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F: the feline would soon be heading over at bambino's place or bambi for short, he was expected to watch over him while the kid's family members were out of the house, using the directions he was giving he would soon approach the front door, knocking on it and waiting for an answer
B: Bambi runs downstairs when he hears you knocking, opening the door and grinning up at you, the little boy wearing nothing but a way-too-tight pair of gym shorts that accentuate his large front bulge and even larger backside. "Hi! You must be my babysiter! My big bro's already gone, so let's go up to my room and play!" As he leads you back upstairs to his room, he swings his wide hips from side to side to tease you.
F: flux would be blushing very deeply, knowing that it was a little wrong to be staring, but couldn't help it, he holds the kids hands softly and follows his lead, wondering what he meant by that but didn't mind as much, with such a nice view, his cock would slowly get hard under his underwear and inside of his pants
B: Bambi guides you to his room, easily noticing the bulge in your pants, leaving his bedroom door open once we're in to make things easier later. The boy immediately heads toward his bed and bends over it, making his shorts stretch tigher against his rump, and even making his large donut of a pucker bulge out against the fabric. He then lets out a loud, wet fart, filling the room with the smell in seconds. "Hehe, so whaddaya wanna do first? Play some games, or play with me over here?" He looks back at you and winks, guessing which one you'd probably pick, but also sort of wanting to do something else first, just so he can tease you more and make you even hornier.
F: flux gasps a little and covers his nose softly, even though he already got a lung full face first of the smelly gas, he would mumble softly "u-ummm I guess we could play some games" he moves over closer to the kid and looks around the room, trying to hid his blush along with covering his nose before soon lowering his paws once the gas thinned out and the air gone almost back to normal
B: Bambi giggles and goes over to his case of video games, pulling one out for us to play. As we play it, the cheetah lets out more wet farts, keeping the room full of his stench the whole time. Without looking away from the screen, the boy teases you more by telling you about how he and his big brother play together all the time, and how much he loves getting his butt pounded by bigger boys like his brothers. As he talks, the bulge in his own shorts gets bigger and bigger, but the boy makes no effort to hide it, even when it starts leaking and making a wet spot in the tight shorts.
F: after a while flux would be completely hard, his own cock dripping pre slightly and his nose slowly getting used to the smell of the kids gas, but that only made things worse, increasing the felines lust with each passing gass from bambi, it still distracted him and startled him a little each time the kid decided to release the foul air from his behind, causing the feline to constantly lose
B: Bambi grins at you after winning for the tenth time in a row, leaning away from you and letting out one more long fart at you. "Hehe, not your night? We can play something else if you want...but I have a feeling you'd rather do something with this..." As he says that, he stands up and bends over in front of you, flexing his thick pucker against the back of his shorts before farting right in your face. "So whaddaya say? Wanna stretch me out? Just push your hands in and spread 'em as wide as you can! You don't even have to take my pants off if you don't want to! They're magic, so they can stretch as much as I can~"
F: the feline would now be blushing as deeply as he can, slowly reaching forwards and pulling the shorts down, leaning forward slightly and curiously to what the kid meant, he then slowly pushes both hands in a little, pulling and spreading them as wide as he can, his heart racing from the sexy feeling of the boy's warmth and the squishy insides around his soft hands, he leans forward a little more, wanting to get a better view of the sexy boy's anus and ass
B: Bambi moans softly as you pull down his shorts and push your hands into the soft, slick donut between his cheeks, his moans getting louder as you stretch it out, the hole getting as big as you care to make it, never giving any resistance. "Mmn...that feels good...if you wanna get a better look, go ahead and climb in a little bit! I'll push ya back out anyway in a minute...then the real fun'll start! I wonder how fast I can fill the house up this time..."
F: flux meows silently to himself, quickly getting undressed, not wanting his clothes to get all smelly. once completely undressed and nude he would slowly spread the ass back apart, nuzzling his snout and head deeply into the warm insides of the boy, trusting him and also loving the boy's smell and slowly sliping his hands further down into the dark tunnel of the boy's intestines, blushing completely with every second that passes
B: Bambi giggles as he watches you get undressed, then moans as you stretch him again, reaching deeper into him this time. The young boy lets you explore his insides for a few minutes, but then decides to move on to his favorite part of the night. "Hehe, you enjoying yourself in there? Hope so, cuz it's about to get reeeeeeal messy!" With that, the boy starts pushing, and almost immediately, your arms and head are enveloped by a huge, soft mass of shit, pushing you back out of his rump and onto the floor as the giant glob squishes out over you, covering you from head to toe in a matter of seconds in the thick slop. "Mmh...ya like that? There's tons more where that came from~"
F: he moans softly, trying to push the goop away with his paws as he tried protesting but couldn't, closing his eyes and making sure or trying to keep his head out of the shit, gasping for air and lowering his ears and as soon as he got his head clear from the smelly poo, trying to wipe his face off and just now realizing how sexy and kinky the boy was "y-yes~ I-I like it" he blushes, barely knowing what he was saying, feeling the warmth all around himself
B: Bambi grunts softly as more poop starts pouring out of his butt, landing right on top of you and spreading out on the floor around you. Pretty soon, the whole floor is covered in a knee-deep layer of thick, creamy crap, but it keeps rising gradually, reaching the boy's swollen balls and large member in no time. " always feels so good to poop like this...especially when I have a cute boy to let it all out on! But ya know, I'd love it even more if you'd hump my butt while I go~" He looks back at you and winks, shaking his fat butt as it keeps letting out more and more warm, messy shit all over you.
F: flux blushes and would get up and shake himself off before slowly placing his paws against the kid's ass, smacking it teasingly before slowly slipping the head of his shaft into the boy's sexy ass hole, loving the feeling of it surrounding his cock and slowly starts to hump "mmmm~ you're so sexy, release as much as you want" he smiles and humps a little more
B: Bambi giggles as you get up close behind him and stuff your cock into his messy rump, making lots of lewd squishing and shlorping noises as you hump the young kid. Bambi starts moaning a bit louder as you pound him, but it's not enough for him. "Ngh...feels good...but you're not big enough...mind if I make ya bigger?" Meanwhile, the amount of shit in the room has piled up almost to the boy's head, covering most of his body at this point. Since we left the door open, it's also been glorping out into the hallway and the rest of the upstairs rooms, making most of the second floor a sea of messy brown goop.
F: "u-um sure~" he says happily, purring and swishing his tail around a little in the shit, he slowly slips his cock out of the ass, wondering what else the boy had planned "I wouldn't mind being bigger~" he smiles a little, giggling at the sight of the boy almost completely covered in shit and all the shit around his legs and crotch, which felt pretty nice with all of it's warmth and smell
B: Bambi grins and focuses his magic on your crotch for a moment, but then decides to make the rest of your body bigger too, so when he's done, your body is nearly three times its original size, your head almost reaching the ceiling. He keeps growing your cock however, ending up making it over twice the size of his own body! "Ooh, now that's more like it! And now you'll feel even better going up my butt later~ Now start pounding me again! I wanna feel that huge thing inside me!" The slutty little boy reaches back and stretches his own ass wider, the flow of sloppy crap squelching out even more heavily than before, and soon the kid's head vanishes underneath the creamy mess, his moans being muffled by the thick poop as he waits for your giant member.
F: the eighteen foot cat would be a little off balance at the new height, trying not to slip in the slop as he moves his massive cock to the boy's ass, slipping the tip in which almost stopped the shit from flowing out as the feline slowly shoves more of his cock into the ass before fucking it hard, making a wet slick noise as it squishes against the crap, pushing it out of the way as flux then sits down and picks the boy up a little, using the kid as a fuck toy and slamming his shaft in and out, pinning him down under the massive amount of crap, his balls slamming into the boy's small body and mixing around the crap in the room, making it flow a little faster out of the door
B: Bambi gasps slightly as you push your new cock into him, letting out a loud moan as you start going to town on his ass, picking him up and holding him as the young boy becomes sort of a living fleshlight, each thrust making his belly bulge out massively. Despite the giant rod in his butt, his shit glorps out as heavily as ever, the kid's tailhole widening even more around your cock to let the mess out. Before too long, the boy's room and the rest of the upstairs is almost completely full of his crap, having started flowing down to the first floor and burying everything there as well. The sea of shit reaches up to your neck in no time, and soon, your head disappears into the thick goop along with the rest of you. "Ohh...that's way's it feel using a little boy like me as such a dirty toy?" he teases you in between moans.
F: flux moans and fucks even harder, shoving his cock more in and out the more it gets covered in hot shit, his balls slamming against the boy hard as the cum within sloshes around, growling lustfully and fucking him even harder, slowly turning his ass red as his hips slap against it, closing his eyes when the shit started to flow over his head, the feline would be enjoying such a young, slutty, feminine ass, it would feel amazing with his cock expanding the kid's stomach and bulging it outward, dripping a massive amount of pre into the ass due to the size of the shaft
B: Bambi groans louder as you literally fuck the shit out of him, while also filling his belly with gallons of pre from your massive balls, making it balloon out even more as the bloated boy happily takes your cock again and again, pushing out tons of squishy, sloppy shit into the already huge mess surrounding us. Pretty soon, the crap reaches the ceiling of the boy's room, filling every conceivable inch of it with the thick load. Now that all the extra shit is being pushed straight out the door, it only takes a few minutes for the rest of the house to follow suit, and before long, every bit of the house is covered in hot, messy cheetah poop. The dirty boy doesn't stop, however, and lets his huge dump continue while you pound his big ass, moaning as loudly as ever. "Mmh...take me over to my bed and put me on my back...but don't stop humping! I want you to fill up my little boy butt with your cum! Make my belly huge! And once you're done, make it even bigger by climbing up there yourself~ Make me the biggest little kid you can!"
F: flux moans more and puts both hands around the boy, moving him to the edge of the bed and pounding more against the ass "oooh~ you're such a dirty slutty little boy~" he smiles and slams his cock deeply in and out, slidding all the way to the tip "I love your stinking shit so much, it feels dirty and hot against my fur and balls" he growls lustfully at the last part and cums hard into the ass, shoving his dirty dick deep into the kids ass, filling his belly up quickly with each load being larger then the last, gallon after gallon of seed flowing into the ass quickly "mmmm, oooh" he lowers his ears, keeping his eyes closed, and within minutes the boy's belly would be so full of cum his belly would be so round and still growing with loud glugging noise as the shaft fills the belly directly and the balls empty
B: Bambi giggles a bit as you carry him to his bed while still thrusting deep into his ass, his crap never ceasing to flow out around your massive rod, filling the house to the point where the front door is forced open and the shit starts pouring out into the street. As the boy's belly continues to grow with each thrust of your pre-leaking member, he keeps teasing you with more dirty talk about his age and your size, and eventually starts clenching his pucker just a little, massaging your cock with that thick donut ring until you can't hold back anymore. When you finally explode, the kid's belly expands to gigantic proportions, getting bigger and bigger with each shot of thick cum. When you're done, the cheetah boy's belly is easily three times the size of his body, practically smothering the rest of his body as he moans and rubs over it lovingly. " that felt good...I love being full like this...I totally want you to babysit me again sometime! And next time I'm gonna share my abilities with ya so we can both fill the house up! For now though, get in my butt! I wanna feel you wiggling all the way up into me before I turn ya into my next dump~"
F: the 18' tall feline purrs deeply with a slow rumble and slowly slides his cock completely out before it slowly goes limp, the shaft still larger then the boy "oh~ I'll me more then glad to help you out with that, but as you said, right now I need to help you out with your next dump" he purrs a little louder and moves down to the boys ass, turning him over to make it easier for himself before taking both fingers and slowly spreading the dirty, smelly ass hole apart before shoving his head in deeply and then his arms, slowly pushing his feet against the wall as he wriggles and stretches the butt hole with his size
B: Bambi giggles as you pull your huge cock out of his ass and flip him over, the boy now resting on top of his massively bloated belly like it's a giant water balloon, but full of cum. While there's nothing currently in his tailhole, the flow of shit pouring out gets bigger than ever, the load itself stretching the kid's hole to nearly two feet wide! He then moans loudly as you reach in again, slowly working your head and upper body into his messy rear, followed by the rest of you a little at a time, each little bit stretching the young boy out more and more, his belly already expanding further with your massive body as you make your way up through the endless flow of creamy poop and thick jizz. "Mmph...ohh, you feel so good squirming in there! How does it feel going up a little kid's messy butt like this? You're gonna make a huge pile of poop for me to bury my big bro with when he gets home! He loves it when I bury him with dumps made out of my babysitters...then he usually stuffs me up his butt and turns me into a big mess too! I bet you'd love having a little brother to use as a hump toy and to make into poop whenever you want, huh?"
F: flux pushes deeper in, his chest and down to his belly slowly entering the ass while his head slowly moves closer to the belly "hmmm~ y-yes I would definitely love a little brother like you" he mumbles and blushes deeply, loving the smell of the boys crap by now, and getting so turned on by it, also loving the attempts at teasing from the kid, thinking it was absolutely adorable and sexy, his large dirty shit covered feet slowly press more against the wall as the bed sqeeks and groans under all the weight slowly while flux squirms around against all the presser and flowing shit that was coming out of the ass, his paws would be the first to enter the belly, pushing against the hole and pressing against the slimy cum covered walls
B: Bambi moans uncontrollably and cums repeatedly into his shit-covered bed as you slowly disappear into the young boy's massive, filthy tailhole. As your midsection gets slurped up into the boy's bowels, your giant cock once again enters him, pressed flat against your torso and being constantly massaged by the thick tailring, making you cum again and again, each time flooding the passage with more jizz, your balls quickly refilling after every orgasm. Once those balls themselves join you inside the messy kid's rump, your feet are no longer long enough to push off the wall, so Bambi takes over by using his muscles to pull you in slowly, still letting pounds upon pounds of sloppy crap glurp and squelch out around you. The boy works his way down your legs, his belly swelling out more with every inch of you and every gallon of cum that enters it, eventually reaching your feet, letting his pucker clench playfully around them for a moment before finally slurping them up with a lewd shluck, your whole body now fully inside the young boy. He manages to pul you deeper until you're completely in his belly, which, unsurprisingy, is full of nothing but poop and cum. "'s been a while since my belly's been this big...I won't even be able to get out of my room until I turn you into poop...go ahead and get comfortable in there while I work on making ya into my next load! Feel free to keep filling me with more jizz in the meantime...I can turn all that into poop too, so the more the better! Just think about all the poop you're gonna make for my cute little butt to push out later! I bet I could bury my whole school with it! Actually that sounds like fun...pooping all over all those other little boys and then turning them into messy poop too...doesn't that sound like fun? Anyway, I'm gonna go to sleep a good babysitter and make lotsa chocolate pudding for me~" As the boy dozes off on his bed, he still never stops shitting, the whole street outside and all the houses along it being covered before the night's over.
F: flux would be enjoying himself inside of the sleeping boy's tummy, rubbing his massive cock and cuming a few times over and over again, so many times that he had almost lost count before soon passing out, completely exhausted and tired, nuzzling against the walls and keeping his head above the now massive amount of seed, so warm and sticky, it was almost irresistible to not fall asleep in such a wonderful place, besides the part about being turned into the sexy ass kid's shit and goop
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Another great one with Bambi and a new babysitter~

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Posted by redsquallff8 9 months ago

nicely written


Posted by Zolatul 5 months ago

Oh my, seems like babysitting for Bambi might be the best job ever~