pump back and forth, taking it slow for now, his own ass opening up to release a few thick globs and some wet farts, filling the room as most people watch in confusion and horror, but can't really do much due to the stench of our gas.
Br: Brendon blushes and smiles when he hears you moan, murring and shaking his rump happily as he waits. He giggles as he swears he can hear the smaller boy's face squish into the larger rump before him. The panda pushes his own rump back to get himself ready for the boy, moaning and letting his tailhole stretch wide as a large, soft pile of crap cascades down onto the floor woth a loud, wet squish. "Mmmmmrrr~ Don't worry little boys~ I'll keep you nice and warm in my butt, and then later you'll keep everyone else warm once you're more poop to cover this whole mall~" He moans and pushes his huge rump back again, letting his spread wider and let more crap flow from him, gritting his teeth as he unleashes a powerful blast of a fart into the foul air.
Ba: Bambi grunts as he thrusts in and out of the cute little boy, each thrust pushing his head further into the other boy's rump, his shoulders soon disappearing with a lewd shlorp. At the same time, the other boy's head starts pushing against your hole, slowly getting closer and closer to your messy bowels as your shit shlups out over him. "Mmn...such nice little cuties~ We gotta do this kinda thing more often~" The cheetah giggles and lets a loud wet fart rip for a good thirty seconds, followed by a few more soft globs, our mess gradually spreading out around us, our helpers happily diving in and getting covered in our thick slop.
Br: Brendon lets out a gasp, then pants softly, murring as his messy butt schlorps around the cutie's head. He giggles and gives another wiggle of his large rump as he murrs at each thrust, pushing the boy's head in deeper each time. "Mmmmmrrrr~ Oh, we really should, Bambi! They're always a ton of fun!" He then looks back at you with a wink. "Hehe, you look like you're having so much fun, Bambi~ But yeah, the cuties were my favorite part of the school, too!" The panda boy says, blushing. "Mmmm, deeper~" He says with a moan, more crap pushing out around the boy with a wet glorp before pushing back against the boys and your thrusting, smiling as he looks back and watches you have fun with the cuties~
Ba: Bambi continues pounding the boy's ass, forcing his body deeper into the butt of the other one, soon reaching the point where the first boy's rump is about to enter the other boy. "Mmh...just a little more..." After a few more thrusts from the energetic little cheetah, the boy's rump vanishes into his friend with a loud squelch and a pop. At this point, the second boy is in your ass down to his belly, which is hugely swollen with its new resident, making your tailhole stretch even wider as it starts to get pushed in by Bambi's humping. "Ah...this one feels even better than the other one! His butt's all big and stretchy now...betcha can't wait to turn 'em both into poop~" The whole time, both of our butts are letting out a constant barrage of farts and shit, soon starting to cover some of the other kids in the room as they sit there, too overpowered by our scent to move.
Br: Brendon murrs and moans, his body rocking back and forth and sloshing through the piles of crap they're buried in as you literally hump the boys deeper into the panda's ass. Panting lustfully and looking back at you with a grin, he giggles and lets his stretched and engorged butt wobble, pulling the boys deeper in while continually letting out streams of shit around them with a heavy glorp. "Mmmm, the little cuties are so fun...Push 'em deep, Bambi~ Get 'em as deep as you can before I turn them both into big, soft piles of poop!" The panda's rump is doing overtime now, but the look on his face is one of utter bliss as you pound both the boys and him in the process, Brendon pushing his rump back against it all, clearly wanting it more and more, even grunting as a sudden, powerful torrent of soft, brown muck pushes out with a loud, wet squelch and piles on the ground around them.
Ba: Bambi groans in pleasure as he keeps pounding away at the small boy's well-used rump, slowly getting closer and closer to your own overflowing rear as that massive glob plops out with a lewd squish. "Mmh...almost there..." he grunts as his tailhole pushes out another massive brown wave of its own, practically splashing against the wall as the others in the room are mostly buried up to their waists in crap at this point. With a few more noisy thrusts, the little boy's rump finally disappears into yours with a wet squelch, the messy cheetah now humping your ass directly, having to sort of squeeze himself between your fat cheeks just to get access to the messy hole.
Br: Brendon moans and shudders happily, ripping a loud, raunchy fart all around the boy that vanishes into his much, much larger ass. The panda shivers and murrs as he feels the boy sinking deeper into his bowels to become even more poop to push out into the ever growing pile around him. He then blushes and smiles back at you, playfully squeezing his giant butt cheeks against you as he push into him. His warm, messy tailhole continues its torrent of crap against and around you as you hump him, filling the room both with crap and the wet, lewd, squelching sounds of messy sex.
Ba: Bambi keeps thrusting into your huge sloppy ass for a few minutes, enjoying the feelings of all the crap squelching out around him. Eventually he reaches climax, shooting a huge load for someone his size, even considering his other capabilities. Afterward, he leans forward and hugs you tight around the waist, squeezing to make your flow widen even more, your tailhole easily a foot wide now. " much poop...we're gonna poop all over everything, aren't we...? So, how do you think we should get the rest of them in our butts?~" the boy giggles, looking over at the rest of the kids, most of whom are completely buried now underneath the massive piles of sludge pouring out of us. He then reaches down to your stretched hole, massaging the thick ring as your load shlups out messily, his own load still glurping out constantly behind him.
Br: Brendon moans and pants heavily at all that thrusting. Letting out a long, loud moan/murr when you push so deep into him. He shudders and whimpers happily when you shoot your substantial load into him, then looks back at you with a smile. His tailhole is stretched so wide, and so much crap is flowing out of it in loud splashes and glorps that he can't help but get hard himself. "Mmmm, yeah, I can't wait to cover everything! It's gonna feel so goooood~" He looks back at the boys as well, but soon finds himself staring at you, giving a loving and longing look at you as you squeeze him and massage his engorged tailhole so nicely. "Mmmmmrrr~ I dunno about them, but I see another cutie that I need to get into my butt~" He grins widely at you, shaking his giant, messy ass right in your face before unleashing a massive fart and letting his crap pile right on top of you!
Ba: Bambi giggles, rubbing over your big, filthy hole as your crap glurps out messily all over him. "Mm...hehe, sounds good to me~ Been looking forward to seeing your butt from the inside for a while now~" The cheetah boy murrs and pushes his arms in against the flow of soft, creamy shit pouring out of you, rubbing around the slimy walls of your bowels. "Hehe, oh, and feel free to stuff all these cute little boys up there with me~ I feel like poundin' a few more of those tight little butts while I'm up there~" He giggles and looks over at the other kids, winking at the brothers who were helping us earlier, their erections still throbbing from all the smelly shit and gas filling the room.
Br: Brendon moans loudly when you push your arms in against the soft crap flowing out of him like creamy sludge. With a loud splorch, he leans back and starts to push your upper body inside, gigglign softly as he begins to sink you into his giant ass. "Mmmmmmm~ Oh, don't worry Bambi! They'll all be following you inside soon enough! Plenty of nice, soft crap to push 'em into, as well!" He says with a giggle, a flood of crap rushing past you with wet squelches as he slowly flexes that giant rump to pull you in, a sea of soft, slimy crap awaiting you in those cavernous bowels of his. The panda murrs happily all the while, shivering as he feels you going up his butt before looking at the brothers. "Mmmmmrrrr, it's hard to move now, but we still need more of those cute little things! Grab a few and feed 'em into my rump! Bambi needs some playtime in there~"
Ba: Bambi murrs as your fat rump takes in his upper body with a lewd squelch, enjoying the feelings of your shit glorping out around him in thick waves, his own ass still letting out plenty of warm, goopy shit as well. "Mmh...feels nice in here...can't wait to get all the way inside~ Hey, why don't ya call those brothers over and let 'em both have some fun with my butt while ya pull me in? Looks like they could use some release of their own~ Then they can help ya get the other kids in once they're done~" The dirty cheetah giggles and squirms around as much as he can, trying to give you as much pleasure as possible.
Br: Brendon shudders and moans with each movement you make, his whole chubby body shivering as you hang out of his butt, streams of crap squelching out around you while your own brown stream continues, the panda blushing as he looks back and watches the sight of two floods of poop coming from him. He murrs happily and wiggles his huge ass around you, using his rump to playfully squeeze and jostle you around a bit. He then looks back at the brothers with a wink. "Well, you heard him! Why not come over here and have a little fun with Bambi? Should help ease him in a bit, too~" He moans heavily and lays forward on his chubby belly with his rump presented, and yours presented as well. He can't help but squirms and pant a bit as all your movement is making the panda hard and horny~
Ba: Bambi murrs and squirms around some more, soon feeling the brothers rubbing over his slimy cheeks, letting out a huge fart for them as more shit pours out all over them from both of our rumps. Soon after, he feels the boys' members enter his stretched hole slowly, using his magic to make both brothers' cocks grow to a foot long and five inches wide, and their balls grow to the size of baseballs, imagining their faces as they admire their new packages. "Hehe, that's better~ Now I can actually feel 'em~ And trust me, you boys'll thank me pound my butt good!" he giggles, wiggling his shitting rump at them again. Sensing your arousal, Bambi is about to send one of the brothers over to help you, but before he can, the door opens and the boy we'd left in the security room walks in, his belly swaying with at least half a dozen new meals and a foot-wide stream of messy crap flowing from his ass. He immediately goes over to you and wiggles his filthy rump in front of your throbbing member, looking back at you and winking. "Hey, you guys left me with those guards! But it's okay, we had lots of fun~ They even called in some of the other guards and helped stuff 'em up my butt! Now they're all in there playin' with each other~"
Br: Brendon murrs and wiggles his giant rump around you again when he starts to feel you getting thrusted into and pushed forward bit by bit, letting him know that the brothers are getting to work. With a giggle and a grunt, he rips a long, loud fart around you and the brothers before sighing happily and letting the stream of crap continue through all the lewd goings-on. He starts to feel even more horny, apparently about to try and find someone to help with that, though he blinks when the boy that was left behind enters the room, looking quite bloated. The panda cub eyes his large belly and smirks, quickly putting it all together. "Hehe, sorry about that! I guess Bambi and I got a little ahead of ourselves~ Here, lemme make it upto you!" he says, moving his chubby self forward and mounting the boy, murring as he pushes his throbbing cock into the messy rump presented to him, murring at the feel of that warm crap flowing out even as he thrusts into the boy. "Mmmm, you feel good! Glad to see you've been having fun, too~ Just lemme make sure they're all in there good and deep~"
Ba: Bambi giggles as he hears you and the other boy, wiggling his filthy rump as the brothers thrust in and out of the slippery hole together, hearing their moans of pleasure and responding with a wet fart of his own, blasting more hot, smelly air out over their huge members before letting his messy load resume. "Nnh...sounds like our little friend's been having some fun with his new abilities, huh? Hope ya give him a good pounding~ And as for you boys back there, pound me super hard~ Push me as deep as ya can, and then go get some other kids to shove up here with me~" The cheetah boy moans loudly as the brothers start humping furiously, inching his fat rump closer and closer to yours, soon in your ass down to his wide hips. "Mmph...almost there..."
Br: Brendon pants and moan loudly as he feels your body sinking deeper in his ass, his hips and rump stretching so widely now as you vanish into him, making him so horny as he humps and pounds deeply into the boy in front of him, pushing his member as deep into that messy hole as it'll go while gripping the messy rump for leverage. Breathing in all the messy air around him, the panda can't help but get lost in all the lewdness, looking behind him to watch as you sink deeper into him. "Ooohhh!~ Harder, boys! Push him deep! Oooh, I'll make sure you have fun in there, Bambi! Gonna have your own little harem of cuties in there when we're all done~" He then looks ahead, giving the boy another powerful hump as his cock throbs in that big, filthy rump. "Mmmmph~! Almost~..."
Ba: Bambi pants heavily as he gets pushed into your huge ass by the two brothers' excited humping. Eventually, the boys gasp as their cocks erupt, shooting gallons of thick cum deep into the cheetah's messy rump. At the same time, Bambi's ass finally disappears into yours with a lewd shluck, leaving just his legs and tail flailing around playfully. Afterward, the brothers can hardly move for a few minutes, so Bambi lets his tailhole open up even wider than before, the stream shlorping out of both of us at once nearly three feet wide, a veritable waterfall of creamy shit pouring out into the room, which quickly fills all the way to the ceiling before forcing the door open and flowing out into the hallway outside. "Gah...that felt go get me some more little toys to play with in here~" The fat little cheetah squirms about happily inside your crap-filled bowels, slowly working his way deeper until his feet enter your butt with a few wet slurping noises, leaving nothing outside except our rapidly growing piles of waste. "Ahh...feels great in your butt Brendon~ How's our little friend feel? Nice and stretchy I bet~"
Br: Brendon moans heavily, his legs spasming a bit as you vanish into his ass with a wet, messy squelch. Every move you make in that chamber full of shit makes him shiver and murr, panting as he pushes forward with a grin, pounding deeper into the boy in front of him, stretching out his rump nice and wide, forcing more shit out with each moment. "Mmmmm~ Hehe, getting wider and wider with all that poop he's pushing out~" He then looks behind him with a smirk, shaking his giant, filthy ass in front of the two boy before unloading a huge pile of crap over them, pouring over them like a messy cascade. "Hey, what are you two waiting for? Bambi needs some playmates in there! Bring some of those cuties over and push them in so Bambi can have some fun! I need more of the little guys to make into more poop anyway!" He giggles and sways his huge ass, ripping a loud fart in between the glorps and shlurps of poop being forced from his rump, squishing wetly onto the ever-growing pile around them all.
Ba: Bambi murrs happily as he wriggles around inside you, feeling all that messy shit rushing past him as he releases more of his own along with it, making the pile outside spread out into the rest of the mall faster then ever. "Mmh, I bet~ I can't wait for those other boys to get stuffed up here so I can pound their tight little butts~ Hope ya don't mind if I take a couple up my butt too~ ;3" He giggles and squirms some more, trying to be as good a butt toy as he can. Eventually he feels another body enter your bowels, and quickly pulls the boy up next to him, moaning loudly as he pushes his thick member into him, squishing wetly through the sloppy shit. "Mmn...oh, he feels great..." The horny cheetah reaches around to play with the other boy's cock, only to find it's already hard! "Oh, and it looks like he doesn't really mind being in here after all...go ahead and turn him into poop whenever you're ready...I'll just be givin' him the best pounding he's ever had till then~ ;3"
Br: Brendon pants heavily still, both at your squirming and at the feel of his bowels moving back and forth with the motions of your thrusting. "Oooohh~! Bambi, you naughty thing~" he giggles and lets out another huge load of crap behind him, even as more boys are pushed in. "Hehe, you just seem to be able to turn everyone on, huh~? I can feel you guys having a lot of fun in there~ Don't neglect them, though! There are gonna be a lot of little toys in there whose butts will need your attention~" he grins as more kids are sent down into his bowels, slowly turning more and more of them into poop, but only after you've had your fun with them. Likewise, he let out a deep moan before cumming hard inside the third brother underneath him, though his orgasm is lost in the wave of poop coming form him as well. He then chuckles with another grin. "Mmmm, gonna be nothing but brown as far as the eye can see, right, Bambi~?"
Ba: Bambi grunts as he thrusts in and out of each boy's rump, shooting a heavy load into each one before letting you turn them into more crap right then and there, not even pulling out as they gradually get absorbed into the mess around them. "Mmm...they all feel so good Brendon! I could pound their cute little butts all day~ But we should probably get going so we can finish with the rest of the mall~" He giggles as the last boy slides up your butt, positioning his own rear to take the boy right in, moaning as his hole stretches a bit to let his load keep flowing out around him. Once he's all the way in, the cheetah wiggles around some more, cumming again just from the sheer enjoyment of being in your messy bowels. "Ahh, your butt feels so nice~ Almost as nice as my big brother's~ Hey, speaking of which, let's keep those two brothers with us for a while. They can help us get the rest of the people here into our butts~ Plus I kinda wanna see 'em do each other with those big thingies I gave 'em~ >w>" Bambi giggles, obviously enjoying himself far more than he should be.
Br: Brendon moans happily and blushes a bit as he feels all the shit shifting in his bowels with each butt you hump and fill, making each little cutey into more poop, leaving you swimming in his waste while you occupy his bowels. He lets out a loud, rumbling fart with a groan, shaking everything around you as he grin and lets his continual dump pile onto the floor around him still. He giggles and playfully shakes his rump to get you nice and covered before grinning to himself. "Hmmmm~ So should I just push you out, or make you into poop, too? Hehe, you'd probably make a big enough gusher for me to flood the rest of the mall~" He says, teasing a bit before looking at the brother with a chuckle. "Heh, you're such a naughty one, Bambi~ I'm glad you like my butt, though! I really like having you in there, too~" He says happily, blushing a bit on the outside, punctuated by a loud, massive glorp as his and your jets of poop flow from his gaping rump, neverending. "Might wanna prepare Bambi, 'cause in one form or another, you might be comin' out soon~"
Ba: Bambi moans in pleasure as he squirms around inside you, his fat body stretching your bowels and putting pressure in all the right places. Even the mess shlorping out of him rubs against your insides and your tailhole in such a way that it feels amazing. "Mmh...I love it in here~ Hehe, and you should see what happens when I get turned into'll definitely have enough to fill the mall~ My magic'll give ya the biggest dump you've had yet! Just make sure ya save a few snacks for me at the end~" The boy giggles and starts humping the slick, dirty walls of your intestines, cumming multiple times as more shit glorps out of his fat rump.
Br: Brendon moans loudly and blushes, both at your words and all the humping you're doing in his bowels. "Oooohhh~! B-bambi~!" Just the thought of that motherload of poop makes him so hard and becomes the only thing on his mind. He grunts softly as more shit glorps from his rump, spreading over more of the current floor of the mall they're on. He then looks over at the brothers with them."Oooh~ You both might wanna round up a few cuties for us at the end; I think I'm about to let loose a big one~" Panting still, he looks back toward his own rump. "Mmmph~ Sorry Bambi, but after telling me all that, I can't help but give it a try~ I can't wait to see it~!" With that, he grunts again as his bowel shift and slosh about, sinking you into the ocean of crap contained in his bowel as he gets ready for the biggest dump of his life, bracing his chubby self for the untold pounds and waves of waste.
Ba: Bambi just giggles and keeps humping your insides, even after hearing your words. He climaxes a few more times while you prepare to turn him into shit, enjoying all the feelings of being surrounded by your mess, and the movements of that last boy from earlier, who seems to have given up trying to escape and instead seems to be humping the cheetah's filthy bowels at a surprisingly energetic rate. "Hehe, feels like that kid in my butt's decided to have a little fun~ I don't blame him...I'm doin' the same thing after all~ And you go right ahead...I'll wait a few minutes to reform, just so you can have time to have some fun with the huge amount of poop I'm gonna give ya~ Go on out into the main area of the mall so you can fill everything up faster, I'll meet ya out there in a few minutes~ ;P" Bambi keeps thrusting against your shit-covered intestinal walls, preparing to give you your biggest load yet, which would easily stretch you wide enough to take whole groups of people in at once. "Oh, one other thing...I'm gonna give ya something that'll make it even better once you start stuffin' people up here...once I'm poop, everything you make will be like a light'll make everyone inside you wanna start humpin' each other~ Salo gave me that enchantment so people would squirm more in my butt~ :P Hope you like it!"
Br: Brendon moans and shivers at all your words and motions within him, blushing heavily and murring happily at the idea of turning you into so much poop, and even making it so his waste will make people so helplessly turned on that they'll all squirm and hump inside of him just like you are. The thought almost makes the panda boy cum on the spot, but he slowly manages to waddle toward the main area of the mall, shitting the whole time and leaving huge globs of crap behind him with each step. Once he reaches the main area, he just grins at whoever happens to be left as they stare at him. Taking a deep breath, he gets on his hands and knees, moaning again as you're submerged into the sea of shit in his bowel, turning you into more and more poop. "Oooohhh~!! Mmmm, I hope everyone's watching! This'll be a big one! Take a good look everyone! This is what you all get to be real soon!" With that, his body shudders as his pucker gapes wider and wider, forcing his messy, dirty cheeks farther apart as a literal gush of poop cascades out of his giant rump. His pucker so wide that it could devour whole groups with ease and still have room for more. A loud rumbling fart shakes the ground before a loud splash and messy squelching sounds being forth a literal flood of poop that covers the floor in moments and begins to build up, splashing onto the lower floors of the mall like brown, foul waterfalls. The floodgates are open now, and the panda boy can only moan and cum hard as he tries to keep himself steady, giggling as groups of people on the floor below watch in horror as the soft brown mush cascades down to bathe them in poop.
Ba: Bambi climaxes one last time as he gets turned into more crap, losing consciouness for a few minutes before reappearing on the second floor of the mall, outside the security room. He grins as he looks down to the first floor, seeing you rapidly filling the area with an incredible amount of thick, goopy shit, watching as the sea of mush starts to rise, eventually reaching the bottom of the floor he's standing on! After that, the cheetah boy decides to hop down into the mess and start stuffing people into your huge rump, finding the three other boys who have been helping, and working together with them to get as many people as they can into you at once. Pretty soon they reach a point where they're fitting eight or nine people in at a time, not even slowing the endless stream of shit pouring out of you. "Hehe, looks like my magic worked pretty well, huh? Hope you're enjoyin' all this poop as much as I am~ I think the whole mall's gonna be full in a couple more minutes... Maybe we should start heading toward the exit while our friends push the rest of these snacks up our butts~" He winks at our helpers, giggling as they run off to grab more people and shove them into both of us, feeling all the shit inside his ass glurp and slosh around all the meals being fed to it. Soon after, he even feels them humping his walls, the enchantment taking effect just as expected. "Mmh...they all feel so good in there, don't they? Humpin' each other and our insides so much...and the best part is eventually they're all gonna be even more poop for us!" The cheetah leans over and kisses you deeply as you let more and more shit out, completely filling the rest of the mall in a matter of minutes, everything now covered in a thick layer of warm, smelly crap.
Br: Brendon moans almost uncontrollably as the endless shit keeps flowing, stronger than ever as he fills more and more of the mall, literally covering it in brown. He shivers a bit when he notices more activity behind him, smiling when he sees the brothers stuffing more people into his ass, then grinning over at you as his gives his now-massive ass a playful shake. "Hehe, you were right! It feels even better when I can feel 'em in there having the time of their lives, just before they become more soft, squishy poop~" He then nods to you a bit as we begin to move toward the exit, though not before the last few people left in the mall are stuffed up out butts, left to enjoy themselves before filling the mall as even more crap. The panda boy shudders and moans happily. "Ooohhh~! Bambi, it feels so good...Teasing all those people before shoving 'em all up our butts...This has been the best day ever!" Brendon sounds so happy, murring deeply as he kisses you passionately in return, the horny boy kissing you just as deeply as he rips another huge fart between the gushes and glorps of crap. Once the mall is full, he briefly looks over at our handiwork. Where there were countless people before, now there's a huge, brown, foul monument to what our bottomless bowels can produce. The panda giggles happily and kisses you again, blushing a bit. "Hehe, I still don't feel full, either~ I'm starting to wonder if you and Salo have black holes in your bowels! Well, Brown holes I guess~" He giggles at his own bad joke.
Ba: Bambi giggles and shakes his fat ass at you as we leave the shit-filled mall, admiring our work as the little cheetah thinks about what to do next. "Mm, they sure do feel good in there~ Where do ya think we should go next? I heard there's a new kid's movie at the theater, so there's probably lots of little squirmy snacks there...or maybe we could go to a few smaller places first, like the arcade or the gym~ We could probably fill those places up pretty fast and then go to the theater from there~ :3" The brothers and the other boy giggle and rub over our butts as we talk about getting even more people into us, and soon, the two brothers get behind the third boy and start humping his messy rump together, stretching his tailhole wide around their magically enhanced cocks. "Hehe, I bet you boys would like some squirmy little kids in your butts too, huh? Maybe I can give ya stretchy butts like ours when we get to our next stop..." The brothers look over at Bambi and nod excitedly as they pound the smaller boy's ass, making both of them cum just from the thought. "Heh, and it's funny you should say that Brendon...the real reason Salo and I can poop like this is because we actually do have portals in our butts that connect to another dimension that's just filled with nothing but poop~ In fact, whenever we give someone our abilities, we give them a portal of their own...and that means you've got one now too~" He winks at you, getting behind you and proceeding to bury his face in the soft, brown-covered flesh of your massive tailhole, nuzzling and licking all over it lovingly as he waits for you to decide what you want to do.
Br: Brendon looks over the mall with a smile, letting out a contented sigh. "Hehe, this has been a great day so far! My butt's never felt so good in my life~" He then giggles as watches the three boys having fun with each other, blushing as it reminds him of Bambi mounting him several times throughout the day. "Hehe, better be careful how many people you make like that Bambi! You and Salo won't have time to turn everything back to normal before it all starts over again. Everyone in turn will be stuck in a loop of being turned into poop...Actually, that doesn't sound bad at all~" He giggles again, then blinks a bit, looking back at his rump. "Whoa, really? That's where all the poop is coming from? Heh, I guess that explains a few things~ It's a pleasure to bring all that poop into this dimension, huh?" He grins again, then moans when he feels your muzzle against his pucker, smirking as he pushes back and playfully rips a long, loud fart right in his face before moaning happily at the licks. "Oooohhh~ That's so good~....Mmmmrr, how about we go to the arcade next? A little place as a bit of a break from all the huge buildings we've buried in poop!"
Ba: Bambi giggles and murrs as you fart wetly around his head, reaching into your butt to see if he can feel anyone still squirming around inside. He giggles as he finds someone's butt, playing with it for a moment before it becomes more poop. "Hehe, when we're all done today, everyone but you's gonna go up my butt so I can turn 'em all into poop too~ That way there won't be too many super poopers later on~ Besides, the guys who live in that other dimension don't like it when there's too many portals open at once, so we always make sure to close most of 'em when we're done. I think we can make an exception for you though~ ;3" The cheetah boy giggles and pulls his arm out of your butt, starting to walk in the direction of the arcade, which is only a couple blocks away. Along the way, of course, the three of us who already have portals let out a constant stream of soft crap and smelly farts, and the two brothers follow happily, stroking each other's massive cocks as they walk along. Once we reach the arcade, Bambi heads inside and immediately creates a wall of shit blocking the doorway from anyone who might try to escape. He then walks over to one of the fighting games that's being played by a couple boys about his age, quickly hopping onto one of their heads and slurping his upper half right up his butt with a loud squelch. He then turns and beckons you over to slurp up the other kid, and gets up and starts playing the game with the other boy, who is so focused on the game he doesn't even notice his friend's been replaced by the messy cheetah. Luckily, the noise level in the arcade is so loud, most people haven't even noticed the squishing and farting sounds coming from the five dirty boys yet. Even those who do notice find themselves trapped by the mountain of shit blocking the door, and soon find themselves caught by the three other boys, the brothers taking turns humping them into the third boy's filthy rump.
Br: Brendon murrs as the last person in his bowels gets turned into poop, promptly letting out another deluge of crap onto the ground as you fondle his tailhole a bit, then lets his giant ass sway proudly as he walks, letting out shameless farts and piles and piles of crap as he goes. He can't help but giggle at the horny brothers and the wide-assed third boy, all of them seeming to have the time of their lives. Once in the arcade, he grins as you seal the exit, then giggles as he watches you nimbly sit on one of the boys playing a fighting game, the kid vanishing promptly into your messy rump. With a grin, the panda follows suit and jumps up, letting his wide-open pucker decent on the other boy, a loud shlurp sounding out as he descends over the other boy, a squelch and a glurp sounding out before the other boy is plunged into his bowels. Brendon giggles a bit at how easy it's become to capture the people now, watching as the three boy do their part in capturing other kids in the arcade. "Wow, that place is taking no time at all! Everyone's becoming poop in record time~" He chuckles and wiggles his big, messy rump a little. "Ooohh~ That one's squirming nicely! Feels good~ I'm starting to feel all tingly every time I turn someone into poop~"
Ba: Bambi giggles and nods, the boy's legs still sticking out of his big messy ass, kicking frantically for a moment before he starts humping the shitty walls, the boy in your butt doing the same soon after. "Mm, yeah, the more ya do it, the better it feels~ Hey, I have an long as we're here, let's play all the games! We can just stuff whoever's playing them up our butts as we go, and then the winner gets to pick the next game~ And when we're done we'll do the little kids' play area, and then we can go on to another place~ Whaddaya think?" The cheetah giggles as he plays the game with you, doing his best to win even though he's not the best at fighting games. He also slows his flow of crap for a while and tells you and the other boy to do the same, so we have plenty of time to play the games without burying everything else too soon. Most of the kids are too focused on their games to notice the scene unfolding around them, making it that much easier to get them all into us at our own pace. At this point, almost all the kids and adults who aren't playing a game have been stuffed up the other boy's ravenous butt, with the help of the hyper-endowed brothers' humping. Bambi glances over at them, grinning and focusing his magic on the twins' members again, making them suddenly grow even bigger, each of them now almost the size of the kids' bodies. He then turns back to the game to find himself losing terribly. "Oops, guess I got a little careless...oh well, maybe I'll do better at the next game~"
Br: Brendon giggles and nods, murring as he wiggles his huge rump before settling down to the game, the legs of the boy he just sat on vanishing between his massive cheeks and into the flow of shit. "Alright, sounds good to me! Might be fun to try and focus on gaming while people are squirming into our butts~" Fighting games aren't his strong point either, but the panda boy is having fun nonetheless, winning a few and losing others and keeping a steady pace, finding it tough to actually hold back the flow since letting it all out feels more and more natural. He grins as he wins the current game, then looks over to you with a smirk. "Hehe, I know those three are really distracting, but you're not gonna win if you keep on staring at them and makin' 'em bigger~" He chuckles a bit...Then finds himself staring at the two boys' members as well, blinking heavily. "Whoa...I've never seen 'em that big before! Gah, now I'm doing it!" He shakes his head and tries to focus, heading over to the next game and pouncing butt-first at one of the boys playing, his huge ass devouring him from the head down, leaving him sitting on the floor playing the game now, the boy that once stood there all gone and already becoming more poop.
Ba: Bambi giggles and shakes his head as you stare at the twins' giant cocks, watching as they hump the last few adults into the other boy's messy rear, the residual magic from Bambi's enchantment allowing them to stretch their victims' butts as wide as their members just to make it even more pleasurable for all involved. "Hehe, see? Hard to focus with those little guys goin' at it like that, isn't it?" The cheetah pouts momentarily at having lost the first game, but giggles as you head over to the next game and slide the boy right up through your shit-filled tubing, turning him into more slop before he even knows what happened. Bambi himself follows suit, hopping onto the other boy's head and slurping him right up his ass with a few loud squelches and a wet shluck at the end, quickly turning him into more poop as well as he starts to play the game from the sitting position he's in, like you. "Mm...this is fun! Wonder how long it'll take us to get through all the games and all the cute little toys~"
Br: Brendon tries not to, but he can't help but stare back at the twins having the time of their lives, quickly looking back at his game to realize that he just lost. "Ack! No fair! I gotta stop looking away!" It's his turn to pout a little, before smirking at the cheetah. "Hehe, probably not much longer at the rate we're going~" He looks around to find the arcade quickly becoming more and more empty, save for the little kids' play area off to the side. The panda boy giggles and looks toward the play area. "Awww, what luck! The next area is full of cuties~ Hmm...We each already got a turn before! Got any ideas for this time~?" He asks with a giggle, tilting his head as he tries to think of something fun, murring at the thought of the adorable little toys in the next area.
Ba: Bambi manages to keep his focus just long enough to win this time, and hugs you tightly once we've gotten all the kids from the main arcade area in our butts, squeezing you hard to help make your fat hole widen again as more shit comes glurping out, looking like he'd squeezed out a full tube of thick, brown, smelly toothpaste all over the place. "Mmh...I bout we just go and take turns stuffing 'em all up each other's butts~" With that, the cheetah heads over to the play area, grabbing the first kid he sees and hugging him against his huge belly, getting him all covered in goopy sludge before turning and shoving him right up your ass, wiggling his arm around in there for a moment before pulling it out and turning around, bending over and waiting for you to return the favor with another kid. "Mm, so many cute boys in here! Makes me just wanna fill up their little butts with cum and turn 'em into poop like we did in the mall~ But I'll wait for now...besides, it's your turn to play in my butt next, so whenever you feel like humpin' some cute boybutts, just climb right in~" He giggles and shakes his filthy rump at you, his endless crap stream gushing out sloppily all over you.
Br: Brendon pouts a little when he loses the game, but quickly eeps and blushes when he's suddenly picked up and hugged. That tight hug causes his meaty pucker to widen and push outward, pushing his messy cheeks apart even more before a torrent of crap comes gushing out, splashing and slopping against the floor as it glops into huge piles around them. With that sudden increase, his butt very easily takes the next little boy with a hungry glorp before the usual flow of shit continues. He then looks at you with a grin, eyes widening when he looks upon your huge butt, giggling a bit. "Hehe~ It's a wonder why more people don't just dive right into that beautiful butt of yours~ Then again, it is fun when they're scared, too!" With a smile, he grabs another little boy, rubbing him against his own belly to get him nice, dirty and slicked with brown. "Hehe, there you go, little cutey! You like nice and ready to take the big, messy plunge! Hope you like being in all that poop, 'cause you're gonna make more of it real soon~!" And with that, he pushes the boy right up your ass, pushing him past that stream of crap with a messy schlurp, groping the boy's little butt before he vanishes into yours...At which point he starts groping yours! With a blush and a murr, he presses his paws and face closer, practically bathing in brown while he rubs and nuzzles at your pucker, pressing into it with a nuzzle and even a few kisses, trying to get it open even wider before he dives right in~
Ba: Bambi giggles and nods, murring as you shove the boy up his ass, wiggling as more shit glorps out of it, never showing any sign of slowing down or stopping. "Mmh...yeah, if everybody always wanted to go up there, it'd get kinda boring...they tend to squirm more when they're scared~ But everyone ends up enjoying themselves eventually, of course~" He groans softly as you grope his slimy rear, letting out a barrage of smelly farts right in your face as you get closer to his hole, only adding to the dirtiness of it all. Once you start playing with his huge pucker, the cheetah purposely clenches ever so slightly just to make you work harder to open it up. Eventually the feelings of your rubbing and kissing become too much, and Bambi climaxes, shooting thick ropes of cum all over the room, even hitting a couple boys and practically drenching them in the goo. At first they seem disgusted, but soon another of the cheetah's many enchantments starts to take effect, making them come right up to him and stand there looking mesmerized. Bambi giggles and decides to take advantage, ordering the two boys to get behind him and help push you in. They happily obey, each putting their hands on one of your fat cheeks and starting to push as hard as their little bodies can manage, helping you slowly disappear once again into the cheetah's messy rump. "Mmn...there you go...I'll get all these cuties up there with ya soon~ I bet you can't wait to play with them all~"
Br: He certainly can't see around your huge ass, but he can hear your pleasured groaning, blushing heavily as multiple blasts of four air rush past him along with all that poop. He then smirks when you try to clench. "Hmph, meanine~" But that only make him work that much harder, smiling proudly when he hears you climax. He lets out a slight gasp when he feels sets of paws on his big butt, but soon smiles when he realizes they're pushing him deeper inside. Once again he finds himself being pushed deeper and deeper into you gigantic rump, the warmth and the smell of all that poop all around him as he disappears into the seemingly endless depths of your bowels. He's already very eager to get inside of you, but once he remember the last time and all the fun he had with the cute little boys, he can't help but moan and squirm to keep from climaxing himself, panting and letting out a pleasurable fart on the twins before his own flow of shit resumes within yours. "Ooohhh~ D-don't keep me waiting, Bambi! Mmmrrrr~ Such cute, soft, tight little butts~ I can tell they love it when I stretch 'em out...They sound so cute when they moan~"
Ba: Bambi moans loudly as you slide into his ass with a series of lewd squelches and shlucks, the neverending load still rushing out all around you, getting the two boys behind you completely covered in the process. Once you're all the way inside, Bambi has the boys just climb right in after you, stretching his hole a good five feet between the two of them as they both try to get in at once, eventually slipping in with a wet shlorp as the massive hole returns to its previous width of about a foot. " have lots of fun with everyone I stuff up there, ya hear? Even more fun than the first time!" The fat little cheetah then approaches one of the entrances to the big network of tubes that form the play area, giggling as he somehow manages to fit inside, despite being practically the same size as the tubes themselves. Of course, the slimy shit coating his body certainly helps by letting him slide easily through the tunnels. As he makes his way through, he finds plenty of little kids, many of whom can barely move due to the cheetah's potent gas filling the confined space, making them easy prey for his hungry rump. "Hehe, here come some more little toys for ya~ Give their butts lotsa love for me~"
Br: Brendon moans as he is sent messily into the depths of your bowels, finding nothing but soft, smelly shit all around him. Murring happily and sighing a bit, he revels in the wonderful setting before he hears the messy squelching of two new entries. He can't tell what's going on outside, but he can tell that two cute little toys have just arrived. With a wide grin, he approaches them. "Aww, you two are so adorable~ And so eager! Hehe, looks like you're very persuasive, Bambi~" He grins as he notices that the two boys are under the power of your scent and your cum. With a smile, he makes his way over to one of them, giggling at the shit-covered boy before moving behind him and bending him over. "Mmmmm~ Just relax, sweetie. It's gonna feel good, I promise~" With that, he pushes his own endowment into the cute little boy and starts pounding, stretching that cute little butt wider with each thrust and pushing the boy into the soft mess of crap around them. "Mmmmrrrr~ Such a good little boy! Nice, tight and squirmy~" As he pounds that little butt, he looks over at the other boy with a grin. "Don't worry cutie; you're next~" With that, he grits his teeth and lets out a loud, low moan, cumming into the boy beneath him and filling that young rump up nicely, leaving the boy to moan muffledly as he's pushed deeper into the sea of poop.
Ba: Bambi giggles and grunts softly as he feels you humping the boy against the dirty walls of his bowels, shoving another boy up his ass to make six so far, including the first two. " feel so good in there Brendon~ Just keep fillin' their butts with love and I'll turn 'em into poop once you're done~" The cheetah keeps working his way slowly through the tubes, filling them up with shit as he goes, stuffing everyone he comes across up his butt until he's at the end, where the space opens up into a giant ball pit. He grins as he practically launches out of the tube, his thick trail of shit streaming behind him as he lands butt-first on top of one of the kids in there, sending him right up to you with a loud squelch. "Ooh, this looks like a fun place to finish~ How bout I stuff some of these balls up my butt and you see how many of those boys can handle one in theirs~ I bet some of 'em'll just give 'em something else to enjoy before they become poop~"
Br: Brendon giggles and makes sure none of those adorable little butts goes unfilled, filling your bowels with the sounds of his moaning and the moaning of the little cuties. With a grin, he sees the one boy you brought in, then, as he humps the next boy, he nods and things about stuffing them up the boy's rump, stretching it out and filling his bowels with the balls. "Mmmmm~ Doncha think that would feel good, little guy? I'll bet you could fit a whole lot of these in your little butt~ Stretch you out nice and wide~” He giggles and continues having the time of his life as he looks up, nodding and calling to you. “Go ahead and stuff a whole bunch in! I wanna see how much this cute little guy’s butt can hold!” He giggles again, going from kid to kid as he fills them up with heavy cum before that sink into and add to the heavy poop all around, more to add to the endless piles~
Ba: Bambi giggles and starts stuffing the balls up his butt for you, the entire area soon getting filled with our combined loads. As he pushes the balls up there, he keeps finding more kids trapped within the thick mess, shoving them right up his fat rump as well. He continues until he's gotten all the kids and about a hundred balls in him, letting out a minute-long fart around the last boy as he disappears with a squelch into the goopy mess in his bowels. "I think that's all of 'em! How're those boys taking everything in there? Found anyone who can handle a lotta balls?" The boy then starts to head back toward the entrance, crawling back through the shit-filled tubes with great difficulty due to how packed everything is. "Ngh...these tubes aren't as stretchy as your butt Brendon...but I think I can get through..." Once he's at the end, he heads out into the arcade, which is now completely full thanks to our little helper. He giggles as he sees the boy getting his butt pounded by the hyper-endowed twins, stretching him hugely as more shit continues to glorp out messily, having broken through the door long ago as it flows out into the street. "Hehe, you guys look like you're having tons of fun out here~ It's almost time to head somewhere new...where do you guys wanna go?"
Br: Brendon grins as he sees a bunch of the balls from those ball pits falling into your bowels with multiple squishes, grabbing at a few of them as he finishes filling up a little cutie before releasing him onto the ocean of poop. The panda cub continues on with the little boys until only one is left, looking quite intoxicated by the stench around him. With a grin, Brendon approaching him, squelching through all the crap ti reach him. "Aww, you're got such an adorable little rump...I'll bet it's nice and stretchy~" He giggles a bit, then turns the boy around, rubbing his young rump and making him moan before he gently starts to press some of those balls up against his butt. The boy moans as his rump expands to take one ball in, then two, then three. All the while, Brendon chuckles and continues stuff the little cutie, watching his rump expand into a nice bubble butt. "Hehe, there ya go~! Let's see how much we can do here~" He giggles and keeps on feeding the boy's rump with the balls, unaware of the mass of poop outside, having flooded the arcade completely and starting to fill the streets. Outside, the three boy are having a grand time, the boy being pounded only able to moan in reponse. In between thrusting and grunting, one twin responds. "Mmph! Hey, maybe we can-Ooooh~-go to the theatre next?" The other twin nods. "Yeah! You were...Mmmmph!...Saying something about going some point!"
Ba: Bambi giggles as he feels you playing with the last boy inside him, grinning when he hears your comment. "Ooh, sounds like you found a nice stretchy butt in there~ Lemme just..." he trails off as he works his magic on the boy, doing the same thing to him that he did to the first boy way back at the school. Suddenly, the boy moans and starts letting out a thick stream of crap around your arms as you continue stuffing balls into him. "Ahh...there... Hehe, I think it's time we got a new little helper~" He giggles and rubs the first boy's butt as the twins keep pounding it. "You've been with us since the beginning of the day, haven't ya? Whaddaya say, ready to finally go up a butt and become poop yourself?" The little guy just nods excitedly in between moans and gasps as his rump is stretched wide with everything going into and coming out of it. "Hehe, cool~ Okay Brendon, whenever you're ready, go ahead and come out...and bring that boy with you~ Once this little guy's been turned into poop by our new friend, we'll head over to the movie theater~"
Br: Brendon giggles and continues stuffing ball after ball in the new boy's rump, grinning when you help him out and give me alittle magic to work with, then giggling at the stream of crap coming from the new helper. "Hehe, never enough, as far as I'm concerned!" He grins and leans in to give the boy's new widened tailhole a smooch, then stuff the last few balls inside before grabbing onto the boy with a smile, though rather lewdly latched onto him from behind. "Okay cutie, this'll be a fun ride!" And then, with a yelp of excitement, the panda and the new boy both ride the tidal wave of poop from your bowels, to your rump, then out onto the street. Shaking himself off a bit, he grunts and gets one last good hump onto the new boy before letting go, then smiles at you. "So, we're giving the new boy a treat to stretch out even more, eh?" He then winks over at the first boy. "Oh, you're gonna make a ton of poop! Trust me, it feels good going in and coming out again~" He then stands beside the new boy, patting the boy's rump and showing it off. "Okay, he's ready! Whether you wanna stuff him in or hump him in, make sure he enjoys the trip~"
Ba: Bambi giggles as he feels you humping the boy on your way out of him, watching you finish once you're out in the street. When you present the boy's new bubblebutt, Bambi gets another naughty idea. "Hehe, I know how we can do this...let's get the twins to hump both of us into this one's butt so we can help push him into the new kid's butt~ Whaddaya think?" He giggles and looks at the twins and the third boy, all of whom nod eagerly as the twins pull out of the boy's ass, shooting thick jets of cum everywhere. The cheetah boy walks over to you and starts making out with you, kissing you passionately and groping your rump, spreading it wider to let more shit out as the street starts to flood with the mess. " guys all ready?" He looks at all of the cute boys around us, the newest boy blushing bright red and nodding shyly, while the others appear to be practically losing their minds with excitement.
Br: Brendon pats the boy's large rump playfully, then blinks at you a moment before smiling widely. "Oh, that sounds like a great idea! Sounds like everyone's gonna enjoy this one~" He giggles happily, then smiles at you and kisses back, deeply and passionately as he reaches around to shamelessly grope and spread your rump cheeks apart as well so that both of us can let the torrent of crap flow unhindered. He keeps kissing and groping you rather lewdly, grinning a bit between kisses as he presses his belly to yours. "Hehe, I was looking for an excuse to make out with you again~ Having you close while we both get humped into another boy's butt while he gets pushed into a bigger butt...It's getting harder and harder to keep my paws offa you, Bambi~" He says with a wink, his mind going to naughty and lusty places as well, the panda having fallen quite hard for you. "I'm ready anytime! Let's have more fun~" He says before leaning in to kiss you deeply once more, paws rubbing and massaging all over your huge butt, keeping it spread nice and wide for the incoming twins,
Ba: Bambi murrs and moans softly into the kisses, beckoning the twins over, grinning as they position themselves behind our fat butts, working their way through the torrents of shit coming out to reach our holes. The third boy gets behind the new kid, leaning in to rub and lick at his hole, while wiggling his messy rump at us, still letting tons of soft crap glurp out everywhere. The street is completely covered in shit at this point, as well as any cars and pedestrians who happen to be outside at the time. Bambi giggles and grinds his plump ass against the huge cock of the twin behind him, deciding to make both twins' members as big as they could possibly get without being too heavy to carry, ending up with the massive things being twice the size of the boys' bodies, and their balls the size of watermelons. "Mmnh...this is gonna feel great~" As the twins start pushing their new cocks through our thick streams of shit and into our tailholes, Bambi leans down with you and sticks his head right up the other boy's messy rump, the warm slop making its way out around both of us constantly the whole time.
Br: Brendon blinks and even blushes a bit when he sees the massive endowments on those two horny-looking boys. The sight alone makes the panda boy hard as well, inadvertantly poking you in the belly as we hold each other. With a bit of a perverted giggle, he smirks back at you with a nod. "Mmmm, I can't wait~ Guess now it's our turn to be buried in poop! Good thing I won't have to keep my hands to myself on the way in~" He giggles and grins at you, the squelching, glorping and sputtering crap from multiple huge asses being heard loud and clear all around them. The horny little panda can't help but gets turned on by it all, working his head up into the boy's rump along with you, though quickly seeking out your lips and kissing you again amidst the downpour of shit. Moaning happily into the kiss, he rather lewdly starts grinding against your belly and wiggling his massive rump back against the large cock making it way deeper into the portal of neverending shit that is his butt.
Ba: Bambi murrs as he kisses you again, feeling the massive cock behind him press into his fat rump as the younger boys start humping furiously, handling their huge members with surprising ease as they slide through the slick mess squelching out around them. All that humping starts slowly pushing the first helper's head into the new boy's overflowing ass as well, the thick slop rushing out as heavily as ever from all four messy butts. "Mmh, yeah, let's have lotsa fun on our way in~" The cheetah giggles, kissing you some more as he rubs over your filthy rump cheeks, grinding his own member against yours as he lets out a wet fart around the giant cock being pumped in and out of his ass. By now our shit has spread out to the point where it's reached the mall entance again, three whole blocks away, burying everything and everyone in its path, and starting to make the entire neighborhood smell like the young boys' dumps.
Br: Brendon moans and pushes back against the huge cock invading his enormous ass, grinning and bouncing a bit on that giant cock while the twins behind him have their fun. Even with all that pounding, gallons and waves and tons of crap keep flooding from the four powerful rumps, never stopping or slowing. Our two rumps squelch and glorp messily around the cock plugging us, but the flow still never stops. The panda moans a little to himself, still kissing you and trying to speak as the cascade of crap flows down around us. "Mmmmmrrrr~ It's everywhere, Bambi! No one's gonna be able to go anywhere without seeing or smelling it for miles around when we're done..." The cub moans again, getting very hard just at the thought of all that poop flowing everywhere, grinding against you even more and cumming a little on your belly. "Ooohhh~ I don't ever wanna stop, Bambi! I wanna cover everything~"
Ba: Bambi moans as he cums multiple times from the feelings of grinding against you as well as the huge piece of boymeat pumping in and out of his ass. Soon, our chests slip into the other boy's messy rump, our fat bellies seemingly too big at first to go in, but of course, with enough humping from the twins, the boy's big hole eventually gives in and spreads wide enough for both of us to slip in almost completely, Bambi trying to resist the temptation to just crawl the rest of the way in right there. "Mmh...yeah, that's fact, let's bury the whole city! With all of us poopin' at once, it won't take us long at all! We'll still go to the movie theater first though~ Sound good to you? And after that, we can go back to my big bro's house and have a little more fun with him and our friends~" He giggles as he thinks about adding Salo to the group for the grand finale, kissing you more as all our activity has pushed the third boy into the new kid's ass all the way down to his own fat rump, soon disappearing altogether with lots of wet squelches, shlucks and glurps, leaving the two of us right at the entrance to the new boy's sloppy butt.
Br: Brendon murrs happily, unable to really speak amidst the kissing and the cascade of shit around us. He cums along with you as our arousal gets lost among a see of poop around us, still being pounded by the hugely endowed boys behind us and pushing the third boy ever deeper into the new one's rump. Through it all, Brendon finally manages to speak. "Hehe, I can't wait! We'll be able to look out over the whole city and see everything and everyone either buried in poop or made into the poop used to do the burying! But yeah, the move theater sounds great! Gotta turn more people into poop if we're gonna bury everything, after all~ And I'd love to meet your brother! I know he'd be able to help us!" Thinking about all that just makes the panda boy kiss you even more fervently, unable to keep his dirty face off of yours. Though his ears do perk a bit at the sound of those loud and lovely squelches as one of our helpers disappears into another ass, smiling as he finds himself staring at a new big and messy rump, ready to release so much pent-up crap on the city. "Mmmm, isn't it a beautiful sight~?"
Ba: Bambi giggles and nods as he finds his rump being squeezed by the new boy's huge gaping ass, our upper halves still in the bowels of our first helper as the twins keep trying to push us deeper, repeatedly shooting gallons of thick jizz into our butts, only for it to be pushed back out along with the rest of the mess glurping out all over the place. Soon, five whole city blocks have been buried by the four dirty little boys, and Bambi giggles at the thought of what the aphrodisiacal effect of all that shit is probably having on everyone who's gotten trapped in it. "Mmn, just think, everybody in the city's gonna have so much fun when they're all covered in our poop! I bet they'll all just wanna hump each other nonstop until my brother decides to clean it up in a few days~" He murrs and kisses you again, the rest of our bodies soon disappearing into the first boy's big messy rump with a wet shlurp, the twins still humping relentlessly, now thrusting directly into the new boy's massive rear as all four thick streams of crap combine into one giant stream, stretching the new kid's ass hugely as the twins' members continue to pump in and out of all those butts at once. Bambi just keeps making out with you in the fleshy, filthy space of our friend's bowels, groping and kissing and grinding all while the massive loads pour out of us and all around us, making lots of lewd squishing and shlurping noises that complement the moans of the horny boys perfectly.
Br: Brendon giggles and murrs at the sound of every shlurp, glorp and shluck happening around them, feeling and hearing the endless cascade of poop flowing around them. The panda then giggles when you speak, moaning in between from the pounding he's getting from one half of the twins before he and you are pushed deeper. "Hehe, it's great isn't it? All those gasps of surprise and shock will turn into moans of pleasure! Besides, who could see that much poop all over everything and not get turned on~?" He asks with a grin as he thrusts his own throbbing cock against your belly still, his lips locking with yours again once he finished talking. All that lewd, shameless humping and pooping happening all around him makes the panda a level of horny he wouldn't have been able to fathom before today. "Mmmmrrr~ I need more...I wanna turn more people into nice, soft poop~" He giggles and smirks at you. "Naughty cheetah making me too horny for my own good~"
Ba: Bambi giggles at your words, moaning loudly as the soft walls of our helper's rectum squeeze us up against one another, making the cheetah leak even more thick cum all over both of us, mixing with all the sloppy shit around us as it makes its way out into the streets. The entire district and its residents are now completely covered in the mess as it continues to spread out over the city. Meanwhile, Bambi decides it's about time to move on, so he speaks up to the new kid. "Mmn...hey, you can turn this guy into poop now, but leave us here....I have an idea for how we can get out!" He then giggles and goes back to making out with you, managing to slip his own cock underneath yours and into your stretchy tailhole, making his member grow until it's almost the same size as the one that's already in there, stretching your hole to about twice the size it was before. As he starts thrusting in and out along with the twin, he can feel the boy around us slowly get turned into more shit, his body being replaced by more thick globs that then flow past us on the way out, hitting us and the twins with the strong scent of the former helper, making them cum even more heavily than before, filling both of our rumps with so much goo that it actually makes our bellies almost double in size! "Mmph...ohh man...that little guy was great...let's start heading to the theater now! And on the way there, let's let the twins get us out of here using those big thing of theirs~ Whaddaya think? Wanna ride in one of those big sacks until we get there?"
Br: Brendon moans and pants in bliss still, almost completely lost in the pleasure of it all, pressed upclose against you and making out amidst a sea of soft, messy shit. He blinks slightly when he feels you shifting about, then gasps and throws his head back when he feels a second large cock pushing right up into his already massive pucker, forcing the hole open even more! People would practically be able to see all the way into his bowels with as wide open as his pucker is now...If not for the two cocks in it as well as the massive stream of slopping, glorping poop flowing endlessly outward! He tries to catch his breath from all of this, gritting his teeth and letting out a clenches moan while all that cum fills him up more and more, his body wracked with pleasure as the wave of cum go in and all that wonderful crap comes out. He then blinks a bit at your suggestion, almost blushing a bit as he imagines us being sucked out of the new kid's rump and right down into those huge cocks the twins are sporting to be carried around in those massive sacks...The panda literally shoots multiple waves of cum right on your belly at the mere thought of it, then blushes a bit and grins at you. "Mmmmrrrr...There's my answer~ Those twins have been so nice to fill us up so well. We gotta return the favor~"
Ba: Bambi giggles and nods, shrinking his cock back down until it's only a foot long, then making yours grow to the same size just for fun, before pulling out of your rump. "Mmh, cool~ Let's do it then! Oh, and let's make those balls as big as we can on the way~" The cheetah boy kisses you deeply again before telling the twins to pull out, moaning as the giant cocks slide out of our butts, making a huge torrent of sloppy shit gush out, no longer held back by the big members. Bambi then murrs as he finds the gaping slit at the tip of the cock behind him, slipping his feet into it with a wet shluck as you do the same. "Mm, here we go! See ya at the theater Brendon~" With that, the twins start humping again, each thrust making their cocks slurp up more of our bodies, until our heads are the only things left sticking out into the messy bowels of the newest helper. Bambi leans over and kisses you one more time before our heads get swallowed up with a couple lewd squishes, the cheetah wriggling around as much as he can, feeling gallons upon gallons of thick cum flow past him as he makes his way toward the other boy's huge balls. Of course, both of our rumps are still letting out huge globs of soft shit, so it starts filling up the twins' already huge sacs, making them start to swell, soon touching the ground as they get bigger and bigger. "Mmn, it feels great in here~"
Br: Brendon moans and gasps a bit when you use your magic to make his cock bigger, blushing at the new size of it before gasping again at the sudden pulling out of that huge cock from his rump, practically releasing the floodgates as glorps and squelches are heard from his backside as the pent-up shit starts to flow freely once again. He then looks behind him to see the tip of that massive cock opening up, and as big as the thing is, even swallowing him would be easy for the twin! Blushing once more, he kisses you back with a smile. Enjoy your ride~!" he says before his own ride starts, a slow waterslide with the water replaces with more cum than he's ever seen in his life. Of course, his constant flow of poop does much to brown it up~ Shivering as he slides down deeper through that cock and into the heavy, bloated balls of the twin, he murrs happily and giggles as he watches the chamber expand from all his shit, floating in a sea of his two favorite bodily fluids/solids~ "Ahhh~ Hehe, Must be hard for them to walk about now! I'll bet they feel reeeeally good lugging those gigantic balls around, though~ Nice idea for some luxury travel, Bambi~!"
Ba: Bambi giggles as he feels the boy attached to the sac he's in wobble a bit as he tries to get used to walking with such a huge package. Slowly but surely, the twins manage to drag their shit- and boy-filled sacs along with them toward the movie theater, though it gets harder and harder as they go, with their huge balls expanding ever further as the two boys continue to pump out more heaping globs of crap. Meanwhile, the other boy follows along excitedly, rubbing both twins' bloated sacs, only making them cum more frequently as some of that jizz mixes with the kids' poop, practically making them cum shit as they make their way toward our destination. The twins barely make it to the front of the theater before they stop, unable to get up the steps with such heavy loads built up in their balls. "Hehe, I think we're here...guess it's time to get out and let our friends here relieve some pressure~ I can't wait to see how big we made these things!"
Br: Brendon giggles as well, playfully rocking back and forth within that ever-expanding sac as more and more of his crap filled it up. He barely hears Bambi's voice before chuckling back. "Oh, I'm sure we made 'em huge! Must feel really, really good for 'em now~ Hope we gave 'em a good time~" He can feel everything around him wobbling and rumbling as both of the boys seem about ready to burst, the messy panda bracing himself to be shot out along with a literal cascade of crap...And it wouldn't even be the first time today! It was a nice ride, but all good things must come to an end sooner or later...At least until he and Bambi would head into the theater and create some more messy fun there! The moans the two boys must be making could be hear easily from within those bloated sacs, letting them both know that they were in for another ride real soon!
Ba: Bambi giggles and starts rubbing at the walls of the huge sac, soon crawling up to where he came in and sticking his head up into the fleshy tube that would lead back outside. The boys on the outside decide to have a little more fun first though, as they both shove their massive cocks back into the third boy's shitting rump and hump vigorously for a few seconds, soon cumming for the umpteenth time today, but this time taking your body and Bambi's up through their cocks and shooting them out right into the boy's ass, along with many gallons of thick cum and most of the crap that was in their balls. Once their orgasms begin to die down, the boys pull their rods out, and you and Bambi both come tumbling out of that stretched hole, covered from head to toe in a thick goopy mixture of poop and cum, with wave after wave of the stuff still flooding over us from both sides. The cheetah boy looks at you and giggles, soon standing up and heading for the doors to the theater. "Hehe, that was fun! C'mon, let's go get some more wiggly snacks for our butts~" He looks back at you and the other boys, the twins' balls having returned to the size of big beach balls as they go back to fucking the third boy yet again, making tons of wet shlucking and squelching sounds as all that crap pours out, mixing with the boys' cum as they almost seem to be in a state of constant orgasm, their now otherwise empty balls producing gallons upon gallons of the stuff at an incredible rate.
Br: Brendon blushes and rubs all over the sensitive walls of the sac which sloshes all around him with that heavy cream and increasing amount of poop. He giggles to himself and braces for impact before he feels everything around him tense up before he's shot outward in a powerful orgasm, blasted right into the wide-open rump of the third boy before the flow of shit causes him and you to come tumbling back out. The panda shakes his head a moment, then giggles and look around, finding himself back outside. "Awwww...Kind of a shame to leave, but you're right, there's more fun to be had!" He nods back to you and stands up, giggling as he watches the twins loudly and wetly humping into the third boy. "Hehe, I'll be he's glad to have that new and improved rump now He must be having the time of his life!" He giggles again. "Heh, I'm starting to wonder if they'll just keep on going like that~ Err, but yeah, we gotta keep moving!" He looks toward the doors to the theater, smiling again. "Another crowded place! Gonna be dark in there, too! They won't know what hit 'em until we're on top of them! Or we could just pretend to be pushing past them to get seats before sucking 'em up! Hehe, bonus points if you can trick someone eating popcorn to miss their bucket and reach right down your butt!" The panda giggles again, very eager to have some more fun with the people inside!
Ba: Bambi giggles as he heads inside with you, looking around at all the people who are just standing around in the lobby, who notice the two boys almost immediately thanks to the smells and sounds of the mess they're making. The cheetah grins at all of them and holds a finger to his lips, silently telling them not to let anyone in the theaters know we're there. "Hehe, now we can surprise 'em however we want! Let's get these guys in our butts first though. Looks like most of 'em won't mind becoming poop anyway~" He walks up to the nearest group of moviegoers and turns around, sending a massive wave of warm crap squelching out over them. Then, to his surprise, they all bend down and start trying to push their way into his rump at once! "Whoa, these guys must really like us! I wonder if anyone else here is like this! Hey Brendon, go get another group and see if they're as eager as these guys!" Pretty soon, all five of them disappear into Bambi's messy rump with a series of wet shlorps, and the boy moves on to another group, who have the same reaction as the first. "Huh...that's weird, I've never gotten this many eager snacks in one place! I wonder why they all seem to be here today...oh well, not like we're gonna complain, right?"
Br: Brendon blinks a bit at the gathering of people, but doesn't think much of it at first, smiling widely as he's eager to get started. He does blink again when he notices this group of people eagerly climbing right on inside your rump, seeing them practically giving themselves to your huge, messy rear, even as the loud splorts and wet farts shower them in messy goodness. The panda can't help but giggle a little. "Hehe, I guess the scent's just too much for 'em! Maybe they know they're gonna be poop, so they're just making it easy?" The panda heads over to another group as well, and barely has time to turn around before a bunch more people start climbing into his large rump, making it even fuller! He giggles a bit and grins toward you. "Mmmm, feels nice! I think I still like "hunting" for our butt snacks like we did before, but having 'em all throw themselves at us to become poop feels so good!" He moans again as more of the group forces themsevles deeper into his rump, even as the never-ending flow of crap washes over them. "Heh, no complaints here at all! No need to shove! There's plenty of room for everyone~" he says with a giggle, spreading his rump cheek even wider and letting an even larger flow of crap fall suddenly with a wet shluck, shivering with pleasure as he feels many moviegoers give themselves to his ass!
Ba: Bambi giggles as he watches that group of people climb up your messy butt, while another group works their way into his. "Heh, ya know, I bet Salo made 'em like this...he's probably here somewhere watching us~" The cheetah moans softly as three of the four people behind him massage and stretch his puffy tailhole while the fourth crawls in, humping the filthy walls as his friends help guide him in. Once his feet and tailtip pass through the sphincter, the other three keep rubbing it, soon undressing and starting to make out with each other as they shove their heads into the boy's sloppy hole together. Bambi simply sits back on them, sliding them all up his ass at once, accompanied by a messy shlorp and the lewd squelching sounds of their humping against the poop sliding out around them. "Ooh...ya know, as much fun as it is to stuff strugglers up there, I think I like it even better when they wanna do it themselves...all that rubbing and stretching and humping before they go just feels so good!" Bambi quickly moves on to the next group, and then the next, slurping up a few lone moviegoers in between, until pretty soon, the two of us have cleared most of the lobby. He calls over the two remaining employees, a couple of cute teenage boys working the concession stand, and has them strip before making their cocks grow over six feet long. He then has them go to town on our rumps for a few minutes, eventually slurping one of them up after he dumps a good ten or twelve gallons of jizz into his dirty rump, waiting for you to do the same so we can get started on the theaters themselves.
Br: Brendon blinks and looks around a bit. "Really? You think he's here? Oh wow, I'd love to meet him! If he taught you everything you know, I can only imagine how dirty he must be~" He giggles again as more moviegoers climb their way into his rump, grunting and sighing as more poop forces its way out around the willing people with a loud, messy glorp. The panda then starts moaning as he feels the people, lost in pleasure, doing all sorts of messy and lewd things against the walls of his rump on the way in. A bit weak in the knees, Brendon's jaw almost drops as he lets out a long moan, trying to stay on his feet before being bent over and humped by one of the workers blessed by a massive cock thanks to you. "O-ooohhhh~! Mmmm, willing or unwilling, I can't wait to get 'em all into my butt! But you're right, it does feel kinda special when they're enjoying themselves so much on the way in. Like they can't wait to get turned into more and more poop!" With a loud moan, Brendon clenches his rump around the boy humping him with a loud and messy squelch, pulling the teenager up his rump along with the gallons of cum shot into him. He can't help but giggle as he looks over to you. "Okay! Looks like we got everyone out here! But we gotta keep moving, 'cause there are still people left and still parts of the theater that aren't brown yet!" He says with a giggle, letting his massive rump sway as he walks, still endlessly flooding the area behind him with soft, creamy poop.
Ba: Bambi grins as that hyper-endowed teen disappears up your ass with a wet shluck, still using that massive rod to thrust against your insides. He then nods and heads toward Theater #1, which according to the sign is showing the new kids' movie he'd mentioned earlier. Upon entering, however, the two dirty boys are greeted with quite a sight: instead of the movie, the screen is showing one of Salo and Bambi's most popular internet videos, featuring the brothers doing rather naughty things to each other and a couple of friends as they poop all over their house. Bambi just giggles to himself, even blushing a bit before noticing that everyone else in the theater - kids and adults alike - are all sitting there pawing off as they watch the dirty video. "Oh man, he really went all out...even put on our videos to keep everyone busy until we got here...I really love my big bro sometimes~ He knows how to make anything more fun!" The cheetah goes over to the back row and steps in front of the parent sitting in the first seat, who practically grabs Bambi's shitting rump and pulls it down onto his throbbing cock, almost immediately cumming into the boy's messy bowels. Once he's spent, Bambi giggles softly and hops up onto the man's head, quickly sliding down over him with a lewd slurp and sending him right into his crap-filled colon with a wet, sloppy squish. Quietly, he motions for you to start on the next row, before moving over to the next seat, which is occupied by a small boy who appears to be about five. Bambi gives him the same treatment as his dad, letting the boy use him as a messy fleshlight while he buries his lap in shit. Once he's done, he takes the same trip as his dad, sliding in until he's totally encased in dirty cheetahbutt. Bambi can feel the older man humping his son's rump inside him, slowly turning them both into more poop while they have their fun. As he gets up to go to the next seat, he looks over at you to see how you're doing, grinning as he sees you having so much fun with the sexed-up moviegoers.
Br: Brendon blinks heavily, his face flushing and jaw dropping when he sees the absoltuely lewd sexiness on display at the theater, unable to take his eyes off the screen as he watches Salo to some unbelievably kinky and naughty things to you. Even after everything he and you did today, the panda cub can't help but blush. "W-wow, so that's what Salo is like...Man, you're really lucky, Bambi!" He sounds abit jealous, but soon follows along after you toward the back of the theater. He does as you ask and heads to the next row, grinning as he gently waves his filthy rump at the first man in the next row, who then grabs him and goes to town on his big rear, cumming into him loads and loads before the panda jumps back, sitting on his head with a squelch and slowly descending over the man's body with a long, slow schlucking sound that adds to the sounds of the movie on display. The panda can't even get his large butt to the next seat before the next guy grabs it and starts humping as well, making the boy moan and giggle softly. "Ooohhh~ Hehe, they really can't get enough, can they? I don't think I've ever seen people so horny! Well...Aside from the two guys on the big screen up there~" He giggles and continues on across the row, looking up to watch the show while the next guy behind him goes to town on his ass before turning the horny people across the row into more nad more poop!
Ba: Bambi moans softly as he finishes the first row, all twenty or so people packed away in his rump and becoming more shit as he moves down to the row in front of you. There, the first seat is occupied by a father and his two-year-old son, who is happily riding his dad's large member as they enjoy the dirty movie. The cheetah grins as he gets in front of them, plopping his dirty rear down onto the smaller boy's head, smearing his shit all over him as he slowly lowers himself over the cutie, helped along by his dad's thrusting until he disappears into the slick hole. Bambi then continues to bounce on the man's thick cock for a moment, keeping the little boy right next to his hole so his dad's thrusts still reach his insides, until he shoots his heavy load into his son. At that point, Bambi sends both of them up his butt, feeling them have more fun before they become shit just like everyone else. He keeps going down the row, helping each boy and parent get off inside him - and sometimes each other - before stuffing them up his rump. The wet shlorping, glurping and squelching sounds filling the theater are so loud they almost drown out the movie...not that anyone would know, as the sounds coming from it are the same anyway. Pretty soon, the front row is devoured one seat at a time by Bambi's hungry rump and replaced by his thick, goopy load. Almost on cue, the movie ends, leaving the theater oddly quiet aside from the glorping of our dumps and the squishy sounds of our movements through the mess. "Heh, told ya he was watching us! Guess we should move on to the next one...I bet he can't wait to play with you once we're done~"
Br: Brendon finishes up the row he was on as well, moaning and panting at the last two people squirm on the way in, humping against the inner walls of his ass all the way in, until they turn into more poop. He grins at you before moving onto the next row. He lets out a sigh as he props his butt up against two teenaged boys making out, then letting his but down over them with a loud and wet shlorp, letting out an equally wet fart around them while they make out and grind against each other in the filthy rump, the shit only making them more and more turned on. The panda giggles and sits all the way down over them, murring as he feels them have their fun right upto the moment they become more poop. Next he raises his rump over another cute little boy bouncing up and down on his dad's lap, both of them naked until the panda coats their fur a nice shade of brown. He winks back at the two before sitting down over both of them, grinding down over them to add to the movement of their humping. Panting again, Brendon finishes the next row as well, then looks around to find that theater room empty, the movie done as well. The panda boy then blushes a bit when you say that, imagining all the naughty things being done to you in that movie being done to him, almost making him release another messy load from his front. But he managed to hold it in for the moment, smiling and playfully rubbing against you as his butt continues to let out a deluge of poop, sloshing and squishing through the mess as we move onto the next theater. "Hehe, if we can manage all this, I can't wait to see what your big brother can do!"
Ba: Bambi giggles as the two of us exit the room and head toward the next one, where, unsurprisingly, the screen is showing another one of the brothers' videos, this one involving a group of about ten small boys with cocks as big as their bodies humping the two brothers while a torrent of shit glurps out noisily all over them. Bambi goes to the back row again, blinking in surprise as there only appears to be one person in it, but grinning wide when he realizes the reason. In the middle of the row is a single boy with a belly so big it's pushing the backs of the seats in front of him forward and smushing against the heads of the people sitting there. Without even missing a beat, Bambi walks over to him and starts rubbing that bulging gut, using his magic to help turn its occupants into more shit, which the boy starts letting out immediately, piling up on the floor and engulfing both boys' legs. The cheetah leans in and kisses the other boy on the lips, proceeding to make out with him as he climbs up onto his belly, covering it and the rest of the boy in poop within seconds, even as his own pile continues coming out. Pretty soon though, Bambi decides to move on, and hops off the belly and into the pile of crap on the floor that's already taller than him. "Hey Brendon, why don't you come keep this little guy company while I get the rest of the theater? You can watch the movie'll be romantic~" He sticks out his tongue at you teasingly before moving down to the next row, and then the next, slurping up each seat's occupant, sometimes more than one at once as many of them are busy on each other's laps. As he nears the front row, he looks up at the screen again, giggling as he watches those ten boys hump each other one at a time up the brothers' sloppy rumps. He then looks back over the messy lake of goop we've made to see how you're doing with that boy, assuming you haven't swallowed him up with that puffy pooper of yours yet.
Br: Brendon blinks up at the screen, then grins and blushes at the sight up above them. "Wow Bambi...You and your brother always seem to have a great time!" He then follows along after you, smirking when you start making out with the stuffed boy in the back row, letting him get a feel of letting out copious amounts of shit as well before moving on. He then giggles a bit and nods to you, smiling at the boy before getting next to him and watching the movie alongside him. Soon enough Brendon and the boy are making out fiercely as you move on to the next row. The two continue to make out, eyes closed as the constant glurping and schlorping of poop exiting their plump rear ends drowns out any sounds of kissing, while the sounds of humping up on the screen above drowns out pretty much anything else. When you look back a moment later, the boy still has his eyes closed, leaning forward to kiss again. But instead of the panda boy's lips, the other boy's lips are met with the big, puffy, brown pucker of the panda that promply lets out a slow fart right on him before a sickly schluck is heard and the boy's head is right up that shitting panda rump. Brendon blinks back at you when you glance over, grinning a bit and giggling as he clenches his rear, pulling the big boy into his bigger rump and turning him into more poop for the pile building up around them! He then moves onto the next row, making uick work of the horny moviegoers as you and your brother on the silver screen continue to make everyone in the room so hot and bothered, right before they become some hot and muddy poop on the theater floor.
Ba: Bambi giggles as he watches that overstuffed boy's belly get squeezed and squished by your puffy tailhole as you slurp him up and turn him into more shit, watching as he then gets pushed back out so fast he didn't even have time to lose his shape, squelching out in the same shape and size as he was when he went in, huge belly and all, but completely made out of poop this time. Of course, as soon as he hits the rest of the pile spreading out over the floor, that form is squished down to mix with the rest of the mess, leaving no trace of that boy or any of the meals that were in his belly. Once you get a few more moviegoers up your butt, the movie ends, once again leaving the theater empty and quiet except for the sounds of our dumps. "Hehe, c'mon, let's keep going!" From there, the two of us go from one theater to the next, each one playing a different dirty video on the screen - each involving the brothers and at least two or three friends, many involving ten or more people, including adults, kids, teenagers, and even a few magically-endowed toddlers. In addition, it seems like with each theater, each audience is hornier than the last, until in the last theater, everyone is simply having a massive orgy, hardly even paying attention to the movie, in which Bambi and Salo fill an olympic-sized swimming pool while about thirty or so young boys have their own orgy within it. As the two of us work on slurping up each and every one of the audience members, the brothers on the screen take turns jumping off the diving board into the mess below, each time landing butt-first on one of the boys and forcing them right up into their bowels. When we finally finish and step out of that theater, Bambi grins as he sees none other than Salo standing in the middle of the lobby, with the three boys we left outside happily rubbing his bulging gut and rump. "Hehe, told ya my big bro was behind this!" As the cheetah boy heads over to his big brother, the large wolf looks down at the ground in front of him, where he's laid out two large diapers and two tight latex bodysuits. "Hehe, you two have certainly had a busy day, haven't you? I brought you a present...I thought you guys might like to fill a couple of these up before we head home! Whaddaya think?" Bambi grins wider and looks at you, wiggling his fat rump as more shit keeps pouring out behind him. "Ooh, yeah! I could go either way... Hey Brendon, which ones should we do? The diapers or the latex? Or should we each do a different one?"
Br: Brendon giggles and grins as he looks back, watching the boy become something of a "poop golem" before squishing down into the rest of the mess. "Hehe, all shall be turned to poop!" he says with a giggle, sounding like a movie villain. He then continues on with you through the theaters, rubbing his belly and patting his massive rump as we make out way out into the lobby. His eyes widen briefly when he sees Salo there, the panda blushing as he finally meets the big wolf. He giggles at seeing the boys from outside fawning over Salo, then blinks and looks down at the diapers and bodysuits on the ground. Giggling a bit, Brendon looks at you with a smile. "Hmmm...I think I'd like to try out the latex suit! I wanna see how much they stretch under the pressure of all that poop~" He eagerly heads over, smiling up at the big wolf with a blush. "Hello Salo! Bambi told me alot about you! It's nice to meet you! Hehe, I hope you like what we've done with the place!" He giggles a bit before reaching down and grabbing the latex suit, stepping into it and slowly trying to work it up his fat bubble butt, which has only gotten bigger. He just barely manages to get the suit on, and no sooner does it snap into place than an obscene bulge starts to form in the back, Brendon blushing as his crap continues to glorp outward into the suit he's now wearing. "Uh-oh, that much already? This might not last too long~" He then looks to you with a smile. "Pick whichever one you want, Bambi! You'd look good in either one!"
Ba: Bambi grins as you pick up the latex suit, beckoning one of the hyper-endowed twins over. "Hey, hang on a sec, I just got another fun idea..." He then has the boy slide his huge cock into your butt all the way to the base, hugging you from behind with his arms and legs before you put the suit on over both bodies at once, sealing the boy completely inside, pressed up against you. At first, the boy's outline can be clearly seen through the latex, but within seconds, your shit bulges out around him to start filling out the back of the suit. After watching for a minute, Bambi giggles and picks up the other latex suit, calling the other twin over to do the same thing to him, putting the suit on over himself and the boy, the bulge being lost almost immediately as the cheetah's poop gushes out around the gigantic cock in his rump and its little owner. As we get to work on stuffing our boy-filled suits with soft shit, Salo chuckles and picks up one of the diapers, turning to the third boy, who has been flooding the area behind him with his own crap this whole time. The boy happily takes the diaper and puts it on, feeling it balloon out as his shit fills it, making it as big as his body in no time and quickly exceeding it, forcing the boy off the ground as the diaper expands like a giant pillow under him. Eventually his legs disappear into the diaper, but the holes magically seal themselves, so essentially half his body is inside the mush while his upper half gradually gets pushed up toward the tall ceiling of the lobby. Meanwhile, Salo just stands and watches all of the younger boys have fun, before Bambi decides to go over and let his big brother use him as a dildo while he fills his suit, the wolf lowering himself over his brother and getting up again, producing all kinds of squishing and squelching noises in addition to the sounds of the latex stretching and bulging out with all our poop. In between moments of sliding into Salo's huge, puffy donut hole, Bambi manages to say, "Mmn...doesn't it feel great...mmph...filling these? Once we...ngh...get 'em a little...ahh...bigger, let's start heading back to...mmph, house!"
Br: Brendon blinks as you beckon one of the twins over, then gasps at the sudden invasion as that huge cock pushes into his rump with a loud ssshhhlork, pushing past the waves of shit coming out. He blushes a bit, looking back as the twin clasts his arms and legs around him before the twin is lost beneath the latex suit. The panda boy moans as the latex begins to fill out heavily, watching it expand instantly behind him. "Ooohhhh! Mmph, hope he can hang on in there~" He chuckles and continues to fill the suit, watching you do the same before giggling and lookin up at the diaper-clad boy. "Mmmmph! So much poop and nowhere for it to go~" The soft mounds of crap continue to flow into his suit, trying to keep the hyper-endowed boy on him as long as he can, though it might only be a matter of time before he's completely lost in that sea of shit. Brendon then looks over as you head beneath Salo's rump, the little panda blushing at the sight of that huge pucker slipping down over you easily as he uses you as a dirty little toy. He nods a bit with a giggle. "Mmmm, sure! I'd love that...Though before we do, let me in on your fun, too, Bambi!" He smirks and heads over to the cheetah boy as quickly as he can while dragging the latex suit full of shit with him, grinning and almost pouncing on Bambi, hugging him and planting a big, messy kiss on him before the massive brown hole comes down over the both of them!
Ba: Bambi giggles as you join him underneath Salo's rump, kissing you back passionately and groping all over you, squishing his hands into the bulging latex as it continues to expand, feeling the boys inside our suits doing their best to hump our butts without letting go of our bodies. The big wolf above us continues using us as his toys for the moment, while watching the diapered boy get pushed up all the way to the ceiling by his rapidly-expanding diaper, soon getting pressed against the ceiling and slowly being pushed down further into the diaper, until eventually his head and arms pop in, the top of the diaper sealing shut and leaving the boy trapped inside the ever-growing bag of poop, which is taking up about half the lobby at this point. Salo chuckles and looks back at the two boys under him, sitting down over them one more time and then standing back up and letting out a loud, wet, sputtering fart over them, before starting to walk toward the door. "Heh, I think we're ready to start heading home, yeah?" Bambi giggles and nods, still rubbing, groping and humping against you for the moment. "Yeah! But on the way, can we bury the rest of the city? I really wanna see what it looks like when every street's totally covered in poop!" Salo just grins and looks up at the giant diaper, seeing the side bulge out repeatedly as the boy humps against it. "Hehe, sure...guess I'll have to do it myself though, since you guys are wearing those..." Bambi grins and stops making out with you, starting to follow his brother's smelly, swaying butt back out into the street, which is far more heavily buried in shit than before, telling Bambi that Salo must have been having some fun himself while we were inside. Over the next hour or two, the boys just follow Salo around, dragging their huge latex poop suits behind them as they continue to get bigger, watching as the wolf effortlessly buries every street and almost every building in the city, his tailhole opening up to unbelievable proportions to let it all out. By the time he's done, our suits are easily a hundred times the size of our bodies, filling up most of any given street themselves as we walk back toward the theater. "Well, there ya go! One crap-covered city, hot and fresh! Whaddaya think?" Bambi giggles and hugs his brother's messy rump, burying his face in the slick donut ring and giving it a nice long tongue job all over. "Mmh, that was awesome! I totally wanna do that myself sometime! You can help me too, Brendon~" he says, looking back at you and winking. "I'm ready to go home now though...I can't wait to play some more once we get there!"
Br: Brendon kisses you back deeply, his paw roaming over you and blushing a tad when he reaches down to feel the expansiveness of your own latex suit, containing more and more of your poop as it gets bigger and softer. He shivers softly after that last push into Salo's rump before he blinks and looks up, smiling at hearing of the town getting buried completely. "Oh, we get to watch you do it, Salo? Hehe, I'll bet you could do it in no time at all! I'm starting to wonder how many times you two have done this in the past..." He considers as he thinks back to the movies, blushing as the front of his latex suit gets a little tight. He then follows you and Salo along throuhg the city, watching your big brother unleash untold amounts of crap to flood the city and everything in it, leaving nothing but brown mess everywhere we go. The panda boy can't help but stare into that rump every time it opens, seeming like Salo's bowels just goes on and on forever. After a time, the latex suit becomes a bit more of a chore to drag around, but Brendon still manages, smiling and applauding Salo's work. "That was amazing! I'd totally help you do it next time, Bambi! I'll be sure to get better so that it's our poop covering everything and everyone in town is nice and brown, one way or another~" He then smiles and blushes a bit as you invite him back to your home, nodding happily. "Awww, I'd love to, Bambi! I don't wanna stop playing! Today's been so fun and I don't want it to stop!" He giggles at you with a wink. "You've made me into a real dirty, naughty boy, Bambi...I'm looking forward to showing you how grateful I am for that!" He says with a giggle and a massibe wobble of his rump, which causes the back of his latex suit to sway and squelch heavily with the tons of poop inside.
Ba: Bambi grins as we approach the theater again, seeing that the giant diaper we left behind has grown to fill the entire building, now bulging out through the front doors as the vague outline of the boy inside can still be seen humping against it. Salo walks over to it and magically opens a hole in the side just long enough for the boy to come tumbling out before he seals it up again. "So, did ya have fun in there?" The boy just looks up at the wolf and nods, still letting endless amounts of shit glorp out behind him. "Hehe, good...wanna have some more fun inside me?" The kid nods again, and Salo chuckles and turns around, planting his big rump on the little boy's face, grinding his thick tailhole against it for a moment before sitting down quickly, slurping the boy right up his rear with a loud shlorp. Bambi giggles as he watches his big brother's gut bulge out with each thrust of the boy's groin against his messy insides as he's slowly turned into more crap. After that, Salo finally starts walking toward the brothers' house, his fat rump still swaying sexily behind him as he lets out a wet fart with every step, each one carrying the scent of the boy with it. Bambi follows along with you, grinning at you as we pass each of the other places we've been today - the arcade, the mall, and finally the elementary school where we started - until eventually we all reach the house, which sits alone at the end of its street, just far away enough from the rest of the city that it hasn't been touched by the boys' mess yet. Upon reaching the door, Salo stops and turns to the boys, saying that it's time to lose the latex before we go inside. "Aw, can't we just get rid of the poop, but keep the suits on for a while? There's something else I wanna do before I take it off~" Salo chuckles and shrugs, magically detaching the shit-filled part of our suits while leaving the rest intact, even the part covering our rumps, which are still being pounded by the two boys with the huge cocks. Bambi stops shitting for the moment and looks back, giggling at the squirming bulge of the boy humping his ass. "Oh hey, I almost forgot you were back there! Guess we should get you guys turned into poop, huh? Whaddaya think Brendon? Should we turn these little guys into more poop or keep 'em around to play with a little more? Either way, I think we should take those big packages for ourselves...they'll look great in this latex, don'tcha think? And they'll be even better for what I wanna do next..."
Br: Brendon follows along, blinking abit when he sees the diaper and the boy being released by Salo. He then blushes abit as he gets a good view of the boy's face being smooshed against the big, plump rear of the big wolf. He couldn't help but think of the boy being turned into even more poop, and watched that sexy, filthy ass swaying side to side the whole way back to your house. He did smile abit as he gets a look at the previous locations we went to, feeling a bit of pride at what we managed to accomplish. He also seems to look slightly disappointed at being told to remove the latex suit, though nods abit when you try to convince him otherwise. The panda boy watches as parts of the suit are removed along with the massive amounts of poop inside, then tries to clench his rump abit to halt the shitting as he looks back at you. He murrs softly at the feel of one of the twins still pounding his big rump, though blinks at your words a moment. "Huh? You mean...We can get as big as them?" He clearly hadn't considered this, making him blush and making the front of the latex suit bulge out a bit at the thought. Though it also causes his ass to flare open in excitement, widening just enough to catch the boy's upper body inside the slick, brown pucker, which hungrily pulls him in. You can likely see it happening through the suit, while Brendon looks back behind him, giggling sheepishly. "Oops...Well, I guess that answers your question. Might as well round out the night and make them into poop, too! Besides, it'll be nice to have just us enjoy the final part of the day, ya know~?" He said with a smile, blushing at the various naughty thoughts popping into his head as ways to "unwind" after such a long day...
Ba: Bambi grins when he sees the bulge in the front of your suit, then giggles as he and Salo watch the other bulge in the back of your suit disappear into your huge, dirty pucker, which makes plenty of noise as it stretches and slides against the slick latex. Following suit, Bambi reaches behind him and grabs the younger boy's butt, pushing him up so his feet can slide into the hungry cheetah rump, soon followed by the rest of him, giant cock and all, the boy's bulge shrinking from the back of Bambi's suit until it's gone, the only bulge left there being that of the cheetah's puffy tailhole. "Hehe, well there they go then! Ready to turn 'em into poop and make our things as big as theirs?" Bambi quickly starts turning the boy inside him into nothing but thick, creamy shit while you do the same, using the same magic that had made their cocks grow on both of our own members, making them grow to nearly the size of our bodies, stretching out the latex suits in front of us in just the right ways to make it fit perfectly around them. Once they've finished growing, Bambi grins at you and then at his big brother, before finally nodding and heading inside with him. The wolf chuckles and waits for you to follow as well, wiggling his fat butt at you in the meantime. "Hehe, now I've got a surprise waiting in your room...I think you'll both enjoy it~" He leads us upstairs to Bambi's room, and when the door opens, Bambi grins wider than ever at the sight: ten little boys, clearly no older than three or four, all busy making out with each other and playing with each other's obviously enhanced packages. Bambi turns and hugs the wolf, and then looks at you with a mixture of excitement and lust in his eyes before pulling you into the room with him. Salo chuckles softly and closes the door, kissing his little brother deeply as the boy hugs him. "Heh, I went over to one of the preschools around here earlier today and grabbed a few playmates for us for the night...took a little magic to get 'em all ready physically, but it wasn't hard to get 'em excited to play with you boys. And on that note, why don't we all have some fun? These boys have been pent up in here all day!" Bambi nods and heads over to the group of boys, picking one up and setting him down on top of his huge latex-covered rod, starting to make out with him passionately as two other boys stand up, one rubbing the shaft and head of Bambi's cock, while the other gets behind him and starts playing with his butt, squeezing and stretching it through the latex, even shoving his arms into the cheetah's dirty hole, the latex stretching easily to go right along with him.
Br: Brendon moans happily as he feels the other half of the twins being reduced to more poop inside of him, our little friends for the day joining the rest of the town as poop. He then gasps a bit as he feels the magic starting to take hold of him. The more the twins are turned into more poop, the more our cocks grow to ridiculous proportions. The panda moans and pants heavily as he watches the front bulge of his latex suit get bigger and bigger, jutting out in front of him and quickly making him feel incredibly horny. Salo wiggling his big, fat butt in front of him didn't help matters, either! Still, with a massive, puffy tailhole that was perpetually full, and a huge, raging erection out in front of him that the latex suit clung to perfectly, he managed to make his way into the house, trying not to bump into anything or knock anything over with his endowment. He then gasped softly, smiling at the sight of the large group of little cuties gathered in the room, already properly "prepared" for the two boys. Brendon giggles softly, following you inside and nodding to Salo. "Thank you Salo! It's a perfect way to wind down from a day like this~" He giggles as he watches you waste no time in grabbing a little boy. The panda does the same, smiling down at a small little thing before picking him up and kissing him softly. "Awww, aren't you cute! Have a seat, little guy! I promise it'll feel good..." With that, he gently sits the boy down atop his latex-covered cock, playfully pushing that little rump down on it a bit as he leans forward to kiss the boy deeply. At the same time, two more boys climb into his lap to gently rub over his now-engorged sack, while another heads behind to practically bury his cute little face in the panda's puffed-up ring. Moaning happily, Brendon smiles over at you. "Mmmmm, what a day...I can't remember the last time I had so much fun. And you guys do this regularly? I wonder how many times this whole town has been turned to poop..."
Ba: Bambi grins at you as you follow his lead, calling another boy over for himself to tend to his huge sack while he continues making out with the boy straddling his cock. Meanwhile, Salo gets the two remaining boys and has them make out with each other while he does what he did to us back at the theater, using them as a big dildo for his dirty rear and getting them covered in the mess inside. Bambi grinds his rump back against the boy behind him, who proceeds to stick both his arms and his head up into the latex-covered tailhole, before actually climbing all the way into his butt, ending up in sort of a bubble of latex inside the cheetah's bowels, the slick material pulling even tighter against Bambi's rump as it holds the boy inside. Bambi giggles before starting to push, soon forcing the boy back out onto the floor as the latex suit starts bulging out again, pinning him to the ground under the growing poop-filled balloon. Within seconds, it's nearly filled up half the room, so Bambi stops for a moment and falls back against it like a giant bean bag chair, feeling and hearing it squish and squelch under him, before looking at you with a silly grin on his face. "Heh, guess I just couldn't resist filling it up one more time~ I think it's about time to lose these suits though, how bout you? I wanna bury these lil guys and fill up the whole house with poop!" He winks at the small boy sitting in front of him when he says that, playing with his nicely sized six-inch cock a bit as he goes back to making out with him, moaning as those other two boys tend to his cock and balls, the huge member easily twice the size of the sexy little preschoolers. With each rub of the cheetah boy's latex-clad dick, a hefty load of pre surges up through it and out the tip, making another big balloon grow from there as he prepares to let loose one more time from both ends to fill the house with our thick creamy loads.
Br: Brendon blushes a bit as well, looking behind him at the huge, squishy balloon/pillow of shit that's forming in the latex suit around his rump. Biting his lip, he grins at you with a nod. "I...I think I'd like to get rid of 'em now...Been pent up for a while now, and it'll feel good to let loose with you..." He moans again as the little cuties continue to climb over his cock, chuckling as one of them whines because the latex suit is in the way. "Awwww! Look at the adorable little guys! I think they want the suites gone as well~" He then grins softly, waddling over to you and pressing his huge shaft against yours, gently smooshing one of the little boys between our cocks with a chuckle. "Mmmmph! Gonna need to get 'em off soon! I feel like I'm gonna burst!" He moans again, the sick, muffled squelching of shit continuously exit his ass coming from inside the suit, needing escape, along with the powerful throbbing of his growing cock, both threatening to utterly let loose in a tidal wave of pleasure. The panda cub just grins at you. "Hehe, I hope this house can take it..."
Ba: Bambi sits back for a moment on his big, soft pillow of crap, still moaning and making out with the young boy in front of him while he watches both you and Salo having fun. Soon enough though, he giggles and nods, looking over at Salo. "Hey big bro, I think we're ready to get rid of the latex..." Salo looks back at the cheetah and grins, letting out a wet fart over the two boys plugging his butt, accompanied by a messy glob of shit. As he does that, he uses his magic to remove the latex suits all at once from both of us. Of course, as soon as that happens, all the shit that was being held in the suits immediately falls and spreads out over the floor, filling 90% of the room in one go and completely burying everyone in it in about two seconds. Bambi of course falls butt-first right into it since he was sitting on it beforehand, landing right on the feet of the boy who had been trapped under the squishy mound of latex. Bambi just giggles and quickly slurps the boy in up to his head, and then goes over to Salo and has him give the boy a deep kiss as he pushes his head in, the wolf ending up just making out with his little brother's big donut hole once the younger boy is gone. After that, he comes over to you, pressing our giant cocks up between us as he starts to make out with you, our full balls sloshing and bumping up against one another as pre runs out like a faucet, much like the shit pouring from our butts. "Mm, that's much better...those suits were fun, weren't they? Now we get to fill my house to the brim with hot, squishy poop~ And as for all these cute little toys..." the cheetah boy looks around and grins at all the super-horny preschoolers, "let's hump 'em into each other's butts as we go! Maybe we can even stuff one each down these big things, huh?" He winks at you and rubs your shaft a little, leaning in to kiss you again as the last bit of Bambi's bedroom is filled up with our sloppy loads before the thick mess forces the door open, signaling it's time to move on.
Br: Brendon gasps as the suits vanish and the room is awash in creamy brown mess. The panda boy squirms through the mess with various squishes and squelches, almost mimicking the sounds coming from his ass as more poop is forced out. With a grunt, he feels his rump grab the boy that was having fun down there, pulling him in against the current, panting happily before he blushes heavily to feel the wolf making out with him. Closing his eyes and moaning, he kisses the older wolf deeply, gently grinding against you as our cocks push, rub and throb against one another. He then feels you kissing him as well, his face turning red as he smiles happily. "Mmmmph~ Great idea Bambi! I'll bet these cute little guys will feel so good going in..." He grins and humps at the boy now on his unclothed cock, pressing against you in the midst of the poop-filled room while feeling the boys obediently tending to us. Looking back at you with a smile, he leans in to kiss you back, pushing the boys on our cocks down a bit as he does so. "Mmmmm, what a great day!"
Ba: Bambi grins at the two boys still sitting on our cocks, getting yet another naughty idea as he reaches up to grab one of them. Using his magic to make the kid nice and stretchy, Bambi positions his butt at the tip of the massive rod and pulls him down over it. The young boy moans loudly as his tailhole is stretched wider than the rest of his body, which soon follows suit as the cheetah slides his young toy down over his cock, practically turning him into a living condom as every part of his body is stretched to accomodate the little hornball's huge member. He then reaches up and does the same thing to the boy on your cock, making sure both of the smaller boys fit snugly but comfortably. "Hehe, whaddaya think? I say we should both hump my big bro until these guys are fulla cum, and then stuff 'em down into our balls!" Salo chuckles and farts over the two boys still making out under his ass, before starting to walk toward the door. "Heh, sounds good to me, but we should go somewhere else first so we can keep filling the house up faster...let's go to the living room so the neighbors can watch~" Bambi's eyes light up as he thinks about it, quickly nodding and starting to follow Salo, farting and letting out a thick glob of crap in your face as he turns to go. "Yeah! C'mon Brendon! Let's put on a show for the neighbors! The ones that aren't already poop anyway..." As he walks away, his butt and belly jiggle heavily, the cheetah having turned off the enchantment that keeps his meals from adding to his pudge, and as a result having become rather fat in the time since we left the theater. He wonders if you'll notice and hopes you'll do the same, meanwhile letting out more wet frrrrts, glorps and squelches over some of the remaining six boys as they follow him out of the room and downstairs to the living room. Once there, Salo turns the walls into a see-through material, grinning as he notices most of the people still left in the neighborhood gathered around outside, eagerly stroking their own members as they wait to see what sexy, dirty things the brothers and their new friend are about to do to their young toys and each other.
Br: Brendon blinks a bit as you work your magic to pull the young boy down all the way over your cock, making him nice and stretchy to take the whole thing in. He can't help but shiver and murr at the sight of it, before watching you grab the boy atop his member and push him down. Both Brendon and his boy moan loudly, the little cutie getting stuffed full of panda cock while the panda cub is left panting and moaning happily, loving the feel of his large, throbbing cock being warmed and hugged tightly but such a cute little boy's rump.He looks over to you, smiling at the suggestion before watching Salo walk off toward the living room. He then looks to you with a grin. "Oh? Another audience? Sure! I love to see their reactions!" He barely takes a step before that thick glob of shit lands right on his face, the panda shivering in pleasure at how casually you take a "mini" dump on him as you walk off, making the young boy on his cock moan while it throbs harder. The boy gets stretched even more as Brendon walks behind you, watching that hypnotic wobbly of you belly and butt, trying to resist the urge to just grab that ass and mount it. But the panda's own pudgy gut has been growing as well, his rump swelling in size and expanding to let out more crap by the second, pushing out the thick, batter-like crap over the few boys behind him with a loud, wet squelch before following you and your brother. He blinks briefly at the see-through walls, then chuckles at all the people watching with interest. "Hehe, is this how it always is? They start off scared, but the sight and smell of all the poop makes 'em wanna join the fun and the poop?" He asks, giggling with a playful wiggle of his huge rear, casually flecking wet globs of poop here and there to show off to the onlookers.
Ba: Bambi waves at all the people outside, getting behind Salo and waiting for you to join him before pressing his kid-covered cock against his brother's thick hole, the boy's head popping in alongside the one covering your cock, those two boys basically being used as condoms for the horny cubs. Salo moans as both of us hump his ass, which gets stretched even wider when he starts shitting again, the thick goop hitting us right in the face and oozing out over our bodies, making most of the onlookers outside cum instantly. All the boys who aren't being used as toys at the moment approach the clear wall, smiling at the fifty or so people outside as they start grinding against the wall and each other, giving our audience another show to watch in addition to the main attraction. Bambi looks over at them and giggles, but continues humping his big brother's messy hole until he can't hold back anymore, shooting his multi-gallon load into his little boy-condom, making him bulge out to almost three times his original size, stretching Salo's ass that much more as more shit piles out on and around us. The cheetah kid pants heavily as he slows down his thrusting, waiting for you to finish as well so we can help each other with the next part. "Ooh...this guy is gonna feel so good stretching out my cock...don'tcha think Brendon? We gotta make sure everyone has a great view out there~ The guys in this neighborhood have been around me and Salo the longest, so they've all learned to love everything we do! And trust me, they really know better than anyone how to make you feel great when they go up your butt!"
Br: Brendon is quick to stand beside you right behind Salo, getting a good look at the deep, messy hole before plunging his own cock, and the boy stretched around it, deep into the large wolf's rump. "Mmmmph~ Lucky little guys! Quite the ride and quite the view they're getting~" He then giggles as he looks out at the sheer outpouring of lewd, naughty actions, gestures and noises filling the house and the area around the house. Though he barely gets a look out before the thick, brown mush splats wetly over his face from Salo's hole, making him moan and grind harder as his boy let out muffled, pleasured moans from inside Salo's ass. With a deep moan, the panda boy arches his back and shoots his own sizeable load right into his boy, emptying his balls right into the stretchy little cutie. Panting as well, he chuckles softly before looking over at you. "Hah...I've lost count of how many times I've cum today...You and your brother have quite the life~ And everyone around's so eager to make you both feel good! Hehe, hard to think of much else aside from all the poop, the moaning, the squishing and the throbbing....Mmmph~ So what's next?" He looks to you eagerly, his dirty little mind ready for more.
Ba: Bambi just grins and grabs his inflated boy by the hips, slowly sliding him off his huge shaft until his butt pops off, letting a thick glob of cum gush out of the kid's stretched hole. "Mmh, just do what I'm doin'~" With that, the cheetah lowers the boy back down, but positions his feet at the gaping slit of his cock, slipping them in slowly with a wet shluck. After that, he starts sliding the boy in faster, his legs disappearing in seconds, followed by his butt and hard member, which the boy is eagerly playing with, releasing his own small load as he slides deeper into Bambi's throbbing boyhood. Eventually the boy is in up to his neck, and Bambi leans in and lewdly makes out with him for a minute before finally slurping the rest of him in, sending him all the way down to his massive nuts, which swell out more as the kid fills them up, pressing and humping out against the sides. Bambi watches you follow suit with your boy, then turns to look at his brother's big, messy tailhole again, which has once again stopped shitting for the moment. The cheetah boy is suddenly overcome by lust, leaning in and making out with the large wolf's thick, fleshy donut, licking, kissing and rubbing all over it while he moans in pleasure at all the sexy, naughty things happening in, on and all around him. "Mmh, I can't take it anymore...this is all so hot...I wanna go up your butt big bro...I just wanna get turned into a huge, smelly pile of my big bro's poop..." While he speaks, he lets his own pucker open up yet again as another soft, creamy load squelches out on you, piling up in the already filthy room. "C'mon Brendon, help me get in here so Salo can turn me into a big, messy dump!"
Br: Brendon blinks, watching with wide eyes as you slip your boy right into your massive cock. He looks at his own boy, then shivers heavily at the thought of sending the little cutie down his throbbing shaft and right into his balls. Smiling widely, he gently lifts his boy up off his cock, giggling at the wet pop as his butt finally frees itself from the head, then positions his feet at the slit and gently pushes him him. The panda cub's face contorts in bliss as he pushes, panting and moaning the farther down his pushes the boy, bulging out his cock until only his head is left. Like you, he smiles and leans forward to make out with the boy messily, pushing his tongue deep into his mouth and petting his head. He then pulls back with a lewd smile and easesthe rest of him in, his balls soon filling out as the little boy continues his fun inside~ He then looks over at you as you start making out with you big brother's massive, puffy pucker, smiling at the sight of you amidst that bit heart shape on Salo's ass. As sexy, lewd and dirty as the whole thing was, it was also kind of sweet. Brendon giggles and nods to you, moving behind you with a smile. "Sure thing Bambi! My pleasure~" He giggles to himself and positions himself behind you, paws gripping the sides of your massive, filthy rump. The softness of that constant flow of poop and the big, wiggly softness of your asscheeks made the push inward so enjoyable as his throbbing cock pushed inward. The soft, smooth cascade of poop made each thrust inward sound out with a loud squelch, multiple soft schlucks sounding out as he pushed deeper. Soon enough, he manages to push into that hole that he's been admiring all day, groaning as he pushes deep, thrusing and pushing you from the ass forward, smiling and moan. "Ooohhh~! Mmmm, feels so good...." He giggles as even when he pushes his cock in, it doesn't even manage to plug you, with poop still forcing its way out all around his cock, but making each thrust against the soft flow that much more enjoyable. "Mmmmrrr...Don't worry Bambi...I'll push you in~" He smiles and does just that, thrusting and humping your wonderful ass to help push you into the bigger ass right in front of you, watching the wolf's donut start to devour you whole!
Ba: Bambi moans loudly into Salo's dirty pucker as you grope his fat butt cheeks, feeling his own thick donut open wider when you spread those cheeks apart and slide your massive cock in between them. The cheetah can't help letting another thick load gush out of his throbbing boyhood as you stretch his hole wider with each push, finally feeling your cock slide all the way in. The thick rod bulges out the boy's fat belly with each thrust, adding yet another hot detail for our audience to enjoy. It takes a few thrusts to really get going, but eventually Bambi's head slips into Salo's pucker with a wet shluck, followed by his shoulders a few seconds later. After that, it only takes a few thrusts for the boy's body to be mostly gone, his huge rump easily the biggest part, though Salo's ass easily spreads wide enough to take in his little brother like it's been done a thousand times before. Salo looks back and grins at you, soon letting his bowels loose once again, his donut opening up suddenly just enough for the rest of Bambi's squirming body to get swallowed up almost instantly, leaving you practically sandwiched between the wolf's rumpcheeks, with both his and Bambi's tailholes hugging your cock while more soft poop glorps out all around it. With Bambi completely inside Salo's ass, he squirms around excitedly, using his massive endowment to hump the messy walls around him, even churning the little boy inside his balls into thick cum in preparation for one last super-orgasm before he becomes shit. " feels so good in here! I can't wait big bro, I wanna be poop so bad!" The boy can barely contain himself, squeezing your cock tightly with his donut, cutting off the flow of crap just to make it that much tighter to try and milk you for all he can get.
Br: Brendon moans loudly, almost getting weak in the knees at the feel of that soft donut around his cock. Soft, wet and messy...He needed more. He pushes quickly and roughly to get all the way in, wanting to get deep inside of you and feel that donut against his front as he thrusted. He can't help but giggle when he watches your body start to vanish into your big brother's ass, shivering at the sheer size of it, and moaning to himself as he watches it expand around your body. It practically forces a small torrent of pre out of him, pushing into your bowels and pushing you forward, deeper into Salo's. The chubby panda keeps thrusting, giving your ass a fine workout before you're more poop for you brother to push out. "Mmmm~ Hehe, soon you're gonna be brown too! Hope you have fun in there~" He giggles, then blinks and blushes when he saw Salo grin back at him. He can barely react before he sees that larger donut expand and devour you instantly and effortlessly. By the time it fully registeres, he is wedged between those big, dirty rumpcheeks and he can only really see Salo's puffy pucker in front of him. He can still feel yours, though, and between the two donuts tightening around his engorged cock and the sight of that magnificent ass swallowing you whole fresh in his mind, the panda lets out a long, loud moan. "Mmmmnnnnrrrrrraaaaa~!!" Churning and sloshing heavily, his balls ached for release, and they got it. As if someone switched on a firehose, the panda reached his own orgasm, his newly-granted massive cock spraying your inner workings with untold amount of cub cream, which undoubtably included the little cutie he tucked away earlier~ His panting and moan were easily overshadowed by the wet squelches of his cock pushing into two donuts and pushing past rivers of poop. Each schlork and shluck made him shudder and throb even more as he kept pushing, cumming so hard that he fell forward into that flow of shit, face practically getting pushed against the rim of Salo's donut, and blushing at the warmth and softness. "Mmmmrrpph~ Oh, Bambi~ Hehe, no wonder you wanna be Salo's poop so much...Mmmph, such a wonderful butt~" He kept cumming into you, pushing and thrusting harder, wanting to fill both wonderful butts! The more he stares at the impossibly huge donut, the harder it is for him to resist giving himself to it as well. "Mmmmrrrrr~ To think, soon there'll be another wonderful glorp that echoes throughout the room when Salo pushes out his next stream of poop: you!"
Ba: Bambi gasps when he feels you start to cum, soon letting out a loud moan of his own as your thick cream starts filling him and making his belly grow massively. He swells so quickly that even Salo is surprised to feel his bowels stretching so much, groaning and climaxing as well, though not nearly as much as you. As Bambi continues to grow, his cock gets pressed against Salo's slick intestinal walls extra hard, and the boy thrusts as hard as he can until he can't hold back anymore. Like yours, his giant member starts shooting a thick stream of jizz like a firehose, hitting him in the face as it soaks his body and mixes with all the shit squishing out around him. Even still, Salo's gut expands much like Bambi's is, soon touching the floor, making the large wolf moan loudly. Between your and Bambi's orgasms, Salo easily has an extra eighty gallons filling his messy bowels by the time we both stop more than ten minutes later. At that point, Bambi collapses, panting heavily as Salo's shit flows out around him, losing himself in the afterglow and just enjoying the lewd sounds of the mess glurping and squelching past him and out onto you. " was amazing...I'm ready now big bro...turn me into your poop..." Salo grins and nods, getting ready to do just that. While he prepares, he looks back at you again, chuckling at the sight of you collapsed with your face smushed against his puffy pucker, fighting the urge to just slurp you up right here and now. But to honor his little brother's request, he doesn't, instead stopping his flow of crap, effectively stopping Bambi's as well. Soon after, he walks forward, your cock sliding out of his hole with a long, wet slurp. "Mmn...that was more filling than those preschoolers I had for lunch...then again, I only stuffed a few of them with cream..." He looks over at the six young boys by the window, who seem to be testing how much they can each fit into their butts, with one boy actually managing to fit three of the other boys' forearms. Salo chuckles and walks over to them, farting wetly and turning his rump toward the wall so all the people outside can get a good view right between his cheeks. "Nice going kid, I might have to let you try taking me or Bambi up there sometime~ Speaking of which, we better move it outside...once I turn Bambi into crap, he's gonna come back out real fast." On his way toward the door, he turns and looks at you with a naughty look in his eye. "Hey Brendon, ever had your butt pounded by a feral?" he chuckles and winks before continuing toward the door.
Br: Brendon as well seems surprised by his own vigor and vitality, but quickly becomes accustomed to it as he keeps on pounding into you and Salo, filling you to the brim and making you even more chubby. The whole thing seems to go on for a small eternity, with Brendon endlessly emptying himself deep into the bowels of both brothers, moaning and panting in utter joy the entire time. He watches as Salo's gut grows and groans, hitting the floor with a thud and making the panda blush as he imagines all of his and your naughtiness filling the large feral wolf up. His face blushes hotly as he feels the softness of that donut hole against him, then whines when Salo steps forward, shuddering heavily when his cock finally slips free from the wolf's bountiful ass cheeks. "Ahhh...Mmph~ That was...T-that was amazing...Mmmrrr, just keeps getting better..." The panda was in utter bliss, his whole body feeling elated at this point. He then looks over at the wall with a blink, giggling at the boys, watching as Salo shows off for them, making them even more horny, from that wet fart to the bigger rump Salo sports after you vanish into it without a trace. He then blushes heavily at Salo's words, smiling happily. "Well, Bambi helped me out a lot! It was so much fun...I already kinda wanna do it all over again!" He says with a giggle, following along with a smile, unable to stop staring at Salo's rump. "Hehe, I can't wait to see Bambi come back out! I bet he'll flood the whole neighborhood!" He then blinks again, blushing more at the wolf as he smiles and gives his substantial rump a playful wiggle. "Well...Actually I've never taken it from a feral before...What's it like~?" He asks playfully, loving every second of those naughty eyes on him, feeling raw lewdness and raunchiness practically radiating from the large wolf as he follows him out the door.
S: Salo has some trouble fitting his enormously swollen gut through the door, but manages to squeeze it through eventually, dragging it along the ground as he steps into the street. As he does, a young boy from the crowd decides to get on his skateboard and ride as fast as he can straight toward Salo's rump. The wolf chuckles and readies himself, getting two of the boys from the house to stretch his hole down to the ground, so when the other boy reaches him, he just glides right on in, skateboard and all, soon running right into Bambi, who giggles and grabs the boy, hugging him close and making out with him for a moment, feeling a warmth start to spread through his body, which only makes him horny again. "Ooh, I can feel it big bro! You're turning me into poop! Keep going! I wanna be a big, soft, smelly load! Hehe, and so does this guy~" Salo chuckles and nods, turning to you first and beckoning you over to him. "Heh, sure thing Bambi, but I want Brendon to feel you getting churned up~" He has you lie down on your bulging stomach, and positions himself over you, his own huge belly practically smothering you, though you can still make out the feelings of Bambi inside lewdly kissing the other boy, who has managed to get himself stuffed most of the way down the cheetah boy's giant cock, although he knows he won't have time to turn him into jizz, instead just using him to enhance his pleasure as Salo starts really working on him. As the large wolf presses the tip of his throbbing member against your puffy donut hole and slides it in, Bambi's toes experience a tingling sensation that soon spreads up his legs to his knees, then up to his massive balls, and so on, until the boy's whole body is in ecstacy, as is the kid plugging his cock. As the two keep making out, Salo starts thrusting into your messy tailhole, making squishy shlurping sounds as it slides in and out. "Mmnh...can you feel 'em in there Brendon? They're gonna make my biggest load yet today! This whole street and all these houses will be flooded and buried up over the rooftops in seconds!" He then turns his attention to the boy thrusting against the inside of his bowels as his body slowly turns to brown mush. "Hear that Bambi? Enjoy burying the neighborhood always make such a big dump~"
Br: Brendon blinked and watches wide-eyed as your little helpers stretch your tailhole out even more to let the skateboarding kid right inside, making him vanish deep into that thick donut. The chubby panda can't help but giggle as he imagines the fun the lucky boy is having in there with Bambi. He then look to you beckoning him over, smiling happily as he eagerly obeys and gets down on his belly, giving his big, messy rump a little wiggly before your own belly is on top of him. Soon enough, he can feel Bambi inside, the cheetah practically right on top of Brendon. "Hey, I think I can feel him up there! He's turning into...!" The boy is unable to finish his sentence before a loud gasp is heard from him, his own donut getting stretched wider and wider by your girth, making him writhe and moan underneath you, panting heavily to catch his breath in between those pounding thrusts. "N-nnngggg~! Ooohhhh~!! Oh, Salo...I can feel them...B-bambi's turning into more poop. He's gonna be so big...He's gonna cover so much, isn't he? Oh, I can't -ooohhh~ wait to see him~" His own body was so excited that his engorged tailhole gave a warm, wet fart around your cock, making each schlurk from those thrusts louder and wetter. His own flow of shit was practically plugged up by your cock, making his shudder strongly as he could barely manage to let some of it out with a weak schlop around your cock and onto the ground. He whines a little as his own cock peeks out from under his bloated belly and yours, though luckily a few cuties in the crowd are more than eager to help as they crawl beneath your front legs to get at the panda and his cock, a few of them stroking him while one of the boys managed to get his mouth around it, making a muffled moan sound out from beneath your large gut~
S: Salo grunts as he keeps pounding your ass, the squishing and squelching sounds making everyone around even more turned on as they watch the lewd display. With each thrust, the two boys inside him slowly become more shit, Bambi's giant cock and balls tingling as they get softer, the cheetah boy hitting one final climax, although instead of cum, a messy wave of crap gushes out around the other boy and hits him in the face, making him moan and giggle at the same time as the rest of his body soon becomes poop. He gives the other boy a quick smooch just as both of their heads soften and become thick masses of shit, and his consciousness fades into a state of bliss, soon merging with that of his big brother while he waits to be reformed. Meanwhile on the outside, Salo feels the last of his brother's body melt away, and instantly climaxes, filling you with gallons upon gallons of thick jizz, bulging out your belly even more as a lot of it leaks out around the edges along with your poop. "Ngh...that's it...Bambi's just a dump now...ready to see what happens next?" Once his orgasm dies down a little, the wolf slides his big member out of your rump, still gushing large amounts of cum, getting it all over you, practically bathing you in it. Inside his bowels, Bambi's leftover magic takes effect, creating a sudden surge of shit that forces Salo's donut open as it glurps out, stretching his hole to two whole feet wide instantly, and slowly making it even bigger. " goes..."
Br: Brendon continues panting open-mouthed as his body is rocked back and forth by Salo's forceful thrusting, feeling smooshed against the ground by the big wolf's gut and endowments, but hardly caring. The onlookers don't seem to mind the sight of a young boy's rear being railed by the elder Vorita, either. If anything, it makes the crowd more eager to get naughty, while many of the boys teasing each other look on in jealousy at Brendon's position. "Mmmpphh~! Mmmm, h-harder...Mmph, I think I can feel it...Bambi's...Mmmmmmrrr~!" His big rump tries to squeeze against that massive cock, but it's so big and deep inside that it barely makes a difference. From underneath, Brendon can feel the bulge that his friend is making soften more and more, until he can swear he heard a massive squelching from within those bowels, a huge addition being added. "Oohhh~ B-bambi's...Ahhhhh~!!" The panda cub can't get another word out before he feels waves of thick cream gushing right up his big butt, causing his giant cheeks to jiggle excitedly as Brendon moans loudly, clawing at the ground and almost drooling at the sheer amount of cum his rump is forced to take! Sadly the little boy still isn't big enough to take it all, and a loud, messy glorp sounds out behind him as a large glob of cum is pushed back out along with his own expulsions of poop. He moans softly, trying to catch his breath as that cock is slowly pulled from his rear...Only to be sprayed down by the thick jizz from head to toe! This leaves the poor boy shivering and writhing on the ground, panting and moaning happily as the air around him smells of wolf musk and shit. Even the panda's own orgasm is lost in that sea of cum all around him, his jizz easily overtaken by the sheer amount all around him, and all the boys that were playing with his own cock are washed away by what seems to them to be a tidal wave of jizz. Slowly looking back, he watches as all the cum that didn't drip off of him begins to dry on his fur, eyes widening as Salo's ass widens, that donut effortlessly pushing those two massive cheeks apart...Then pushing farther! It's one abyss Brendon can't help but stare into~ "Ooh my~ Hehe, hopefully this is something I can do someday! Can't wait to see it!" The panda excitedly watches, despite still laying on the ground, exhausted. He's about to be ground zero for quite an event, and he couldn't be happier!
S: Salo braces himself as his hole widens beyond its normal "maximum" size, ending up at over two and a half feet by the time it stops spreading. His cheeks spread apart to accommodate the huge donut, making the wolf's hips look like they're twice as wide as the rest of his body. As the mess pouring out hits its peak size, the crowd behind him is overtaken in seconds, the shit so soft that it barely even keeps its shape, instead just spreading out over the street like a flood of thick, creamy peanut butter. All the houses along the street are flooded in mere minutes, the shit piling up so fast that it even fills the two story houses on the block from floor to ceiling. Any neighbors who weren't outside already come out to join the rest at this point, most of them having stayed behind up till now to look after babies and children who couldn't have come outside by themselves. Of course, they bring their babies out when they do come, and most of them go straight for Salo, letting their babies and toddlers get a good feel of the wolf's ass, which he gladly accepts. Some of the parents are holding their children a bit too close to the gaping pucker, so Salo chuckles and takes a step back, feeling two babies enter his rump without even having to stretch him, their parents still holding them. He then takes it a step further by turning the two tots into poop right in their parents' hands, then moaning as the parents dive right in after them with a squelch, bathing in the shit that was their kids just seconds ago. As the massive dump continues, more people start making their way toward both of our butts, eagerly climbing in one after another, sometimes more than one entering at once, usually busy humping each other when they do. The big wolf looks over at you, panting and cumming again as he watches two older guys humping one of our helpers into your rump, making their cocks grow just to make the younger boy feel better as he gets pounded into your messy pooper. "Ooh...I think I'm almost done...whaddaya say when we're done, we go back up to Bambi's room and fuck in his bed? He'd love to know we used his bed for such a naughty thing~"
Br: Brendon just watches, hypnotized by the size and stretchiness of that massive donut, then shivering when he watches the flood unleashed upon the neighborhood. It looked almost as if a deluge of thick, brown batter was washing over the neighborhood, engulfing people and buildings without any effort, and making any who weren't buried under all that poop utterly entranced. The panda boy bit his lip, moaning and nearly on the verge of cumming hard all over again, even without the help of the guys behind him, shoving the last of our helpers deep into his butt in the most lewd way possible. Despite being rammed repeatedly today, and even though he literally just had his big butt pounded by the big wolf, he looked at Salo as he spoke, looking between him and the endless stream of poop coming from his rump, knowing that Bambi was still in there somewhere, in utter bliss as he helped to cover everything in brown goodness. Truly, that pungent aroma might have been alarming at first, but by now practically everyone within miles must have been turned on by it, anyone still nearby and not turned to poop drawn to that magnificent ass. The cub couldn't stop staring, either, moaning as more pre left him, his balls feeling like they were full and eager for release all over again. Panting softly, he watches as the youngest of cuties yet are given freely to your rump, following by the parents that bring them over, just for all of them to be added to the ever-growing mass of brown. Now in so much pleasure that he can barely rise to his feet, the panda boy nods weakly, smiling at the wolf. "Mmmmm, I'd love that~ I wanna feel it again...I wanna be able to push out as much as you are someday! Might as well have a bit of fun making my butt nice and stretchy in the meantime~" He blushes again as he lets out a long, powerful fart around the boy being shoved into his rump, his own blast of thick, creamy poop glorping out around the boy as he vanishes into his big butt, making Brendon pant all the more. "Mmmmph~ Th-that is, if you ever stop pooping. Hehe, I'll bet Bambi loves covering the area like this~"
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This is by far the longest RP I've ever been involved in, and definitely one of the best.

It doesn't look like we'll ever quite finish, but what we did do is more than enough~ <3

Note: I realized I uploaded this twice, but this version's more complete anyway so w/e

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Looks like ya sure had fun :P