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P: In the principal's office, the new principal, Parker, paced back and forth, a bit nervous about his new job. He had been welcomed well enough, but couldn't shake the feeling that something was a bit odd in the atmosphere of the school. Something he wasn't used to. The larger, 7-foot-tall horse sighed softly to himself, dressed in a proper shirt and rather tight pants. Being a horse, it was difficult to find a good size. Despite a few stares, no one really seemed to mind. One thing he quickly noticed, however, was the sight of a young cub right outside his office. His eyes widened at the tight gym shorts that boy had on...Oh my...He couldn't let a cub like that roam the halls! Opening the door to his office, he called out to you. "Excuse me, young man? Could I see you in my office for a moment, please?"
B: Bambi walked slowly down the hall, having noticed the new principal when he'd first arrived, and having spent the whole day since thinking about all the fun he'd have with him. It helped of course that your pants did little to conceal your massive endowment and sizeable rump, making it that much easier for the cub to fantasize. Throughout the morning, every time he walked by you, he made sure to subtly wiggle his own butt at you, but it didn't seem to be working. On his way back to class from lunch, however, he finally got his wish, acting rather nonchalant when you called him into your office, apparently not too worried about getting in trouble. "Me? Did I do something wrong?"
P: Parker sighed a bit, taking your hand and kindly yet sternly leading you into his office. Closing the door, he sighed and looked down at you. He seemed to notice your butt wiggling as you walked, making him blink a few times before shaking his head. "Uhh, I just...Wanted to talk to you briefly about your outfit, Mister... He glanced briefly at a few notes on his desk, finding your picture and name quickly enough. "...Vorita! Is that a regulation gym uniform you have on there, Bambi? It looks...Awfully tight..." He said, unable to keep from looking it over a bit here and there, almost wondering how you managed to squeeze into it.
B: Bambi giggled and nodded as he sat down in one of the chairs in front of your desk, wiggling a bit in his seat as the bulge in his crotch got slightly bigger, the boy obviously aroused by your own...features. "Yeah! It's just a couple sizes too small, that's my brother might have done a little something to it to make it fit tighter...he likes to do stuff like that for--er, to me!" He blushed lightly, watching you as you read his file. "Hey, what's in there anyway? I didn't know you guys kept info on us like that!"
P: Parker blinked a bit. "Wait...Your brother altered your uniform?" He sighed a bit, shaking his head. "I'll have to call him in sometime to have a word with him...Bambi, I'm afraid that..." He blinked briefly, train of thought derailed as he noticed...A bulge in the front? Were you getting an erection? He shook his head again, it couldn't be... "Umm...I-uh, I'm afraid that we'll need to get you another pair of gym shorts, those are simply too tight and....?" He blinked again, noticing you looking at his desk. "Oh, that? Those are just your school records; nothing out of the ordinary," he said as he stepped between you and the desk to keep you from peeking, putting you pretty much at eye-level with his crotch as it loomed over you, almost casting a shadow. Not even hard yet, and already it was stretching those pants so tight... "After all, I do need to learn everyone's names here, and get to know them if possible!"
B: Bambi grinned and blushed deeper when you stepped in front of him, unable to keep his eyes off your bulging crotch. Meanwhile, his own crotch bulge was still growing, even faster than before, stretching his shorts tighter and tighter, though oddly they didn't seem to be restricting the growth in any way. On the contrary, as much as his bulge grew, his shorts seemed to hug it just the same, almost as if by magic! By the time you were finished speaking, whether you had noticed it before then or not, his bulge was touching yours, having grown to a clearly unnatural size for a boy his age. The fat little cub just sat there, mesmerized by the principal's bulge, realizing that if it was that big even without any enhancements, he might not have to make any magical changes to you to have his fun!
P: Parker blinked a bit, looking back from his desk. "Hmm? Bambi, are you listening to...!!" The large horse's eyes went wide as he looked back. Before he knew it, your own erection was on display, even through your pants. He simply stood there, staring down at you, utterly dumbstruck, unsure what to do. He could feel the hardness and the warmth and throbbing your cock against his. The look on his face was one that showed he wasn't sure if this was actually happening...But then, after a brief moment, you could feel it...A throb in return. That big bulge throbbed right back against yours, to which the big horse quickly took a step back, nearly stumbling into his desk. "Ahh! Uh, I-I, uh, I should see about getting you a new pair of shorts...H-how did you even..." The horse was bewildered, clearly unaccustomed to magic. And yet despite this uncommon sight, that bulge in the horse's pants was getting tighter. And if Bambi listened close enough with those ears of his...He might just hear a sliiiight rip in the fabric as that throbbing continued and the bulge got bigger~
B: Bambi nearly gave in to his urges right then and there, but in the back of his mind he knew the payoff would be much better if he waited. Even still, if you hadn't moved back right then, he might have reached up and started trying to get into your pants right there! Your sudden movement jerked him back to reality however, and he realized how big his bulge had gotten, giggling and blushing more, quickly returning to his casual, sexy self. "Whoops! I didn't think that would happen so fast! Heh, I guess I shoulda known something like this would happen when we got a horse for a principal..." His ears perked up when that low rip sounded out, the cub grinning wider and shifting in his seat a bit, a dark spot starting to form at the tip of his cock. "Hehe, you alright? Sounds like you might need some new pants too..."
P: Parker, looking increasingly flustered, tried to stand back up normally...Unfortunately that only made his growing bulge more prominent! Biting his lip, he tried to take a deep, calming breath...Only to see your erection still going, and now a spot forming at the end. "Wh...Is that...Are you..." The big horse clearly wasn't sure what to think. He wasn't sure what freaked him out more: the fact that you were getting a massive erection, or the fact that he was getting an erection by just looking at you. Another few ripping sounds as portions along the crotch of his pants began to tear a bit, making him start to breathe a bit heavier. "Th-that's not true, my pants are just fine...Yours, however, need to come off! I-I mean need to be changed!!" His eyes went wide and his face went white...Did he actually just say that?!
B: Bambi grinned at that slip of the tongue, shrugging as he slowly stood up. "Hehe, if you say so mister!" As he said that, he reached down and grabbed the waistband of his shorts, turning around and bending over as he started to slide them off, although it looked more like he was just peeling them off considering how tightly they clung to his wide hips and thick thighs. With his butt clearly presented to you, he slowly removed the shorts, revealing that he wasn't wearing anything underneath, meaning you got a perfect view of his drooling, foot-long cock, softball-sized nuts, and the thick, black, puffy donut pushing apart his big round cheeks. "Hehe, that better?"
P: Parker shook his head. "W-wait, no, stop that! I didn't mean...Mmph~" The big horse trailed off as he watched. When he watched you turn around, he could see that huge donut even before you touched your pants. It looked...So soft...Like a pillow...A warm, soft...No! He shook his head again, trying to tear his eyes away...But he couldn't. He watched those pants slowly slide down those plump thighs, revealing how well endowed you were...He couldn't stop staring; he had never seen a cub like you endowed like that! And then, your rump...From where you were, you could practically hear his heart pounding in his chest, trying and failing to look away or think of anything else...But he stared. He stared deep into that thick, black donut. The look in his eyes, the way he involuntarily leaned forward...he was thinking it. He couldn't help but think it, and yet he was trying so hard to resist. "Mmmph~ B-bambi...Your...Ooh, your butt..." He shuddered heavily, the ripping in the crotch of his pants audible and getting worse. With fewer constraints, that barely-concealed bulge continued to swell and grow out, the bulge nearly reaching your present rump where he currently stood. "You...Y-you need to put your pants...B-back on..." He said shakily, reaching forward to reach for your pants and pull them back up...And yet despite himself, that big hand landed firmly on your right rump cheek, shivering as he helplessly gave that big, round bubble a good squeeze~
B: Bambi giggled as you groped his butt, his cheek feeling almost like putty in your hand, soft enough that it felt like your hand could just sink right into it. "Mmn, you sure you want me to put 'em back on? Kinda seems like you want 'em off...especially now that your pants are about to burst anyway~" The young boy flexed his donut at you, showing how much control he had over it without even touching it, but his excitement momentarily got the better of him, and right then a loud, wet fart came sputtering out of him for about ten solid seconds, leaving his pucker gaping slightly for a few seconds after it finished.
P: Parker moaned softly at the plush, amazing feeling of that big butt against his hand, feeling like he could grope and rub it for hours...But then he saw that donut, feeling like he was gazing into the abyss before it flexed and let out a long, loud fart! He twitched and bit his lip as it sputtered its way through, his pants getting tighter and tighter...Until a loud rip was heard and those pants tore off rather violently, forcing the horse to stagger back. As he did, you likely felt something draped over top of you...It was hot, hard, and throbbing, and it spanned the length of your body and then some~ Behind you, the big horse panted and gasped heavily as he saw his own giant, black horse cock laid across the back of your little body, the head of it just above yours, slowly leaking some sticky pre down onto your face. Parker's eyes stayed wide, his mouth agape, frozen in shock and unable to move as that large horse cock throbbed over top of you~
B: Bambi grinned as he heard your pants finally give out, moaning softly as your huge cock landed on him, amazed by how big it was even without any magic. "'re big even for a horse! Guess I really won't need to help you what are you gonna do now? Still want me to put my pants back on?" The boy teased you even more by wiggling his big rump and flexing his donut, as well as raising his head a bit and licking the drooling tip of the monster resting on him. As he did, he let out another fart, though this time it was no accident, and he intended to keep it going until you plugged his hole with that giant horsecock. "Hehe, I bet this'll big dirty pedo~"
P: Parker's face was red, and it was now quite clear just how much was...pent-up inside those pants he always wore that bulged out so heavily. The big horse shivered, shaking his head. "Th-this...This is...Isn't...R-right..." He said to himself, panting as he tried to move back...But he was still frozen, so all he ended up doing was pushing forward slightly, then pulling back, dragging his cock back and forth along your back. The big horse let out a long moan. The feel of that fur against his cock, the teasing words from you, and the sight of you slurping up that bit of precum...It was enough to make another glob come down, splatting on your face. Gritting his teeth and shaking his head, the horse shook his head over and over...But he couldn't stop himself. His large hands grabbing you, holding you under his massive cock while whirling around, putting you down on your stomach across his desk. Hands now on your soft, sweet rump, he shivered as he stares into that hole...It looked so soft and inviting...Even as it was farting, that donut had a softness to it like a wondrous pillow. So good to feel...So good to push into...With a deep groan, Parker pushed back, then pressed the tip of his cock up against your hole, the head even larger around than it was. He held it there for a moment, feeling the warm, foul air pushing against it before he bucked his hips, pushing the head in, stretching that donut, and plugging your sweet little butt. "Mmmmm...Mmmmrrrr~ Mmmmnnnnnnuuhhh~" The big horse was sweating...This was the worst thing he could do! It was so wrong...So why did it feel so good?
B: Bambi giggled as that surge of precum gushed out onto his face, swallowing as much as he could before you spun him around and laid him across your desk. As you groped and squeezed his plump cheeks, he kept farting constantly, filling the room with the stench of dirty little boy butt. While you were preoccupied with playing with his butt, the boy quickly reached out and hit the button to turn on the microphone that broadcasted to the whole school, grinning to himself as his farting only got louder until you finally got your cock positioned at the pillowy entrance to his thick rump. The young boy moaned loudly as you pushed in, feeling that pucker stretch around your massive horse dong, making a number of soft squishing and shlorping sounds as it slid in, bulging the kid's belly out as you stuffed him. Of course, the microphone picked up all that moaning and squishing and farting, so the rest of the school was getting quite the show over the intercom, unbeknownst to you. "Mmh, how is it? You've never humped a little kid like me before, have you?"
P: Parker moaned loudly the moment the head of his cock pressed into your rear, shuddered at the wet, sloshy sounds as he forced more of himself in, inches of that monster cock forcing deeper into your big butt to stretch out your belly, already bloating you a bit before he can get all of it in. He shudders and shakes his head, trying to somehow make this stop. "It's...It's n-not...r-r-right..." But the heavy throbbing inside of your ass and the warm, heavy horse pre that slowly leaks into your belly tells another story. It's certainly easy to tell that he's never humped a boy before...And even easy to tell that he absolutely loves it~ He grips your little body, pushing you against the desk and thrusting deep into you again, squelching and shlucking wetly inside of you. "N-never...S-so...wron...So warm...S-soft...Ooohhh~ B-bambi~" He moans deeply, the sound of the large horse moaning out your name broadcasting over the school for all to hear while he pounds you against his desk~
B: Bambi moaned more as you started thrusting into him, feeling your cock filling him up to the point where he could feel it in his chest, threatening to go all the way through him and come out the other end. At this point you could have easily picked the boy up and simply carried him around on your giant rod, and he almost wished you would for the sake of showing off, but he was also enjoying teasing you too much to do much else just yet. He did however push a bit, moaning again as a few more farts sputtered out around your cock, stretching his hole wider while also still letting it squeeze and clench around you, massaging your huge cock to the best of his young body's abilities. "Mnh, wow you're should do this with my other brothers sometime...they'd love having you in their butts~" The cheetah boy giggled to himself, knowing you wouldn't catch the second meaning to his words just yet, but eager to show you his other abilities, simply farting more in the meantime, the air in your office now heavy with the stench.
P: Parker panted heavily, moaning as he bucked his hips against you, just enough control to avoid impaling you on his cock. He couldn't imagine how you weren't harmed from this, and indeed you seemed to love it! The horse's head was such a muddled mess...And the stench from all that farting didn't help either. Still, the odor crept into his lungs, somehow urging him on. His cock throbbed heavily against your body's attempts to contain it, pushing back against each clench while he moaned, tongue hanging out before pushing just a bit deeper. His cock was a monster, alright...If he hadn't been holding you down against the desk, he could have easily lifted your whole body up off the desk with it. But still his face was red, trying to resist the immense feelings of pleasure. "W-what...? N-no, that's..." Every time he tried to speak, his moaning overtook him, feeling the tight, pleasant walls of your young butt holding tightly around his shaft. More pre leaked into your belly as his massive balls swung back and forth behind you, sloshing heavily and expanding, needing release. "Mmmph...B-bambi..." He couldn't help but give your widening rear another blatant grope, rubbing and feeling along those soft cheeks, so pleasant to the touch, and feeling so amazing on either side of his shaft, hugging it tightly on the way in and out.
B: Bambi managed to turn himself over on your desk so he was on his back, with his bulging gut and huge boyhood right in front of you. His own balls were getting pretty big as well, the boy clearly far more...developed than most his age, certainly moreso than any boy you'd ever met. "Mm, yeah, I think you'd be great with them...actually, haven't you met Largo already? Heh, guess he managed to keep it in his pants for once..." He trailed off as he felt your pre filling his belly and trying to come out his mouth, happily swallowing it back down when it did. His farts kept coming, gradually getting wetter as he started preparing for the next part. " you're big...I don't think I've ever been humped by anyone who was already this big...normally I have to make their things way bigger~ Guess that just means I have extra energy to make you super dirty!" The sexy kid giggled and squeezed your huge cock tighter with his puffy donut, making even more lewd squishing sounds for the rest of the school to enjoy.
P: Parker shuddered heavily as he felt you turn around on his dick, looking down on his desk and now forced to look down at you. His face turned redder when he saw how well-endowed you were. "L-largo? The teacher? What about...Mmmmmnnnhhh~" He couldn't stop himself, holding himself inside of you while that cock throbbed and pounded. The big horse was actually trying to fight the oncoming orgasm, otherwise he might have cum by now. His knees nearly buckle when more wet, squishy sounds and farts emanate from your ass. All of your words, your mentions of others that are dirty, promises of future lewdness...It was too much for the horse to take. "Oh g-gods...B-bambi...Y-you're...Nnnnhhh~ You're...such...a little cutie~" With a sudden lurch forward, he lowered himself down to the desk. His dick was so long that he was able to lean forward and level his face with yours as you were skewered on his cock. And then, with a deep moan, he pressed his lips against yours. And then he started kissing you...Kissing you long and deep, roughly keeping his lips glued to yours while pushing his tongue into your young, small little mouth. His large body shook heavily over yours as he kissed you, moaning into your mouth, making out with such a cute, sexy little boy as he pushed against and again into that lovely rump of yours, every last detail broadcast for all to hear, including his admission~
B: Bambi grinned rather smugly as you lowered your face to his, knowing he'd broken you now, but still hoping your reaction to the next part would be just as adorably naive as it was to the first. The boy moaned as your long tongue roamed around his mouth, returning the gesture with his own, loving not just the act itself, but the sheer thought of making out and being fucked by the perverted as the kid was, he still found a good deal of excitement simply in breaking the taboo against adults humping kids. "Mmnh...glad you finally noticed~ Now we can get to the best part! Wanna know what all this farting's been leading up to?" As he said that, another long fart erupted around your cock, the cheetah keeping it going longer than most of the others, while simultaneously starting to relax his bowels. As you continued making out with him, you could feel the tip of your cock pressing into something especially warm and wet. It was fairly obvious what it was, even though from the outside it looked like you were still bulging him out all the way up to his neck.
P: Parker could only moan in respond, pushing roughly against you as he pressed his tongue into your mouth again, loving the feel and the taste of the your maw. He pressed his larger body closely against your younger body as that kiss continued a few moments longer. Then he finally pulled back, chest rising and falling heavily as he caught his breath with his dick still buried deeply within you. As much as he had lost himself in all of this, some part of him still had a grip on himself, because he blinked heavily, gasping at the sight of his cock practically reaching all the way up to your throat, and yet that squishy feeling against his cock...It's clear what it was, but it didn't seem possible. Panting heavily and unable to stop bucking his hips, he looked down at you, shivering and moaning at the warm blast of foul air over his cock, filling the room with you scent. "Nnnggg~....W-what are you...Mmmph~" His mind was still screaming at him to pull out of your ass...But he couldn't. It felt to good and warm in there, and despite the dirty feeling building up in your bowels, it felt strangely hot, urging him to thrust again as that giant horse cock throbbed inside of you, unable to pull out until he finally came...Yet his curiosity got the better of him, forcing himself to wait until you unveiled the "best part."
B: Bambi giggled at your confused expression, relaxing his tailhole around your giant cock as his farting continued, the sound booming through the microphone on your desk for the rest of the school to hear. By this point the teachers had essentially given up on actually teaching for the time being, as they and most of their students were busy pleasuring themselves and/or each other. This was especially true in Largo's class, where the large bear was busy burying his students in shit, and even using a few of them as dildos. Bambi could only imagine the scene in there as he let his own load get closer to its exit, slowly enveloping your thick cock and making the noises from your thrusting that much nicer. "Mmh, it's exactly what it feels like~ You'll love it, don't feels really good!" The little cub grunted softly as his shit kept covering more of your huge member, soon at the point where the next push would send it out onto the floor. As such, you could see the brown sludge covering the base of your cock each time you pulled it out of the young boy's ass, threatening to spill out all over everything. He held it there for a moment though, just to see how you would react before you learned just how much the dirty boy really had in him.
P: Parker remained unaware...Both of the loud speaker that was on, and of the true nature of the students and teachers of the school. Certainly he would find out in time, but for now, he simply blushes, turning red as he looks down at you. His body tenses and shivers as he feels that warm, soft muck oozing out of your butt around his cock, gasping at the sudden flow before pushing his cock right back in to try and keep you from flooding, but all that poop keeps coming out of your regardless. He moaned heavily, shuddering at the stench that began to fill the room as well as the poop that started to cover the floor, running down his desk and his own leg. He gasped, looking at you again. "W-what are you doing?? How much are you...How do you...Have that much?!" The stallion was utterly confused, and yet completely turned on at the same time, as his cock only seems to get harder, that throbbing a constant inside your body. It was coming out either way...But the flow of that warm poop felt like smooth batter rushing against his cock, making him shudder as another surge of pre left him, making him shake his head. "Nnnn...N-nnnnhhh~ S-stop...This isn't...This isn't right..." He said it out loud, trying to convince himself, and trying to somehow force himself to pull out...But his legs didn't move, and his cock kept throbbing, loving its current place lodged deep in your young, dirty ass.
B: Bambi giggled at your reaction, finally letting it all go, sighing in relief as the soft shit began gushing out, getting all over your legs and the floor, the brown mess piling up on your feet and against your desk as it kept coming out, flowing out past your huge cock with no problem, almost as if there were nothing there to stop it. The boy soon started pushing a bit harder, however, and his already huge hole stretched even wider as the flow of shit did the same. "Ooh...feels good, huh? Just wait, we'll be buried in it in a few minutes...maybe even sooner if you hump my butt hard enough!" The young cheetah obviously had no sense of shame about what he was doing, instead coming across as if this were a fairly normal thing for him to do! Despite all the sexiness and dirty talk, the little boy did a good job of keeping a casual, nonchalant attitude when he wasn't actively teasing you. Of course, that didn't mean he wasn't also a sex-crazed little hornball, and he let more than a few lusty moans and gasps out as you kept railing him, the wet, sloppy squishing from his filthy rump combining with his and your own pants and moans to create an unbelievably sexy soundtrack for the orgy that was going on throughout the rest of the school. A few of the kids and faculty were gathered around the door to your office, trying to get a look at the scene inside, but trying not to draw attention as they watched. Bambi could see them over your shoulder, giving a subtle wink as his body was rocked back and forth on your desk, feeling you thrust deep into him again and again.
P: Parker could only stare down at you, utter confusion on his face. The humping, the pooping, and the casual nature of it all from you was still messing with his head. "B-buried? What...W-what are you...N-nnnnhggghh~" The big horse's repeated attempts to regain control of himself failed, and soon that giant horse cock pounced into your little rump, nice and deep. He then pulled back and pushed back into again, thrusting deep despite the constant flow of poop. He should have been feeling shock, revulsion, something...But all he felt was pleasure, unable to stop humping you again and again and again. So much of this was clearly beyond Parker for now, but he did know one thing: the throbbing feeling inside your soft, warm ass, the warm musk flowing over his dick, the moans that you and he let out into the school, the soft, wet schlucking noises squishing and echoing through his office and through the school with every thrust...He knew that all of it felt amazing. Parker didn't look back, unable to stop thrusting as he started pounding you against the desk, almost moving his desk with each thrust into your ass. His breathing grew heavier, the throbbing spread you wider, and the flow of pre against the stream of poop started to pick up strength. Panting heavily and now sweating, Parker looked down at you, his body tensing again as his cock twitched, reaching a paw down to grab your own dick and stroke it, occasionally reaching down to fondle your balls as well, a look of surprise on his face at the endowments of such a young cub. "Ooohhh, g-gods...Bambi...Y...You...You make...You make me so hard...Mmmpph~ I can't...Can't remember the last time I felt-oooohhhh-such a strong...Mmph!" His eyes widened again, once again realizing what he was saying. But it was too late now. That orgasm was teetering on the edge...
B: Bambi moaned louder as you picked up speed and force, the boy closing his eyes and relaxing even more, just letting you use him as nothing but a fucktoy for the time being, his ass stretched massively with your cock going into it and his shit coming out of it. The pile on the floor was spreading out at an alarming rate, making wet glurping and squelching sounds as it spread over the floor toward the walls, eventually hitting them after a minute or two. Once that happened, the level of slop in the room started rising faster, covering your lower legs in no time, then touching the bottom of your swollen balls, soon enveloping them in the warmth and softness of the creamy mess. The boy moaned even louder when you started stroking his cock, pre pouring from it like a faucet, making even more wet shlucking sounds as you ran your hand up and down the foot-long shaft, the cub making especially cute sounds whenever you played with his sensitive balls. "Oof...this feels great...I can't wait till we're both buried in's gonna feel so good! Whaddaya wanna do after we're done? Hump me some more? Or something even more fun?" The young boy continued teasing you mercilessly with more nasty thoughts as you stretched him with your huge dick, though in between he was still gasping and moaning cutely like the little boy he was, despite having the sex drive and experience of someone much older.
P: Parker just groaned in pleasure as he kept thrusting, feel that odd warmth moving up his legs, then slowly squelching around his engorged balls, literally filling the room. The big horse looked around at the flood of brown, but couldn't fully wrap his head around it somehow. The overwhelming scent of your poop didn't help matters. As he could do as he humped you was look down at you, tilting his head slightly. "Mmmph...M-more fun? Ooohhh...Oh, I wanna have more fun with you, you dirty little cutie~ Mmmm, moan more for me...Clench that cute rump around my dick~" He wasn't sure what you meant by 'more fun', but he couldn't help getting a pervy grin on his face at the thought of more lewd activities with you. Though before he could say anything else, he grit his teeth as his cock twitched once more. The horse's large body tensed and leaned over yours, one hand holding you in place while the other reached right for your balls and rubbed them over and over. Panting heavier and heavier, he hilted himself inside of you, threatening to push that horse dick all the way throat you before he threw his head back, letting out a combination between a howl and a whinny, primal instinct shining through a bit as he came hard into your filthy, dirty ass. The torrent of horse cum pushed back against the constant flow of poop, pushing deep into your bowels, then into your stomach, then making its way up your throat. With that rigid pillar of horse meat locked firmly inside of you, he unleashed wave after wave of cum into you, filling more and more of your inner workings with sticky, musky horse cream, and cumming all the harder as he looked down into your cute face, watching you moan so adorably despite the raunchiness.
B: Bambi did just as you asked, moaning louder and clenching his thick donut around your huge cock, though it felt more like it was being squeezed by a warm, slimy pillow as the flow of shit kept squeezing out like toothpaste around your dick, filling the room surprisingly fast. By now the soft mass had risen to the top of your desk, and the little boy lying on top of it was getting covered in the smelly dough-like goop as it poured out of his rump. When you finally hit your climax, Bambi clenched harder than ever, squeezing your gigantic rod so hard that it actually kept your load from coming out for a few seconds, but eventually the boy relaxed that soft pucker again, and it all came shooting into him like a firehose. The young boy nearly yelled in pleasure as he felt your cum fill his insides, making his belly swell up to amazing proportions, to the point where it was almost as big as the entire rest of his body, nearly hiding his face as it threatened to smother him. While you were filling him, he hit his own climax, and his big member shot a huge load right into your face, followed by another one, and another, for almost as long as yours went on. He had obviously made it that way magically, as the amount coming out was way more than could have fit in his balls, even as big as they already were. By the time he was finished, your whole body - at least what wasn't already buried in shit - was drenched in the cub's thick, slimy jizz. Soon after his orgasm died down, he kicked his bowels back into gear, and the squishy dump started coming out faster than ever, quickly burying him and his huge belly, which looked like it had a full-grown person inside thanks to all your cum bloating him.
P: Parker gasped sharply, feeling your powerful donut squeeze so tightly around his cock, making his orgasm all the stronger as he emptied everything into you, nearly falling forward and panting heavily, trying hard to catch his breath. He looked down to find your swelled belly nearly obscuring the rest of you, then shuddering as he felt the continued warm gushing of soft poop from your rear. Even with his still-hard cock plugging your ass, the flow never stopped, and soon started to rise over the desk. The big horse then nearly jerked back as you shot load after load after load onto him, your heavy cream splatting repeatedly onto his face before matting down the rest of him, covering his upper body in white while his lower half was brown. Between the stench of the poop and the scent of your cum all over him, the big horse's head was swimming, seeming about ready to collapse from the odors and what you were doing. Shaking his head, he looked down at you again. "Th-this...This shouldn't be possible...How...How are you doing all this..." The horse began to look wobbly as the scents started to take hold of him, making him truly wonder what was actually happening anymore, and leaving him essentially powerless. "Mmmph...F-feels...pleasant...Nice and soft...Just like your ass...Mmmmm..." His words were becoming fainter as well, clearly not used to the assault on the senses.
B: Bambi moaned from underneath all the poop, still clenching around your cock every so often to help keep you hard. The boy then suddenly got another idea to try and shock you even more, and give you a taste of his other main ability at the same time. He reached one brown-coated arm up out of the mess and signaled to the people gathered outside the door for one of the kids to come in. He then stopped the flow of shit as the door opened, which allowed just enough of the slop to flow out of the room that the cub's face was uncovered. Pushing away the fat trying to cover his face, the little cheetah giggled at the sight of you covered in cum before speaking. "Hey, wanna try something else fun? Get that kid that just came in and stuff him up my butt! You can hump him up there if you want, or just push him in~ He'll love it either way, won't ya?" He winked at the other boy as he said that, grinning as the kindergartener blushed and nodded, only visible from the shoulders up thanks to the sea of shit filling your office.
P: Parker panted heavily still, stuck in a haze from the scent of cum and shit. He couldn't even pull back as your donut kept squeezing around his cock, keeping him stuck inside of you while he dick pulsed against your inner walls still, making the big horse moan and sway his hips slightly. He then blinked a bit as you gestured and spoke, blinking and looking back as he noticed the other cub come in. The big horse finally managed to pull back enough to unplug your ass, looking over the boy now, his throbbing cock still throbbing above the boy's head. The big horse at this point was lost to the scents and his own lust, and soon looked down at the boy with a smile. "Mmmmm~ You're such a cute little thing...Don't worry, the big horse will give you a nice ride on his dick~ All the way into Bambi's butt. Now doesn't that sound like fun~?" The big horse smiled, speaking to the child as a kind principal would normally speak to one of his students, though the lewd things he was saying echoed throughout the school still before he gently picked the little cub up, almost as if he wasn't aware of the things he was saying. He grunted as he placed the cub's head near your ass, and his cock against the boy's little rump. "Mmmm, so adorable~" His cock already started to leak more pre, splattering against the cute little cub's ass as Parker prodded it, pushing and humping against the boy to slowly push him into your donut hole against the flow of shit. His head was in such a strange place...But after a moment, he blinked briefly, clearing his head just enough to see the cub's head being pushed into your ass, with his own cock against the new cub's rump. Parker's eyes go wide, gasping again but unable to stop his powerful thrust, pushing the cub in deeper. Soon his arms begin to shake, his breathing shaky as he realizes what he said, and what's he just did to the boy. Eyes now full of shock and confusion, he looks at you again. "W-what...What are you...doing to me??" He asked almost pleading, his body and mind feeling so conflicted, even as he pushing the boy deeper into you with his cock.
B: Bambi grinned, a little disappointed that you didn't react more to the boy coming in, but eager enough to have him in his rump that he let it go pretty quickly. The cheetah could tell you were losing yourself in the moment, but figured you'd eventually come back to realize what you were doing. When you started humping the younger boy against his pucker, Bambi clenched hard enough that you couldn't make any progress for a moment, in the hope that the extra effort of trying to break through it would help bring you back to reality. Sure enough, the boy could see it in your eyes when you suddenly realized what you were doing and tried to pull back, only for your body to betray you once again as it pushed the little boy into his ass. "Hehe, I'm just showing you how we have fun here! You'll learn to love it pretty soon, trust me~ Lemme help you out with this little guy's butt though..." The cub then used his magic to loosen the five-year-old butt in front of you, making it easier for your massive cock to impale him, his whole body bulging out as your huge rod stretched him, this time actually going all the way through and coming out of his mouth, although it didn't seem to hinder the boy's ability to breathe or moan. Bambi loosened his own hole at the same time, letting the kid's head and shoulders slide in with a lewd shlorp and squelch, squishing into all the shit inside his fat rump, even though none of it was actively coming out. The dirty boy seemed content for the moment with simply enjoying the stretch his little friend was giving him, and watching you struggle with your conscience as you continued pounding the young butt in front of you. He especially looked forward to the moment you finally realized you were being watched from the door and that the whole school had been listening the entire time.
P: Parker's grip on reality was coming and going by the moment, leaving him unable to register certain things right away given everything that was running through his mind. Part of him wanting to think that was somehow not happening, or that he was having some exceedingly odd dream, but he could feel everything, especially all the wonderful sensations against his body. Sensations that he was afraid and ashamed to admit to. "No...I shouldn't...This is so wrong...This...This shouldn't feel good...I need to stop!" The horse's voice got louder to cut through the moaning from you and the boy and to try and stop his own moaning. But the way he spoke, it seemed as though he was trying to convince himself more than anyone. His eyes went wide again as he suddenly felt the boy's rump give way...Then let his horse dick go all the way through the boy, turning the cutie into a cock sleeve. A look of sheer horror was on the horse's face for a briefly moment before he felt the boy still breathing and moaning, seeming just fine despite being impaled on a horse cock. The confusion on the horse's face only grew, and despite it all...He kept humping. He couldn't stop. A quick blink brought something to his attention as he slowly turned his head. Finally, he noticed the people outside, some of whom were watching with interest. Another thrust of his own hips brought his attention back to his desk, seeing the light on his desk glowing a bit...The intercom was on. The stallion's whole body shivered, realizing that everything was being broadcast. Parker hangs his head in a defeated slump, still humping the boy deeper into your ass while speaking weakly. "Why...Why are you doing this to me...You...This school...This can't be real..." Parker couldn't tell what was worse; what he was doing, the fact that everyone could hear, or the fact that the people outside where...enjoying it? It was too much for the horse to take, and the look in his eyes showed that he was very close to a breakdown, unable to properly process everything that was happening.
B: Bambi grinned as you finally realized the full scope of what was happening, reaching up as if to give you a hug, though he couldn't exactly sit up with his huge gut and the boy sticking out of his ass were in the way. Instead, he just lay there on your desk, trying to help you through your inner conflict while encouraging your corruption all the while. "Hehe, whaddaya mean why? It feels good, doesn't it? That's the only reason I need~ Now c'mon, kiss me and let's get this little cutie churned up into poop~" The boy smiled at you with the cutest face you'd ever seen, despite it being covered in brown sludge. He loved watching you squirm, but didn't want you to feel too bad about what you were doing...he only wanted everyone to have fun in the end, after all. He started fantasizing about what he would have you do once the little boy was all the way inside him, thinking through the possibilities...he could have you go straight up his butt as soon as you were done, bring more toys in to play with, or simply have you pump him full of horse cum again. He couldn't help but lean toward a fourth option however, one that involved showing you off to the rest of the school with you crammed most of the way up his rump. In the meantime though, he decided to give you something else to keep your mind busy. While he waited for you to accept his offer for a hug, he beckoned one of the other boys into the room and silently instructed him to simply rub your ass and balls, the fourth-grader eagerly getting right to it, massaging your lovely rump and the heavy sac beneath using the warm shit surrounding him as lubrication, but not before getting himself completely covered in the mess to begin with.
P: Parker couldn't really move through it all. He simply looked down at you, looking deep into that adorable, smiling face. Even with all of the things he had seen and done for the last while, he still couldn't get over how cute you looked laying there. It was enough to nearly make him hard all over again. "I....I..." He was trying so hard to fight it, to try and retain some level of decency, but...In the end, he leaned forward, ever closer to you. He stopped short, pressing his lips briefly against yours before leaning in and kissing your young lips deeply, moaning into you softly. His body still shivered here and there, struggling with everything, but ultimately his kiss deepened and he reached up to pull you close, or at least as much as he could. As just as he did, a sudden moan left him that made his and your chest vibrate, shivering under the gentle massage of young hands along his expansive ass and soft, heavy balls. At this point, he couldn't even muster the will to pull back, so he 'helplessly' stood there, kissing you so deeply while the other cutie rubbed over his big rear, feeling firm and toned in his paws, yet utterly massive. His balls hung lower despite heaving recently been emptied, still feeling the pleasure of it all, despite his want to fight it. And through it all, his movement through that massive pool of shit caused schlurps and squelches to echo through the room, only adding to the 'dirtiness' of everything happening around the new principal.
B: Bambi moaned as you picked him up, feeling your huge cock and the boy impaled on it shifting inside him. The cheetah cub eagerly kissed back with the skill of someone who had practiced for years, his tongue roaming around your mouth as he let out cute little moans every few seconds. Meanwhile, the kid behind you kept rubbing your rump and balls with shit-lubed hands, letting out his own moans as he felt the wonderful size of all your features. After a few solid minutes of making out, Bambi broke the kiss and clenched his pucker around your rod, slowly pulling the little boy off of it and further into his dirty bowels. "Mmh, there he goes up my butt! He's gonna feel really good coming back out as poop~ Wanna see? Put me back down on the desk and hold my butt open and look inside and you can watch him turn into mush!" The boy giggled, waiting for some sort of reaction to being told he was about to digest another kid right in front of you, but wanting just as badly to get your face in position so he could bury the rest of you easily. Around that time, the boy behind you decided to try something different, so he jumped up and wrapped his little arms around your torso, holding himself there to the best of his ability as he started thrusting his little nine-year-old member between your big rump cheeks, barely even making it to your puffy hole, but reaching just deep enough to give that ring a little kiss each time. It seemed you were getting quite the welcome to your new school, even if you were technically supposed to be the one in charge.
P: Parker shuddered and moaned into your young lips, his whole body shivering as he made out with you, pressing his tongue against yours and pushing in deeply with each push against your body, throbbing deep in that impossibly large, skilled rump of your before pulling back and gasping when he felt the boy on his cock slowly being pulled deeper. The big horse panted for a moment, looking at you as his face was still flushed. "W-what? Turn him into...What do you...H-how?!" The horse shook his head, looking confused and panicked at what you were telling him. "You can't mean that....N-Nnnmmph~" Parker tried to continue, but his words faltered when he felt the boy behind him groping along his heavy balls and the base of his thick shaft that somehow wasn't impaling you. When he felt the boy wrapped around his middle, he bit his lip, trying to fight against it, but ended up pushing his massive rump back against the boy, unable to keep from making his pucker 'kiss' the tip of the boy's cock in return. This was so wrong...Why couldn't he stop? Shivering still, he slowly leaned forward, placing you back down on the desk as his cock slowly and messily was pulled from your butt with a loud schlurk. At the same time, his ass was thrust back against the boy as those huge cheek enveloped the boy on both sides, almost hot-dogging him. The horse shuddered and grit his teeth...And yet he started to lower down toward your butt, clearly fighting with himself the whole way.
B: Bambi let out a heavy sigh as you slid your huge cock out of his butt, leaving the big donut gaping so you could easily see inside. As you lowered your face toward it, the cheetah boy let out a loud fart, giggling cutely to try and keep up the facade of childish innocence against the reality of what was happening, which was anything but innocent. Once your face was in position, Bambi immediately got to work on the boy in his bowels, whose own gaping butt and swollen nuts were clearly visible just a foot or so away. It only took a few seconds to turn the kindergartener into shit, though you could hardly tell, as his shape was still that of a little boy, albeit softer looking and more brown, if that were possible. As soon as he was done, however, Bambi pushed the now-poopified boy back out, giving you almost no warning before that tiny rump hit you right in the face, the gaping pucker seemingly engulfing your head for a second, before it became clear that it was just the mass of shit the boy had become. The cheetah boy didn't stop there though, pushing out more and more soft crap over your head, covering any part of you that wasn't already coated in the brown mess. Behind you, the other boy was busy with his third climax, after which he finally collapsed into the thick slop all around him, panting as he stared up at your beautiful rump. "Ahh, see? He's all poop now! He'll be fine tomorrow though, don't worry~ Whaddaya wanna do with that kid behind you? Wanna stuff him up my butt and watch me turn him into poop too? Or do you wanna try stuffing him up yours?"
P: Parker just stared right into that big, dirty donut, shivering the entire time as he got a look deep into your ass. By the look on his face, the big horse was simply entranced, only squinting his eyes a bit at the fart you blast over his face. His eyes widen as he watches the boy inside slowly turned to poop, then gasps loudly when you suddenly push him back out, watching that rump smack him right in the fact before the soft poop splatters over him, nearly smothering him as it covered his face and pushed him back a bit. The big horse couldn't help but fall back in utter surprise, which ended up planting his enormous ass right down on the face of the cutie behind him, wedging his cute little face between those massive cheeks as he gazes into the horse's pucker, clenched tightly from all the activity. Panting and groaning amidst being covered in all that poop, Parker couldn't help but continue to sport and massive, throbbing hard-on, further shaming him as it made it clear that he was loving everything that he saw, and even reveled in having your cute butt take a massive dump all over him. Depraved as it was, though, he blinked up at you, confused once again when you mentioned the boy you turned into poop would be back. "Tomorrow? ...W-what are you saying? Have you...Done this before?" His eyes widened at the implication there. A boy like you would probably empty the school in under a day, and in that case it was a miracle that the school was still as full as it was. But between what you said, the people outside getting off on the sight, and the two boys we just played with...The horse could only stare at you in a mixture of awe, confusion, and a rising lust that he was still fighting to push back. He couldn't even give an answer about the boy, whose face was firmly sat on by the massive horse, whose rump had enough of a cushion on it to avoid harming the boy, leaving only the softness of massive rump cheeks threatening to engulf him!
B: Bambi giggled as you fell back onto the boy below you, deciding to take that as your answer, whether or not you meant it that way. First, however, the cheetah cub hopped off the desk and made his way to the door, squishing through all the shit as even more poured out of his rump. He opened the door, letting a hefty amount of shit rush out and engulf the two adults and four kids standing there. "C'mon in guys, you must feel left out! You can watch this next part up close~ But I do want a couple of you in me bout you two?" He pointed at one of the teachers and the youngest boy, both of whom nodded eagerly and immediately got behind the cheetah, practically diving into his filthy rump, soon disappearing with a number of wet squelches and shlorps, all while that same rump was still pushing out its massive load all over you and the others. Once that was done, Bambi just left the door open as he returned to you, climbing up onto your throbbing member and sliding right down over it, his gut bulging out with your giant horsecock all over again. " you can feel those two in there, huh? I'm not gonna turn them into poop just yet, just so you can feel 'em for a while~ Now about your butt...I'm gonna make it stretchy like mine, okay?" Without waiting for a reply, he worked his magic to do just that, your tight pucker suddenly widening and swelling against the boy beneath it, touching the ground around his head before you even realized what was happening. The boy started groping at your new hole, reaching into it and stretching it as much as he could, which wasn't much from his current position. "There, like it? I bet you can suck up that kid now without even trying!"
P: Parker couldn't keep from panting and trying to catch his breath, which only forced him to breathe in the pungent and almost intoxicating odor around the room. Those right outside his office almost seemed to be under its spell...He could only watch as you effortlessly took a fully-grown adult and a young child right into your ass like it was nothing. The wet, lord schlurks and glorps practically echoed through his room and in his ears, like they were all he could hear for a moment, until your newest rump treats were gone~ He stayed frozen even as you rather nonchalantly climbed up his massive cock and pushed your butt right back down on it, making him shiver and moan open-mouthed while his cock gave another hearty throb....Right up against the two you just stuffed up there! And...He could feel them...He could feel them rubbing, licking...They were grinding against his cock, even! He shook his head again, mutely shocked when you suddenly worked some magic on him. He wasn't sure what he felt...But his butt seemed...Wide...Stretchy...Enormous...He felt his pucker stretching so wide around the boy under him that there seems to be no tightness, no resistance...Parker actually briefly tried to clench his pucker in a vain attempt to slow it, but it didn't help at all. He groaned softly as he felt the boy sinking deeper...Deeper...Deeper into his ass...That cute little thing, that eager smiling face...Right up his large, horse ass~ And as he shot another large load of pre right into your ass, soaking the occupants, the principal continued to weaken, panting and shaking his head. His body wasn't even fighting it anymore...His ass wanted that cutie, and he wanted his cock deep...Deep in your soft, warm butt, becoming unphased by the rush of shit...
B: Bambi wiggled around a bit to get comfortable on your cock before using his legs to push off the ground a little, bouncing up and down on it as he felt the kid and teacher inside him having fun. Since you seemed too out of it to do anything on your own, he leaned forward to kiss you, making out with you again while he rode your huge member. The boy under you continued to work his way into your ass, stretching you more and more as he climbed deeper, until eventually he was simply standing on the floor with everything but his feet swallowed up by your thick pucker. He took that time to find your prostate and massage it, trying to help you toward your climax. Bambi could tell the boy was helping, as he felt your cock throb harder than before and leak even more pre into him, mixing with all the shit coming out as it flowed out of your office and into the hallway, nearing a few of the classrooms as it spread through the school. The sounds over the intercom hadn't stopped either, and now that the door was open you could hear the sloppy, wet noises echoing throughout the school, not just the office. "Hehe, I bet you like having that guy in your butt, huh? Feels good, doesn't it? Go ahead and cum...make me even bigger! Once you do I'll show you how dirty this school really is~"
P: Parker shivered slightly when he bounced on his cock, then leaned forward to kiss him yet again. Your warm breath and the feel of your lips again his...Even your little tongue gently touching his lips and the inside of his mouth...He couldn't deny it...He wanted to, but he couldn't. The conflicted look never left his face, but he seemed to be slowly drifting toward resignation. "B-bambi..You...Mmm..Mmmrrrph~" He couldn't make a full sentence before the two playing with his cock and the boy massaging his prostate forced him to give your ass full attention. Gritting his teeth after you pulled away from the kiss, he put his hands on your shoulders, pushing you down on his cock until your plump cheeks bounced down against his large balls. He panted as his rump seemed to work on its own...pulsing around the boy under him and slowly working him ever deeper...At the same time, Parker pushed you down firmly over his huge dick, bulging your bowels and belly out with his girth even before the pre started to flood into you. Alright weak from the previous orgasm, Parker could do nothing but hump into your butt vigorously, letting the wondering feeling of that young, cute little rump ripple over his cock before he exploded, shooting wave after wave of cum deep into your ass, jets of it pushing against the mass of poop to work its way into your bowel, Parker sighing deeply while his body spasmed. The pedophile principal did just as you asked, trying to wrestle with the pleasure and the shame he felt before slowly looking back at your cute little face...Giving a little moan as his butt practically tensed and slurped up the rest of the boy...
B: Bambi groaned as you pushed him down and humped him, your rod bulging his belly out higher than his head, loving the feeling of being stretched so far. He clenched slightly around your dick as his shit continued to pour out, keeping the pasage well lubed for you until you finally hit your climax, pumping gallons of jizz into him again, drenching the two inside him as the boy began turning them into crap as well, soon making a heavy surge gush out, squishing and squelching loudly around your firehose of a cock, before both it and Bambi's bowels returned to their normal states, with Bambi still letting out a steady stream of creamy slop along with a few farts here and there. Once the boy caught his breath, he got off your dick and kissed you one more time before turning around and leaning over your desk, presenting his large rump just like before, although this time his bloated belly lifted him a good ways off the desk, squishing and gurgling under him. "Ahh, there~ Now you know what it feels like to have someone in your butt, and how it feels to hump a little kid...but now you get to go up my butt just like those other guys! I want you to go in feet-first though, okay? I'm gonna show you around 'your' school afterward so you can see what it's really like~"
P: Parker sat there, dazed as he just soaked in the pile of poop that spread over everything and everyone nearby. His body spasmed lightly here and there, his eyes glazed over a bit and his breathing light as his mind tried to find some new ground, his lips quivering gently in response to your kiss as a slight murr escaped them. The large horse was finally spent, and he could only watch you as you climbed up onto his desk. The way you positioned yourself there, the way you spoke...You seemed way more in control of the situation than he was since the beginning. Parker could feel the squirming of the boy still in his bowels. The horse was unable to do what Bambi did on his own, so the boy simply remained, buried in horse ass for the time being. Parker blinked silently a few times as he watched you, and staring deep into that big, beautiful butt of yours. His gaze lingered on your ass for a bit longer, unconsciously licking his lips at the sight of it. But this time...He was going inside of it? Seeing the other adult fit so easily inside of it, Parker shivered as he realized that despite his size, he'd fit right in there~ He closed his eyes for a moment, unable to find any words before opening his eyes again and taking a deep breath, forced to breathe in the pungent aroma around him before slowly raising his feet. He gasped gently at the feel of that soft donut against his feet...It felt so pleasant...And that soft warmth was about to be all over him...He forced his feet in a bit deeper, past that pucker.
B: Bambi giggled at your speechlessness, wondering if he'd gone too far by letting you stuff that boy up your rump, hoping you'd at least manage to say something else before he was done. He moaned as he felt your feet touch his pucker, the thick ring pulsing and moving against them as more shit continually glurped out over them. At this point, the flood of crap had reached the ten nearest classrooms and was beginning to fill them up, getting all over the teachers and students who had long since forgone their lessons and resorted to lewd activities instead, especially in the case of Largo's class and the class the twins were in. As you started pushing your feet past that fleshy ring, the other adult and three boys who were still in the room decided to help you, the grownup going to Bambi's rear and helping to stretch it wider, while the kids got behind you and helped move you toward that ass so you wouldn't have to exert yourself too much. "Mmh, you're gonna feel so good in there...and you'll love it too~"
P: Parker seemed to try and open his mouth a few times to say something, but no words came out, leaving him mute as the other spectators came around to help out with your plan to stuff the principal up your butt. The shame and revulsion he felt at the beginning were become increasingly muted voices in his head, and seemed to be getting easier to ignore with every little push into your ass, and every little squirm the boy in his own rump made. His eyes were fixed on your ass, and he watched as his legs slowly were fed inside, stretching your donut wider and wider, yet as wide as it stretched, you never seemed to show the slightest hint of discomfort...Only pleasure~ Parker couldn't imagine how he managed to miss all this at the start. Was every child and every adult in this school so utterly dirty and perverted? That as well was a thought he couldn't get out of his head...That and how wonderful your ass felt as it slowly consumed more of him. Panting gently, Parker finally managed to speak again. "Nnngghhh~ Is...Is everyone...Did you do this to...Ooohhh~" The horse still seemed to want an answer for all this...And yet... "Mmnnggghh~ N-need...M-more..." He looked over at one of the boys trying to help feed him into your ass, smiling lewdly. "Mmmmrrrr...So...So cute..." With an increasing lack of shame, the horse reached over to pull one of the little boys closer, bringing him to his lips and kissing the small cutie deeply, rubbing him against himself and pushing his tongue into that warm little mouth...
B: Bambi moaned loudly with every inch of you that slid into him, his pucker gently squeezing your legs with its soft, slick flesh, adding more lewd noises to the symphony of squishes, shlorps and glurps echoing through the room and the rest of the school via the intercom. The boy giggled as he heard you start making out with another kid, the little six-year-old moaning into your mouth as you ran your tongue all around his own, clearly experienced despite his age. "Heh, my brothers and I have helped these guys get used to some of this stuff, but most of them get to practice kissing and taking things up their butts at home with their dads and brothers! Salo only lets people live here if he knows they'll enjoy the stuff that happens here, so he must've known you'd like this~" The other two boys kept pushing you slowly toward the cheetah's fat little rump, working your legs up through all the thick crap oozing out around you, eventually getting you in up to your waist. At that point, the adult stretching Bambi's hole pulled it open a bit wider to let your swollen balls enter without being uncomfortably squished. After that, you could feel the puffy black ring massaging your huge cock as it slowly slid deeper, pressed against your torso the whole time. "Mmh, just wait until you're all the way inside're gonna love getting turned into little boy poop~"
P: Parker shuddered again, feeling the completely alien sensation of someone's ass slowly making its way up his legs, and feel the odd, yet strangely intoxicating warmth that came with it. But he couldn't look back at it yet, as he lips were pressed against a cute little six-year old boy, while the horse's tongue continue to play inside the boy's mouth. Parker's blush only deepened when you explained to him the situation: that everyone here was a part of all this. In the end, Parker was amazed that he managed to think the school was normal for the better part of a day. And now here he was, passionately making out with a cute little boy while vanishing into the small, yet seemingly massive rump of another boy that he had made out with and had sex with not long ago. He felt more of your rump swallowing him whole, but he seemed to care less and less as his doubt and inhibitions began to break down. He shivered and his cock gave a strong throb at the thought of being turned into poop, just like the boy he saw earlier. Even all the crap that glorped out around him, filling the room they were in...All of that was likely children from earlier. He gave a loud moan as his large balls were seal within your ass, feeling that soft, pillowy pucker push and rub against his cock, making it throb and leak all the more. "Mmmrrr! Mmmph~! I c-can't...I...Mmph~" It was too much; he was already about to burst again. But this time, he had a cute little boy with him. As he disappeared into your ass, he slowly broke his kiss with the little cutie, looking down at him with a smile. "Mmmmm...So cute...Just...Just makes me wanna...Mmmph~" Another long, loud moan escaped the horse as he gently pushed the boy downward, with him, deeper into your ass along with him, but also pushing that cute little rump down against the tip of his horse cock. With a deep pant, he pushed the boy down again, stretching that cute little rump wide over his cock, desperate for something warm and tight to push into...He heard those adorable moans from the boy as he made out with him, and he needed that little cutie to moan again before the both of them were turned into poop~
B: Bambi clenched softly around you and the other boy as you both slid deeper, pressing the little boy against you as he was stretched by your cock, letting you feel his young member pumping out a steady stream of cum on your torso. The other two boys continued pushing you toward the cheetah's filthy rump, eventually getting you in up to your chest, the puffy hole stretched wide around you, your cock and the boy riding it, all of which eventually slipped in along with everything else. At that point, all that was left outside was your head, and the two boys pushing you finally stopped, each planting a cute kiss on your face before heading off to the side of the room with the adult that was holding Bambi open, all three of them going at each other as Bambi giggled and wiggled his butt. "Hehe, there! Turn around so you can see right side I can show ya around and let everyone see what a dirty perv you are~" After saying that, the boy finally stopped shitting as well, and started heading toward the door. Once he was out in the hallway, he made his way around to each classroom, all of which were mostly if not completely filled with crap. In each room, there appeared to be an orgy going on, with all the kids playing in the mess, humping each other and their teachers. "Hehe, this one's my favorite!" the boy teased as he took you into the preschool room, where the teacher had his cock buried in a three-year-old's butt, and his face buried in a certain one-year-old folf's rump as it pushed out a sloppy mess all over him. "Oh, Mesco's here today! That's my big bro's actual son! You should definitely play with him sometime!" As he continued showing you around the rest of the school, he visited the twins' kindergarten class, which looked a lot like the preschool class, but with the twins sandwiching their teacher between them as they made even more of a mess. The cheetah boy eventually ended up in Largo's classroom, where the huge bear was in the middle of stuffing two of his third-graders up his shitting rump together while a third vanished down his throat with a loud gulp and a number of wet squishes, all while another boy was riding the teacher's thick cock. Bambi just let you watch the spectacle, farting wetly around your head every few seconds just to tease you even more, as well as clenching his soft, slimy pucker against you to make more lewd noises to go along with everything else.
P: Parker panted heavily, moaning and bucking his hips uncontrollably as you sucked him deeper and deeper into your filthy ass. The very real possibility of being turned into more poop for you to push out became clear in his head, and yet all it did was cause him to become even more horny, humping the little boy with him even after your ass enveloped everything but the horse's head, leaving the boy to let out muffled moans deep in your ass as cum from both of them continued to flow. Parker could only manage a weak moan as he obeyed, slowly turning himself around in the grip of your ass, seeing the world framed by the soft, filthy rim of your butt. The horse's eyes opened wide when he saw the first classroom, even the youngest students going at it with such fervor, as the teacher humped one student while pressing his face deep into the ass of another. Parker could only shake his head, unable to believe that he had somehow gotten this job without realizing all of this up until now. Though upon seeing the cute little folf, the horse got harder, groaning as he gave the boy trapped in your ass with him another good hump. He saw similar happenings in the kindergarten class. It seemed to be happening everywhere. Lewdness...cum...untold amounts of shit...It was everywhere. Inescapable! He blinked again at the sight of the third-grade class, blinking again as he watched the massive bear, Largo, handling multiple students at once. His eyes couldn't help but watch the two boys vanish completely into that big bear ass, then watch the bulge of a third boy travel down Largo's throat, practically splashing down within. The horse had just been trying to come to grips with it...Yet the entire school seemed to be even more raunchy than he was! Were there any teachers that hadn't had sex with their kids? Any children that hadn't been made out with and plowed? It didn't seem so...The horse couldn't help but blush at the sound of another rank fart around his head, reminding him that all of this was inescapable...Just like your ass that clenched tightly around him~
B: Bambi giggled as he watched the teacher walk to another boy's desk and sit down over him, letting out a loud shlorp as a blob of crap gushed out around him before he and the desk both disappeared into that huge ass. After that, he turned to you and grinned, coming over and standing in front of you with the one boy still hanging off his cock right at your eye level. "Hehe, hey there sir, I see my little brother's given you the tour. Hope you're enjoying yourself...speaking of, you want this little guy? I think he wants to get inside you..." Without waiting for a reply, Largo stepped forward, pressing the little boy's face up against yours, letting him make out with you for a moment as cum poured from his mouth into yours, until he pressed harder, forcing his head into your mouth and quickly sliding it into your throat. The bear started pumping back and forth into the boy's rump, each thrust pushing him deeper and deeper until he slipped out of sight, bulging out your throat on the way down, which in turn stretched Bambi's wide hole even further, making the boy moan softly. Largo kept thrusting into your mouth for a minute, gallons of cum shooting into you as Bambi clenched slightly and let out another wet fart, followed by a large glob of shit. "Hehe, he's really good at taking stuff both ways! I think I'm gonna bring him home and have Salo turn him feral when he's not at school! I wanna play with him more~ I guess I should get him turned into poop for now though, huh? You can help!" Largo nodded and grabbed the young cheetah's hips, squeezing the soft pudge as he started thrusting harder, pushing you further into that messy rump. Bambi let out one more wet fart right before you completely vanished, while Largo kept humping the boy for a while longer, both farting and pooping the whole time until they finally decided to stop. Largo stood there panting heavily, worn out from all the fun. "Whew...I guess it's time to go home, isn't it? That sounds like a good idea though, turning him feral...we'll all have tons of fun with him then!" Bambi giggled and nodded as he waited for the bear to catch his breath, then going back to the kindergarten and preschool rooms to pick up the twins and Mesco before finally heading home.
P: Parker gasps, wide-eyed as he watches the massive bear sit down on another boy's desk, making everything underneath him simply vanish into that giant ass. You could likely feel that it was having more of an effect on him deeper inside of you as the horse started humping almost uncontrollably. He then looked up at Largo, unable to really form a response, just staring at the cute boy hanging off of his member, bobbing up and down lightly with each throb...Then he found his lips pressing against the boy's, moaning as he pressed deep and kissed the boy, only to grunt in surprise as the bear's cum flooded the boy, making its way unto the horse's mouth. His eyes then widened again as the boy was pushed deeper into his maw, your magic apparently still working on him as his mouth opened wider than it should have, shivering as he felt the entirety of the little boy forced into his mouth and across his tongue, feeling and tasting every inch of the cute little boy~ His body bulged and tensed before he almost involuntarily felt himself let out a large gulp, swallowing the boy whole as his body made multiple wet sounds that were nearly drowned out by the myriad sights and sounds all around him, especially from your ass. But the horse' mouth stayed open as Largo's cock pushed in and out, Parker drooling from both the boy he just swallowed and the large bear cock in his mouth, unable to keep from suckling hungrily on it before the bear started pushing him deeper in! The loud, wet farts around him drowned out most of the other noises, and your continual cascade of crap all around him soon prevented him from seeing anything else as the bear pushed him in deep enough for your butt to finish the job. Soon humped completely into your ass, the horse found himself completely surrounded by poop, unable to full grasp what happened today, or how your ass was so big on the inside...But with each moment, he found it harder to care. With the events of the day in his mind, and with multiple cute boys having given him so much pleasure, Parker simply closed his eyes and let himself sink deep into the endless sea of poop around him...Little did he know the changes that would be in store for him later~
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This one's lovely~ Parker is played by the same guy who played Brendon in my other logs, so you know the quality will be great~

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